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Dingy en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He wore a dingy tee-shirt.
  2. An old fisherman in his dingy.
  3. We passed a badly-lit hotel, a dingy.
  4. Snow is falling to-day, yellow and dingy.
  5. Spock and the lady went into a dingy room.

  6. The once dingy green floor of the Tavern.
  7. The rooms were on the small side, dark and dingy.
  8. Carroll looked down at his torn, dingy shirt sleeve.
  9. The whitewash was dingy and had fallen off in places.
  10. They drove to a shabby hotel and went to a dingy room.
  11. There still was a fairly dingy, rundown look to it all.
  12. Six dingy plastic chairs lined the left and right walls.
  13. It only took a minute to pull the galvanized dingy back.
  14. The beds were small and metal with dingy sheets and covers.
  15. Low, ragged, dingy clouds moved rapidly across the cold sky.

  16. After bearing the hot water, Junya pissed in the dingy toilet.
  17. He wore gray, ragged clothes that looked so shabby and dingy.
  18. The bathrooms were tucked away in a dingy, badly lit corridor.
  19. I follow him under a hanging sheet and into a dingy back room.
  20. My mind was elsewhere… rooted back in that dingy hotel room.
  21. Piers ran the boat up onto the beach next to the half-sunken dingy.
  22. I spent the night in a tiny dingy room with Shinde as my room-mate.
  23. His dingy gray shirtsleeves hung loosely over his once powerful arms.
  24. We walk into the dingy office where David gave me my mother’s journal.
  25. Jimmy would be sitting by the phone in his dingy apartment not far away.

  26. In this dingy, leaning against the mast meant her feet were over the bow.
  27. The dingy evil of the tunnels that had been the scenes of flight and fear.
  28. They lived in lodgings or dingy rented rooms and their only outlet from the.
  29. Phlegmy coughs shook the air of the bookshop, bulging out the dingy curtains.
  30. Beyond the security checkpoint, the facility is not as dingy as it was before.
  31. Conal watched Troy swim to the stern of the sunken dingy and pull himself over.
  32. He scribbled in the dingy light of the car, silently purring over the motorway.
  33. Now the banner was dingy, the silk stained brown with drips from the leaky roof.
  34. The bed covers were dirty and dingy, holes in the floors, and overall unsanitary.
  35. Natalie gave her correct address at the dingy little room she was renting from Jimmy.
  36. She learned that it was actually located in a rather dingy residential neighborhood.
  37. Actually there’s a lower cellar that’s particularly dingy and ice-cold, I said.
  38. I spotted Shareef Thomas on one of the mattresses, near the rear of the dark, dingy room.
  39. It was not much changed—a little more run-down and dingy than it was twenty years ago.
  40. The fluid dribbles down his throat and drips off his chin onto his dingy, sleeveless shirt.
  41. The shop’s office was dingy, lit only by one bare low-wattage bulb hanging from the ceiling.
  42. You can’t keep your concentration in that dingy old plant for eight hours never mind twelve.
  43. He had also considered out of the way motels, dingy guest houses and other less obvious haunts.
  44. On the count of three, they all shoved, moving the heavy wooden dingy backwards perhaps a metre.
  45. Servio's house, a dingy, ill-famed den, was located close to the wharves, facing the waterfront.
  46. He was quite grey---from his cloak and his peaked cap to his dingy beard and pallid complexion.
  47. A female prison guard appeared a few minutes later and took Linda back to her dingy prison cell.
  48. The floating reflection of the dingy water on the walls captivated Eilidh as she followed Shela.
  49. I stood there on the beach watching as the dingy that had brought us here headed back out to sea.
  50. Never had there been a time I felt so relieved to stand in the dingy hallway that smelled of urine.
  51. They went into a dingy room lined with books and littered with papers, where there was a blazing fire.
  52. From inside the cold and dingy prison he wrote ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ which was published in 1678.
  53. The shop’s windows were as dingy as they had been, and someone was working in the dimly-lit interior.
  54. A job he hated, a family he never saw, meeting the same few friends once a month at the same dingy pub.
  55. Once safe inside the dingy room, he checked that it was actually cash in the bag, and hid it under the bed.
  56. He was dragged back, beaten mercilessly and then thrown into the stockade, a dingy hole with an earthen floor.
  57. There was a thaw, the market-place was dingy and evil-smelling, but I was delighted even with the marketplace.
  58. The control room at the centre of the CN production plant was a cramped, dingy, soporific environment to work in.
  59. He recalled the glossy waxed grey stone floors that today were dull, dingy and covered with leaves and branches.
  60. A dingy back room in Dublin was a bucket of cold water for most people and a cloak of invisibility for the rest.
  61. A one-man vigilante, Bickle blasts his way down the dingy hallway to where Iris’s liaison is being consummated.
  62. He bowed carelessly and taking Scarlett’s arm pulled her to her feet and propelled her into the dingy orderly room.
  63. Marlie has just popped the toast, when Frank shuffles into the kitchen, still wearing his dingy gray robe and slippers.
  64. Lord John Roxton and I turned down Vigo Street together and through the dingy portals of the famous aristocratic rookery.
  65. They approached the dilapidated shack next to the dingy hangar that served as an office and quietly knocked on the door.
  66. Later that day, Mitchell pulled into a dingy high-rise hotel in a seedy part of Miami; in search of the recommended hit man.
  67. I could hear footsteps in the dingy hallway outside my office door, and then in walked a very agitated model of masculinity.
  68. The sun out in the street was shining too brightly, the room, facing north, with its dingy old contents, was too tomb-like.
  69. It is almost a law of nature that for so much dingy slush to show up on the surface, a pretty filthy core must exist inside.
  70. Hudson shielded his eyes as he stared around at the dingy room where they’d been plotting together for almost a year and a half.
  71. Now it was an all-purpose sort of place—one large, dingy room with tables and chairs that started to fill up as the sun went down.
  72. I, in my turn, scrutinised the paper; but saw nothing on it save a few dingy stains of paint where I had tried the tint in my pencil.
  73. She still wore her black taffeta dress, the color of which was rapidly turning to rust and lilac, to say nothing of the dingy bonnet.
  74. I was made for contest and the powers have willed that my battlefield shall be the dingy inglorious one of the bed and medicine bottle.
  75. Leon came from the back of his office with his white, dingy jacket and gestured for me to come back, where I sat on a blue, hard chair.
  76. But it looked forlorn square of land of which it was the center were row after row of army huts, dingy and and unkempt under the gray sky.
  77. Moments later, we stood in the dingy, paint-chipped hallway on the third floor outside Coombs’s room, flicking our automatics off safety.
  78. The mattress with its twisted sheets looked like a breeding ground for bedbugs, so he led her to the couch, wrapping her in a dingy afghan.
  79. She suddenly recalled the dingy flat she’d gone to with Luke all those weeks ago when the call about the missing girl had first been made.
  80. Giry tossed the feathers in her dingy hat at this persistent familiarity, "excuse me, how does the ghost manage to give you your two francs?".
  81. Michael knew they needed a safe place to regroup and as such didn’t question Kate as she led him up the dingy concrete steps of the tenement.
  82. Its blasts pursued us even into the recesses of the dingy wooden hall we took our ears into, vainly trying to carry them somewhere out of range.
  83. Gerrid had been lying in the dingy for about twenty minutes, going over the events of his past, wondering how much of his life would be wiped out.
  84. Now, that is the trouble with most associations of architects; if the subject for discussion is only old, cracked and dingy enough, they are happy.
  85. It was my first visit to the scene of the crime—a high, dingy, narrow-chested house, prim, formal, and solid, like the century which gave it birth.
  86. She would rather split logs dingy old gingham, could bear it that Will worked harder than any field hand, but not herself than suffer while he did it.
  87. A few dingy olives and stunted fig-trees struggled hard for existence, but their withered dusty foliage abundantly proved how unequal was the conflict.
  88. Near him stood a dingy gipsy caravan, and beside it a man was sitting on a bucket turned upside down, very busy smoking and staring into the wide world.
  89. No one was visible, nor did she see anything unusual, except that in the farther shadow thrown by the table a dingy white glove was lying upon the carpet.
  90. The snow was not quite all gone from the park; a little dingy bank of it yet lay under the pines of the harbor road, screened from the influence of April suns.
  91. He moved swiftly, delicately to a dingy wall and slashed down half a dozen X-rays to haunt the room with their look of things found floating in an ancient tide.
  92. Meade could tell unlovely stories of those families who had been driven from mansions to boarding houses and from boarding houses to dingy rooms on back streets.
  93. Heathcliff stayed to speak to him, and I entered the kitchen---a dingy, untidy hole; I daresay you would not know it, it is so changed since it was in your charge.
  94. Heathcliff stayed to speak to him, and I entered the kitchen—a dingy, untidy hole; I daresay you would not know it, it is so changed since it was in your charge.
  95. In the bays of the carwash just before the subdivision entrance, two sponges whirl like dingy sheepdogs, their dreadlocks reaching out for a car that is not there.
  96. The room was dingy blue, identical prints of a beach scene hanging on three walls and dusty gray draperies flanking windows that overlooked Cypress Avenue to the north.
  97. During his wild years, he’d favored pro bars – for professional alcoholics – those dark and dingy out-of-the-way dives with or without blaring music in the background.
  98. She had apparently never gone back to her previous line of work and lived in a dingy flat, finding employment as a hairdresser, dreaming all the while of travelling the world.
  99. Perhaps Arthur Salisbury had sat in the dingy pub and had observed the man who was to become known as Jack the Ripper luring one of his unsuspecting victims to their grisly fate.
  100. Samson offered him one, as he knew a friend of his who had it would not refuse it to him, though it was more dingy with rust and mildew than bright and clean like burnished steel.

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