Oraciones con la palabra "jackass"

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Jackass en una oración (en ingles)

That jackass put a huge.
Ok jackass, do something.
I feel like a jackass here.
Who else would it be? Jackass.
That jackass didn’t even Cloud.
I’ve been called a jackass before.
The jackass said, ''Are you still there?''.

One could almost see the jackass ears growing.
Jackass II was the number one movie in America.
Landon is such a jackass, Derrick thought angrily.
God blew on the bullet, and I gut-shot the jackass.
I assume he meant it as a fancy synonym for jackass.
What amount I know makes me think he's a real jackass.
As always, they made it sound as if I were the jackass.
Now you have a royally pissed off self-centered jackass.
You learn that "Bachelor" is a nicer term for a jackass.
God blew on the bullet, and I gut-shot the jackass.
I was ready to make this jackass wish the freaks had eaten him.
Cut to the photo of me at the press conference, the jackass grin.
And was exposed for the bumbling incompetent jackass that he actually was.
And yet it still stings her deeply to hear the jackass mutter bitch.
Claire said, That skeevy jackass who got Dad arrested still runs the place.
Just in case it isn’t a ghost, but some jackass trying to screw with us.
This was a real disappointment for me, I would have to stop calling the jackass.
Kevin Harlow? That jackass doesn’t even have the right to come around here.
Joey sighed, said, I almost called S’us a damn lizard—like a real jackass.
Pompous jackass! This jerk hadn't the faintest idea what he was blathering about.
There are two of them, probably your new pal Bozo and a jackass I refer to as Jimmy.
No sir smile neighbour shall covet his ox or his wife or his manservant or his maidservant or his jackass.
And somewhere beneath that: And it’s not like you could hear them with your headset off, anyway, jackass.
I said, "Don't do nothing of the kind; it's one of the most jackass ideas I ever struck;" but he never paid no attention to me; went right on.
No wonder men hate women, they pick the worst pieces of shit just because they have the biggest mouth and strut around like a fucking jackass.
The girl Prince Eddy fell in love with was the German princess who was instead, married off to that stupid short midget of a Russian jackass Nicholas.
Talk about being a jackass out of the same mold as the psycho tester, Monica, the personnel man said I didn't give the tester a chance to remedy his error.
One of these days I’m just going to snap, Yes, and I’m the jackass that chased her into the Hall of All Days, so crucify me and put me out of my misery.
For the time being, I only had to tolerate him, and it would be quite easy to ignore one jackass while I was bouncing atop another on my way down into the Grand Canyon.
The result of that fucking warmongering incompetent feudal jackass who led his Russian empire into total destruction, was that he and his entire family was assassinated.
They knew it was not easy going, and one of them sent me pages 128 to 131 on father-and-son relationships from a book by Harry Levinson, entitled The Great Jackass Fallacy.
Griggsy! She'd never know what he'd put in there, what he'd done, what ridiculous, crazy, stupid, arrogant, pompous, jackass technology he'd gone right ahead and rammed into the thing's very registers, into its very fibers, into the permanent read-only fixtures of its central core.
Hitler, Bismarck and Wilhelm had the exact same ambition: imperial dynastic rule of Germany over the world as a war nation: crushing other nations under its booted heel as vainglorious conquering heroes; the myth of an obsolete Teutonic warrior culture being not only preserved but acted out by this pompous spineless jackass.

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