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Congratulate en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I wish to congratulate you, Mr.
  2. I believe one may congratulate you.
  3. I congratulate them on the deduction.
  4. I have the honor to congratulate you.
  5. Gods kept coming over to congratulate me.

  6. No Barns, I've not come to congratulate you.
  7. But lots of people called to congratulate him.
  8. Allow me to congratulate you on your recovery.
  9. The guests rose to congratulate the old prince.
  10. But I didn't congratulate myself long; for Mrs.
  11. Many came to greet and congratulate her as she.
  12. I feel I should congratulate you on your apartment.
  13. I want to congratulate the men and women who worked.
  14. I came merely to congratulate you on your success.
  15. The count is in fashion; I congratulate him upon it.

  16. Let me be the first to congratulate you, Lieutenant.
  17. More relatives and neighbors came to congratulate us.
  18. You should congratulate yourself for having found a.
  19. Her friends rush the stage to hug and congratulate her.
  20. George Potter, let me be the first to congratulate you.
  21. He really could congratulate himself on a job well done.
  22. Oh, if it were only that! And I do congratulate Judith.
  23. I got the chance to congratulate Megan and her husband.
  24. I must congratulate those of you who have managed to.
  25. So he is taking you off the stage: I congratulate you!.

  26. I want to congratulate you for taking action in your life.
  27. Nick comes over at the end of the evening to congratulate me.
  28. I congratulate you, he said at once, upon the issue.
  29. OK, Praise and Congratulate, this is something we don't come.
  30. While extending my hand to congratulate her, she told me how.
  31. How can I show people that to praise and congratulate others.
  32. Basically, the concept of Praise and Congratulate is a way of.
  33. I began to pull my kite back as people rushed to congratulate me.
  34. I was about to congratulate myself until I looked down at my hand.
  35. They al took it in turns to shake Damon`s hand and congratulate him.
  36. If he really had killed Libuse they’d congratulate him for it.
  37. So now, Cinder’s wedding guests had another couple to congratulate.
  38. I am just calling to congratulate you on a fine job, very well done.
  39. Sorry I couldn’t call to congratulate you on the birth of your son.
  40. It is the ideal English translation of Homer; and we congratulate Mr.
  41. I hope I may now congratulate Your Majesty on a victory? said he.
  42. He said, My son, I came to congratulate you on another fine victory.
  43. Hardin could congratulate himself on validating his bastard Presidency.
  44. Gentlemen, you may congratulate me and we may congratulate each other.
  45. Bilo rushed over to congratulate Rani for getting it on with the Doctor.
  46. I’m not sure if he wants to congratulate you or read you the riot act.
  47. Sticking with tradition, my teammates didn’t bother to congratulate me.
  48. It's a long sad story, I just wanted to congratulate Alan on doing better.
  49. He thought I’d be waiting for him after he got out, to congratulate him.
  50. Maybe she called to congratulate you, she said with forced enthusiasm.
  51. Well Charlie, firstly let me congratulate you on winning the competition.
  52. I congratulate you on your defeat of the Dragons of Chaos, Thoth and Tiamat.
  53. I didn’t think he wanted to congratulate me on my work with Soneji/Murphy.
  54. Well you should congratulate your mother Gabriel turned to look at him.
  55. Simon went back to chatting with the many vampires eager to congratulate him.
  56. Masters always congratulate the candidates after the Initiation, and each says.
  57. Buy their books and send them an email to congratulate them on their hard work.
  58. This is a brilliant piece of misdirection by propaganda and I congratulate you.
  59. He went to congratulate Alice as was expected then they went and had a dinner party.
  60. Nancy then smiled to Channing Tatum, who was waiting next in line to congratulate her.
  61. Just wanted to say, ‘hello’ and congratulate the lad on the fine catch in Bokoshe.
  62. They all spoke at the same time, hugging and kissing the couple to congratulate them.
  63. Why should I congratulate you? It’s not like there was any doubt that you’d win.
  64. In a body the rest of us ran to congratulate him, and he was greatly moved by the act.
  65. Often times he would greet us congratulate us; give us advice while doing his rounds.
  66. On the face of it, you’d be tempted to congratulate yourself on that 100 percent gain.
  67. He wanted to be the first to congratulate him, and he wanted to help pack up his glider.
  68. However, we may congratulate ourselves upon a curious and in some respects a unique case.
  69. I congratulate you on your successes, past, present and future, and wish you all the best.
  70. May I venture to congratulate you? Would you do me the favor of stepping into the shop?
  71. However, we may congratulate ourselves upon a curious and, in some respects, a unique case.
  72. I agreed and then told her that I was going backstage to thank Jake and to congratulate Sab.
  73. I congratulate him from afar, start up the Polaris, and try to find my way to my companions.
  74. In fact there's nothing to congratulate me on, and nothing of the sort can ever, ever happen.
  75. Once outside the palace everyone took turns to congratulate the new couple and wish them well.
  76. As to the note, it is important also, or at least the initials are, so I congratulate you again.
  77. Congratulate me—everybody—I've a bit of luck, I don't have to go to town again for two days.
  78. Showcase a Face-507 book Fan, congratulate a Twitter follower, customer of the week on your site.
  79. May I congratulate you, sir, the chief justice says, reaching over to shake Reagan’s hand.
  80. Rincewind began to congratulate himself until, looking up, he saw what he had hitherto not noticed.
  81. We congratulate those Members who have worked hard to achieve the designation of either CEC or MCEC.
  82. I was just going to congratulate you for having joined the cavalry, Youssaf said airily as he.
  83. Every one, Sofya Matveyevna, and even the servants, came to congratulate him on taking the sacrament.
  84. I think I may congratulate you, whispered Anna Pávlovna to the old princess, kissing her soundly.
  85. Manda had then rang Sherrie at the hospital to congratulate her, but had burst out crying on the phone.
  86. They applauded Roger’s courage and many delegates made it a point to congratulate him during the day.
  87. Before his mind had time to process the news, vampires were flooding in all around to congratulate him.
  88. I congratulate the future Transatlantic passengers on the new and vigorous sensations in store for them.
  89. She remembered it as the picture taken on the stage, when Dewi and Jonathan came up to congratulate them.
  90. Then she stepped aside, to allow the other well wishers a chance to congratulate and chat with the bride.
  91. When it was over, we filed to congratulate the newlyweds and Monette hugged me and thanked me for coming.
  92. Balder put the mobile down on the bedside table, next to his laptop, and tried to congratulate himself.
  93. Also, every one had learnt about my winnings; Karl, the corridor lacquey, was the first to congratulate me.
  94. After an instant of silence, the crowd erupted in cheers, with Sartorius coming forward to congratulate her.
  95. I could not take my eyes off her thereafter, and had to walk up to where she was sitting to congratulate her.
  96. The only respectable thing Cooper did was congratulate Tags on his goal while acknowledging his own stupidity.
  97. Tom clapped and cheered and looked like he could barely keep himself from running up to hug and congratulate her.
  98. All the while millions upon millions of roasted coffee beans congratulate each other: Job well done, gentlemen.
  99. I had to congratulate the owner’s charming wife Nui on the beautiful gardens she maintains in the small complex.
  100. Now and then as they pass by, a few of them congratulate me, but they don’t stay around or invite me to come along.
  1. It was a note congratulating Nandini.
  2. They were all congratulating each other.
  3. Karen stood by, congratulating herself.
  4. He was congratulating me and telling me that there was no.
  5. Later that day, Phillips called him back – congratulating him.
  6. Voices in my head were congratulating me all the way on the trip.
  7. I was just congratulating you in my mind that you didn't fight me.
  8. He gripped his mate’s right hand, shaking and congratulating him.
  9. He was surrounded by people congratulating him and fawning upon him.
  10. People she scarcely knew were suddenly stopping and congratulating her.
  11. Snetkov came in, and the nobles thronged round him, congratulating him.
  12. Nevertheless, it is impossible for me to refrain from congratulating you.
  13. Randy is slapping me on the shoulder and congratulating me again and again.
  14. More than likely she is now congratulating herself on a successful performance.
  15. Down front, she could see Vick Burgess and Bill Sutto congratulating each other.
  16. Praise God! That is not the end of the story! Just as the Devil was congratulating.
  17. I have the infinite satisfaction of congratulating you on your brother's promotion.
  18. He was so busy congratulating himself, he had driven right passed it the first time.
  19. Brimmer brightened up with the win, congratulating us on a hard fought win and solid.
  20. Oh and Herr Siedler the mining official sent a note congratulating you on your successes.
  21. You should be congratulating me on my promotion, not winning all that money, he said.
  22. Back in the car, we waited until we were on the road to start congratulating each other on.
  23. She was halfway to the gate and congratulating herself when a hand clamped onto her shoulder.
  24. Danny started by congratulating Graham on his recent interview in The Observer Music Monthly.
  25. No doubt, the President of the United States would go on television congratulating my captors.
  26. He grinned and returned the beans to me, congratulating me on not being robbed by the merchants.
  27. He began speaking against school administrators and congratulating girls by name who left school.
  28. By the time he had finished congratulating himself on his skill and prowess, he realised that he.
  29. Keller squinted his eyes playfully, silently congratulating her for maintaining an interesting speech.
  30. Prisoners bounded up to him, shaking his hand and congratulating him on his recent victory over Collier.
  31. He undressed with excessive caution, and fell asleep congratulating himself that nobody knew of his escapade.
  32. The local performers, many in their teens, came out to greet the audience and meet their congratulating parents.
  33. He left the library and Theodore clapped me on the back, congratulating me for figuring out his father’s puzzle.
  34. After congratulating them for subduing the intruders, Con suggested they dump them at the hospital later that night.
  35. Just as he was congratulating himself on a job well done, the sky above them darkened as if a cloud had passed over the sun.
  36. Even Bedminster Shoe—his longtime confederate at the library—was congratulating the bookseller and shaking his hand wildly.
  37. After congratulating Sean on finding a new girlfriend, he gave him the notepad with the lyrics to the song he had written for you.
  38. But why is this footman bowing to me, and that other man as well? Are they congratulating me? Well, let them have ten gulden apiece.
  39. Finally, when they couldn’t take it anymore, the group exploded with more cheering, much more cheering and congratulating and clapping.
  40. Oh my God! He said on first hearing the news from a delighted Bridget and trying to hide his feelings when congratulating him and Sarah.
  41. The King, helped by his equerry, changed the shoulder rank slip-ons on Nancy�s parade uniform before congratulating her and shaking her hand.
  42. The MCU team, which now included IT specialist Pete Brandon, sat around congratulating themselves on achieving a real break in the serial killings.
  43. Of course, her students’ parents came congratulating; neighbors started behaving respectfully; and she surprised her son by praising his talents.
  44. The chanting of the service ceased, and the voice of the priest was heard respectfully congratulating the dying man on having received the sacrament.
  45. After much congratulating the crowd dissipated and the Lady whispered into James’s ear, Can you please try to be more careful next time, James?
  46. For a long while, Ulbrickson just sat there staring into the darkness as fans came rushing through the car congratulating him and slapping him on the back.
  47. Cass walks the ceremonial gauntlet between the congratulating shoulder patting, thankful back pounding, and attempted handshakes being shoved in front of him.
  48. Her cousin had shrunk into a corner of the settle, as quiet as a mouse, congratulating himself, I dare say, that the correction had lighted on another than him.
  49. Her cousin had shrunk into a corner of the settle, as quiet as a mouse, congratulating himself, I dare say, that the correction had alighted on another than him.
  50. I hope I'm not being indiscreet; he writes himself that the whole town knows it and every one's congratulating him, so that, to avoid it he only goes out at night.
  51. He was just congratulating himself on his keen sense of observation and talking out what he would say to the police in his mind, when the truck smashed into his car.
  52. At Smolensk Napoleon spent an evening in personally questioning prisoners, and in congratulating himself on the fact that he had at last come up with the Russian army.
  53. She hid her irritation and, after congratulating him on an impressive display, fetched a damp cloth and wiped the cushion before handing the cloth to him to clean himself.
  54. After all, what could be better than two houses, Miss Entwhistle thought, congratulating herself, as it were, on Lucy's behalf that this side of Wemyss was so satisfactory.
  55. He was just congratulating himself on his keen sense of observation and talking out what he would say to the police department in his mind when the truck smashed into his car.
  56. Morse, made a short address, setting forth the history of the previous meetings, and congratulating the local architects on the prospect of having a strong and well-organized society.
  57. Indeed, there is no doubt that Miles, as they walked side by side, and each succeeding lamp-post gave him another glimpse of her face, had some difficulty in not congratulating himself.
  58. He leapt to his feet also, clapping his friend on the back, congratulating Chris with all his heart, jumping up and down in his excitement, something Chris had never seen his normally staid friend do.
  59. I’m sorry to hear about what’s going on! I was looking forward to congratulating you on your newly yoked status in life and it saddens me to see that tragedy has already found you and your new life with your family.
  60. Wisdom looked on as the scene went to a police press conference where the Mayor and the Police Commissioner were congratulating the police officers who apprehended the notorious shooters that gunned down a local hood legend.
  61. In 2001, when it finally did, the CEO sent our entire institutional services department a case of very fine Dom Perignon, congratulating us for accurately making what he had originally thought to be an unbelievable prediction.
  62. By the time instructions to query the fisherman for more details had gotten back to Azhinkor, of course, the man had disappeared out to sea once more, duty done and probably congratulating himself for having made a clean break of it.
  63. Fervently hoping that he would get out before she did, Amy utterly ignored the basket at her feet, and congratulating herself that she had on her new traveling dress, returned the young man's greeting with her usual suavity and spirit.
  64. He was sure that all the 'ands was glad to 'ave this hoppertunity of congratulating him on his recovery (Hear, hear) and of wishing him the best of 'ealth in the future and hoping as he would be spared to come to a good many more Beanos.
  65. Amused that Gavin's idea of an easy day took a half an hour for him to relate, Nicole made her way out of the office, congratulating herself on having made it through one interview with Gavin where she didn't wish she could crawl under a rock afterward.
  66. And on May 5, 2007, I was greeted in my office by a handwritten, hand-delivered note from Jim Ramstad, congratulating me on finishing my first year in recovery—and the most sober twelve-month period in my life since, well, around age twelve or thirteen.
  67. Having accomplished the objects of his visit, Hunter shortly afterwards departed, possibly congratulating himself that he had not been hiding his light under a bushel, but that he had set it upon a candlestick and given light unto all that were within that house.
  68. It is absolutely tragic what happened to her, as I’m sure you’ll readily agree, and I just can’t bear to think of that smug husband of hers sitting in their suite, laughing at us now, and congratulating himself for having pulled it all off without any complications.
  69. Gasps went around the room before a chorus of congratulations and all the rest of it, with everyone congratulating Ambrosius as Arthur stood next to me, being polite and showing a spirit of graciousness in his seventeen-year-old self that had me watching in awe and bewilderment.
  70. Be that as it may, I was not nervous when I closed the hatch and "turned in," for I recollect congratulating myself that I was in a safe anchorage, out of the way of traffic, and not on board the steamer which I had heard so mournfully making known her whereabouts in the open sea.
  71. Elinor had just been congratulating herself, in the midst of her perplexity, that however difficult it might be to express herself properly by letter, it was at least preferable to giving the information by word of mouth, when her visitor entered, to force her upon this greatest exertion of all.
  72. Courfeyrac, to whom he confided nothing,—it was his nature,—but who made some little guess at everything,—that was his nature,—had begun by congratulating him on being in love, though he was amazed at it; then, seeing Marius fall into this melancholy state, he ended by saying to him: I see that you have been simply an animal.
  73. Such a man though was beyond base thoughts of that sort; he was certainly merely grinning at the studious labor going on around the Strategium Proper, indirectly praising the high spirits of everyone involved and personally congratulating the General of the Army for kicking off the preparations in a way that was only expected of him:.
  74. Congratulating himself that a handsome repast had been ordered that morning, feeling sure that it would be ready to the minute, and indulging in pleasant anticipations of the charming effect it would produce, when his pretty wife came running out to meet him, he escorted his friend to his mansion, with the irrepressible satisfaction of a young host and husband.
  75. The things he said were received with rapturous applause, and at the conclusion of his address, the crowd sang the National Anthem with great enthusiasm and dispersed, congratulating themselves that they had shown to the best of their ability what Mugsborough thought of Socialism and the general opinion of the crowd was that they would hear nothing more from the Socialist van.
  76. They pointed out the fish and dead birds lying about among the rocks as proving the nature of the food of these creatures, and I heard them congratulating each other on having cleared up the point why the bones of this flying dragon are found in such great numbers in certain well-defined areas, as in the Cambridge Green-sand, since it was now seen that, like penguins, they lived in gregarious fashion.
  77. I was so relieved, without asking who this lucky girl was, I seized him in a hug, congratulating him, at that moment Wedon, Jodas and mother arrived, I blurted out the news, that Coatl was in love, and every-one began to congratulate him, asking questions and when he wouldn’t answer we began to make fun of him, laughing at his obvious discomfort and embarrassment until mother called a halt to our bantering.
  78. Deeming that a serene and unconscious contemplation of him would best beseem me, and would be most likely to quell his evil mind, I advanced with that expression of countenance, and was rather congratulating myself on my success, when suddenly the knees of Trabb's boy smote together, his hair uprose, his cap fell off, he trembled violently in every limb, staggered out into the road, and crying to the populace, "Hold me! I'm so frightened!" feigned to be in a paroxysm of terror and contrition, occasioned by the dignity of my appearance.
  79. The next morning we held a war council, all the captains, the elders, the priests, mother, Coatl and myself, Coatl started by again congratulating the captains on their first days campaign, a resounding success, everyone nodded agreement, he went on to say the Teoti would now probably send out a huge punitive force to bring us to heel as quickly as possible in case our rebellion caught the wind and spread, giving other tribes the same idea, on Coatl’s instructions a large tray had been constructed, each side ten paces long and as high as the knee, in this tray was a model of the whole of Anahuac, mountains, foothills, valley’s, main trails, side trails, cities and smaller centres of habitation, all shaped of sand, then covered with a plaster and painted to resemble the actual site, such a simple, wonderful idea, the captains could grasp instantly the tactics we would employ, there was one woman with a long pole on each side of the tray, and as Coatl explained each phase of our next campaign they pointed to the relevant area on the tray, he explained to me and mother later the reason for using the women, he said, if a women can be used for any task then they should be used, every job a women does leaves another warrior free for the long fight ahead.
  80. I looked up but he had turned and before I could say anything, had climbed the pyramid steps and entered the temple, the whole thing seemed like some horrible dream, the child he had sent out from this temple was now a man, a man who intended to see this priest pay for his treachery, then every one was crowding around me clapping my back and congratulating me, then I saw Jodas and shouting above the clamour I asked him were Coatl had gone, he told me, with a long face that Gled had taken him and my bundles home to see my mother, so I grabbed his arm and calling to the Xocanti warriors we walked after Gled, this seemed to cheer Jodas up, he started to chatter like the monkeys in the tree-tops, I paid him little attention, I was wondering why the high priest should betray me to the Mixtec and show such hatred toward me, I had no indication of the depth or reason for the venom directed at my family, I had never liked him, none of my friends had either, the priest had never been known to laugh or show any warmth to anybody, so thankfully I very rarely came into contact with him, but for all his cunning he had been outsmarted and fallen into the Santaros trap laid by my mother, and I swore he would pay for that treachery and he would also pay for the threat he had just whispered in my ear, he would regret making an enemy of me, I was no longer the juvenile he thought I was.
  1. I congratulated her and Aspenquid.
  2. Several more men congratulated him.
  3. It is to be congratulated for the.
  4. Many of my friends congratulated me.
  5. Of course, we all congratulated him.
  6. The worlds press congratulated the U.
  7. I smiled, got up and congratulated her.
  8. Joey congratulated me after every fight.
  9. He congratulated me and wished us well.
  10. They all greeted me, congratulated me.
  11. I congratulated him on Mack’s arrival.
  12. They congratulated me, speaking at once.
  13. George on the back and congratulated him.
  14. I was present there and even congratulated B.
  15. And he smiled and congratulated them on their.
  16. I stood next to Natalie, who congratulated me.
  17. I actually saw 3 sheep once and congratulated.
  18. I won! I won! Everyone congratulated her.
  19. We congratulated him on becoming a grandfather.
  20. Josephine and Mary who congratulated each of them.
  21. Well done, congratulated the older gentleman.
  22. At the first stop, having congratulated the local.
  23. The enquiry cleared him, in fact congratulated him.
  24. We shared an enthusiastic hug as I congratulated her.
  25. Nancy and congratulated her on the upcoming ceremony.
  26. He congratulated me on my survival and my promotions.
  27. He greeted me and congratulated me on my appointment.
  28. Now that was very impressive! Gran congratulated.
  29. Each group then congratulated the other in turn, and I.
  30. Gonzalo was congratulated and ordered to return toEspanya.
  31. Matthew congratulated us as he drove us back to the hotel.
  32. Carlotta told him the news and he congratulated us warmly.
  33. Matthew congratulated them both and introductions were made.
  34. The nurse congratulated me and told me that Wendy had been.
  35. All the flat mothers congratulated themselves on the fact.
  36. Troyes, Jean congratulated himself with his initial efforts.
  37. We congratulated Murali, who was a teetotaler himself, and.
  38. When I returned, I congratulated Hishkowits on his posting.
  39. I nod, but I feel a little sick to be congratulated for that.
  40. Constable MacFadden was heartily congratulated by all the F.
  41. Kosmo turned to Vera and congratulated her on the fine dinner.
  42. Still, I politely congratulated the emperor on his innovation.
  43. Well done, captain, Onn congratulated her on the monitor.
  44. Phillips and Shembaugh, of course, congratulated everyone on.
  45. They are two of the best there is! the Elf congratulated.
  46. When Pedro congratulated him, Samuel saw no malice in his eyes.
  47. All of us went on stage one by one and congratulated the couple.
  48. Eric silently congratulated himself for spotting the difference.
  49. New York by ABC to be congratulated on his daring by the network.
  50. At the first stop, having congratulated the local Earl on a fine.
  51. A lot of his colleagues congratulated him and wished us happiness.
  52. What’s the matter? I only congratulated them, said Zherkóv.
  53. Kiyo on the other hand went home and happily congratulated his son.
  54. Markham rather formally congratulated the ranks for their swift and.
  55. After the audition she sat next to him and congratulated him on his.
  56. I think that would be a splendid idea, Ohraily congratulated him.
  57. That was incredibly impressive! Talia congratulated in amazement.
  58. Ernest being congratulated by a world icon of Mandela’s stature, then.
  59. Oh, yeah? I said, and congratulated myself on how casual I sounded.
  60. The prince gave him his hand and congratulated him upon looking so well.
  61. Excellent work, Lowell, Feltus congratulated his old friend thankfully.
  62. All the accompanying priests and officials congratulated each other on this.
  63. We congratulated her in unison as if we practiced it before coming together.
  64. I congratulated him on his good fortune, and helped row back to the mainland.
  65. He congratulated me on my son and advised me that he was planning to visit me.
  66. Ananya’s relatives congratulated each other on the formal setting of the time.
  67. Everybody congratulated somebody on something and thanked somebody for something.
  68. Halfdan congratulated Beren, whose spear-tip had been the first to pierce Torvald.
  69. When they saw me; they wished me and congratulated me, Vicky, Congratulations!.
  70. Each time he emerged from the drivers’ door he congratulated himself for having.
  71. Mary Warner was emotionally congratulated by all the young associates on her staff.
  72. Akenji laughed even harder on hearing that news and congratulated his friend warmly.
  73. Everyone cheered and congratulated him, then went into the bedroom to see the new.
  75. Russian and French officers embraced him, congratulated him, and pressed his hands.
  76. He was never prouder to be a Bajaian, and congratulated everyone for taking a risk.
  77. Once they were settled, Theodore looked me up, and congratulated me on my promotion.
  78. Valley abruptly stood up, bent over and then extended his hand and congratulated me.
  79. She congratulated him heartily, and gave him a disc of his mate and the two infants.
  80. Tlauquechol congratulated me on my promotion as I left the palace and I thanked him.
  81. Good thinking! he silently congratulated whoever it was who had complimented his own.
  82. Aunt Sally congratulated her, and Trask, of course, had never tasted anything better.
  83. Before they had gone much past what passed for pleasantries, Harry congratulated Rev.
  84. After the match was over, Robinson congratulated his son and then headed back to work.
  85. After that, Lenny came over and congratulated some of us Neighborhood Street Rockers.
  86. I entered after Brimmer did, congratulated Tags on his two goals, and make a point to.
  87. Duncan genuinely congratulated him on his ability, which seemed to please him to no end.
  88. He clapped me on the back and congratulated me on getting my much-wished-for assignment.
  89. Danny then congratulated absent band member Theo Steer on the birth of his baby daughter.
  90. The base commander, a bird colonel, came by with our company commander and congratulated.
  91. Both of them congratulated the new government and accepted responsibility for the defeat.
  92. Rising to his feet, Sir Thomas was congratulated by the advisers as they departed the room.
  93. Numerous professors and students congratulated him for his response to the offensive column.
  94. During my visit, I congratulated Ezra, Eudora’s only barber, on the sharpness of his blade.
  95. After inquiring about the situation Jabran congratulated Jamil and soon talk was over and all.
  96. Roger approached him, introduced himself to the Senator, shook his hand and congratulated him.
  97. For the record, I was never directly blamed or congratulated for the harmless bit of wordplay.
  98. Grant laughingly congratulated Miss Crawford on feeling no disinclination to the state herself.
  99. Satisfied, she turned her attention to the two ladies and congratulated them on a job well done.
  100. Yes, many of my companions congratulated me in a way that showed they really felt what they said.
  1. John congratulates me, and I get up.
  2. This third bow is to congratulates him for having such a rich.
  3. He is obviously not happy that I’m giving my notice but congratulates me on the good news.
  4. I explain that I am about to settle down with Dave and he congratulates me, going on to say that he met Dave at a corporate function sometime last autumn.
  5. The congress congratulates the friends of peace on the resolution adopted by the International American Conference, held at Washington in April last, by which it was recommended that arbitration should be obligatory in all controversies, whatever their origin, except only those which may imperil the independence of one of the nations involved.
  6. The Congress congratulates the friends of Peace on the resolution adopted by the International American Conference at Washington in April last, by which it was recommended that arbitration should be obligatory in all controversies concerning diplomatic and consular privileges, boundaries, territories, indemnities, right of navigation, and the validity, construction, and enforcement of treaties, and in all other cases, whatever their origin, nature, or occasion, except only those which, in the judgment of any of the nations involved in the controversy, may imperil its independence.
  7. This Congress congratulates the friends of Peace on the resolution adopted by the International American Conference (with the exception of the representatives of Chili and Mexico) at Washington in April last, by which it was recommended that arbitration should be obligatory in all controversies concerning diplomatic and consular privileges, boundaries, territories, indemnities, right of navigation, and the validity, construction, and enforcement of treaties, and in all other causes, whatever their origin, nature, or occasion, except only those which, in the judgment of any of the nations involved in the controversy, may imperil its independence.

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