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    go for

    1. Ezek: 3:22: And the hand of the LORD was there upon me; and he said unto me, Arise, go forth into the plain, and I

    2. A little-used mop stands in a bucket of dirty water in the center of the floor as if it were long ago forgotten there

    3. He had to bring them back around to go forward again

    4. ‘Maybe we could go for a ramble sometime once you’ve moved in

    5. two mill, but as things stand we’ll probably go for eight hundred thou

    6. He awoke early and decided to go for a run to wake himself up before breakfast at the hotel

    7. One great thing about roller derby; you could forget all about your real life and just be your alter ego for an hour or two

    8. actress in a horror film go forth to see what it is that makes such an unusual noise,

    9. Anyway, I don't know if the would-be groom believed me; however, we agreed to meet again two days later and go for a swim at “a nice, isolated beach in Kavouri”, as George suggested

    10. It was touch and go for a while, but around 4 pm the next day the fever finally broke

    11. “Want some candy– go for a ride?”

    12. She never would have thought that a man like him would go for those types of movies

    13. "I could really go for that too," she sighed, "next time you're ready

    14. But you are strong and, although it was touch and go for a very nasty time, you recovered

    15. "Alan's still nervous about his old religious thing, but yeah, I could go for it if Yarin's willing and he's not too beat when he's done with those tenks

    16. Think of all your successes and go for it

    17. If you still think the traditional way is better, then go for it! When the pains of trail and error begin to pile up, reconsider using the online dating software, and help you avoid those painful

    18. If he has problems with that, we’ll have to go for a registry office … maybe have a church blessing afterwards if we can

    19. He will go for selections, but only the big

    20. It takes about three quarters of an hour to drive from Naples to Sorrento and was it an education … I daresay I shall become accustomed to driving over here but believe me it is crazy! The basic rule of the road seems to be ‘go for it’ and they obey this one regardless of commonsense, consideration for other drivers or even practicality

    21. There is a sort of communal garden in the grounds but people seem to go for window boxes and stuff on the balconies more than anything

    22. She had SMSed me that we needed to go for an 'urgent

    23. “It was touch and go for awhile,” he answered, “but the physician believes he is strong and will make it

    24. The fact I have been ready to go for nearly half an hour is irrelevant … he greets me with a kiss and then, quickly looking at his watch, announces that we really ought to be moving

    25. ‘I’d go for that

    26. Her father let it go for a time then stopped her before she could injure herself

    27. Go for it?”

    28. ‘Ah, but you can always go for the kneecaps

    29. ‘It’s sweet tasting and I’m hoping that they will go for it

    30. It wasn't so very long before the three of them, each upon their own horse, would go for short rides along some of the Tahoe's many trails

    31. “Let's go for a stroll through the gardens before supper, shall we?” Chloe suggested to Kaitlyn, and with notice given their parents, the young ladies exited arm in arm

    32. On Thursday that same week the Village Council reconvened and decided to go forward with the grand experiment designed to remedy the town's ailing reputation

    33. Perhaps this time she’d be able to move, she could go for help, she could stop him—but she couldn't get back there

    34. “Would you rather go for a four-way?” she asked

    35. I also have to go for medical examination

    36. Desa seemed to believe his story of the abandoned area and didn't think he'd just found someplace else to go for Dusksleep

    37. So he told his men to tie him to the mast and to not let him go for any reason

    38. ‘Let’s go for a walk

    39. If she and Alan also had another dimension that they could converse in, they could coordinate their actions and Alan could go for Alfred's dart launcher at the same time

    40. As it was, she would have to depend on Alan to notice what she was doing and go for Alfred's weapon as soon as he saw her jump

    41. The moment you will understand that the Creator has made all this on purpose and with your long term best interests in mind, you will come to peace with similar situations and go for a new task to fulfill

    42. there are ten minutes to go for the class!”

    43. Once you are confident you are ready, then go for the

    44. He did go for it now, getting what he wanted every present moment that the urge arose

    45. Isaiah 66:24 states " And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the

    46. But men tended to go for looks and not necessarily a nice personality

    47. being offered, don that apron and go for it!

    48. In that case, do you know where I might go for such information on this man?

    49. Also, you’ll have long ago forgotten the details of the products you are promoting amid such a lengthy sequence, and you could easily find that they actually conflict with offers and promotions you make in your Broadcast emails


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