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    1. The asteroid seemed to loom above them and it seemed much bigger than six miles wide

    2. by the creak of the loom and the shuffle of socks

    3. and the twin headlands that loom darkly

    4. ‘Who designs the patterns?’ I asked, admiring the bold weave on the loom nearest to me

    5. The widow was known all over for the brocades that she made on her loom

    6. Months went by, while inch by inch the pattern appeared on the loom

    7. One day, Chen came in to find the loom empty and the widow sobbing

    8. On each loom was a copy of his mother’s brocade, and the brocade itself hung in the center of the room

    9. A lady near the door rose from her loom to meet him

    10. Chen sat near Li-en at her loom

    11. She cut her brocade from the loom and held it beside the widow’s

    12. The shapes of the trees loom black against the lighter sky

    13. a stupendous amphitheatre of cliffs that loom over a flat,

    14. Alan made all haste to get back into the clutter behind a large vertical loom that stood near the back wall of this room

    15. her loom while Theoton sang to his son

    16. Secondly, the use of several very ingenious machines, which facilitate and abridge, in a still greater proportion, the winding of the worsted and woollen yarn, or the proper arrangement of the warp and woof before they are put into the loom ; an operation which, previous to the invention of those machines, must have been extremely tedious and troublesome

    17. Above its entrance, there were painted symbols sacred to Athena, an olive tree, a loom, an owl

    18. spun it, too, if Tragus had a loom

    19. At Nerissa’s suggestion, he also bought a loom

    20. In that pitch blackness and rain it was hard to see five feet, but a silhouette of some landmass seemed to loom in the distance

    21. But there was a difference; not some identifiable difference in physical appearance, more the way in which it seemed to loom over him, despite his own two metre height

    22. The Banter Mountains were really just hills, but against the stark contrast of the desert, they seemed to loom up in homage to Illeander in the far distance, yet again obscured by heat haze

    23. He frowned slightly, then strode to loom in front of her

    24. They seemed to loom over me, mocking me with laughter, even moving or dancing, though I have no memory of which beasts fucked which beasts

    25. He seemed to loom over her like some evil giant out of a fairy tale

    26. My mother's loom glowed in its filtered, golden light

    27. Most nights I trembled in a corner by the loom, the putrid smell of the badger filling my nose

    28. He helped repair our loom when it was overused

    29. She will learn to use your loom as I did


    31. When the reeds grew thinner around her and the water rose about her thighs, she saw the dim loom of an island ahead of her

    32. looming over you, or about to loom

    33. It is so hard to enjoy your daily life when the pressures of financial stability and outcomes loom over people’s heads

    34. Consider, I say, this fish o' the sea; it has no loom or yarn to spin, yet no king in all his glory could be decked out in all its finery

    35. But as I was walking doubts began to loom in my head

    36. Problems always loom, lurking in the shadows

    37. Above the main bedrooms are a loom room and three rooms for servants and children

    38. Though bizarre in design and amateur in construction Harmony concluded it to be a loom

    39. She dismissed the madness, blaming the isolation, and turned her attention to the dilapidated loom

    40. Without wasting a moment she clambered onto the loom and ignored its groans of encumbrance

    41. seemed to < loom, the tilt of a caring head now something subtly else, something scary

    42. He watched her loom above him

    43. was it the loom fixers

    44. Blake memorized the number to the loom with the depleted bobbin and

    45. always good for a laugh and often taunted the loom fixers if they were ever

    46. Blake was completely shocked when he looked over at loom 78 and saw

    47. She smiled and stepped back from the loom

    48. Now a deadly chill comes over me as the last days of life loom before me,

    49. Mars began to loom a lot larger as they hurtled on and the first seeds of doubt

    50. It is a moving ministry that shakes the loom wide open, forever

    1. It's huge head loomed above the deck, two tiny eyes stared down on short, impossibly-jointed tentacles

    2. The stones loomed in the half light, deep shadows clouding their bases

    3. The great schedule boards loomed over the cathedral-like space

    4. Majestic mountain peaks loomed far to the north

    5. Hayrides and caroling expeditions had suddenly loomed into her vision

    6. It had been built as the stables of Oliar’s castle, the ruins of which loomed behind the house and fields on the other side of the street

    7. " The experience of the voices loomed before her, he’d learned his lesson, and he wouldn't go around shooting her up, anymore

    8. were quite impressive, and the Cathedral loomed

    9. There was no doubt that Johnson and his NN loomed on

    10. Ahead of them, the Gorian Mountain loomed, its snowy peaks hidden by a dense layer of smoke

    11. loomed the huge castle complex, dominated by an

    12. Here they had a good view of the western sky and of the hill which loomed like a mountain only ten miles away

    13. It loomed like a mountain in front of them, a mountain that they had to climb; there was no way around it

    14. Washington, which loomed over Pittsburgh

    15. The nearer my deadlines loomed, the more monsters Amadeus would spot in my precisely arranged and precariously teetering stacks of papers

    16. In the centre of the forest, Salverford prison loomed, powerful and imposing

    17. Relief washed over him, but as he turned back, he saw that the darkness still loomed just behind him, threatening to stretch its ebony fingers out to seize him once more

    18. The creature loomed over the casket in which Jimmy still lay, its scaly face reminding him of a B-movie monster

    19. They bought it, Bond and Bat Mitzvah day loomed closer

    20. It loomed over the landscape, dominating every view

    21. He loomed broader and a foot taller than her

    22. A dark shape loomed behind him, and a dagger appeared at his throat

    23. By day, the towering building that housed the Maze loomed silent and lifeless

    24. The soul construct loomed, its bulky dun-colored body crusted with snow and gore

    25. The gate loomed before her, solid, black, and sturdily sealed

    26. As the first rat loomed out of the thick undergrowth, Darkburst managed to struggle to his feet

    27. Making his way over to the door, he took care not to bang the table that unexpectedly loomed out of the darkness at him

    28. That possibility loomed very large and very real to him now

    29. It loomed over them, with a heavy mist obscuring tongues of glacier on its heights

    30. For years, Leon had lusted over his brother’s millions, but in each scheme to slip away with some, Gordon loomed as too potent a figure – until he developed the Plan

    31. The can already felt more than half empty, and the Syclers still loomed ahead for as far as he could see

    32. As the date of his trial loomed ever closer, his loyalty to his attorney had begun to waver

    33. Just then, another boat suddenly loomed ahead on a colli-

    34. Gareth noted that his Father would always seek counsel from Arthur, an elder of the court, when he doubted himself or when an important decision loomed

    35. The spaceport loomed below them

    36. Ahead, only moments away, at the end of a fire-damaged pier, loomed a cluster of pilings

    37. The gate to the ‘drome loomed up

    38. That reminded Colling that the issue of his desertion still loomed ahead, but he did not mention his concern

    39. Maintenon gritted his teeth as a horse-cab full of citizens loomed in front of the motorcar

    40. He loomed huge above me, twice my height or more, and I shrunk down before him

    41. Once in the classroom, everyone was aware of one period that loomed over the school day: French period

    42. Their airships loomed

    43. Eventually, mountains loomed in front of us, and we turned west between a high mountain and a higher volcano to pick our way through a treacherous pass which took us above the tree line for a very cold while and then back down to another valley, which we also followed south

    44. Cloud loomed over him, his expression

    45. loomed over the cobbled plaza like the monstrous underbelly of a

    46. face of the workspace, she loomed over his swollen body in a wary

    47. He suggested that perhaps they did not hold this line because the very large volcano, which loomed over the far side of the river, was smoking and rumbling

    48. An awe-inspiring void loomed for thousands of

    49. Unfortunately for Roger, other problems loomed ahead that would mar a peaceful transition into his new living conditions and further strain the emotional convulsion he had suffered

    50. A door loomed at the top of the stairs

    1. In reality some looming shadows against the starry sky were all she could see in the dark

    2. September’s clarion call to looming winter began to gnaw at the flesh on her

    3. This morning we went on an boat ride around the island: Picturesque caverns with blue, crystal waters; white arched rocks looming over emerald waves; swimming in the open sea near the Cave of Keri

    4. The looming thunder of artillery from the previous night had stopped but still the diesel-growl of moving men and transport played out in the background

    5. September’s clarion call to looming winter began to gnaw at the flesh on her exposed legs

    6. another thing when you are right in the middle of a looming

    7. Mostly it was a looming leafy mound behind them as they made their way out across the harbor to KangDarceen

    8. The sky thought about dawn behind the looming mountain, now a huge dark mass as Dawnsleep ended

    9. After a month, and with the deadline for the great politician's speech looming, he decided that he would like to see how the document was progressing, although, given the special properties of this document, he felt a little uneasy about reading it in person

    10. All day I have been aware of this evening looming … unable to concentrate on anything and, in a way it was a relief when I could eventually go and shower

    11. And so they began, Alessandra, Alexis and Nikos, taking their time covering every detail and full of suggestions on how to overcome the looming threat from Kaliantikos

    12. official staff photos with Bunty looming over her colleagues - poor girl, with her height and bulk she hadn't a chance

    13. speech looming, he decided that he would like to see how the

    14. ‘It’s funny … we know he was referring to the war which was looming but it could relate to any two lovers in any time

    15. He scoffed at the looming

    16. From a distance it was a huge pyramid, looming over the smaller grown skyscrapers like the Pharaoh's pyramids over the desert

    17. “You promised me you would put them to use,” the One Elf said, looming over him

    18. Feeling suddenly queasy, he looked up to find a pair of executioner hoods looming over him

    19. out the window at the distant, looming peaks of the

    20. Looming in front of him was the massive android of Morgan Evans

    21. " It was looming over her now, straightened her arm out a little bit

    22. Something was looming bigger and bigger over the house, over the stream in front of it

    23. "Alan has been delivered to a looming pyramid in the heart of that city, a pyramid festooned with receptors of the native communication system

    24. With his vision clouding over, he saw the giant as a dark shadow looming over him, sending a constant torrent of pain into his mind

    25. Something looming in the future

    26. She could just sense his looming presence

    27. A silver ovoid looming larger

    28. Nonetheless the prospect of dying was there, looming before her in its immediate raw presence, like the spectre that had always lay hidden in the shadows ready to strike when she was most vulnerable

    29. He surveyed a farmhouse-style building looming over the grounds in which Roidon's commandeered craft was parked

    30. Mechanization existed as the next looming threat, expressed as the worst possible fear for some

    31. That looming presence, the chemical smell

    32. Beyond them was a tall chimney looming out of the early morning mist

    33. A hideous, looming multi lens lamp

    34. I was gliding through this life on a cloud suspended by my faith and it was inconceivable that there was any form of calamity looming

    35. Hesitantly I entered the room that, except for the sound from the machines, was silent, with death looming in the shadows

    36. Slamming the receiver back into its cradle I ignored the urgent shouts of the shop assistant and hotfooted it through the crowds with thoughts of a ruined holiday looming large in my mind

    37. I didn’t hang out for too long though, I was too anxious with the results looming and all, so I grabbed old girls number and I told her I’d call her about breakin’ practice sessions later on in the week

    38. But another mountain was looming

    39. He froze at the sight of me, hosepipe in hand, looming over him

    40. Dacian stood in the water, looming above the others like a tyrant

    41. The land was quite flat here, and once the road left the woods and entered the cleared fields south of the city, I could see the many mounds in the distance and the largest one looming over all the others

    42. out the tall gate to the Sector8 Slums, looming over the

    43. Soon the Khakhan’s compound was visible in the distance looming above the sea of tents and yurts

    44. There was the head of either a very strange bird or some sort of monster looming up over the back of the chair and the arms and legs of the chair looked rather like claws or talons

    45. It was a harsh evening in london, the sky felt blue like an unforgiving spirit looming in the air of the city, from his windows he could see a grey sky overlooking passers by

    46. noticed that there was a huge cloudbank looming gray on the

    47. Suddenly looming out of nowhere the rider called, “It’s Caleb! We have trouble!”

    48. Moshe rode along with his cousin through the night, somehow comforted by the thought that his was not the only power that stood between his people and the looming possibility of catastrophe, but still he worried

    49. After what seemed like a rather short while, they saw in the distance, looming ominously above

    50. All the while, he made sure the boy’s back was to the mountains, looming like vast monsters at the horizon’s end, so that all he saw would be their faces, the trees and the empty sky

    1. Will he be able to save them from the impending disaster that looms in the corridors of the Boston Monitor newspaper?

    2. Will this be enough to protect him from the hatred of those he has disappointed? Will he be able to prevent the terrible disaster that looms in the corridors of the Boston Monitor? Will he run and hide or will he match brave words with brave actions? Sometimes knowing what's coming next just isn't enough

    3. Kate, I’ve known for a long time now that something very big looms on the horizon for all us

    4. ’ Gilla explained, moving across to the looms where four women are busy concentrating on their work

    5. ‘Other manufacturies concentrate on fabric for household items … curtains and bedding, for example, but our looms are not large enough for that scale of material

    6. Belle set him to sorting yarns and threads for her blankets and rugs and stringing them on her traditional looms

    7. Sitting there at looms were dozens of fairy ladies, who turned to stare at him, then whispered to each other excitedly

    8. These four nations all share in common that supposed genocide against whites looms large in the imaginations and fears of white racists, white supremacists, and other whites with persecution complexes

    9. To make it worse they have now been informed that a problem looms in the future and they have

    10. If God is dead and ready for burial, as He seems to be for many Americans, there looms a vacuum in the soul of America that can suck in almost any manner of substitute faith

    11. The scribe opens his mouth to respond but, at that instant, her brother’s shadow looms beside them

    12. The Election is Over, the Health Care Crisis Still Looms, So Now What?

    13. What looms over most new network marketers heads? A lack of money and a

    14. Now only the giant holographic image of the timer looms in the sky

    15. She labored with the oxen to drag the pointed stick through the stubborn soil, and she crouched endlessly over looms in peasant huts

    16. But a larger question looms: Are any of these behaviors worthy of being included in a

    17. sweater, she looms over her

    18. looms the sound of continuing rumbling thunder,

    19. The hallway, absent of windows, looms even

    20. Running looms at the mill never required him to lift more than 3 lbs so it

    21. rising out of the flatlands, looms Mount Shasta

    22. The looms got so loud

    23. The noise in the double beam room started to diminish as looms started

    24. looms illuminated the dusty room

    25. The city looms desolate but becomes farming fields

    26. Rolling hills and forests stretch from the base of the gray mountain that looms in the distance

    27. It turned out that as he adjusted himself, a little bit of the waistband of his “Fruit of the Looms” was very visible

    28. He addressed them, "Gentlemen, I have called you here to tell you that something ominous looms upon the horizon

    29. In the first stage of spiritual seeking, attachment to the family looms as

    30. He then ties a rope around his waist with a huge round stone tied to it, picks up a statue that looks like a Buddha but I am not sure it is, and climbs with great difficulty to the top of the mountain that looms over the lake

    31. But beyond the urgency of that broken pact looms a considerably more dangerous prospect---one that would appear to involve the Black Mage

    32. The Hermon Mountain range looms over the area, once

    33. But the battle still looms

    34. The masses were sold mass manufactured clothes instead of selling them spinning wheels and looms because the cotton plantation owners and industrial robber barons did not want the masses to be able to make their own clothes and become independently self-sufficient

    35. � For many, the physical threat looms immediately in terms of life and death, but for many others, such a threat remains far off, abstract, and ignorable

    36. As the clouds of uncertainty looms over PAC’s 2G report, which was prepared after

    37. Paul's looms up

    38. Looms in the mist, with brow elate and governing hand

    39. The threat of a major air disaster looms, an event that could destroy public faith in the president

    40. The mystery of human motivation looms as a big, central question, I said, particularly when so much consequence attaches to what he did

    41. The front door, which was once slats of wood reinforced by steel, now looms black as polished obsidian, covered with ancient runes I’ve seen before

    42. Some people had to do business, rain or shine: Italian and Flemish buyers needed soft English wool for thousands of busy looms in Florence and Bruges

    43. And the equine portent grows again, magnified in the deserted heavens, nay to heaven's own magnitude, till it looms, vast, over the house of Virgo

    44. The walls were hung round with tapestry, said to be from the Gobelin looms, and, at all events, representing the Scriptural story of David and Bathsheba, and Nathan the Prophet, in colors still unfaded, but which made the fair woman of the scene almost as grimly picturesque as the woe-denouncing seer

    45. ” The implication was that Caris could not compete with high-quality Italian wool unless she bought Italian looms, which seemed impossible

    46. This afternoon a familiar face looms in the train station, maybe four or five back in the queue

    47. The new looms designed by Merthin were not just faster – they also made it easier to produce complex patterns in the weave

    48. Looms that had gathered dust for years had been brought down from attics, and there were webs of homespun to negroes, began to wear homespun

    49. He stripped off his damp jeans and Fruit of the Looms, wadded them up and pushed them into a bush

    50. There’s a bright mild ache where she’s fallen, but that doesn’t matter, because above her, backlit by the stars, looms the thing she’s just tripped over: an abandoned grocery cart

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