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Flood en una oración (en ingles)

  1. With a flood of color;.
  2. Lord to flood their life.
  3. The flood is following me.
  4. This was worse than a flood.
  5. Ben since before the flood.

  6. The creeks came up in flood.
  7. Water wel , but dont flood.
  8. Note the flood of the creek.
  9. No need to worry of the flood.
  10. Tears trickle and tears flood.
  11. There wil be a flood of lies.
  12. A flood of tears were released.
  13. How would you like a flood of.
  14. That Noah's flood covered the.
  15. The Fall, the Flood and Empires.

  16. Lord of the Flood, Hear My Plea.
  17. Is there a flood? he cried.
  18. The great flood that wiped out.
  19. But they didn’t die in a flood.
  20. It was raining fit to flood the.
  21. Not, and a flood of bitter tears.
  22. God, therefore, created the flood.
  23. I put the town under flood watch.
  24. But where did the ancient flood.
  25. The same tingling flood of peace.

  26. A few days ago I was a flood that.
  27. Memories started to flood his mind.
  28. The flood gates in my heart opened.
  29. Shattered by a flood of white light.
  30. A flood of regret drowned the rage.
  31. Flood in the valley of the Ohio, Feb.
  32. These good moments, they flood life.
  33. They were buried in a flood of sound.
  34. The banks always flood in the spring.
  35. Of life's red flood in summer revelry.
  36. Sons were born to them after the flood.
  37. The flood was forty days on the earth.
  38. A flood of tears washed her words away.
  39. Questions began to flood Simon's brain.
  40. Flood with a cartload of noisy chickens.
  41. Dar felt a rush of heat flood over him.
  42. Laved in the flood of thy bliss O death.
  43. The first of these was the spring flood.
  44. The whole valley’s probably a flood.
  45. When the dam had burst a flood followed.
  46. It may not be that the flood destroys us.
  47. It was the worst flood in living memory.
  48. Because a recent flash flood had eroded.
  49. There had been a flood somewhere in Asia.
  51. A flood of emotions overwhelmed me once.
  52. A flood of joy lighted her beautiful face.
  53. They died in the flood, not still being.
  54. When the enemy comes in like a flood.
  55. The tears came heavier, much like a flood.
  56. Maybe the oceans would flood the South.
  57. In the flood all life not in the ark was.
  58. As a flood of euphoria flowed through him.
  59. And we're not even in the flood season.
  60. How could you bring about a flood without.
  61. I couldn’t help but hear about the flood.
  62. Never mind that it is not in a flood plain.
  63. The great flood had not yet hit the church.
  64. He was having a flood of mixed-up emotions.
  65. A flood of random bats blocks out the moon.
  66. The third world ended in a universal flood.
  67. Marking th' embarked traders on the flood;.
  68. First the gray and then the flood of light.
  69. The image shot down to flood the big screen.
  70. Then the first tear was followed by a flood.
  71. Just as all evil was drowned in His flood 1.
  72. No more summers so wet that our setts flood.
  73. See also: Flood, Water, Wave, Place, Power.
  74. And we’re not even in the flood season.
  75. Maybe there was a flood in the computer room.
  76. A flood of memories seeped through her brain.
  77. Visitors continued to flood into the hospital.
  78. He poured forth a flood of respectful thanks.
  79. Tears flood my thoughts then the heart sleeps.
  80. The flood will wash our cars down to the sea.
  81. The actual account of the flood comes in the.
  82. The fallout of these thoughts was a flood of.
  83. Thanks to the Dead Sea Scrolls and the flood.
  84. Ganesh’s tears broke out in a stronger flood.
  85. Israel did not exist at the time of the flood.
  86. Did the universe rain and flood with disdain?
  87. McCoy, and the flood gates to her tears opened.
  88. Fury consumed by a flood of grief stopped him.
  89. It was already beginning to flood the hallway.
  90. His inconsistencies rushed upon him in a flood.
  91. Jordan, which was in flood at this time of year.
  92. After the flood the world was a much different.
  93. They listened to the rise of this flood of men.
  94. She felt a flood of panic swell in her stomach.
  95. His death, and shed upon it a flood of blessing.
  96. The problem of the flood we had no control over.
  97. Sure as a flood, smooth as a vast wind blowing;.
  98. It’s a huge zone of what is called flood lava.
  99. In the Old Testament, a flood is also a symbol.
  100. It was awful watching the pain flood up his arm.
  1. It all came flooding back.
  2. Then it came flooding back.
  3. It all came flooding back to him.
  4. Ideas are flooding my pages now.
  5. Now they came flooding forth as.
  6. The memories all came flooding back.
  7. His stifled tears came flooding out.
  8. It was a simulated flooding of a town.
  9. Back then, the white man was flooding.
  10. There were always cases of flooding in.
  11. That virus is flooding through her veins.
  12. Strobe flashes of memory, flooding his mind.
  13. Angry tears were flooding down Ganesh’s face.
  14. I did so, relief flooding the soles of my feet.
  15. Typhoon Chaba caused flooding, with record winds.
  16. Instead of brain drain, this was brain flooding.
  17. His concerns were the Nile flooding and the dam.
  18. All the old memories came flooding back to me now.
  19. Pain that brings the truth flooding to the surface.
  20. Flooding is not always an all or nothing proposition.
  21. It’s me, he replied, relief flooding over him.
  22. It was the time of the yearly flooding of this river.
  23. My place in the hills was unaffected by the flooding.
  24. Memories of the wolves stalking me came flooding back.
  25. Flooding the world with senses that only gods can see.
  26. All these memories came flooding to me as I was in the.
  27. Suddenly he straightened, his old temper flooding into.
  28. Gold was flooding the market, and the wealth needed to.
  29. The cat hissed, raising its paw, rage flooding its mind.
  30. In the center of the table a slowly flooding Earth turned.
  31. Tears pouring, broken-heart flooding with grief, You.
  32. Blood was leaking from his body and flooding the streets.
  33. His nose was running and the tears kept flooding his face.
  34. Storms hit our route with flooding and the guiding spirits.
  35. This does not take into account the flooding in the Midwest.
  36. What?! Roth bellowed suddenly, anger flooding his eyes.
  37. The bathroom fixture is flooding the floor, answered Mr.
  38. New experiences were flooding Valeria's proud soul that night.
  39. My soul ached with sadness, flooding with compassion for Ruth.
  40. The memory I least wanted to see came flooding through my mind.
  41. Then suddenly in nightmare torrents it all came flooding back.
  42. Shut up, he snapped, the color flooding back into his face.
  43. This stream had also been a flooding river in the not so distant.
  44. It all came flooding back to Tom – wrestling with Hamet on the.
  45. It was as if the words to a sad song came flooding into his mind.
  46. It sloped upward, which would keep the rare rain from flooding it.
  47. After the second flooding, we did not move back into that apart-.
  48. After the segmentation, what happened? In flooding masses of people.
  49. The warm feeling flooding through Locke’s chest didn’t diminish.
  50. He could see Banda asleep six feet away, and it all came flooding in.
  51. Thank You Lord for Your wonderful presence just flooding me right now.
  52. I don't see any signs of flooding here in the yard, Moshe coaxed.
  53. You should also refrain from flooding your subscribers with information.
  54. Flooding of the Mississippi valley is part of global warming predicted.
  55. In choosing camp sites, make sure you are above any potential flooding.
  56. The waves of noise are flooding her circuits and battering her memories.
  57. People are out on the streets, thoughts flooding me in sickening waves.
  58. She held back the tears flooding her eyes, her chin quivered perceptibly.
  59. I don’t see any signs of flooding here in the yard, Moshe coaxed.
  60. Also Babylon had been subject to periodic flooding, even the great flood.
  61. The requests for funding new enterprises had come flooding in, and Abdul.
  62. He moved away from the door, the light behind him flooding into the lobby.
  63. She stared at him in confusion before her memory came flooding back to her.
  64. There seemed to be more beasts flooding the forest each time the Moon rose.
  65. I couldn’t help my husband, she said, the tears flooding all over again.
  66. At this rate, the Nile will flood and continue flooding until the rains stop.
  67. Good thing our plants and water channels prevent any flooding around here.
  68. His gaze was so sensual, so sexy that I could feel my body flooding with heat.
  69. My lips part slightly, my mouth flooding with moisture as I stare at his veins.
  70. They even reeked as such; flooding the chamber with the scent of rotting flesh.
  71. David’s house was up on a hill, so flooding was not an issue for his property.
  72. What have I done? Was her only thought, horror and guilt and grief flooding her.
  73. All the memories and expectations of a dream as a small girl came flooding back.
  74. Conal didn’t think, he just reacted, all his old training flooding back to him.
  75. I remember one night there was a terrible storm in Houston with lots of flooding.
  76. The things her dreams had shown her came flooding in her mind; a woman in flames.
  77. It would prevent any more of the flooding that had occurred some six years before.
  78. All the horrors he had witnessed since the birth of the Plague came flooding back.
  79. The creeks and rivers were higher than normal, but not enough to threaten flooding.
  80. I started panting and my hands trembled as tears finally came flooding down my face.
  81. Unfortunately, the City of New Orleans is below sea level and vulnerable to flooding.
  82. She smiled as the memories of their escapades the previous night came flooding back.
  83. The bubbles begin flooding from your mouth in rushes down over your chest and stomach.
  84. Flash flooding swept through a school in Ningan, China, killing a hundred and seventeen.
  85. Yep… I said all the memories now flooding back in, still the same ole’ rat.
  86. People are forced to leave their homes because of blasting, dust, sludge, and flooding.
  87. When she got there, the Minotaurs were already past the gates and flooding into the city.
  88. She closed her eyes, surrendered her innocent self to the flooding rapture of the moment.
  89. The firing had triggered something in his hypothalamus, flooding his body with adrenalin.
  90. Terror of immediate discovery threatened to override even the relief flooding through her.
  91. Her breathing came in gulps, flooding the burning depths of her body throughout her limbs.
  92. The river seemed to be flooding out of its banks a little, so I stayed up near the trees.
  93. The restroom door opened, flooding the shadows with light, and Michael steeled his nerve.
  94. A lake of crimson blood spread out from the corpse, flooding the duvet but then dries up.
  95. They still didn’t know what was leaking but the rate of flooding was clearly increasing.
  96. Upside down, fire, brimstone, and flooding, only, he didn’t know which way was up and out.
  97. Prince Andrew, leaning his arms on the raft railing, gazed silently at the flooding waters.
  98. As for the flooding potential, some engineering work would take care of that easily enough.
  99. Nye took another mouthful, his head spinning with the delicacies flooding his nervous system.
  100. Her second heart kicked in, doubling her pulse and flooding her mind with a coursing warmth.
  1. Her eyes flooded with tears.
  2. I was flooded with cold rain.
  3. And then the pain flooded in.
  4. Images flooded into his mind.
  5. Relief flooded his every cell.
  6. Redness flooded his face as.
  7. Her eyes too had flooded over.
  8. Waves of memories flooded my.
  9. The entire bathroom was flooded.
  10. Her cheeks flooded with colour.
  11. Gladness and relief flooded her.
  12. The Fountain often has flooded.
  13. Tom’s memory flooded the room.
  14. Her embrace flooded him with a.
  15. And flooded all the level ground.
  16. Garcia was flooded with the memory.
  17. The country is flooded with drugs.
  18. Questions flooded Da Xiora's brain.
  19. His heart flooded with a weakening.
  20. Her soul was flooded with happiness.
  21. A wave of relief flooded through her.
  22. The roads were flooded by the most.
  23. Respect and honor flooded through her.
  24. A wave of foul air flooded his senses.
  25. A sense of euphoria flooded his being.
  26. Black blood flooded his veins once more.
  27. Guilt flooded her, she had killed a man.
  28. Doctors and technicians flooded inside.
  29. Women and children flooded up the ramp.
  30. Word is out and we’re getting flooded.
  31. A pleased grin flooded the man’s face.
  32. Tears flooded her eyes and turned every.
  33. Warmth flooded up her neck and she smiled.
  34. As her heart flooded with admiration for.
  35. Tears immediately flooded Aazuria’s eyes.
  36. I want this city flooded with your agents.
  37. Late afternoon sun flooded my ‘stage’.
  38. Now Shattered Rock was flooded with rumors.
  39. Then suddenly flooded with a mood of high.
  40. The large windows in the dome flooded the.
  41. Hopes and desires from the past flooded my.
  42. Ellie was flooded with a surge of adrenaline.
  43. His mind cleared and his fears flooded back.
  44. Joy flooded every cell of her body and her.
  45. It raced through his blood, flooded his soul.
  46. His picture crowds flooded raw upon his flesh.
  47. The current horrors of her life flooded back.
  48. Memories of him and Agartha flooded her brain.
  49. A burning electrical pain flooded through him.
  50. An instant feeling of peace flooded through her.
  51. Streets flooded due to torrential rains during.
  52. Her eyes flooded with reflected green pools of.
  53. The place was flooded with light, and painfully.
  54. Zayn’s body became flooded with grief and anger.
  55. You would certainly not want to be flooded with.
  56. A thousand emotions flooded her mind all at once.
  57. The ideas flooded his mind, then faded as quickly.
  58. Guilt flooded my entire body and stabbed my heart.
  59. E nodded, but a conflicted feeling flooded over him.
  60. After awhile, the deck was flooded with water and.
  61. The warmth that flooded me was short-lived, though.
  62. Life flooded back into me in the form of pain then.
  63. The words flooded my consciousness with a greater.
  64. Their glowing blue halos flooded the area in light.
  65. The animosity flooded from him as he stared at her.
  66. I was flooded with emotions and unable to sort them.
  67. Warmth flooded up her neck and she avoided his eyes.
  68. Its stern was flooded, and the Essex went down fast.
  69. My voice rose out of control and flooded Mary with.
  70. Warmth flooded her face as she stepped away from him.
  71. The bathroom was flooded and, when I sloshed my way.
  72. This means that the market is flooded with cheap 802.
  73. The old man gestured to the door of the flooded room.
  74. Christine sighed heavily as the memories flooded back.
  75. My mind flooded with childhood memories when I woke up.
  76. The Tray-Spot is flooded, and they’re down there.
  77. Memories of her childhood flooded her all of a sudden.
  78. Once Allende was overthrown, US money flooded back in.
  79. The next day we heard that the school had been flooded.
  80. It flooded his mind and made his hatred more powerful.
  81. Tears flooded her eyes and Alex watched her anxiously.
  82. The engagement hadn't leaked out so much as flooded out.
  83. A stream of images then flooded her mind for an instant.
  84. Steam flooded everything long after the train had gone.
  85. Relief flooded through me as I stared at the giant herd.
  86. Relief flooded into me, and my knees barely held me up.
  87. And once more, the hallways were flooded with the dead.
  88. Water flooded the bottom floor, but the top floor is.
  89. Daylight flooded the room as they slept without pulling.
  90. The healing power of her magic flooded through his body.
  91. She said theres catacombs, but theyre flooded with.
  92. That feeling of warmth and content flooded his mind and.
  93. Now I had to detour to find a way across flooded rivers.
  94. Day by day: night by night: lifted, flooded and let fall.
  95. Gorgons and titans’ legs were soon flooded by the fire.
  96. The memories were still vivid as they flooded his mind:.
  97. Flooded with dread and adrenaline, I see darkness coming.
  98. And soon the grains of rice have flooded the world.
  99. As he did so, hundreds of thoughts flooded into his mind.
  100. Tom was startled how these memories suddenly flooded his.
  1. The light floods the pillow.
  2. For pictures of the floods.
  3. The storms and floods have.
  4. That suddenly floods my eyes.
  5. And I shed floods of hot tears.
  6. If it floods everything all.
  7. An instant's panic floods over me.
  8. Surly in the floods of great waters.
  9. Bright sunshine floods into the room.
  10. Distinguish all those floods that are.
  11. Tell me, what caused the floods?
  12. Or the fair offspring of the sacred floods.
  13. It comes in scraps and floods, but it comes.
  14. Bex floods away, downhill, bound by gravity.
  15. Of the famines and floods in Asia and Mexico.
  16. Floods covered practically the whole Midwest.
  17. There were regular floods, famines, fire and.
  18. Floods in Manila were the worst in fifty years.
  19. Disastrous floods plagued every region of the nation.
  20. The ambitious young news woman sat in floods of tears.
  21. Be careful in the mountains; watch for flash floods.
  22. A Western Red Tanager floods the mini-forest with its.
  23. Its location on high ground had saved it from the floods.
  24. That floods your brain with a single overwhelming thought.
  25. The smell of fresh baked chocolate cookies floods the air.
  26. Every few years she spills her banks and floods the valley.
  27. During a period of great rains, floods (and the resulting.
  28. One day we found our teacher Miss Hammeda in floods of tears.
  29. Destruction came in the form of torrential rain and floods.
  30. The doors open and a rush of rich perfumes floods my nostrils.
  31. The swelling of the Blue Nile caused the yearly floods in Egypt.
  32. Then, when the floods come, any animal caught in the waters will.
  33. The pain floods over me and I have to hurt myself at that moment.
  34. Many houses were unsafe long before the floods sent them crumbling.
  35. This was done primarily after prolonged droughts, floods or plagues.
  36. They formed a long symmetrical row in the harsh glare of the floods.
  37. They point to Egypt and to the end of the ice-age floods (and other.
  38. The dam of her heart could not stop the uprising floods of her tears.
  39. When the sea floods this basin again Nlara will still be my foreman.
  40. I’m just not prepared for floods of emotions that I can’t control.
  41. Floods of tears ran down my face, the pain of those weeks, those years.
  42. For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.
  43. Underneath the Trinity Gate Tower, floods of tourists and locals passed him by.
  44. Sadly we could not see the wali’s room as it had been damaged by the floods.
  45. Neither the special bomb nor the resulting floods were of any great importance.
  46. Into that incision, they flood floods the area with a sterile liquid solution.
  47. The light floods her Paris apartment as she reaches for a small leather casket.
  48. The sorrows of death compassed me, and the floods of ungodly men made me afraid.
  49. They would have been swept away in the annual floods while still too young to resist.
  50. These people are victimized by floods, droughts, natural calamities and civil wars.
  51. Soon muddy floods were raging down the valleys, sweeping away everything in their wake.
  52. It is true that they had four months and a half of rain, and three floods of the Seine.
  53. Standing up, I grab hold of the curtains, and yank them back; sunlight floods the room.
  54. The valley is very marshy and floods regularly, so the houses are all built on the hill.
  55. So Aunt Pittypat went to Macon, in floods of tears, taking Uncle Peter and Cookie with her.
  56. In July, Bangladesh experienced its worst floods for six years, which left 600 people dead.
  57. John, we’re going to need your Bulldozer to clear this before the water floods the town.
  58. A thrilling shiver runs through me, competing with a warm woozy sensation that floods my belly.
  59. During the floods in Palestine in 1917 I had to be sent down the line with an attack of malaria.
  60. I followed, intrigued to see the battens, cables, pulleys, counterbalances, floods and other stuff.
  61. Instances, also, could be given of this having occurred during floods, without any change of level.
  62. They were destroyed by fire, sword, wars, floods, famines, pestilences, but never forever tormented.
  63. Since the great floods at the end of the ice age are dated to the age of the Lion, approximately six.
  64. I greeted them warmly and they relaxed, chatting about the beautiful building, the floods, the erosion.
  65. It could… and still can; survive the worst droughts, the worst rainstorms and the worst floods easily.
  66. Climate change is affecting all countries causing havoc by drought, floods, wild fires, and snow storms.
  67. Heavy rainfall in nearby hills can easily send water rushing down them in flash floods, with practically no warning.
  68. Many said the floods were another reproof from God for the music and dancing we had enjoyed at the recent festivals.
  69. End of July into August, I am aware that he has taken a vacation to South Korea which was currently under heavy floods.
  70. Olyvyr, like most of Bishop Militant Bahrnabai’s senior officers, remembered those same spring floods from last year.
  71. I’m electrified, and moisture floods my mouth as he lingers just above my lips, his right hand moving to my wet hair.
  72. Likewise, the receding river waters would have salvaged some of its onams from the riverbanks that the floods inundated.
  73. It was a heartbreaking situation for the virtuous wife; she wept floods of tears and was so sorry for what had happened.
  74. When a nation floods its economy with large amounts of currency, the end result 99 percent of the time will be inflation.
  75. I tell her how they are lovely solid houses which could withstand floods and earthquakes but have no flat roofs to play on.
  76. Thankfulness floods through me as the chant ebbs and flows; how long we stand there, I have no idea … it doesn’t matter.
  77. Of course it would not be cold in the summer, but we could get rain and flash floods so it would not be without some danger.
  78. We must be as firm as a rock that stands unmoved when the rain falls and the floods come and the winds blow and beat against us.
  79. And if he confessed that he had not thought of her, there were floods of reproaches that always ended with the eternal question—.
  80. The tunnel only opens when the Moon is at its highest point, it floods the forest with marauding Snaggles and other underworld beasts.
  81. Last year another paper, not us, sent a writer to his hometown somewhere in Texas after a group of teens drowned in the spring floods.
  82. These platforms might have been heightened (and indented for stability and/or easy access) in seasons of unusually high annual floods.
  83. O the joy of that vast elemental sympathy which only the human soul is capable of generating and emitting in steady and limitless floods.
  84. The horizon is low, and just above it swings a swollen moon, shaped like a cup, from which floods of pale light fill the scene with color.
  85. The shot had frightfully lacerated her throat, leaving two gaping wounds from which, as well as the mouth, the blood was pouring in floods.
  86. In June, he had tried to use the Uttarakhand floods to make a pitch as the ideal crisis manager, parking himself in Dehradun for three days.
  87. The water floods in over the floor - I barely have time to raise my boots - and the wheels sink up to their axles in the river: we are stuck.
  88. I was glad that I didn't have to go to Los Angeles where the head honchos were, not to mention the earthquakes, floods and raging forest fires.
  89. However, Bangladesh has suffered badly from natural disasters and famine: Severe floods in 1974 led to a state of emergency and a military coup.
  90. Our historical files also mention that the second part of this century saw a series of droughts and floods that caused terrible famines in China.
  91. This is because during the pubescent years, an overload of hormones floods the system, particularly the hormone 5 alpha dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
  92. On a visit to one of the more unstable areas of the Himalaya, the Ambassador and her entourage were caught up in an avalanche caused by flash floods.
  93. The UN said that without intervention, the number of malnourished children in areas affected by floods could rise to one million within six to eight weeks.
  94. Nothing can withstand this river when it floods, although such a village might survive in some remote backwater where the flood waters could be less wild.
  95. Uric acid is the substance that gives meat its flavor, and actually comes from the urine of the animal that floods the body of the animal when it is killed.
  96. Iseult, how hard love dies! Iseult, a welling water that floods and runs large is a mighty thing; on the day that it fails it is nothing; so love that turns.
  97. Other natural disasters had contributed to the condition with the floods in Wilkes-Barre, Binghamton, and Elmira, which put much of our inventory under water.
  98. This had the effect of returning the atmosphere to its ancient state of violent storms, floods, droughts, permanent instability and great danger for all life.
  99. We have seen the destructive effects of Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes and Floods that occur because of the Creator’s specific design and order of the planet.
  100. The film also includes warnings about melting polar ice caps and the increased likelihood of floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions due to global warming.

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