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    1. However, they quickly back off respectfully, when, out of the shadows, appears HAMO, a jolly, tall, angular Armenian man with a three-day growth of beard

    2. The pitch of Marat’s voice was sharp and angular, cutting through the thick prison

    3. Some of the stars weren’t where they should have been by only a tenth of a degree, but when the images from all the friendly craft were combined, the positional discrepancies were enough to make the stars appear to grow in angular diameter in one, moving location

    4. displaying destinations and times in the angular Lyndesfarne script

    5. His angular face was calm, solid as stone

    6. An ornate stairway with angular lanterns at its base led up the few steps to the door

    7. He also remembered her angular body and dark beauty from both meetings

    8. “This is Corn Harvest,” she said as she began stepping forward making sideways angular slashes through the air

    9. The woman had a small, angular but firm figure, shoulder length mousey blonde hair

    10. The small cave was irregularly shaped in an angular way; the bookcases and an old study were massed together near the corner of the jutting rock, while a somewhat larger space to the right of the study, a sort of crevice, housed a small cot and a cupboard of what at a glance seemed to be antique wood

    11. Argyl was hard and angular

    12. From the roof of the large room hang a large metal assemblage, angular and bulky, almost orthogonal in shape

    13. He leads me up and down, across small gaps and over angular ridges

    14. the contrary, we would not expect angular movement within the water to perturb this

    15. Latitude: the measure of angular distance in degrees, minutes and seconds of arc from 0 degrees to 90 degrees north or south of the Equator

    16. it was lighter grey, angular, and passing along the piece of wood

    17. Quantum superposition, in which a system can exist in two states (such as having two different values of angular momentum or being in two different places) at the same time, has been confirmed in numerous experiments

    18. with the presence of plasma charging flux, creates an angular momentum

    19. The angular bones of his narrow eye sockets jutted out above a beard that hid the lower part of his face

    20. Eva reminded Zoe of her brother Thieri --tall and slender with raven-black hair that surrounded an angular face and a dimpled chin

    21. On the way to the garden, I took the bold face Salome that was sitting on the porch stair savoring an angular sideburn

    22. was tall, muscular with an angular face and features, and he wanted

    23. Scrawny, angular, a large mouth and looked about forty

    24. The Qualinesti have angular faces that bear high cheekbones

    25. His knuckles were white on the steering wheel, his face looked like it had been carved from marble, or some sort of more angular stone

    26. His face was angular, with a cruel set to his features, and his smile did nothing to ameliorate the effect

    27. Even though he was glad to see his old friend he knew the lean, angular man with the military bearing and pencil thin moustache was still FBI to the core

    28. ‖ Sam‘s whisper seemed out of place—even to the dog, causing him to cock his angular head as if to reply; ―say what?‖ Sam managed a smile as he noted the dog‘s pose but continued his low pitched voice

    29. They had been preoccupied with their butchering using their sharp talons and angular teeth

    30. Her face was finely rounded, and her chin very angular

    31. What the group intended to use was a kind of angular crossbow with a rotating barrel that was fitted into the center of it

    32. the geophysics readout as angular spaces with flat walls,

    33. � Our one big advantage is speed, angular speed to be more precise

    34. (The Shell Oil productions were particularly good on the making of desert landscapes; especially the one about locusts which completely besplattered the angular windscreen of the Dragoon Rapide spraying and filming the swarm

    35. It had hard angular lines and lots of concrete

    36. As for the pistol, a big and angular weapon, it sported some kind of futuristic-looking scope on top of it

    37. Ariel marveled at the angular heft of her thin body as it swung the civet

    38. One of the newcomers, a rather small and thin man with an angular face, went to stand two paces in front of Ingrid, looking down at her with a mean smile

    39. His high beam had highlighted the angular shape of a wheel chair through the misted rear window

    40. He also measured the inclination of the ecliptic, that is the angular distance between the tilt of the planet and the plane of it’s orbit around the sun

    41. The piece of Bismuth crystal was, by anyone's standards, huge, and the light from the chandeliers reflected in its angular shapes and made the crystal shine and sparkle as if by magic

    42. With his dark good looks and angular face, she suspected a touch of Indian blood several generations back

    43. Hard aspect: When two planets are combined by angular relationships that are considered difficult, they are said to be in hard aspect to one another, meaning their energies are not in harmony

    44. stands tall, his angular features melding into the background of the

    45. angular, proportionally correct—and then gaze upon his mouth—full-

    46. The kerosene lantern he held cast dark angular shadows across his features

    47. “First: the four angular Houses (1, 10, 7, and 4) are inherently more powerful than the other Houses

    48. ” “The angular Houses take precedence [in strength] over the succedent ones, and these in turn over the cadent Houses

    49. However, some people – at least in some areas of their lives (shown by their angular planets) – come to the realization that it’s all just a game; and that the game does have rules; and that those rules can be manipulated to advantage

    50. This is perhaps why Gauquelin found that “children tended to have the same angular planets as their parents, especially if the latter’s were just past the Rising Point or MC

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