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    1. There was a flurry of ordered chaos down there

    2. The days seemed to pass in a flurry as the children

    3. Amidst all the flurry, one day Nihar had walked in with a

    4. She made a flurry of getting the key out of her XXL a-cup sports bra

    5. There was a flurry of activity when he arrived; he went straight to Duncan, “What’s up Duncan?”

    6. “But I must bring it home, or my mother will die!” Li-en looked alarmed, and a flurry of whispers arose in the room

    7. Roman continued with a tornadic flurry of punches and kicks

    8. “One moment please,” the voice said, accompanied by a flurry of more

    9. walls, carrying with it the occasional flurry of snow

    10. her eyes danced around the room in a flurry of curiosity, examining every inch—

    11. Roman charged the Agent with a flurry of kicks and punches, moving his

    12. flurry of his feet and fists

    13. There was another flurry of shots and Janice could see the bullets striking the other men

    14. Ostedes’ new limbs went out, a flurry of black tentacles

    15. Sure enough he was proven correct as a brief flurry of arrows shot forth in two directions right in front of the chest

    16. In a flurry of clatter and commotion, Captain Husim barged onto his bridge and stopped suddenly as his eyes took in the image filling his screen

    17. A flurry of clapping ensued, which stopped quickly

    18. However it seemed that the barrage was lessening as the gun barrels must have been getting red hot and the shrapnel blizzard became more of a flurry

    19. “This is Maiden Weeps,” she said as she gripped the hilt with both hands and raised it over her head to bring it down in a flurry of cutting attacks

    20. Halon awoke on the bed to a flurry of activity outside

    21. One noisy hen, fed up with our presence, leaped from her nesting box in a flurry of flapping and squawking

    22. But, his sentry hens must have spotted me ducking behind the cherry tree, because they gave warning with a flurry of chatter

    23. This time, when the voice called the dog disappeared in a flurry of falling leaves

    24. I stared in the mirror at my face and my tired swollen eyes, not ever imagining the mayhem to which I would return – a flurry of nurses acting swiftly under the instructions of Dr Preston

    25. The movement caused an immediate attack from the pack and he was quickly overwhelmed by a vicious flurry of bodies

    26. Fortunately, Caroline came through again and, via a hair-raising flurry of telephone calls, each requiring ‘a little something to show my appreciation’, she arranged his immediate release, but the close call was infuriating

    27. One took a bite of another, starting a flurry of activity, but they soon settled down again, their eye stalks turning towards the prey they could sense ahead of them

    28. A brief flurry of clouds cleared from his forward screens

    29. Through a flurry of white noise and incoherent sounds, a clear voice could be heard from the speaker albeit with some static but nevertheless with surprisingly good reception:

    30. “Well, the same thing began to, increasingly, occur to me as the memory became more distant of how the flurry of ideas was virtually instantaneously given to me

    31. wind blew up a flurry of snow and she shielded her face with her hands

    32. Cook had a chance to say anything more, Pat was riding across the fields in a flurry of dust

    33. He had then carried on a flurry of activity seeking help from even the Ottomans

    34. ” I shrieked and he blinked a few times, a flurry of emotions passing in his eyes

    35. Just then I was hit with a flurry of memories of the times I’d pull out of this very driveway

    36. Its only when I was inside did the flurry of emotions attack me; and none was more potent than guilt

    37. There was a long pause, as Lucky processed the information, a flurry of emotions played across her eyes

    38. Today, however, Skagway serves as a place of departure for scenic adventures and to keep custody of the excitement and flurry of those colorful days of gold fever

    39. During this flurry of activity, Roger also had to prepare himself to defend his doctoral dissertation “Mystical-Realist Odyssey in Pedro Antonio de Alarcón’s Didactic Novels”

    40. With a flurry of hummed notes and gestures, Yazadril began casting and loosing many different information-seeking and analyzing spells, one after the other, for six minutes or more

    41. The wind chilled her through the tunic she wore and the occasional flurry of late snow froze her skin

    42. Does he sense something in spite of her best efforts? And if so, what? Before he can ask any questions, a white flurry of ravens begins to wheel and dance in the skies

    43. With a flurry of feather and a single burst of notes, the snow-ravens surround them and Simon falls to his knees on the ground

    44. And then a flurry of other words and thoughts chopping, pecking at his blood

    45. Before he can try to find words to fill the emptiness in both their minds, a flurry of heat sweeps into the room as Isabella returns

    46. The next day was spent in a flurry of activity, booking an air ticket for the middle of March as well as a bus ticket from Springbok to Johannesburg International Airport

    47. An hour later, after a flurry of messages with the dispatcher, things settled down in the depot

    48. rocks and began throwing them in a flurry

    49. She burst forth into a flurry of tears

    50. almost lost in the flurry of raised chatter

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