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Grungy en una oración (en ingles)

1. Everyone, that is, except Solomon Grungy.
2. He felt all grungy and slippery cooped up in.
3. It made him look grungy, it was quite a cool look.
4. A line of people waited outside the grungy, neo-urban facade.
5. This was the Gulagh Nem imagined: grungy, gritty, and dangerous.
6. It was a poorly lit, cheap, grungy and reeked of stale beer and dirty ashtrays.
7. Soon Grungy was disappearing into the basement restaurant, and she’d rejoined Charlie.

8. Unfortunately for me instead of a nice wide open space I landed on a mountain of smelly, grungy.
9. She could have spent the days, too, hanging out with her cooler friends, Sol Grungy and the others.
10. She buzzed us into the grungy ground floor of Quick Express and said, I’ll take you on the tour.
11. A strange grungy white headband that covered most of his head held his long wavy hair back from his face.
12. The winter sky wheeled around until he was face to safety-pinned face with Sam’s so-called friend, Solomon Grungy.
13. Who’s to say Sol Grungy hasn’t already lurched out from his hiding place and gagged Pulaski and stuffed him into the back of the van.
14. Then he saw it was Solomon Grungy, who’d bailed from the back of the van, and the weapon a bolt-cutter he was even now applying to the gate.
15. There was now a police lock on the front door, and two padlocks on the little garage out back; one on the inside, for when Solomon Grungy was holed up in there—which was most of the time—and one on the outside, for when he was out.

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