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    go with

    1. “Where the Hell would you want to go with Shirley Temple?”

    2. Exod: 33:14: And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest

    3. drawl, just a hint of Tara, to go with that pencil thin moustache and film star grin

    4. If Tahlmute had noticed he was glad he didn't get charged that much for the Brazilian crate and set to work on the cargo without having to be told, Taktor probably would have stayed and help unload the cargo also

    5. It takes a considerable amount of restraint on my part not to go with the two of them as they head off to the annexe, but I manage it

    6. "Did she want you to go with them?" doostEr asked

    7. ‘He’s asked me to go with him to this garden party on Saturday

    8. "And if she says she can't go with you it's for a reason

    9. It actually felt good to go without that stream of constant data, that instant information, that knowing of whatever she wanted to know at a moment's notice

    10. ‘How did it go with the Trustees?’ he asked

    11. It was too late to do anything now but go with the plan

    12. Half of what they talked about didn't have a Portuguese word to go with it and the population difference was still fifty million to one

    13. me with you from this land as you said you would, but before I go with you I

    14. James is the only family … if he’s going, it makes sense to go with him

    15. "It's Vyinga that calls above Lastriss the small stream, but I've known sailors who call anything above Shempala by that title and I go with them

    16. Pippa put together a small troupe of performers in the spring and I was invited to go with them as they travelled to the west of the country, performing wherever there was a space large enough

    17. most grateful but wished that Joe would go with them

    18. I’ve got a thick skin to go with these tired eyes

    19. Just go with the flow…Write whatever comes into your head

    20. ‘No other woman I know would let me go without demanding more information … information I don’t have at the moment

    21. My aunt and uncle began chatting about the crazy obsession the surfers share for beach life and I knew it wouldn't be long before he'd start hinting that it was about time I learned to swim, even though we had long ago agreed that I would only go with them to a beach as long as I didn't have to go in the sea, which I never did because I hated the water, the salt and the cold, and also I hated being so thin

    22. When the time came for them to make the journey overseas, half of their squadron would request to go with them

    23. “All right young man, I’ll go with you to your camp

    24. I hadn’t wanted my mate, Catherine, to go with us; she had just found out she was pregnant, two months along

    25. “And I too am happy to go with you all,” Diana shouted as she entered the Hall

    26. In a way he could understand her, she had a hard time letting things go without help

    27. If we have the space, we are good to go without cash

    28. The lasagne goes down well, as does the bottle of wine Alastair has produced to go with it

    29. He would go with Brazilian Intelligence, basically the worst case

    30. "Good, that's what we'll go with

    31. He was very conscious of how much better she felt than tungsten, and very conscious of how long he had let himself go without female companionship

    32. By this time she was certainly drunk enough to go without a fight, but four days at sea in the hot Aegean sun had left him ripe as a mackerel

    33. BloggingeHow, is dedicated to some of the honorable names here that I couldn’t go without mentioning

    34. Diego with you, where you explained Heart-Walls,

    35. There were several evenings when Imada and Ietana invited me to go with them after dinner

    36. There was nowhere they could go without Sonia knowing their movements

    37. the Companions Mya; you are to return to your home world and he is to go with you

    38. “You're changing the subject and letting me go without a reprimand? Thanks, love

    39. Suzanne looked blank, and a swift glance to Cordra showed her staring at the ceiling, but I knew her mind raced to determine where I would go with that left-field conversation start

    40. Ava will go with you to the city to find out what happened to her mother, Tdeshi

    41. he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee

    42. I've decided to go with Ruth and hang the doctor

    43. Go with the

    44. A gold card to go with his golden tan

    45. ” The Sportsman defended himself, “While on holiday in Scotland, I was offered a go with one rod of Livingson's construction, by a British gentleman who boasted of its unparalleled performance

    46. “I was trying to go without that since I left here,” Ava answered him

    47. Occasionally girls from the troupe would leave to go with their men friends, but rarely was one of them offered legitimate, ring on finger, marriage

    48. For a moment, he cursed Kev … wishing he’d had the guts to take Kev up on his offer when he suggested Andy should go with him

    49. Harry, mother wants me to order a color of paint for the entry gate that will go with the foxgloves

    50. ‘But what about the carpet? Blue wouldn’t go with that, would it?’

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