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Freewheel en una oración (en ingles)

I sit there until lunchtime, wishing I’d something to read and having no choice but to allow my mind to freewheel over the events of the past few days … reliving all the conversations I have had with both of my companions … thinking about Joris.

The word hippy is used disparagingly to mean a freewheeling, lazy, bunch of druggies.
Mitch initiated the freewheeling chat by taking a dig at his foe’s warped sense of decorum.
I tuck it back under the covers and lie, staring at the ceiling … my mind freewheeling as the stars whirl through my head … a soft sound brings me back to reality ….
The limits on what can be stated on a freewheeling basis by a management whose comments are reviewed by securities’ counsel, as most of them are, loosely follow the strictures on free speech that are imposed by Regulation 10b-5 of the amended Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
Then she freewheeled off into the fog, propelled by the buzzing of her wings.

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