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Drift en una oración (en ingles)

  1. If you get my drift.
  2. I did drift back to.
  3. She let her mind drift.
  4. She began to drift away.
  5. The rest drift to and fro.

  6. Her eyes started to drift.
  7. There was no big drift in.
  8. His thought started to drift.
  9. The voice seemed to drift off.
  10. You let go and drift skyward.
  11. I caught his drift of thought.
  12. Too late he divined her drift.
  13. As soon as she started to drift.
  14. His eyes began to drift shut, his.
  15. As you mature you’ll drift apart.

  16. That drift along the wave and rise.
  17. Trevanion stepped out into the drift.
  18. He felt his feet drift off the floor.
  19. Dot with butter, and drift cinnamon.
  20. They came at length to the great drift.
  21. He seemed to drift to her for comfort.
  22. Kamata let his boat drift off the coast.
  23. My eyes left his to drift over to Lisa.
  24. I close my eyes and drift into the haze.
  25. His friends all drift away as the money.

  26. His mind began to drift to the two women.
  27. Tim cut the motor and let the boat drift.
  28. He had expected the two of them to drift.
  29. When negative thoughts begin to drift in.
  30. He began to drift back towards his parents.
  31. We drift away from the love of our parents.
  32. She wanted to drift away into a deep sleep.
  33. After a while the drift toward them resumed.
  34. Lost in her misery time seemed to drift away.
  35. He watched his breath drift like the smoke.
  36. She would drift nearer in a Munich park as.
  37. He allowed you to drift into the Circumfence.
  38. The drift that had frozen the door in place.
  39. I drift on a tide of eyes that saw the tracer.
  40. He steeled himself and let himself drift away.
  41. He let his gaze drift to his left for a moment.
  42. Somewhere far off, a drift of voices slid away.
  43. Haven felt herself drift off into a deep sleep.
  44. I let my mind drift again, back into the house.
  45. I’m about to drift off when she does it again.
  46. Chirps and buzzes and crunches drift around us.
  47. He would drift in and out of illness regularly.
  48. Kelly had closed her eyes and begun to drift off.
  49. The markets drift back down and retest the lows.
  50. The steel in her eyes began to slowly drift back.
  51. He let his fingers drift gently over the ridges.
  52. She closes her eyes and lets the world drift by.
  53. With the ceremony over the crowd began to drift.
  54. Memories of the weekend began to drift in my head.
  55. Several of the men in spacesuits were set a drift.
  56. This is the handsomest granite in the whole drift.
  57. He was trembling, felt like a deep drift of leaves.
  58. The strong current forced him to drift in order to.
  59. But I’m learning to drift, and I do it quite well.
  60. I leaned up against the fence, and let my mind drift.
  61. I perceived, of course, the drift of my interlocutor.
  62. The suction generates a drift and the spewing out a.
  63. Seaorbiter plans to drift around the world propelled.
  64. I think you’re getting the drift of these questions.
  65. Never allow yourself to drift without helm or rudder.
  66. I got his drift immediately and leapt into the part.
  67. These kids drift in and out of the area all the time.
  68. He realized that they had begun to drift more slowly.
  69. Finally the revellers tired and started to drift away.
  70. My thoughts drift with the recollection of the cathedral.
  71. And all she had left to her was drift into her thoughts.
  72. He allowed himself to drift off to sleep as he floated.
  73. Then began the glacier ages, and the great Nordic drift.
  74. Jacob watched them drift the last few feet out of the sky.
  75. His eyes drift off them, like he’s recalling something.
  76. Eventually some of them began to drift into a half sleep.
  77. When that happens, the past, will swiftly drift away –.
  78. His elemental fishing line began to steam and drift away.
  79. But I made out to see that the drift of the current was.
  80. Souls can only move upward and drift, and from so great.
  81. Otherwise, you will drift into their world, which is.
  82. He appeared to drift, rather than walk down the corridor.
  83. After a minute I saw a plume of dust drift out toward me.
  84. Jags said drift off the subject, then check on the boat.
  85. She allowed her voice to drift off sadly, almost laughing.
  86. When he did finally drift off, his restlessness continued.
  87. Then, finally, he shut his eyes and let himself drift away.
  88. Drift in shadows; deep in the shade of the Marmalade Tree.
  89. It was a titanic drift, extending over centuries and ages.
  90. Thoughts of how this episode relates to life began drift in.
  91. Your challenge will be stay in your body and not drift off.
  92. He ended up sitting in a snow drift with D'Oliya standing.
  93. Pamela watched intently, she couldn’t help but drift off.
  94. Claire let her thoughts drift back to the latter possibility.
  95. I drift off to sleep once the pain was reduced to mere agony.
  96. I did not steal it from … he lets his words drift off.
  97. Soon Sam and the others began to drift off into a deep sleep.
  98. His eyes drift to the crustaceans sitting in front of Glacia.
  99. He lies next to me and rubs my back while I drift in and out.
  100. Invariably, at this line, he would drift off into nothingness.
  1. I felt her drifting away.
  2. His legs are drifting away.
  3. Drifting To The Palace Passed.
  4. Whitton was drifting down slowly.
  5. Our souls drifting across the moon.
  6. Further drifting into the chaos of.
  7. They were drifting, having pushed.
  8. A sort of drifting into their minds.
  9. This will bring your drifting to a.
  10. Now for the hard part: drifting off.
  11. Drifting and drowning near the rocks.
  12. I thought I heard a drifting whisper.
  13. I found myself drifting back to earth.
  14. We was drifting straight down for her.
  15. Is that where you are drifting?
  16. All these little lights drifting apart.
  17. Her nightmares were drifting into her.
  18. Garcia reclined, his eyes drifting shut.
  19. She was drifting into a deep depression.
  20. Drifting in dreams at the waters’ edge.
  21. The wind was drifting the snow outside.
  22. We began drifting apart from each other.
  23. Swallows are a drifting on a waters edge.
  24. Samantha was sent drifting off into the.
  25. This final act amid the drifting ice in.
  26. I saw a few familiar faces drifting above.
  27. Tammas was drifting not a meter below him.
  28. Wopsle, drifting into his lost look again;.
  29. He could feel himself drifting away from it.
  30. Drifting and dark, the waking house conceals.
  31. Maggie Rose kept drifting in and out of sleep.
  32. The sun played with wispy clouds drifting by.
  33. Drifting from all else he keep his mind shut.
  34. The Pa Nun was drifting amongst an asteroid.
  35. She laid there closing her eyes drifting off.
  36. In reality, she was drifting into acquiescence.
  37. All the town was drifting toward the graveyard.
  38. This helpless, drifting surrender to emotions.
  39. He’s drifting out of range of the network.
  40. Me? I was drifting, and my pattern was a mess.
  41. Drifting after the mysterious light, he could.
  42. You were drifting in and out of consciousness.
  43. Val closed her eyes, as if drifting off to sleep.
  44. There the blue sky and the white drifting cloud.
  45. He looked up and saw a body, drifting passively.
  46. After some drifting about, he found the gallery.
  47. It was as if he was drifting into some bad dream.
  48. Sheets of fog were drifting right across the road.
  49. Scott had been drifting in a semi-conscious state.
  50. Floating objects started drifting towards the floor.
  51. I felt that I was drifting and drifting towards him.
  52. We don’t want their Khan stench drifting in here.
  53. A mist was drifting in from the valley, and there.
  54. Ah, yes, my birthday, drifting in and out of sleep.
  55. The continents are like rafts drifting in a sea of.
  56. Darek collapsed, slowly drifting out of consciousness.
  57. The drifting objects began to collide with each other.
  58. She pushed the dugout and we began drifting down river.
  59. They were drifting further apart, and they both knew it.
  60. I paced around the room, thinking about drifting on the.
  61. Aerith had always loved the smell, drifting around the.
  62. The words reverberated in Alex’s cloudy, drifting mind.
  63. A little wind blew the drizzle in a slow, drifting angle.
  64. He finds himself drifting in and out of the conversation.
  65. They were below the bridge and still drifting downstream.
  66. Nerissa spent the next month drifting in and out of dreams.
  67. But when I got back, Bob was drifting in and out of sleep.
  68. I could see it in Rowan's silence and in Rowan's drifting.
  69. Back in bed, I was drifting off to sleep when it happened.
  70. The raft had inflated itself and was drifting away rapidly.
  71. The car was gone and he was left alone in the drifting crowd.
  72. He closed his eyes, drifting slowly between sleep and waking.
  73. She lets her mind wander instead, eyes drifting out of focus.
  74. We mostly concentrated on speed and drifting through corners.
  75. The coffee was ready, the aroma drifting from the other room.
  76. The Club was half full with pilots drifting in for early lunch.
  77. A lone woman was standing in the slowly drifting dust, smiling.
  78. Roger, Commander, Martinez said, drifting to his station.
  79. Sabrina advanced slowly, warily, toward the drifting freighter.
  80. She didn't catch the drifting sadness in him, the enormous ache.
  81. But my gut tells me he’s drifting into his old self again.
  82. She could see books and parchments drifting over a level plain.
  83. After a few minutes he was drifting into sleep when she leaned.
  84. We are all drifting reefwards now, and faith is our only anchor.
  85. I found my gaze drifting constantly to look at his perfect face.
  86. He just couldn’t figure out why they were drifting so far apart.
  87. They should be better off docked than drifting away by themselves.
  88. The SUV was drifting toward the curb on the other side of the road.
  89. Simla found herself drifting into the warm stare of his brown eyes.
  90. The clouds were drifting low, and there was not a star in the sky.
  91. And now here he was drifting again, but this time drifting in love.
  92. We had been drifting on the wide calm river for almost three moons.
  93. They were drifting away along that thin line of earthen dike work.
  94. The sounds drifting in around me confirmed we had stopped for fuel.
  95. Trees emitted odors which mingled with drifting honeysuckle scents.
  96. Those first days my mind kept drifting in and out of a dream world.
  97. She reached out, her hand drifting through air, and touched the leaf.
  98. Time was critical, at any time the drifting vessel could strike rock.
  99. Here, too, erratically drifting chunks collect from the ice breakup.
  100. But one can only keep his eyelids from drifting to sleep for so long.
  1. He drifted in a dream.
  2. He drifted off to sleep.
  3. The kid had drifted in.
  4. Mom drifted next to her.
  5. My gaze drifted to Jake.
  6. Zion drifted over to me.
  7. His mind drifted to Mary.
  8. He drifted back to sleep.
  9. She drifted off to sleep.
  10. It drifted over the dais.
  11. Anon drifted in the Abyss.
  12. I kind of drifted into it.
  13. Deek drifted back to sleep.
  14. He drifted to the main hold.
  15. Things have drifted so long.
  16. They had drifted into that.
  17. The front door drifted wide.
  18. The office door drifted open.
  19. Her eyes drifted to Alistair.
  20. It drifted to the centre of.
  21. Vapors drifted from it's maw.
  22. And drifted into our universe.
  23. I drifted for many years in.
  24. I'm sorry I drifted off there.
  25. He drifted on waves of nausea.
  26. The drifted relics of all time.
  27. He drifted into a light sleep.
  28. Her eyes drifted back to Mama.
  29. He soon drifted into a light.
  30. They then drifted downward to.
  31. The mist drifted casually down.
  32. It all drifted into his brain.
  33. The black clouds drifted apart.
  34. The warm breeze drifted inside.
  35. Many pretas drifted to freedom.
  36. She drifted off a bit, thinking.
  37. Her mind drifted back to that.
  38. Wisps of smoke drifted lazily.
  39. Slowly the exiles drifted home.
  40. She drifted down the very same.
  41. Louie drifted into a febrile fog.
  42. Finally, she drifted off to sleep.
  43. Her mind drifted to the paint tin.
  44. They drifted in the fog for hours.
  45. His mind drifted back six months.
  46. Ben shut his eyes and drifted off.
  47. Then I must have drifted off—.
  48. I laid there as my mind drifted.
  49. We held hands until we drifted off.
  50. Her thoughts drifted to the future.
  51. The two boats drifted slowly apart.
  52. The music drifted by their windows.
  53. Her hand drifted toward the poker.
  54. I finally drifted off toward sleep.
  55. As he drifted downstream and came.
  56. He drifted off into the hot morning.
  57. Joseph's mind drifted to his father.
  58. Greg sat stunned as she drifted away.
  59. Again, they drifted up into the sky.
  60. While she spoke, a waiter drifted by.
  61. Then I shut my eyes and drifted off.
  62. They had drifted two thousand miles.
  63. Adam’s gaze drifted over the water.
  64. The morning had drifted by peacefully.
  65. The cotton ball clouds drifted idly.
  66. The Motion drifted aimlessly in the.
  67. His words drifted softly around the.
  68. Smoke drifted near the light fixtures.
  69. My thoughts drifted towards Charlotte.
  70. After a while he drifted off to sleep.
  71. The cold coral brain drifted, drifted.
  72. I drifted and very quickly was asleep.
  73. Rykus’s hand drifted toward his hip.
  74. Emily drifted off to sleep in his arms.
  75. Short periods drifted without incident.
  76. His mind drifted off on another angle.
  77. His glance drifted over her angry face.
  78. She drifted into unconsciousness, the.
  79. Comfortable, they drifted off to sleep.
  80. It drifted to the centre of the river.
  81. If XYZ drifted back down and was at 57.
  82. All the while, as Ken and Lucy drifted.
  83. How did he…? My gaze drifted to Amaia.
  84. A solitary cloud drifted across the blue.
  85. Slowly, she drifted to a restless sleep.
  86. His eyes drifted to his daughter Thalia.
  87. When she drifted back he was hard again.
  88. Her beautiful gown drifted in the breeze.
  89. Knox’s gaze drifted back to the two men.
  90. Snowflakes drifted inside the truck and.
  91. We drifted in and out of sleep for a time.
  92. And the boys quickly drifted off to sleep.
  93. The smell of the food drifted up to her.
  94. I drifted in and out of sleep for a while.
  95. His eyes drifted to the clock on the dash.
  96. Gary’s face slowly drifted towards hers.
  97. Thin blue filaments drifted from his body.
  98. During the drive, her mind drifted to the.
  99. His eyes drifted over the smooth contours.
  100. Locke’s attention drifted out the window.
  1. She drifts off to sleep.
  2. Conversely, DUG drifts to 81.
  3. Carl drifts in and out of sleep.
  4. Hallway deep with drifts of ash.
  5. Drifts of lazy smoke catch the beam.
  6. My mind drifts to Sean, then Channing.
  7. Hendersen drifts off into a daydream.
  8. Anyway, it is said that success drifts.
  9. And through the drifts the snowy clifts.
  10. I drop my toast, and my mouth drifts open.
  11. The market drifts down, and when the 4:13 p.
  12. Instead of pristine white drifts, the city was.
  13. Ciere’s hand drifts to her shoulder-length curls.
  14. Her stare drifts to Tobias and me, and stays there.
  15. She drifts through the throngs of well-dressed elite.
  16. Green Gables was literally hemmed in by huge drifts.
  17. The YM soon rolls over and drifts down into the close.
  18. Then the disabled ship merely drifts in our direction.
  19. Half-hidden in the early morning mist that drifts on by.
  20. She looks up at us, and her mouth drifts open slightly.
  21. Her soft hair drifts idly in a halo of spring sunlight.
  22. He lies back and drifts with her momentum to the bottom.
  23. Without purpose, thought drifts, increasing the potential.
  24. Looking up new species sighted in the drifts helped fill.
  25. Yet a strange thing happens as he drifts south and east: nothing.
  26. The tempest lulls, the moon comes floundering through the drifts.
  27. John drifts silently through the sky beneath a big white parachute.
  28. Pine needles form drifts here and there and crunch under out feet.
  29. It drifts up into the atmosphere as particles and cools the earth.
  30. Some of the drifts between them and the shelter of the larger cave.
  31. When the drifts in the compound melted, a pig miraculously appeared.
  32. The sphere he’s holding drops through his hand and drifts toward me.
  33. All the polar area, with its vastness and volume drifts is carried away.
  34. However, for short straddles, large price drifts have an adverse impact.
  35. The magic drifts up and away with the shrinking song of the nightingale.
  36. The hint of Dana’s laughter drifts to me on the wind, and I smile again.
  37. It was horribly muddy, besides, and the wet snow lay about in thick drifts.
  38. The road to the right was less traveled; drifts eased fingers of sand into.
  39. They climbed steadily and soon found themselves sloshing through drifts of snow.
  40. A funeral march of souls went by in a breath, on soundless feet, in drifts of fog.
  41. Obediently he obeys and the smell of body odour from his armpit drifts up his nose.
  42. Jemelda hesitates and her reluctance to speak drifts between them like a dark cloud.
  43. He drifts on the sea from port to port, searching for answers that only time can tell.
  44. Val drifts off in Brandy’s arms as she kisses her darling prince twice goodnight.
  45. Have you noticed that your attention drifts from one activity to another without your.
  46. These fell in drifts, and Andrei and I followed what was left of the Cheldony northeast.
  47. It was a beautiful winter day, with snow still untouched in thick drifts against the houses.
  48. He’s twenty-four now, and just drifts around playing computer games and drinking too much.
  49. Behind the drifts of grey a crescent moon offered a scant amount of light for her to see by.
  50. The air was so clouded with blowing dirt that men waded through drifts a foot and a half deep.
  51. When it drifts upward instead, this is called wedging action, and it is not constructive.
  52. Syd kept his lead and reached the snow line, climbing steadily through the thickening snow drifts.
  53. A massive jellyfish drifts by on the screen, its tentacles a glowing trail disappearing into the ink.
  54. At times you would have to just touch up the places where the water drifts or may be add minor layers.
  55. I shut my eyes, and my mind drifts to a pristine and primordial place, before man and his civilisation.
  56. Across the history of the world tribes and drifts of tribes move and shift in an everchanging panorama.
  57. Instead of returning to him, the joint drifts farther back, to be inhaled by another man, or boy, it sounds like.
  58. With the aggressive call buying, the YM drifts lower for a few hours and then cracks, falling more than 120 points.
  59. He often drifts in an inflatable raft while stoned and lonely, daydreaming about having a girl on the raft with him.
  60. The sound of voices in the trees near the Well drifts on the wind towards him and he moves on the stile in agitation.
  61. Ralph catches his breath, blinks, and the crimson darkness drifts into what he would expect for where he finds himself.
  62. The market pauses, drifts down, then picks up steam and rips through all the stop losses, pausing when the run is over.
  63. He sets Khalid down on a sandy patch of ground, begins to bind his leg as Khalid drifts in and out of consciousness, moans.
  64. Before beginning large-scale mining, they first cleared horizontal tunnels, or drifts, running adjacent to the uranium ore.
  65. Snow drifts piled up on both sides and a pair of skiers zipped across directly over my head, unaware they’d missed me by inches.
  66. Distracted by what they could see, they didn’t seem to realize how fidgety their horses were as they stomped drifts of piled up leaves.
  67. Afterwards, quiet time, Sara drifts off to sleep, holding Brian close and feeling his heart beating, feeling it come into rhythm with hers.
  68. Strong buying (demand) eventually raises prices to a level where supply is adequate to overcome that buying pressure and the market drifts down.
  69. As he crashed through the drifts, eddies of snow splashed away and rolled down the mountainside, leaving large gashes in the once pristine cover.
  70. He started as he saw gray rock walls looming through the smoky drifts on either hand, and realized that they were riding through a narrow defile.
  71. You would start sailing in God as an unmanned boat drifts on the high ocean, without any control, without any option, you would become choice-less.
  72. The warm paper bounces off his fingertips and drifts off into the sky, soon followed by a thousand more, and all the little lights reflect in her eyes.
  73. It is frequently covered up by drifts, and, it is said, sometimes plunges from on wing into the soft snow, where it remains concealed for a day or two.
  74. They’d peeled off from the throng in the secretive way of girls and were scrabbling with sticks around the base of a tree still footed in white drifts.
  75. Scarcity and deep snow breed desperation, lead to crazed claim-staking with chairs placed almost as dares where shovel and sweat have lifted away the drifts.
  76. For seven days the stock drifts down toward its 50-day moving average before bursting through the moving average on very heavy volume and moving sharply lower.
  77. The smaller ones were mostly heaped and smashed into drifts by the assiduous swell, but the larger ships, aground in deeper water, stood like graveyard sentinels.
  78. Tarak had made clear to her what they could expect; the biting cold, heavy snow drifts, and evenings with little or no sleep, crammed into small caves for shelter.
  79. There is clear evidence of price drifts as the 1st Quartile results are slightly more negative with the five-day holding period, even with the help of more time decay.
  80. All floated upon an evening carrousel, with fitful drifts of music wafting up here and there, and voices calling and murmuring from houses that were whitely haunted by television.
  81. INSP then drifts down slightly over the next several days as volume dries up precipitously, setting up a very favorable context for the ensuing October 7th pocket pivot buy point.
  82. The SLV then drifts sideways for a few bars before we see two narrow spread down candles, the first with above average volume, an anomaly, and the second with extremely high volume.
  83. I'll mind the lesson, solitary bird--let me too welcome chilling drifts, E'en the profoundest chill, as now--a torpid pulse, a brain unnerv'd, Old age land-lock'd within its winter bay--(cold, cold, O cold!).
  84. North Atlantic Drift: the North Atlantic Current; part of the Gulf Stream (from the Gulf of Mexico) which drifts North to Canada, and across the Atlantic to Britain, warming the waters in the middle and high latitudes.
  85. On the morrow one could hardly imagine that there had been three weeks of summer: the primroses and crocuses were hidden under wintry drifts; the larks were silent, the young leaves of the early trees smitten and blackened.
  86. Even the villages, buried in the drifts, no longer broke the monotony of the horizon, and they could only be distinguished by the smoke and flame of burning houses fired by the inhabitants or by fugitives from the French army.
  87. Next time! That is the beauty of vacation days: We think of them when the frost comes, when the snow drifts deep, when the arbutus blooms again—and we plan, plan, plan! And are very happy—because of memory, and anticipation.
  88. She could not come to Green Gables and it was rarely Anne could get to Orchard Slope, for the old way through the Haunted Wood was impassable with drifts, and the long way over the frozen Lake of Shining Waters was almost as bad.
  89. They went inside, through a hot vestibule with bikes and baby carriages and drifts of Thai menus and locksmiths’ cards, into a downstairs hallway that bore traces of family living from a hundred years before, with crown moldings and wallpaper.
  90. Walden, being like the rest usually bare of snow, or with only shallow and interrupted drifts on it, was my yard where I could walk freely when the snow was nearly two feet deep on a level elsewhere and the villagers were confined to their streets.
  91. These newcomers were not at first allies with the Turanians, but skirmished with them as with the Hyborians; new drifts of eastern warriors bickered and fought, until all were united under a great chief, who came riding from the very shores of the eastern ocean.
  92. Another pitfall is that if a country gradually drifts toward hyperinflation, and market expectations capture this prospect, mechanical yield-seeking investors will maintain long currency or interest rate positions until they have lost all their purchasing power.
  93. While the soldiers were struggling forward against the icy hurricane, the snow, whirled up by the wind, drifted over the hollows and concealed their depth; the soldiers fell into them and were buried in the drifts, and many who were already enfeebled lay where they fell.
  94. And when I returned new drifts would have formed, through which I floundered, where the busy northwest wind had been depositing the powdery snow round a sharp angle in the road, and not a rabbit's track, nor even the fine print, the small type, of a meadow mouse was to be seen.
  95. I only realized that happiness or sadness is just a state of mind that drifts away as conditions change, but what that still exist are time and future and the task ahead! So, I stopped thinking about my past that can’t stop my future and my future that can’t change my past… I started just enjoying the moment, sad or happy!.
  96. The poor labouring man, swindled so that the rich may have this magic ruble, follows them to town; and there he also has recourse to tricks, either arranging matters so that he may work little and enjoy much (thus making the condition of other workingmen still more heavy), or, not having attained this state, he ruins himself and drifts into the continually and rapidly increasing number of cold and hungry tenants of doss-houses.
  97. A Christmas frost had come at midsummer; a white December storm had whirled over June; ice glazed the ripe apples, drifts crushed the blowing roses; on hayfield and cornfield lay a frozen shroud: lanes which last night blushed full of flowers, to-day were pathless with untrodden snow; and the woods, which twelve hours since waved leafy and flagrant as groves between the tropics, now spread, waste, wild, and white as pine-forests in wintry Norway.
  98. When the snow lay deepest no wanderer ventured near my house for a week or fortnight at a time, but there I lived as snug as a meadow mouse, or as cattle and poultry which are said to have survived for a long time buried in drifts, even without food; or like that early settler's family in the town of Sutton, in this State, whose cottage was completely covered by the great snow of 1717 when he was absent, and an Indian found it only by the hole which the chimney's breath made in the drift, and so relieved the family.
  99. After the night's fierce drifts have strewn the shore with wrecks,.

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