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    1. I offered to attend at any time in the event of potential employer

    2. As damage to the brain increases, people with Alzheimer's lose coordination and part or all of their ability to attend to everyday needs

    3. They are able to attend to school requirements with each other’s help and assistance from elders, as the parents would be usually busy

    4. Night Adventure: I attend a memorial service for grandma Jenny

    5. regularly scheduled intervals the men can make plans and those who don't attend will have

    6. of responsibility and attend only one hour a week

    7. (this cannot be accomplished when the members attend only one hour a week and never

    8. I wish to attend the lecture but I would rather not go alone, so at about noon I phone Aphrodite and let her know

    9. attend business meetings of the church, but did not permit them to have a voice in the

    10. His attitude was that the Al-Harron was billions of miles out in space and he had things to attend to on the ground

    11. Funeral: If you attend a funeral in your dream, it is an omen of stress and sorrow

    12. He was honored that he had been asked to attend

    13. Be patient my lovely, he purred to her, there is still much to attend to first

    14. ‘Joris spent much of his time here in the town and there is a general feeling that local people will want to attend

    15. He came from a very pleasant family with a father who worked hard and diligently and with a mother who stayed at home and brought up her children until they were old enough to attend the local senior school

    16. He had hopes he could get her out of this hang in time to attend the Monday morning officers meeting

    17. A little later in the year, the famous gardener and his wife were honoured with an invitation to attend a dinner at a famous politician’s house

    18. missed coming to coaching, but he had promised his Mama to attend the

    19. How wrong could I be! On my first morning, I agreed to attend the morning service with my sister-in-law, Jane … and life hasn’t been the same since

    20. She welcomes us home and hopes that you will attend the Gathering, as her guest

    21. honoured with an invitation to attend a dinner at a famous

    22. The sumptuous feasts he would have; all the Lords forced to attend

    23. forgot to attend a diplomatic dinner because she was so engrossed

    24. I’m already booked to attend the official opening of the new building over at Gordon’s Pipes

    25. 1Hear the right, O LORD, attend unto my cry, give ear unto my prayer that goes not out

    26. attend to, without being specific on their actual destination

    27. She also scours the local papers to see if there are any visiting celebrities, but they rarely attend and almost never perform

    28. you’ll have to attend a training course – think of it as Basic Training,

    29. Hasting excused himself quickly but politely, “I must attend to the other customers

    30. mandatory that we attend all home games and sit together

    31. The suite was such that both travelers were able to attend to their own grooming and hygienic concerns separately, and at the same time

    32. He enjoyed theater and looked forward to another opportunity to attend

    33. This was well, as the Spelman's were to attend a theater performance at the Madison Square Theater that evening, but Mr

    34. Spelman had received a wire first thing before breakfast and had had to beg their indulgence to attend to the most pressing matter the wire introduced

    35. Swivels to let Roman attend his revered institution

    36. 'For that information, you’ll have to attend his trial,

    37. Johnny was beaten so severely that he did not attend school the

    38. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have business to attend to

    39. Mel and her husband are keen sci-fi addicts and frequently attend sci-fi conferences where they dress up in elaborate costumes

    40. The children were out of the house and George was in the store, White Feathers wanted to attend the little meeting, but Belle would not hear of it

    41. Allcock made welcome all the craftsmen of the factory and their families who wished to attend

    42. The Bessamers promised to visit Tahoe over the coming summer and assured the three thespians they would most certainly attend the upcoming performances of Shakespeare

    43. Because I intend to have my home holiday just for two reasons; first, to see my parents more often and second to attend the wedding ceremony of my very close friend which would be held by third week of May, 1980

    44. "Can I brush your hair?" Suddenly she remembered what a mess she must look, especially if he was willing to attend to her hair

    45. There were parties to attend every weekend between Thanksgiving and the First of the year

    46. Then the kids came along and money got tight, but still there were all the parties to attend

    47. Everyone offered one that year and of course, the newest occupants were expected to attend as a couple, but Mike worked his magic and managed to get out of everyone, except the one the city leaders threw

    48. Richard Rowinski would come in first thing in the morning and he would attend one or two classes and then he would hitchhike home on the highway and not be at school the rest of the day

    49. They had a church where you could attend mass and then downs stairs they had like a recreation area for the students and again that's where I met most of my best friends many of whom were lifelong friends that I still stay in touch with today about almost 50 years later

    50. Back in 1971 you could go or attend any school without making any progress towards a higher degree

    1. SuperSeaweed was invented by myself in 1972 while I attended school at the University of Florida located in Gainesville Florida

    2. But in the church she attended

    3. Oh yes, he attended their functions and their family

    4. At one time I attended a business meeting and although I do not know all the past history of the congregation it seemed evident to me that some were still licking their wounds These matters ought to be dealt with initially on an individual basis and not be allowed to create havoc in a meeting of the congregation

    5. A good Christian woman told me she attended a congregation which allowed women to

    6. The same doctor that had attended me previously took new observations, making a general but non-specific fuss of his bewildered patient

    7. So, that was my reward for the hard, specialized and unpaid work of one and a half month: The guru talked to me for ten whole minutes (something unprecedented within the five years in total I have attended Janus), he advised me to wear more modern clothes and nicer glasses, and he made clear that men avoid me because of my high intelligence and strong personality

    8. Oh yes, he attended their functions and their family gatherings but only so that he could stand there as if he were watching the world from inside a goldfish bowl

    9. pianist play at a church I attended

    10. ‘Oh, it is …’ she enthused, suddenly recalling the merry she and Joris had attended in Abery last summer

    11. Of course, it had to be the right sort of politics, the sort that was supported by bazaars, whist drives and charity lunches attended by her sitting member of parliament

    12. The two charlatans attended the cabinet and ran through the contents of the report with the assembled ministers of state, describing and explaining all of their arguments, summaries and conclusions in the clearest and simplest terms

    13. They attended every glitzy party, were invited to every celebrity bash, made frequent guest appearances on television and generally became the most famous couple on the planet

    14. day and never attended the marble tournament

    15. to offer the 1000 or more people who attended his

    16. charlatans attended the cabinet and ran through the contents of the

    17. The cynical say they bowed only to the power of gold, but in this day and age most of the people here believed the Goddess of nature was real and many attended celebrations

    18. I drive past the schools I attended, it is all very familiar, yet things have changed … it is odd

    19. All the tenants, past and present, attended

    20. the companions had attended in Alnwick all those weeks ago

    21. Ava was going thru the bottom of the pile, things like conferences attended, and there, for the same year she was created, was a record of a one year pass to the Kassikan, unfortunately without the certificate number, as a scholarship transfer from North Chardovia Trades Academy

    22. was no way he could have attended even if the letter had arrived

    23. The records back at NCTA indicated she was here for a full year, not just a seminar, but there was a chance she had attended one

    24. He had long since ceased to pay anymore heed to the nice man's announcements about this or that 'fine quality' gadget or tool, than he attended the cat's prowling round the end of a shelf

    25. “But why would anyone want to hide the fact that they attended a

    26. “I've attended performances since I was a little girl and I have practiced voice for three years; I hope to be a soloist someday,” she crooned, “but I think I still enjoy Shakespeare best, even though there aren't any musical numbers

    27. In the evenings and into the nights he attended performances with the Spelmans at the Cosmopolitan Theater at 41st and Broadway, or the Madison Square Theater W

    28. When they returned to their places in the little gathering, and Kaitlyn was again seated next to her friend, it was Harry's comments to which Kaitlyn most attended

    29. He was privileged with a key to that door, though Heleem attended it at this hour

    30. All other matters regarding Malvern life would be attended to by correspondence or direct instruction upon arrival for the Autumn term on the third of September

    31. whether he would be attended to or simply ignored

    32. Steward Albescu woke up in the hospital, and she was being attended to by Dr

    33. ” His tone gave no comfort to Harry as he attended carefully to the postures, mannerisms and words of the men before him

    34. If it was an abandoned cabin, shouldn’t the water have been cut off by the council, or, if they were using a water tank that hadn’t been attended to for years, then the water should’ve been dirty and in no fit state to drink, shouldn’t it have been?

    35. The one time he actually attended church was one Christmas Eve as a

    36. windows as the three Abbey guests attended terce the

    37. One reason me and all the other veterans attended Pima College; actually was two reasons why me and all the veterans attended Pima College

    38. I attended for several years out there and it got hectic at one point because I was working my Election job during the day then on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I was going out to the Police Academy to attend the police reserve classes from like 6 to 9 and then the other two days I believe Monday and Wednesday I was going to Pima College

    39. He attended the

    40. until he’d had his feet attended to

    41. with which it is attended

    42. comfortably on his own, and had even attended Mass in

    43. or who attended what we would call one course of lectures ; a number which will not appear

    44. They attended Mass in the tiny old church

    45. He dug into the books, he attended lectures on the courtyards of the pyramid and found a few classes to enroll in

    46. Had every particular banking company always understood and attended to its own particular interest, the circulation never could have been overstocked with paper money

    47. But every particular banking company has not always understood or attended to its own particular interest, and the circulation has frequently been overstocked with paper money

    48. Attended to, as I will reign in

    49. Haafingar was the only hold in which she had not yet attended to Guild business and she was pleased to have the chance to see it now

    50. The transportation of commodities, when properly suited to the market, is always attended with a considerable profit; whereas that of gold and silver is scarce ever attended with any

    1. · In case it is essential to ignore pain, may be temporarily, say while playing a game or attending to a more serious patient, remember that beyond a certain time this could lead to serious body injury to you

    2. Searchers usually turn to spiritual pursuits of attending religious discourses, meditation camps and reading of scriptures and the like

    3. As we retire from regular jobs, there is a tendency to spend more time in worship of our chosen deities, attending discourses, visiting places of worship and holy places and so on

    4. Theoretically he was not attending the meeting he was supporting because he was on duty

    5. You don’t want to feel guilty anymore, so you do your religious duty in going to church, tithing, repenting, reading your Bible, attending the Bible study, serving, and all the other things that are promoted by the church building that good saints do

    6. will result in the author attending church every Sunday,

    7. The soldier lived well in the city, going out for expensive dinners at the finest restaurants, attending the theatre regularly, spending pleasant evenings in the brightest of celebrity haunts and even doing a little work for charity when time permitted

    8. He informed Rayne that all women wore long gowns when attending the court; to do otherwise would be considered an insult

    9. The last step of presenting your charter may involve attending committee hearings to discuss and review the application

    10. She listened to the story unfold with a growing sense of unease and disappointment, a sense that rapidly turned to despair and utter devastation when the pictures cut to the image of an ecstatic twelve year old from Grimsby who would be attending a gala bash in London the following weekend where the boy and his band would finally be unveiled

    11. dinners at the finest restaurants, attending the theatre regularly,

    12. They were pretty well crucified by some of the public attending the meeting

    13. Grimsby who would be attending a gala bash in London the

    14. In the next bay the nurses and doctor attending Bex are considering other options

    15. The nurses attending Bex prepare for her to be moved for her scan and then on to the intensive care unit, where she will be managed until her protective reflexes begin to recover

    16. I’m very sure she took the shonggot to try and enhance her learning at a year’s seminar she was attending

    17. Allcock varied the introduction little during the multiple repetitions, and it was at last dawning upon Harry that he would be attending Malvern College

    18. never aced anything in the twelve years I’d been attending school

    19. Perhaps because of Harry's own trailblazing, in attending a British University, perhaps because of the 'educational fever' which had been ignited in the little village; whatever the cause, it seemed that the Council's 'remedy' to address the deleterious effects of the idle youth was at last beginning to have a positive impact on the community

    20. Some parents who had not given their children much attention before, now at the least, were attending the frequent performances and school contests

    21. “Sir,” Harry began timidly, unsure if it were his 'turn,' “I had but two aims in attending Malvern

    22. The Orphanage Project required Harry to be on-site from time to time and he was pleased that on most of those occasions, Becky was also attending to the construction developments

    23. before long he was approached by one of the attending

    24. This included not attending the meetings, and sleeping all day

    25. She hadn't expected the season to become so hectic, had she really complained about not attending parties

    26. So I am thinking what the heck is going on here? I call my wife and I said I'm still waiting over at Jim's for student from Saudi Arabia who was interested in staying with us while he's attending the English as a Second Language Program

    27. The very first school I can ever remember attending was kindergarten

    28. him, and he was barred from attending Mass

    29. Helez decided against attending the funeral, though it pained her to leave Zarko’s side

    30. you’re using it to procrastinate from attending to that pressing

    31. To dream that you are attending or going to a dance indicates a celebration and your attempts to achieve happiness

    32. You are alert but not attending to your thoughts or the sounds you hear

    33. The process of attention, or attending to certain things and ignoring or filtering out others, is the way we limit the information coming into consciousness to what we can make comprehensible to ourselves

    34. To achieve this in practice may involve spending additional time attending to this requirement

    35. Whether you are holding a meeting or attending a meeting, it is imporant that you understand key English phrases and expressions related to meetings

    36. While attending to Ashley, Rachel casually looked out at the ocean

    37. discretionary; and the persons who exercise it, neither attending upon the lectures of the teacher themselves, nor perhaps understanding the sciences which it is his business to teach, are seldom capable of exercising it with judgment

    38. No discipline is ever requisite to force attendance upon lectures which are really worth the attending, as is well known wherever any such lectures are given

    39. But those privileges can be obtained only by attending the lectures of the public teachers

    40. Now, I had no objections to Jesus attending school

    41. Attending Stalingrad is no

    42. He was attending a state dinner given by the

    43. rubbing my eyes, before attending to my mouth with my shirt sleeve

    44. What’s next? Will I be one of those middle-aged women wearing cat pins and cat earrings, drinking my coffee from a cat mug? How long before I am attending cat conventions and subscribing to Cat Fancy? I’m the little old lady in apartment 9

    45. This time it was no joke, it was for real, and Booth put the plan into action on the night of April 14, when he knew that Lincoln would be attending Ford’s Theater

    46. The attending doctor looked at me as though I would make a good candidate for the loony bin

    47. (Recall that Bill Clinton was no friend to vouchers, even as Chelsea was attending the same school

    48. There are far too many present instances of federal workers acting like those attending meetings of the Cheyenne Social Club

    49. The reason this is such a great time to present your offer is because those attending now see the quality of your training and what the quality of the product will be that they will own or be selling

    50. worked in a first class restaurant while attending designer school in Bangkok so she knew everything there was to know about Thai

    1. John and Teekra stand hand in hand, watching the limo burn nearby while Russ attends to Ahmed, who is oblivious to John and Teekra and still hysterical

    2. the time, labour, and expense of acquiring the talents, but for the discredit which attends the

    3. She attends a University as a Psychology major and intends to open her own practice one day

    4. But when they spend them in maintaining tradesmen and artificers, they may, all of them taken together, perhaps maintain as great, or, on account of the waste which attends rustic hospitality, a greater number of people than before

    5. Were they ever to be accumulated beyond this quantity, their transportation is so easy, and the loss which attends their lying idle and unemployed so great, that no law could prevent their being immediately sent out of the country

    6. The popular odium, however, which attends it in years of scarcity, the only years in which it can be very profitable, renders people of character and fortune averse to enter into it

    7. Our attention is used to focusing automatically on the thoughts and perceptions that arise in our minds, and automatically attends to our ongoing story or narrative

    8. ” He says that order exists when an individual attends to realistic goals, and when his/her skills meet the requirements for those goals

    9. She attends some of her daughter’s classes

    10. attends to them–and you’ve no idea how confusing it is all the things being

    11. Whatever part of his succession might come to such children, would be a real addition to their fortune, and might, therefore, perhaps, without more inconveniency than what attends all duties of this kind, be liable to some tax

    12. To pretend to have any scruple about buying smuggled goods, though a manifest encouragement to the violation of the revenue laws, and to the perjury which almost always attends it, would, in most countries

    13. where arbitrary corruption attends to its self-inflicted wounds, a tragic reminder of our (political) leaders who have lost their moral compass…

    14. I thought we should share with you a comment made to my wife by a neighbor whose son attends Saint Barnabas elementary school

    15. He attends a church business meeting and stands

    16. It benefits all, it preserves the vested rights and it attends the necessities in quality and sufficiency of resources in a definitive way, without excluding absolutely anybody (seniors, children, adults, people with physical deficiencies, sick persons and others)

    17. You = You (a female that attends high school with me)

    18. 15 Whoever gives their ear to her shall judge the nations; and he who attends to her shall dwell securely

    19. doubt, God attends to this business of managing the universe;

    20. another which attends to religion and education, so is the great Official who

    21. achieve this, then the prayer should be said with the mouth, while the mind holds and attends to the words of

    22. “She attends to Pallas

    23. This same chaos, this same confusion, certainly attends to the theme of the Rapture, both

    24. He attends lots of meetings

    25. The journey by air to Tokyo takes 18 hours and Watkin attends on 21 September 75 at the Kintetsu Hanazono rugby stadium, where Wales beats Japan 12 - 56

    26. Therefore, a condition of her taking up a place at this school would be that she attends a remedial course in Latin, which will take place in the month of August

    27. You have a legal obligation to see that he attends

    28. She hardly attends any class

    29. When I think of a nice married lady that faithfully attends my brother's church a different first

    30. While the conscious mind attends to matters that claim or attract our immediate attention one thing at a time, the subconscious mind is concerned with matters that are critical to our survival all the time

    31. The ordinary untrained man of the world generally attends to several things at a time

    32. On top of that, he frequently attends learned seminars, sometimes as a participant, delivering papers and so on, occasionally abroad

    33. When he first left home, he spent a lot of his time at the shelter run by the church, and not just any church, but the one our family attends

    34. I say, this perception is not accomplished unless the spirit draws near to its Provider, and this nearness is not achieved except by communication with God during which the spirit attends wholly to enter into its Provider’s presence

    35. But how does spirit attends wholly during the communication with God? What are the conditions which enable the spirit to draw near to its Provider?

    36. Does he think that there is no one that attends to him and keeps providing him with strength and life?

    37. Do they think that there is no one that attends them or continually provides them with strength and life?

    38. Only the disbelieving and shunning spirit attends its body in the tomb

    39. “As the conscious mind attends to the pyrotechnics of sight and sound, the brain is being subliminally rekeyed to accept new modes of uncritical abdication to an unwarranted nor understood feeling

    40. mother never attends to her?”

    41. "Who hath a prospect of the different state of perfect happiness or misery that attends all men after this life, depending on their behaviour, the measures of good and evil that govern his choice are mightily changed

    42. She also confessed that she no longer attends lectures, and at regular intervals, their members pay certain amount of money for the funding of their activities, including the upkeep of their fraternity

    43. She attends to his bodily wants, and does not presume to share his spiritual excitements

    44. In all pictures where there is a mother, he had reminded her, she is invariably either nursing or has just been doing so, and on her face is the satisfied serenity that attends the fulfilment of natural functions

    45. They have a telephone, but there is a girl who attends to it, although they don't really need one

    46. She attends a primary school in one of the greatest places in the country and was taught by Miss Kitty before she met her ultimate demise

    47. Each group attends only the performances

    48. Simon Redhead attends

    49. And although some apology is perhaps necessary for the ugliness of these diagrams, it is an ugliness that attends all anatomy drawings

    50. But without these more inspiring qualities it is apt to have the dulness that attends most literal transcriptions

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    advert attend give ear hang pay heed assist attend to serve wait on look see take care go to escort chaperon accompany go with follow frequent visit haunt show up