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    1. What three steps she followed to obtain

    2. You can make the preparation suggested or you can obtain it from the herbal store

    3. It is said that entire mountains were destroyed and thousands of human slaves lost to obtain enough ore to smelt it

    4. I also have found it to be true that by controlling the ants, you obtain a greater control of the aphids that are attacking your roses, etc

    5. The approach should fit in the community context, reinforcing the traditional value of respect for the elderly in order to strengthen informal, family care for older people while utilizing their influence to solve day-to-day problems and obtain the cooperation of village population to the government

    6. We hope to obtain an interview with Mr Hansard very shortly

    7. not accepting deliverance, that they might obtain a better resurrection…

    8. ing deliverance, that they might obtain a better resurrection

    9. It took some minutes to alert the girl ostensibly serving at the counter but Kara managed to obtain some refreshments eventually

    10. True worship should be a spontaneous expression of a reality that has been obtained corporately, by a people who have been long enough and intensely enough together to obtain it

    1. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony

    2. On the other side stand the ones that have obtained this new life and are living from it

    3. But that resurrection is not obtained because God decided to give life at the end

    4. That resurrection is obtained by those that God has given His life while they were yet in their mortal bodies

    5. True worship should be a spontaneous expression of a reality that has been obtained corporately, by a people who have been long enough and intensely enough together to obtain it

    6. family obtained a court injunction that the bank could not use the property for

    7. to see the results that are obtained

    8. “That is the nature of a symbol, isn't it? Like a compass, it points to a direction without offering instructions for how to get there? Armed with the knowledge that all things could be explained through the interactions of these two ideals: a trinity of forces, and a seven-folded expression of those forces, compels the seeker to exercise that same capacity for reason in order to discover an instruction manual---the understanding---from which the symbol was obtained

    9. Was he all that different, she now was covered with his bruises? Although admittedly, most of them came from packing grain bags, only a few were obtained when the truck whirled about

    10. there was no mistaking where Heather obtained her beauty

    1. An alchemist will be successful at obtaining the desired result

    2. 3 Obtaining the chest

    3. friends given the chance? Only if it kept him from his objective of obtaining

    4. The saga of obtaining an exchange student is still ongoing

    5. requisite for obtaining this freedom

    6. The difficulty of obtaining settlements obstructs even that of

    7. Such a paper money would, no doubt, fall more or less below the value of gold and silver, according as the difficulty or uncertainty of obtaining immediate payment was supposed to be greater or less, or according to the greater or less distance of time at which payment was exigible

    8. Everyone is focusing on their obtaining sufficient quantities of the limited resources, resulting in differences in their survival rate and therefore, their possibilities for reproduction and advancement

    9. In his teaching he stressed the practical methods of obtaining what he found, which was nirvana (nirvana is the greatest happiness that humans can feel)

    10. He supposed these were just a part of the sexual feeling he was obtaining from her passionate lips

    1. While Emma obtains our refreshments, I tidy up the cups and saucers on the table, piling them onto the tray left beside one of the chairs

    2. obtains more than 50% would be automatically

    3. France now obtains 80% of their power from nuclear and the rest of Europe is far ahead

    4. The important is that its autonomous entirety accomplishes the change of the current economic system with the utilization of the rules of the legal game to accumulate immense capital and to form the financial amount so that the Third Sector obtains the power to make political decisions to solve the serious socioeconomic problems in a definitive way

    5. Soon, our proposal creates healthy competition of money’ power for the nonprofit organizations and it obtains the sinecures of the new alternative system with utilization of the same current market rule, without being predatory, without corrupting or to be corrupted by the money

    6. This signifies that nobody obtains to utilize MyCRACOMPUTER or another alive or dead person’s single document to accomplish payment transactions, to receive income or to use as personal identification

    7. Besides, there is the monetary gain with reduction of the cost and increase of the productivity because with the same amount of Virtual Coin, the creditor obtains much more than the corresponding amount in physical money

    8. With this, Area of Activity AUDIT obtains to count and to measure on-line all the executions with low cost and without redundancy of tasks

    9. Therefore, anybody obtains to execute its task without being trained and authorized

    10. Every investment reverts to the own country that already spent every year the double of this amount, without it obtains to solve its problems definitively

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    find get incur obtain receive hold prevail occupy reach invade capture recover grab accomplish achieve acquire attain gain procure secure abound bring back bring forth glean reap retrieve collect gather earn pick up beg borrow steal