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    1. None of us had a car to escape from the fires and the zombie flood, so we busted in on Kevin during a recording session

    2. It rained for days and days and there was a terrific flood

    3. It so happened that it rained for days and days and there was a terrific flood

    4. girl, who responded, letting her own orgasm flood through her, and as they both

    5. She felt a moment of terror flood through her, but then, just as

    6. It was raining fit to flood the

    7. flood in his shabby little nest, and yet he felt a certain thrill at the sight of this weedy

    8. Smith allowed the melody of sudden voice to flood through the vacuum of the

    9. A flood of marine shapes colonised the roaring seas, monsters roamed the

    10. I felt rough fibres catching at the corners of my mouth as though I were being force fed a winding sheet, and then, as stars started to explode across my eyelids, I realised with a flood of relief that my head and shoulders were still covered by the sacking

    11. His opening ‘How are things with you?’ opened the flood gates, with me listing all the things I’d convinced myself I’d got wrong

    12. I prefer to confront a natural disaster -a flood, an earthquake, a hurricane- than satanic humans

    13. God sent a flood before making a covenant with Noah

    14. It was raining fit to flood the world, a storm brewing up with the wailing mewl of legion cats being chased by battalion dogs

    15. A drowned rat, he thought, a drowned rodent waiting out the flood in his shabby little nest, and yet he felt a certain thrill at the sight of this weedy little specimen, as though they were joined by an invisible umbilical cord

    16. A flood of marine shapes colonised the roaring seas, monsters roamed the earth, shaking the foundations of the world to rubble, and finally, in the heart of blackness that was a shallow echo of Smith’s loneliness, there was a dream of companionship

    17. At the beginning it was called the Garden of Eden, but since the Flood He has chosen Zion and Jerusalem

    18. Whether Jerusalem is in the location of Eden before the flood, I cannot say

    19. and burst the damn that stands before our flood

    20. Memories started to flood his mind

    21. the pressure wave, flood the night

    22. Jake believes that this was around the time of the great flood

    23. Nevertheless, and in the privacy of her own salon, she was quite vocal in her support of the poor oppressed victims of foreign dictators and of those unfortunates in far off lands whose lives were devastated by fire, famine and flood

    24. She threw open the curtains, letting the room flood with glorious summer sunshine, and as she stood there, silhouetted in her curlers and her power-shouldered dressing gown, she started to sing

    25. flood of letters from solicitors demanding compensations

    26. out a flood of emotions and memories in a patient

    27. lands whose lives were devastated by fire, famine and flood

    28. about this hardwood flood

    29. Suddenly a flood of energy was sent to the earth

    30. seen that a flood has fallen upon Earth to wash away all that which has with-held (wo)man

    31. whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or

    32. She straddled my legs, grabbed me firmly and the flood of tears started

    33. Ted can feel the hard walls of his arteries flexing in his chest, their brittle inner surfaces flaking and cracking under the pressure, under the wild torrent of liquid being forced through them by the flood of adrenalin in his system

    34. Carol dams the flood of words threatening to overflow her defensive walls

    35. Jameson handed Hannah back to her father, and Harold continued talking but more to the face of his sleeping daughter, “There was a family who had nearly lost everything in a flood and Harry decided it was an opportunity for Kaitlyn to make good on her desperate desire to escape the shallowness of her life

    36. before he lost his boat and livelihood in a flood several

    37. This caused lots of info to flood in, but none of it made any sense

    38. The street was a flood of beggars, swordfighters, drunks and whores

    39. ‘All that rain last week – the river was in flood, wasn’t

    40. If I don't disperse it in small drops, then it will come in a flood

    41. It looked like it was never more than an inch deep but the area had probably been abandoned when it was figured this would just flood

    42. ‘With the river on the other side of Villafranca in flood

    43. instant of being lost to the flood

    44. They were still pretty close to the Kimoneea, on the edge of the actual flood plain it seemed

    45. What was edible had been stored, all the rest had been trampled to death by the flood of refugees

    46. The Aude River was in flood as he approached the

    47. flood, would startle them by brushing against the boat

    48. that the flood wasn’t too severe outside the immediate

    49. the flood had largely abated

    50. Wailing with bloodlust, the dead poured out in a raging flood

    1. Solomon Browne was despatched to save those aboard the Union Star freighter that had flooded engines and ripped its anchor chain

    2. Feeling flooded back into my body like white water in a dry stream bed after a deluge

    3. My feelings towards this strange new world in which I existed, and more especially for the young man holding my life in his hands, troubled me greatly, adding volume to the already flooded sea of confusion upon which I bobbed along

    4. Words flooded out of our mouths, and despite the limited range of my experience, I found the ease of the man infectious

    5. In the next few hours more data flooded in than she'd collected so far

    6. If it were not so high, it would merely merge with the flooded fields

    7. Her mind was flooded with images; all the people she knew, dragons she had yet to meet, an enormous amount of information; all the dragons chanting her name; Michael standing before her

    8. of the flooded pit shaft

    9. The eggs were big and the yolks were a happy yellow and flooded the plate with goodness

    10. As expected, Dragons Hill was soon flooded with requests from other towns begging for a visit from Jake and Queenie

    11. ‘Yes, we’ve got a cheque as a wedding present – Simon, they’ve been amazingly generous!’ Again, I’m flooded with gratitude at the generosity of everyone in the firm … who would have thought it …

    12. ‘The dig will be flooded

    13. Relief flooded through him as he realised that he could see reasonably well by the light of the moon – he wouldn’t need to use the torch he had purloined – well, not yet at any rate

    14. Memories flooded his mind and smiles came to his lips from time to time

    15. The fate of the soul called Tdeshi was the reason she was going to see this investigation thru to it’s bitter conclusion, even if the hormones it flooded her with or the cups and bottles that medicated her sorrows caused her hallucinations

    16. Redness flooded his face as

    17. Soon the tears flooded her eyes and she could hardly see the shirt, he’d wrapped her in, the day at the old barn

    18. Once, at the bloodiest height of the Age of War, armies of such beings flooded the universe; sent forth with a very specific set of programs – to wipe out the enemies of their creators

    19. and most of old Prague was flooded

    20. The throng of lifeless flooded the walkway, and spilled into the city, where they satiated their hunger within the very streets of Lock Core

    21. Black blood flooded his veins once more

    22. Suddenly the forest surrounding them was awakened, awakened and alive, flooded with the sounds of movement in the trees above and in the ground below

    23. The humans sought to defend themselves as the creatures flooded their ranks, but instead of biting into the demons' flesh, their blades slashed and stabbed at emptiness, cutting harmlessly through the air

    24. Now Shattered Rock was flooded with rumors

    25. the streams and fields were still flooded, often making it

    26. all over the state and flooded the streets to party

    27. The road ahead was constantly flooded with traffic, mostly that of fellow pedestrians wandering through the early morning

    28. You see, sergeant, it’s not simply that your system is flooded with the FoxO gene, the gene itself is mutating

    29. Below him rows of buildings towered over streets flooded with the undead

    30. cautious of flooded rivers, and wondered if there was an

    31. ‘It was a poor idea to try and escape on a flooded

    32. Such thoughts flooded his mind that he feared the Maker would never return to him

    33. it rained heavily and the tunnels were flooded and our

    34. Their glowing blue halos flooded the area in light

    35. She thought, watching as the Dead Gods flooded her Sanctuary

    36. And once more, the hallways were flooded with the dead

    37. ” Tears flooded her eyes and her body slumped into a deep sleep

    38. The haunting calls to battle, strained voices of Tullius and others flooded back into her ears

    39. A burning electrical pain flooded through him

    40. But as he said those words the memories had flooded back as if a dam had broken

    41. and guilt flooded my being

    42. If the heavens had opened and flooded the earth with a mighty drum beat and choruses of angels, I would have been satisfied at the terror I felt

    43. I sobbed for my mother and father who I had lost at an early age but more than this I cried for myself and my lost youth and again I asked the question what am I doing here? The nurse tried to comfort me but it was useless the pent up emotions that had been held inside me for so long broke through and just like a dam breaking they flooded out

    44. Tom’s memory flooded the room

    45. How would this event have occurred and how would it be possible to have the entire globe flooded by water all at once? Looking at the world around us today, it would be difficult to imagine that something like that could be possible

    46. Corridors led off this tower like spokes off a wheel and these led deeper into the building and light flooded down form the cupola above

    47. We moved up through the communication and reserve trenches a lot of which were in a poor state of repair with cave ins, flooded floors, parts blown in and some and some flooded to near enough the top

    48. ” We entered into the back room and it was cosy, bright and cheerful and loads of light flooded in through a big picture window at the back

    49. He seized the Power; lava and ice flooded his veins to mix with taint

    50. incredible agonising pain that flooded his senses

    1. We can prevail upon our own family members, neighbours and authorities to take concrete steps to remove the common causes of flooding i

    2. His stifled tears came flooding out

    3. A fly hovered above the disordered tresses, analysing and collating the data flooding the atmosphere, another joined it, debated landing but was deterred by a worm of hair borne on the cooler breeze crossing from the nearby seashore

    4. ‘What would you suggest?’ she asked, adrenalin flooding through her like a sugar rush

    5. It all came flooding back

    6. It all came flooding back to Tom – wrestling with Hamet on the

    7. “The bathroom fixture is flooding the floor,” answered Mr

    8. Flooding the injectors

    9. The sky had turned its array, of blue and violet it always did after a storm, with small melting spots of orange and yellow flooding over it

    10. Her breathing came in gulps, flooding the burning depths of her body throughout her limbs

    11. They even reeked as such; flooding the chamber with the scent of rotting flesh

    12. All the horrors he had witnessed since the birth of the Plague came flooding back

    13. One after another, massive eruptions shook the Sanctuary, flooding the tunnels with thunderous booms

    14. I couldn't stop the river from flooding my eyes and spilling over onto my already moist cheeks

    15. “It’s me,” he replied, relief flooding over him

    16. He also knew that it would be difficult to stop once he started, like the flooding of the Euphrates during the summer storms, wiping away any and all resistance to its flow

    17. His nose was running and the tears kept flooding his face

    18. She smiled as the memories of their escapades the previous night came flooding back

    19. But I don’t know how you will be able to enter the portal zone without flooding the entire lab with magnetic energy, and thus destroying every device in this compound

    20. They still didn’t know what was leaking but the rate of flooding was clearly increasing

    21. I glanced again and that’s when I knew where I had seen the shape of this man before it was my old pal Elijah Mack and then everything came flooding back the battle getting wounded the trip back to our lines being shot everything

    22. I walked out of the front of the station and went to catch a tram to General Gordon Street but as I walked to the stop the memories of Charlie came flooding back and I all but fainted at the vivid recollections that assailed my senses

    23. Also it will not have helped having you here Billy Boy I mean wounded and everything it must have fetched everything flooding back to her

    24. When you are standing on the green, waiting for your turn at the challenging ninth hole of your favorite golf course these helpful online tips will come flooding back to you and will make a huge difference in how you see the game, how you play the game and how you execute each precise effective swing

    25. Moments before Carl had sensed a whirlwind of emotions flooding his friend’s mind and soul, an intense high cascading into a terrible low

    26. He looked at his opponent, fiddling nervously with his clothes and sweating profusely, and all of Raven’s guilt and neuroses came flooding back to him

    27. Strobe flashes of memory, flooding his mind

    28. Grief rose inside his chest as the painful memory of Alexia’s death came flooding back to him

    29. She was sat on a lawn; the smell of grass newly cut grass brought memories flooding back of her childhood

    30. I did so, relief flooding the soles of my feet

    31. He didn't quite make it inside before the water level had reached the hatch, causing about ten centimetres of flooding

    32. Mostly they are dry ditches with torrential waters flowing through them only during flooding

    33. The cat hissed, raising its paw, rage flooding its mind

    34. She stared at the body, then at the redness on the white wall, understanding flooding her mind

    35. Letting her head fall back against the car’s cushioned headrest, Mai Cox closed her eyes, trying to erase the memories that kept flooding into her mind; the crushed bodies by the exit door of the cinema, the chewed and mangled flesh of the patrons who’d been attacked by the cats, the small girl they’d found with her eyes torn out - at least they’d been able to save her

    36. Sheena drove off with her samples and Booker walked back to the house, uncertainties flooding his mind

    37. Then it came flooding back

    38. Sending out his anima, the Teller sought the old Custodian's aura, locking his thoughts onto the tenuous contact, flooding Grey's mind with his own determination

    39. Each pew was graced with a bouquet of white roses, blue irises and orchids, flooding the church with their fragrance

    40. He fought harder still, grunting in triumph when the cloak covering his eyes lifted, allowing the bright colours of the world to come flooding back in

    41. We stood and watch young lads playing volleyball, memories of that summer with Egan flooding through me

    42. Frederick thought he was going to get away scot-free, you see," Aunt Martha lent forward again as the memories came flooding back, a dark glint in her eyes, "but I had other plans

    43. "What fer?" he asked, alarm suddenly flooding his face

    44. Then the memories came flooding over me—his mouth on my neck, the blood, the mad heights of pain and pleasure

    45. Pain that brings the truth flooding to the surface

    46. The knife sliced through the soft skin of Marcos’ nose and he was left groaning, tears flooding his eyes as the man clambered back out of the van again

    47. It was then that all my passed deeds came flooding back to me, and I realised for the first time that I hadn’t nearly been killed —

    48. Nye took another mouthful, his head spinning with the delicacies flooding his nervous system

    49. Conal didn’t think, he just reacted, all his old training flooding back to him

    50. There seemed to be more beasts flooding the forest each time the Moon rose

    1. "When the sea floods this basin again Nlara will still be my foreman

    2. On a visit to one of the more unstable areas of the Himalaya, the Ambassador and her entourage were caught up in an avalanche caused by flash floods

    3. and a seventeen-year-old girl floods through their heads

    4. The bargemaster explains in detail to me how the sea floods this area frequently in the winter and how the wasteg has to be reinforced regularly to keep it functioning

    5. The valley is very marshy and floods regularly, so the houses are all built on the hill

    6. Thankfulness floods through me as the chant ebbs and flows; how long we stand there, I have no idea … it doesn’t matter

    7. Standing up, I grab hold of the curtains, and yank them back; sunlight floods the room

    8. 25And the rain descended and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that

    9. 27And the rain descended and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that

    10. Bright sunshine floods into the room

    11. Bex floods away, downhill, bound by gravity

    12. to contend with floods

    13. Surly in the floods of great waters

    14. ‘I suppose it’s because of the floods to the north

    15. food shortage caused by the floods and wet weather was

    16. Or the fair offspring of the sacred floods

    17. The light floods the pillow

    18. Now if Noah’s Flood was only a very large localised flood, as many people believe it to be, how does one go about explaining the fact that there have been many other large localised floods that have occurred since the time of Noah and that these are also occurring today with increasing frequency

    19. For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods

    20. The pain floods over me and I have to hurt myself at that moment

    21. This was done primarily after prolonged droughts, floods or plagues

    22. That suddenly floods my eyes

    23. The tunnel only opens when the Moon is at its highest point, it floods the forest with marauding Snaggles and other underworld beasts

    24. Floods in Manila were the worst in fifty years

    25. Because it lies in a geographically north to south alignment, the beginning of the last retreat of the ice sheets covering the northern latitudes could have poured vast, sustained floods of meltwater over this double river system

    26. If they bothered to check flood records on the Brisbane River for the past one hundred and eighty years, they would have seen that nine major floods had occurred in that time

    27. These platforms might have been heightened (and indented for stability and/or easy access) in seasons of unusually high annual floods

    28. According to him, the biblical parable must keep some historical truth, given the variety of Mesopotamian references about the terrible floods that devastated the shores of the Tigris and Euphrates in the late fourth millennium BC

    29. 5 When the waves of death compassed me, the floods of ungodly men made me afraid;

    30. 17 He shall not see the rivers, the floods, the brooks of honey and butter

    31. 11 He binds the floods from overflowing; and the thing that is hidden He brings out to the light;

    32. 2 For he has not founded it on the seas, and established it on the floods

    33. 6 For this shall everyone who is godly pray to you in a time when you may be found: surely in the floods of great waters they shall not

    34. 44 And had turned their rivers into blood; and their floods, that they could not drink

    35. 3 The floods have lifted up, O Lord, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their waves

    36. 7 Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it; If a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it

    37. who is thirsty, and floods on the dry ground; I will pour my spirit on your seed, and my blessing on your offspring: 4 And they shall

    38. Of course it would not be cold in the summer, but we could get rain and flash floods so it would not be without some danger

    39. “Be careful in the mountains; watch for flash floods

    40. grave I caused a mourning; I covered the deep for him, and I restrained the floods of it, and the great waters were stayed, and I caused

    41. He said he doubted that because they are so orderly and man is so disordered, but he was inclined to think that they could indicate natural events—like earthquakes, floods and such

    42. 22 And hailstones full of anger shall be thrown as out of a stone bow, and the water of the sea shall rage against them, and the floods

    43. 17 The thought of the floods of

    44. for the ground is given to the wood, and the sea also has his place to bear his floods

    45. of water, and pools on the tops of the mountains, that the floods might pour down from the high rocks to water the Earth

    46. The smell of fresh baked chocolate cookies floods the air

    47. extinguished (as it happens in floods and earthquakes), I do not

    48. It comes in scraps and floods, but it comes

    49. An instant's panic floods over me

    50. while the floods (known as

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