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    1. " That was no doubt a dusty pitted hulk for it was over two and a half centuries old by now, built of bulk aluminum and steel using big bolts

    2. But today there was a message from that circuit and he almost missed it because it had been so many years since there was any new data from the old hulk

    3. Those Brazilians became infected as soon as they touched the hulk we left behind

    4. of the incredible hulk and his rabid guard dogs the boy dug deep

    5. Arizona State had this Incredible Hulk by the name of Paul Ray Powell

    6. In an area cleared of refuse the partially stripped hulk of a fine old machine lay exposed

    7. The name: Marcus Akaman, a hulk of a figure, even by adult standards

    8. apparently dead, and another that appeared to be a pale version of the Hulk

    9. Since the ship was parked up tight against the old hulk, he figured a casual passer-by would skip on past without a second look

    10. His hiding spot wasn’t the only wreckage or abandoned hulk in the immediate vicinity

    11. By towing the old hulk with him, he had a cover story

    12. After unhitching the old hulk, he watched it drift in to be captured by the moon’s gravity

    13. As soon as the paint was dry on the boat on which Colling and the boatwright had been working, it was replaced on the sawhorses by the hulk of the larger vessel that had been hastily dragged into the boathouse, and repairs on its damaged structure were begun

    14. The air thickened with alarming speed and the smell grew stronger; then he saw it appear over the crest, strange thin beams of light sprouting from what might have been a head of sorts: a glistening metal hulk glinted under the starlight, uniformly gray and unassumingly blocky, a rectangle slab larger than a man

    15. The brown hulk of a man shook his head

    16. the hulk of a pro wrestler

    17. Today the resurrected hulk of Judaism has been helped to an uncertain footing primarily by the Christian belief of the necessity of this rebirth

    18. Sadie's two hundred pounds would look better on a frame larger than her five foot-two inch hulk

    19. ” Ken mounted into the seat of the Marmon Herrington and watched the smoldering hulk

    20. The dark hulk of the old wreck was still there on the rocks

    21. George’s hulk blocked

    22. Everyone assumed that the rusting hulk of the old ship was somewhere on the surface of Altgeld

    23. Bit-Yakin was dead, shriveled to a hulk of wrinkled leather and bound in his hollowed crypt to greet the rising sun for ever

    24. Two other large, tunnel openings could be seen on the left and right of what was the centre of this space hulk – a large, domed structure

    25. A series of internal shocks rocked the ship until it lay still, a dead hulk coasting through space

    26. Testament to that global holocaust had been an overhead picture of the beached hulk of the aircraft carrier USS HALSEY on the coast of the Arabic Peninsula

    27. In normal form, she is Jennifer Walters, a cousin of Bruce Banner, the alter-ego of Hulk

    28. Nancy scanned visually the hulk, using the low light vision camera integrated to her helmet: it was shaped like an elongated egg with bulbous cruciform appendages and was about eighty meters long

    29. He was an overgrown hulk of a child in schoolboy's clothing

    30. It was connected to a famous painting, he knew it well, but his terror at the advancing hulk froze it in his memory

    31. At that point, Martinez made Ingrid crouch with him behind the burned out hulk of an American truck and spoke in a low voice to her

    32. She was towed to Danzig, her hulk was filled with concrete and she suffered the ultimate humiliation of becoming a block ship

    33. She was struggling and uttered muffled screams, as she attempted to break the grip of a hulk of a man

    34. Carla was astonished as the hulk stood solid and still, with his face cupped in his hands, blood and bellowing issuing from between them

    35. She held her pistol to the head of the moaning hulk, whilst hiding behind his massive body

    36. He gave a roar of rage that would have impressed the Incredible Hulk

    37. The answers he got in the next minutes were grim: the SARATOGA was out of the fight for good and could not even propel itself in space, now being little more than a floating hulk

    38. was turned into a deformed, gutted and burned out steel hulk rotating out of control in orbit

    39. “Believe me my friend, we’re not lying about your sister trying to attack us! We’re not lying about it at all! We’re not gaining any publicity or anything else by making this story up! Your sister really tried to attack all of us correction officers inside that jail cell when we were trying to put her in there and keep her in there, but your sister was so mad, so angry and so strong that she appeared to have superhuman strength! Even though it was five men against your sister, she was still strong! She was like the Incredible Hulk! I mean she had the strength of a wild animal! We had to keep her back with a ten foot pole and then she wound up punching the ten foot pole causing it to bend then drop right out of one of the other officers’ hands then she leaped right off the floor at us! We had to hurry and run out of that cell and lock it very quickly because we thought we were dealing with the spirit of a wild beast that took human form! After we locked the cell door, your sister threw, banged and slammed her body right against that cell door so hard we all felt the vibration! It was like she was possessed! It felt like some demon or evil entity had taken over her body! It was sort of frightening!”

    40. Ben watched as the hulk of the man moved toward the line

    41. The hulk of a man only grunted and put his bald head on his arms on the table

    42. the place where, long ago, a prison hulk was moored, full of convicts awaiting transportation to

    43. aside the big hulk carrying the coffin that stood in his path

    44. The big hulk in black that had been standing besides him added

    45. stunned and that big hulk shouted

    46. This big hulk Xue Bao Yi laughed hilariously at him and said aloud

    47. question him…” Before he could finish, two other big hulk were by his side and

    48. So it's no surprise when the gleaming black beauty, impatient with an ordinary heap red-light-stopped in front of it, just chomps its way through the poor, slow-goin' thing, and goes off at warp speed, leaving a mangled, burned-out hulk behind

    49. briskly to the office, and the Mideast hulk followed him into the office!

    50. Anger is more than just an emotion, it is a state of unfulfilled needs and if unattended to, will release the inner hulk in all of us no matter how cordial one appears on the surface

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