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    1. his own blood with his own forked tongue

    2. " He displayed a diagram of the ship, a dark body, his antimatter in a jar and the forked tangler beam of paired photons that was illuminating his antimatter and the dark body

    3. He forked up a lump of mash and shoved it into his mouth

    4. A forked tongue flicked from the creature's mouth, then vanished

    5. The imp leaned forward, licking his lips with his forked tongue while he took in Nathalia's cleavage

    6. I took my anger out on the it as I forked eat bite

    7. The ridge forked off into a narrower section, and soon he was having to use his hands to stabilise his descent towards the base of the waterfall

    8. forked tongue that flicked around in the air as its two frills rubbed against its neck, producing an

    9. She has a forked tongue!”

    10. The word on the street was that someone, identity unknown, had forked out a bucket of cash to hire two deathbots to take out my team and me

    11. His long forked tongue

    12. To bypass it completely must have left a foul taste on their forked tongues

    13. forked, with a second narrower pathway diverging towards the

    14. The road forked off and she took the narrower single track lane that led over an old stone bridge

    15. estate tax:’ However Senator Kennedy talks is always with a forked tongue

    16. ” She forked cake into her mouth

    17. It spotted the group with weapons drawn, and wrinkled its stone-encrusted nose, hissing savagely towards them, its black forked tongue lolling in the damp air

    18. A stream of forked lightning flew out from his out stretched arms into the mob, bowling the advancing men backwards to the ground in screams of agony

    19. The creature opened its mouth and hissed at him with disgust, its black forked tongue dripping with saliva as it did so, thinking what a tasty snack he would make

    20. They came to where the road forked into five different paths

    21. In the coming days our forked tongues wouldn’t stop wagging as we discussed how to improve the routine

    22. In the morning it swept its forked tail over the crimson ashes, for there was a fiery power latent in the desert which the skeleton could sense as surely as the heat of the sun

    23. A forked tail splayed out under his cloak like a pair of snakes looking for a small animal to swallow

    24. A forked tail leapt for Jai’s heart; he rolled under the attack, stood up strong, and swung his sword at Sorid’s head

    25. By nine-thirty they had fronted up to the nightclub, forked out for membership and entrance, and ascended the two flights of stairs

    26. Suddenly, with dramatic flair, the cape was thrown to one side revealing a black haired, obviously female dancer in red tights with a forked tail stitched on the back, a bikini top that was tiny triangles of red material, horns and a trident

    27. A long driveway from a forked tarmac road led to his house

    28. Its forked tongue almost brushed his lips as it darted in and out, and its fetid odor made his senses reel with nausea

    29. But it halted before him and reared up horrifically in the flickering torchlight, its forked tongue flickering in and out, its cold eyes glittering with the ancient cruelty of the serpent-folk

    30. A woman was sitting on a bar stool with her eyes shut and a drink in her hand while a snakebeing’s long and forked tongue disappeared between her thighs

    31. "Uh huh," Frank mumbled as he forked in another helping of egg

    32. A thin black forked tongue, flicking in and out of the lizard’s mouth at intervals, made Helen squirm nervously

    33. Just because the serpent has a forked tongue people think it is the epitome of

    34. forked tongue still flicking in and out of its mouth, even though it was

    35. The flicker of a forked tongue

    36. Contrary to what some forked tongues said, John appreciated Julie for more than just her body: she actually knew how to type and how to answer the telephone

    37. Many forked tongues insinuated that this friendship had something to do with the fact that both women were openly bisexual, but hordes of paparazzi were still trying to produce a picture that would ‘prove’ such a romantic link

    38. If someone close to me was kidnapped and a ransom in the same amount was required to assure their safe release I would probably have to receive at least a few fingers before I finally coughed it up but because he was a “good friend” I forked it over and sent him on his way

    39. Little forked tongues flicked in and out

    40. But it didn't come, and as he came to a small rise, the path forked and went in different directions

    41. When Ben got closer he could see why—the tube forked, which meant they had to decide which way to go

    42. ‘Told is it with forked tongued knowledge of truth or that of a

    43. Large powerful jaws snapped open and shut, flicking its forked tongue out every so often, testing the air

    44. they are speaking with forked tongues:

    45. forked off heaping helpings of the deer steaks

    46. We came to a junction a few minutes later that forked off into two other directions

    47. So they sided with Muhammad’s progeny and began to swear by Ali, of course, besides Muhammad for after all it is the essence of being a Musalman, and thus the unitary path of Islam that Allah envisaged for the believers came to be forked into the Sunni right and the Shia left with a Quran to boot in Persian

    48. I smiled at the man and forked a slice of meatloaf onto his plate

    49. I forked a generous helping of meatloaf onto his plate

    50. lest” vs “rape” the usurpers of this great land still speak with forked tongues, a habit their first victims have experienced ever since meeting them

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    double forked bifurcate biramous branched forficate fork-like pronged prongy jagged angled pointed angular