Oraciones con la palabra "fuss"

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Fuss en una oración (en ingles)

  1. There was no fuss or.
  2. No need to make a fuss.
  3. That was it? No fuss?
  4. Ajax kept making a fuss.
  5. Harald began to fuss again.

  6. What’s the big fuss? Oh.
  7. Make a fuss if she doesn't.
  8. Of course, there was a fuss.
  9. You never heard such a fuss.
  10. Privately, he hated the fuss.
  11. They are about to fuss again.
  12. No stress, no fuss, no pollution.
  13. So, what’s all the fuss about?
  14. He hated all the fuss and became.
  15. Lord Osiris, al this fuss for.

  16. What’s all the fuss about?
  17. She has actually made no fuss at all.
  18. Now I know what all the fuss is about.
  19. What’s the reason for all this fuss?
  20. Jonah made little fuss over any of them.
  21. Fuss has the best of these combinations.
  22. I don’t see what all this fuss is.
  23. They may start to fuss in intervals by.
  24. Do what I tell you, quietly without fuss.
  25. As if it had all been a fuss over nothing.

  26. To kick up a fuss would be career suicide.
  27. Her mother wasn’t going to put up a fuss.
  28. But he had, now, and it was causing a fuss.
  29. He's taken aback, but he doesn't make a fuss.
  30. He turned to fuss over the machine behind him.
  31. You shouldn’t have made such a big fuss.
  32. I don’t know what all the fuss was about.
  33. Kirstin watched Cecilia fuss over the teapot.
  34. Shelagh was thinking, all the fuss for nothing.
  35. Liam didn’t see what all the fuss was about.
  36. Getting out of bunkers, required such a fuss!.
  37. They don't fuss about when launching the boats.
  38. Flagg, who was a kindly soul, had made no fuss.
  39. Don't know what all the bleedin' fuss is about.
  40. Oh, bull! She's concerned with making a big fuss.
  41. Beamers tut and fuss behind lines of over-coated.
  42. As for the mouth to mouth, don’t fuss yourself.
  43. Even Shobal forgot to fuss over me like he used to.
  44. She obeyed without fuss and sat on the cell’s bed.
  45. I don’t think there’d be any fuss over selling.
  46. She had put him out after he started causing a fuss.
  47. Godwyn asked himself why Anthony was making this fuss.
  48. Eventually the fuss will grow less and less until he.
  49. No doubt, there was a fuss being made over him by now.
  50. I still don’t understand what the fuss was all about.
  51. I can’t see why you’re making such a fuss about it.
  52. But if there ’s a fuss I’ll appeal to Prior Anthony.
  53. However, he just accepted it and went on, without a fuss.
  54. We are human, aren’t we? What’s the big fuss?
  55. She made such a fuss about it, and I just ignored her.
  56. I just had to come and see what all the fuss was about.
  57. If the danger is small, it doesn't pay to make a big fuss.
  58. Why the big fuss about playing? Play benefits the child in.
  59. I could leave without a fuss and he wouldn't press charges.
  60. Emily: What’s all this fuss about sandals in the church?
  61. If anyone makes a fuss, chuck them in the brig to cool down.
  62. Palmer's, I found Charlotte quite in a fuss about the child.
  63. The old door juddered, but opened without much fuss into the.
  64. I’m told that caused quite a fuss, as I’d hoped it would.
  65. They both ran up the slope to be see what all of the fuss was.
  66. Jenny’s dad made a fuss about it, but the general stood firm.
  67. He couldn’t see what the fuss about, besides Kim liked Elvis.
  68. I wasn't making much of a fuss because I was a mess at the time.
  69. I did, I insisted, unaware of what all the fuss was about.
  70. I don’t think I really deserve such a fuss for my birthday.
  71. Maclear showed his and made a lot of supposed fuss about how it.
  72. The horse stood still and allowed Danny to fuss about under its.
  73. Others came to see what the fuss was about, and gathered around.
  74. And the baby in pink had begun to fuss and cry, distracting her.
  75. Stu: Bloody hell, there was a lot of fuss about that Ziggy kid.
  76. My doctor, bless his little ole heart, didn’t fuss too too much.
  77. So that was why she had made such a fuss about Manda’s clothes.
  78. They must have been busy; I can't see why he's making such a fuss.
  79. He was surprised she didn’t make a fuss and throw off his hand.
  80. Without fuss or hurry, with no indication of urgency, the two Old.
  81. However the sweltering deity evaded him without any fuss and kept.
  82. Pets usually create a lot of fuss when you are cleaning their teeth.
  83. I can’t see any point in making a big fuss about it.
  84. Quite a fuss when he stole her out of that petty chiefdom up north.
  85. He put her into a cab and drove with her away from the fuss and din.
  86. There was a big fuss from the Taxman that year, about the important.
  87. Stanley could raise a bit of a fuss when he caught folks doing this.
  88. Oh, and the fuss he'll make! I know he will! I wonder who's with him.
  89. He had no idea why Hitler made such a fuss about his brilliant idea.
  90. She could be trusted not to make a fuss about the kiss she had seen.
  91. You’l look back a few months later and wonder what al the fuss was.
  92. It wasn't a dangerous wound and would probably heal without any fuss.
  93. Initially, I would just pick the paper up and not make a fuss about it.
  94. She was slowly coming round and wondering what all the fuss was about.
  95. What was the point of losing weight and going to all this fuss about.
  96. I introduced him to John and he and his wife made a big fuss over him.
  97. I backed up slowly, focusing on the zombie who was making the most fuss.
  98. Tonight was the first time I understood what all the fuss was about.
  99. Paul don’t be silly, we can be around one another, without a fuss.
  100. Still, look at it this way, Anderson’s in no position to make a fuss.
  1. She was fussing with the 146.
  2. Jim was fussing with the fire again.
  3. He was fussing around with stacks of paper.
  4. We watched him in silence fussing into his chair.
  5. He's still fussing with Gary about the mailbox--.
  6. After a quick stop and more fussing, we carried on.
  7. Patrice sits on the back steps fussing with a tissue.
  8. He was still fussing when Daryl arrived in the Volvo.
  9. There are several boys fussing at a playground entrance.
  10. No further familiarities, no sweet-assed fussing about.
  11. She fidgets, fussing with the shoulder straps of her top.
  12. They'd all seated themselves, his mother fussing over him.
  13. Are Diane and them still fussing in there? Michael asks.
  14. I explained what my orders were while fussing over Cuauhtzin.
  15. Mike stopped fussing with the coconut and glanced up, frowning.
  16. Returning to the table, I noticed Mother fussing over the stew.
  17. A funny thing happens while we are doing all that fussing though.
  18. Melanie was fussing about with the knitted things on the counter.
  19. Elfi had been fussing with a computer at her desk and whirled round.
  20. Oh stop fussing, Liz, bite the bullet … as she said, it will pass.
  21. Fussing over the party that was going to be held in her house that.
  22. Barbara’s fussing now after reading this over my shoulder as I typed.
  23. Danny unbuckled the belts he’d been fussing with, pulled the saddle.
  24. The maintenance chief quit fussing over the way they treated the ship.
  25. Karen leaves the room, but Laden stays, fussing with my pillows and IV.
  26. Instead of arguing and fussing over who does what—whether it’s the.
  27. He had already snapped at Monique for fussing - apologising immediately.
  28. Although, upon fussing with it he discovered that that first shock from.
  29. It is about 220 trillion, answered Thorn, fussing with the red knobs.
  30. Evie had her back to him and she was fussing with something on the counter.
  31. He would be on the trail, not standing around and fussing with his equipment.
  32. Haven stopped fussing with the picnic and motioned for her mother to sit down.
  33. Bye, said Zoleka, cutting the call, feeling silly for fussing about nothing.
  34. The waiter arrived with their starters and started fussing about serving the food.
  35. Steve finished fussing with the coffee pot and sat back down while he waited for.
  36. She’s fussing back at them, still saying that the refrigerator was for charity.
  37. Akua grabbed my hand, immediately ceasing my fussing as my bloodshot eyes shot to his.
  38. General, I’m afraid that’s not possible, said Thorn, fussing with the gauges.
  39. He’d gained greater comfort from Becky fussing around him than a week of her efforts.
  40. Mary, Mom, Dad and Barry are still fussing with Diane about taking that refrigerator.
  41. It was nice to have a man fussing and clucking and scolding, even if it brutal treatment.
  42. Harry had followed the whole while, grinning in amusement at the quiet fussing he overheard.
  43. Andrew glanced across the table to David who was fussing with a brand new mobile phone that.
  44. That will be better than fussing over my own things, which are plenty nice enough as they are.
  45. I was eating a piece of birthday cake, enjoying the cousins fussing over Lucas, but deep down I worried.
  46. When Schmatzenbladder was done fussing with his ears, he nodded at him and intoned, with gravity, One.
  47. Pierre Koffel was fussing with the large floral arrangement with stood in the center of the large buffet table.
  48. At the organization the next day, Diane D's family and the Diaz-Davidson Choir stand around talking and fussing.
  49. She sat, pale fingers fussing with the lace at her throat, jaw set, one high-buttoned shoe tapping with irritation.
  50. The spirited man Jesse remembered fussing about a broken window lay pale and unmoving under the white hospital blanket.
  51. He was getting tired of the old man fussing over him, circling him like he was a mannequin with all the time in the world.
  52. Celia and Lucy both came and went on occasion, fussing and trying to get me to eat, but I barely heard anything they said.
  53. Ten minutes later, Patrick, William, Julian and Vince are around the corner sitting on some benches fussing with each other.
  54. The distracted father began fussing about again, but the touching and impressive funeral prayers moved and roused his soul.
  55. Rufus himself was fussing about in the back of the shop, his nose still swollen to the size of a large pickle, courtesy of Mrs.
  56. Debby and Michelle hovered near, fetching tissues for Libby and fussing over her the way they should have done a good hour ago.
  57. I think she wanted to put a stop to my worrying and stressing, like Sonia wanted her father to stop fussing about his hair loss.
  58. He hesitated, and Melissa was busy not looking at me; but fussing and bothering around with my dressings, which were quite fine.
  59. Golyadkin forced his way somehow through the crowd and, anxious not to be left behind, he, too, began fussing about his overcoat.
  60. Just copy, paste, promote! The more time you spend fussing about grammar the less time your message is out there generating leads.
  61. Between the two of them, they manoeuvred her between the covers, Angie fussing over straightening the sheet and patting the pillows.
  62. Well after we bathed Dana this morning, the girls had a few corsets with them and started fussing over which corset to put on her.
  63. Under Gamying’s instruction, Aglaral guided the wagon into the palace courtyard, where they were met by a fussing crowd of retainers.
  64. Emma witters on, fussing about coming to see me later in the week while I half listen, my thoughts on the letter lying just out of reach.
  65. Luanne came over and asked if he was OK, and started fussing around him like an old mother hen and then they disappeared up to his room.
  66. Sometimes I will call one of my children to do something and they will start fussing and complaining before they even know what I wanted.
  67. If I had not, I dare say I would have sat on the station platform until—until you had finished fussing with that old machine of yours.
  68. Mike and Mitch’s younger brother 9-year old Samuel, has a bat in his hand, ready to swing the bat at some older taller boys he is fussing at.
  69. Matter of fact, I grinned at the familiar fussing of feathered dancers prancing their yard with curious head tilts and random cock-a-doodle-doos.
  70. Oh well, who needs peace and quiet anyway - just hope it’s not that annoying man in personnel again fussing about one of the part time contracts.
  71. Evelyn was fussing about her dress, picking up the flowers and instructing Sian to take the bags we each had with our change of clothes in, to the car.
  72. Alone in the foyer, I surveyed the scores of young women competing for the prize in the soprano section, accompanied by their mothers fussing over them.
  73. Oh Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa are still fussing with Diane about taken that refrigerator from out of that abandoned appliance store, Michael says.
  74. There was no sound close by, but behind and below them, from the water meadow on the nearer bank of the Test, came faintly the shrill, incessant fussing.
  75. Instead of fussing with her skin, most of the time Ava sat there was taken on the elaborate hairdo and jeweled headdress that was worn during the ceremony.
  76. Snegiryov ran fussing and distracted after the coffin, in his short old summer overcoat, with his head bare and his soft, old, wide-brimmed hat in his hand.
  77. The new Raven was laid on the slips and as the days passed the skeleton began to take shape, with Coatl and the crew fussing over her like expectant midwives.
  78. He remembers Frau Elena as she looked early this morning, standing in her nightdress beside the hall lamp, fussing over his bag, all the other children asleep.
  79. When they start fussing around me (more than usual) I think that they are sometimes trying to tell me Look out; Winston’s Big Black Dog is coming for you.
  80. There were a few strands of hair on its head, but when the heads got to fussing with each other, they pulled on the little strands of hair until there was no more.
  81. Shortly thereafter, to the delight of all, as Sandhya found herself in the family way, to her amusement, Raja Rao got into the habit of fussing about her diet and all.
  82. Now he was fussing next to me, flicking the door lock up and down, fiddling with the radio, reading each sign out loud, like he was trying to reassure himself of something.
  83. The technician fussing about Mason’s head, strapped the bundle of fine wires together and stood back, checking a screen on which hundreds of green lines traced their way back and forth.
  84. Mike, Mitch and the rest of the Davidson Youth boys continue to stand there facing the other team, fussing with the other team as Mike shouts, I swear if you say that one more time….
  85. Call it what you like, he replied, fussing with his books again, methodically aligning their spines on top of each other, but I can assure you I’m not the bastard in this family.
  86. Had the presentation been too much for some and they’d left at intermission? There seemed to be some activity to his right where men in white uniforms were fussing over one of the guests.
  87. Katie and James were always preoccupied with something; whether it was teaching a new group of archers how to shoot correctly, or several ladies maids fussing after Katie, because of the twins.
  88. Five minutes later, Margarita, Tomas, Mary, Barry, Charlotte's parents Marilyn and Dante are outside the fence arguing and fussing with the owners of the pit bull as a crowd stands around looking on.
  89. Nothing? Lonna what's this I hear you and Nancy fussing about Horace and Cheryl, saying that none of you want Horace for a dance partner and y'all don't want Cheryl sharing the stage with you?
  90. At the end of the meeting, they both tried to apologized to Mary, Margarita, Barry and Tomas for fussing and fighting with each other last night, but Mary, Margarita, Barry and Tomas wouldn’t hear of it.
  91. Twenty minutes later, Barry, Mary, Margarita and Tomas are in the kitchen fussing as Tomas shouts, I don't understand! Someone might have used Diane and the girls name without them knowing about it?!.
  92. Miss Kate and Miss Julia were there, gossiping and laughing and fussing, walking after each other to the head of the stairs, peering down over the banisters and calling down to Lily to ask her who had come.
  93. Instead of fussing over a bun and keeping every hair in place, let loose by twisting your hair into a low chignon and securing it with whatever’s around you, whether it’s a pencil, your eye liner, or a chopstick.
  94. His hair has been trimmed but not cut—I have an image of Go hacking away at him just before he went on camera, slipping into Mama Mo’s role, fussing over him, doing the saliva-thumb rubdown on some spot near his chin.
  95. During the crushing insomnia brought on by his asthma he would measure and remea-sure the depth of his misfortune as he went through the shadowy house where the senile fussing of Úrsula had instilled a fear of the world in him.
  96. She is laid across a tan leather love seat, cell phone glued to her ear, an oversized grey hooded sweat shirt covers her upper half, black bald head slick like a magic eight ball, intensity creases her forehead, fussing loud over the earpiece.
  97. They're fussing to get what they want, and they're doing everything they can to make you do what they want, because they believe what they want, they're entitled to, see? Isn't that right? The core at the root of anger, is my belief that I'm entitled to have life go right for me.
  98. Kara closed her eyes … she’d been in London … Doris fussing about taxis … then she’d got on the train at Paddington and arrived some hours later exhilarated by her journey, head stuffed with images of this England so different from her own … Taunton, she’d gone to Taunton.
  99. He said Mike and Mitch were riding in the Dirt-Bike Competition not wearing the proper gear! The judges plan to disqualify them for not wearing any helmets! Then Barry told me Mike and Mitch got very upset with the judges and started arguing and fussing with the judges and the coach!.
  100. Inside, the women organized the tide of food, often dipping in for quick taste tests, while fussing over Mattie and pondering aloud the current state of Donovan’s marriage to Judy, a pretty young thing who’d never found her place in town but was now remembered with unrestrained affection.
  1. Every one fussed round her.
  2. I fussed over the two as the.
  3. And she had not fussed either.
  4. She fussed with Holly's sheets.
  5. I’m not fussed about tea, thanks.
  6. I stared at it while he fussed with mine.
  7. Yet he took his time and fussed over his son.
  8. Debbie turned as she fussed over her husband.
  9. His mother had fussed over him with a bonnet.
  10. Afterwards the two had fussed so much that they.
  11. She fussed about, and did not want to leave them.
  12. As I walked home, birds in the trees fussed at me.
  13. He fussed a while in the kitchen and then he left.
  14. He fussed with the knot a little to straighten it.
  15. We’re not too fussed about that, to be honest.
  16. Ma fussed over her son-in-law, and they both loved it.
  17. It was good he rang, for I was fussed about their rent.
  18. We both laughed, as he flew to a limb and fussed at me.
  19. Kate sat in the passenger seat and fussed with the tea.
  20. She fussed me into a chair, and then consulted her file.
  21. Jeanan fussed with flowers that she pinned to Nancy’s.
  22. The gatekeepers knew him so they weren't greatly fussed.
  23. They both took him to the airport, and Em fussed over his.
  24. Tracey fussed over him when she saw what a state he was in.
  25. As the only child in the caravan, she was much fussed over.
  26. He ran and fussed about and gave orders and arranged things.
  27. Chrissie fussed around, dispensing plates and food to the men.
  28. He watched as they fussed for a moment when I seemed to be ill.
  29. While I fussed about with the flowers I was sure I heard music.
  30. It is rather nice being fussed over so I let him get on with it.
  31. You would be doing a better job if you fussed over my friend, here.
  32. Nurse sat on the toilet lid as Sound fussed with her hair and make-up.
  33. I blushed and fussed over my teddy bear rather than look him in the eye.
  34. Max regained consciousness on the cot in sickbay, as Carla fussed around him.
  35. Other girls did her fingernails and toenails while two fussed with her hair.
  36. Both the hosts were very hearty with Paul and Maria and fussed over the boys.
  37. Hank fussed at his mashed potatoes, occasionally looking at the rattling windows.
  38. The machines beeped and the nurses fussed and the other agent just stood and stared.
  39. Wa fussed around trying to bring comfort but this was clearly beyond her experience.
  40. She nodded, fussed over her threads, trying to hide her pleased and hopeful expression.
  41. Musicians waxed strings and adjusted keys while stagehands fussed over the paper lamps.
  42. Nina came running to kiss me and she fussed over me and we sat and talked about the family.
  43. He wants more challenging work, and he's not terribly fussed what it is, is her evaluation.
  44. She fussed around with the tea paraphernalia, picking out the best cups for their visitors.
  45. At the Grill, the Maitre remembered me and fussed around me with smiles and extra courtesies.
  46. Anyway, all through negotiations I managed to psych myself that I really wasn't fussed about.
  47. The boys fussed over Rani after seeing her hand; they certainly would make caring househusbands.
  48. Janice fussed in her purse and took out an envelope reluctantly and laid it on the marble counter.
  49. The wind howled that day and her Mother fussed over the arrangements for her birthday celebrations.
  50. Ingeborg could not believe this was the motherly lady who had fussed round her bed that day at Glambeck.
  51. She had fussed over him and planned special dishes for him and coddled him during his innumerable colds.
  52. The recruits slept in the tents, not at all fussed by the conditions, and ate well, meals served in one of.
  53. Gina fussed over the children but they seemed strangely quiet, except Rachel said, ‘We don't have long now.
  54. The waiter had fussed over them and wanted to be sure that Boshnikoff was satisfied with the wine before leaving.
  55. He had fussed about laying them out properly, much to her irritation – and now he was raising even more delays.
  56. Elfi, of course, was delighted to have her ‘little sister’ back with her and fussed endlessly over the trauma.
  57. Frank Kennedy fussed about like a hen with one chick, running as if there were not a dozen servants there for that purpose.
  58. Margaret fussed over what she should wear, finally she selected a deep purple dress, which fitted closely to her curved body.
  59. Tim could never resist a feed of crayfish and wasn’t fussed by the laws forbidding him to take the crustacean on scuba gear.
  60. While the youths readied a horse wagon, the women fussed around preparing a meal of fresh bread and cheese washed down with mead.
  61. The next morning brought him a new visitor, as Jess was plotting how best to stage an escape from being fussed over by the surgeon.
  62. Two nurses fussed over the sleeping form, monitoring the busy flat screen display that connected to her in a dozen different ways.
  63. But then the front door was shut behind her and her father guided her into the kitchen, then fussed over making her some breakfast.
  64. As he fussed over her, clucking like a hen, she gave herself up to the luxury of being was only that old maid in pants, Frank Kennedy.
  65. Their plated breakfasts arrived, and there was a short break in the conversation while the young waitress fussed about serving the meals.
  66. It’s Alex, isn’t it? The way he fussed over you at the restaurant and you two frolicking in the snow this morning like two lovers.
  67. Then the loser in the presidential race fussed and fumed and ranted about it, while his supporters took over the main square in Mexico City.
  68. I guess I fussed over it too much – showed too much concern because he said tersely, I don’t know what's the matter with you, Taylor.
  69. At home mother fluttered around Coatl, nothing was too good for him, in fact she fussed around him so much that in the end he had to stop her.
  70. While the waiter fussed over the arrangement of the tea and the cream, the dog clambered into the man’s lap and put its nose in his bowl of jam.
  71. Ian had a pampered German Pointer called Hans which he adored and fussed over constantly and tried his utmost to keep away from Mai’s flea ridden posse.
  72. Her paradise was not a tranquil one, for the little woman fussed, was over-anxious to please, and bustled about like a true Martha, cumbered with many cares.
  73. Vlang alone could not control himself; he dodged and ducked just as before, and Vasin lost some of his composure, and fussed and fidgeted and changed his place incessantly.
  74. I’m going to sleep, I’d say, my hands in prayer position against my cheek, Zzzzzz, the deep sleep of a NyQuiled child—while my insomniac wife fussed in bed next to me.
  75. She fussed with and twisted the watch on her wrist, and the light-phone receiver on her ear crackled and space talked to her with electrical jigs and dances and audible auroras.
  76. Was he looking for something or examining something? Camilla felt sure he wouldn’t find a single fault; she knew that Ryan fussed over what he drove and the image it projected.
  77. The children gathered around Lucas and immediately began to smile and giggle as they fussed over him and then talked with Abbey who was having a great time being with her cousins.
  78. They fussed about her food and her hours for taking afternoon naps and for taking figure, her tiny hands and feet, her white skin, but they said so frequently, petting, carriage rides.
  79. Who knew but what it wasn't her real nature to snap? And she only hadn't till now because all the flattery, and all the spoiling, and all the being fussed over, had been like a hand laid over her mouth--.
  80. The two flag officers fussed with the implements of their addiction with all of the ritual tradition demanded of them, but Hahlynd’s eyebrows rose as Thirsk took an unusual-looking device out of his pocket.
  81. She had no examples of more fussed over and tended women before her eyes to upset her contentment, and saw for herself how the village women in like condition worked on at their wash-tubs and in the fields up to the end.
  82. He chose Bagantoff to expend his wrath upon, first, not me! He jumped out of bed and fussed over the hot plates, to divert his mind from murder perhaps—from the knife to charity! Perhaps he tried to save both himself and me by his hot plates!.
  83. Everyone was too busy with their own affairs to help her, and the little girls were only hindrances, for the dears fussed and chattered like so many magpies, making a great deal of confusion in their artless efforts to preserve the most perfect order.
  84. The harvest came and went and the most important day of my life arrived, this was the day I had dreamed of since I was a little child, the day when I had to present myself at the temple for the coming of age rite of passage ceremony, mother fussed around giving last minute instructions on how I must conduct myself in front of the high priest Yaotl and the gathered villagers.
  85. Just recollect the good aunts who have not only lectured and fussed, but nursed and petted, too often without thanks, the scrapes they have helped you out of, the tips they have given you from their small store, the stitches the patient old fingers have set for you, the steps the willing old feet have taken, and gratefully pay the dear old ladies the little attentions that women love to receive as long as they live.
  86. It was late afternoon when a messenger from Gled told me to hurry home, Jodas accompanied me and we soon arrived at mothers bed, she looked both weak and frail, but sensibly she was being treated by a medical man, quite different from the medicine men, whom mother said were all charlatans with their rattles and mumbo jumbo, she was having some difficulty with headaches, a constant cough, and bouts of dizziness, Mocal said it came on quite sudden and when the cough started she’d insisted on mother being confined to bed, it was a fright seeing mother so helpless, I didn’t say anything I just sat and held her hand as she lay exhausted, she slept fitfully on and off throughout the night, Gled and Jodas also sat at the bedside with me, Gled fussed constantly with the bed clothes until Jodas stopped her, so she went to the kitchen and organized regular refreshments throughout the night, Coatl seemed quite preoccupied, he came and went at least ten times during the night each time he came to mothers room he seemed more agitated, not being able to stand by and see him in such turmoil I followed him out and asked what the trouble was, he said that he had been trying to contact Red Fawn to let her know why they couldn’t be together for a while but she hadn’t answered any of his messages, with all the drama and tension of mother’s illness I’m afraid I ran out of patience with his illegal love affair.
  87. Rosebud had been pampered and fussed over, true, but the girl was far from a prissy,.
  1. Well, he fusses with his boots for a.
  2. The stream fusses on through twisted roots.
  3. My baby fusses all the time when exiting the bath.
  4. He looks awkwardly around while she fusses with her purse.
  5. And he fusses because she’s always tiring herself out nursing people.
  6. Even though she fusses with them at times, they still missed her?
  7. Her father fusses with his rucksack, with the door latch, with his matches.
  8. Ben fusses around her, desperately trying not to fuss which is very touching.
  9. Faith… he whispers and I notice Rain staring daggers at him, while Stace fusses.
  10. He even fusses about how visible the knot at the back of Teef ’s headscarf is, and how close the.
  11. Dave fusses before we go, insisting that I wrap up warmly, despite the fact the sun is shining outside.
  12. Simon and I stand together by the choir stalls while Peter fusses around collecting the books he is going to use.
  13. A woman stands in the doorway of the wayhouse, she fusses over me as I am carried unceremoniously into the house by one of the men.
  14. Simon goes back up the stairs and looks out of the bedroom window, the lady opposite fusses over her dogs outside her gate and Simon looks towards the gangs flat.
  15. Refusing all offers of help from her, he fusses around the kitchen, getting out plates, pouring red wine … ordinary activities which restore her balance, wiping away the memory of Chas reaching out for her, his hands clawlike in their eagerness to grasp her flesh.

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