Oraciones con la palabra "goose"

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Goose en una oración (en ingles)

It gave me goose bumps.
What will a goose do?
And none of that Goose.
Heavenly Goose is made of.
There never was such a goose.
But Mother Goose and things.
They called it a Goose Step.

Prescient goose bumps ran up.
There's such a goose, Martha!.
The plural of goose is geese.
She felt a rush of goose bumps.
The goose looked up, still angry.
She could not see a single goose.
Don't sit staring like a goose.
Alice shivered with goose bumps.
This could be a wild goose chase.
Sauce for the goose, my gander O.
I felt goose bumps run up my arms.
A feather from the mountain goose.
Goose bumps ran down Jillian's arms.
That revelation gave me goose bumps.
My skin turned all goose bumpy and.
Or rather, I fancy, of that goose.
Goose bumps began to rise on my legs.
Goose bumps return to his human body.
The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs.
Is there any more of that goose?
The way he said it gave me goose bumps.
But I was telling you about the goose.
That would suck goose eggs, regally!.
She felt a huge goose egg on her head.
I will not go on some wild goose chase.
Goose pimples came out on Doc’s arms.
She felt goose pimples all over her skin.
If he had, I would`ve been a dead goose.
He felt goose bumps raising on his arms.
The scene still gave them all goose bumps.
He looked like a short-winged black goose.
The goose could not fly but stayed at 74.
Give way, lad, the goose girl shouted.
Siegel drove fast, goosing the yellow lights where he could.
Aaron gooses the gas while holding the.
The nest-builders; the trivializers; the silly gooses with their silly, floppy breasties.
The small price spurt gooses the IV, thereby increasing the pricing on the out-of-the-money calls.

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