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Hurtful en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Much of it was hurtful.
  2. Even lying words are hurtful.
  3. And that’s too hurtful for you.
  4. Subject: Hurtful but work-related matter.
  5. And that which is not hurtful hurts not?

  6. This was particular hurtful, because we.
  7. No stares and hurtful words from village.
  8. Subject: RE: Hurtful but work-related matter.
  9. Then I realized how hurtful my reply had been.
  10. It must have been bitterly hurtful for her too.
  11. He became difficult, indifferent, even hurtful.
  12. In every hurtful thing there is something useful.
  13. It was all very hurtful, said Rupert Allan.
  14. One of his pleasures was making hurtful remarks.
  15. Subject: RE: RE: Hurtful but work-related matter.

  16. In between she was more hurtful and hateful than.
  17. That was hurtful – I felt that there should have.
  18. Wicked = 4190 = having a negative, hurtful influence.
  19. Subject: RE: RE: RE: Hurtful but work-related matter.
  20. Love can be hurtful, joyful and painful,’ Jaden says.
  21. The hurtful one will surely be placed within your grasp.
  22. I’ve learned that words can be very hurtful, because.
  23. Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: Hurtful but work-related matter.
  24. Watching her disappear in the night was so hurtful that he.
  25. All these acts of luxury are hurtful to the servants of God.

  26. Siri’s accusation, whilst true, was hurtful and unjustified.
  27. She also knew that no matter how hurtful, it had to come out.
  28. He became sharp-eyed and keen-eared for all that was hurtful.
  29. As struggling emigrants, they each viewed it with hurtful envy.
  30. Sometimes say things to my partner knowing that they are hurtful?
  31. Underneath all that angry, hurtful exterior, might be someone nice.
  32. The hurtful actions were wrong and we don’t try to whitewash them.
  33. Buddhism Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.
  34. I know how hurtful it is, he said, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.
  35. But Sharpie said in a hurtful tone of respect to her swording instructor.
  36. They remonstrated, therefore, against this prohibition as hurtful to trade.
  37. Anger, if not restrained, is frequently more hurtful to us than the injury.
  38. Hurtful, like a small child can be hurtful if they don't get what they want.
  39. One of the most hurtful things I have witnessed on the coverage of this 71.
  40. Light was shining down on them, bright and white, but not hurtful to the eyes.
  41. The hurtful words had arisen from her lips with no thought of how they’d sound.
  42. Such rents are always more hurtful to the tenant than beneficial to the landlord.
  43. She didn’t wish to add to the already heavy burden of hurtful emotions and heartache.
  44. The cost of living desensitized lives is doing hurtful things to ourselves and to others.
  45. This inequality is, upon the whole, perhaps rather advantageous than hurtful to the public.
  46. How could someone who’s supposed to love and support you be so openly rude and hurtful?
  47. The former are always and necessarily beneficial ; the latter always and necessarily hurtful.
  48. As an illustration, we might remember hurtful words, prompted by anger, spoken to us in the past.
  49. How could something like this happen? How could someone be so evil, so hurtful and so unfeeling?
  50. To see fangs in your dream indicate that you have said some words that has been hurtful to others.
  51. I’d slept badly for the third night in a row, heartbroken over hurtful words from a family member.
  52. But it was not as hurtful as the shame and embarrassment she felt with the commencement of her period.
  53. Unjust, however, as such prohibitions may be, they have not hitherto been very hurtful to the colonies.
  54. He grabbed, twisted it, and after a hurtful crackling of bones, the nose was back as it's supposed to be.
  55. Long ago Tarak had blamed the ancient seer for Serena’s death; he had said things, accusatory and hurtful.
  56. Alcohol use can make people say hurtful things or explode with anger, provided they have old hurt stored up.
  57. In a different state of things it might have been advantageous to the sovereign and hurtful to the landlord.
  58. With the exercise of a little care, the nettle could be made useful; it is neglected and it becomes hurtful.
  59. At lunch he explains to his mother that he has noticed that sometimes she makes hurtful remarks about Christina.
  60. The pain of his hurtful words still lingered in the back of my mind, but I instantly felt calmer in his presence.
  61. Travis," she said, closing the door and standing by the bed, "what makes you say such obnoxious, hurtful things?".
  62. And how could Mona say such hurtful things, how could she? And how could I have behaved so childishly in response?
  63. Some of the teachers, in as hurtful a way as possible, would ask when I would be fired, but nothing happened to me.
  64. He doesn't know what to say, and after running a hand through his hair he settles on, Lady Sophia said some hurtful things.
  65. More than once, she found herself with tongue in check, fighting the hurtful word that lay waiting, on the tip of her tongue.
  66. I clawed at Adrian with all the fury of a woman scorned, called him hurtful, hateful names, then hurled the ring back in his face.
  67. Be straightforward and honest when they’re afraid – some things are scary but not hurtful, while other situations could be damaging.
  68. How hurtful soever in themselves, these, or some other restraints upon importation, became necessary in consequence of that regulation.
  69. Sometimes I remember you as that frightened but determined 16 year old boy, replied Marc to Roger’s hurtful admission of betrayal.
  70. Why? The big, hurtful question: Why? Why could not everything be good, be like before? She broke with his gaze and turned her face to Laino.
  71. Moreover, I simply didn’t enjoy always having to protect my backside from the sometimes hurtful slings and arrows of my former colleagues.
  72. It is, in most cases, therefore, hurtful to the landlord; it is frequently hurtful to the tenant ; and it is always hurtful to the community.
  73. In 2008, Gilead gained 11 percent as a number of health care stocks plummeted in front of Obama’s potentially hurtful new health care plan.
  74. A doctrine which requires so much that is impracticable is more hurtful than one which demands of men only what is in proportion to their strength.
  75. Cheating on one’s partner is hurtful and therefore sinful, so there are requirements for purity for those who want it or need it in gay relationships.
  76. Many of God’s eagles never learn to fly with the wings that He has given them because they could not get unbound from the chains of their hurtful past.
  77. Why is it that some people are healthy and others sickly? Non-harming is the karmic force for health, while hurtful actions create the condition for disease.
  78. And it is now that the sociologist comes forward, preaching that it is useless, and even hurtful and immoral, for the individual to emancipate himself alone.
  79. When I got to school, I didn't expect that Hailey would have had the time to spread the word already, so I braced myself for more immature and hurtful behavior.
  80. You will not do anything dishonourable or hurtful but will ignore ‘market conditions’, the unemployment situation, share prices and ‘conventional wisdom’.
  81. It is thus that the single advantage which the monopoly procures to a single order of men, is in many different ways hurtful to the general interest of the country.
  82. He found her rejection of what he had hoped would be a bond between them hurtful to say the least but realized that she knew practically nothing about Ireland anyway.
  83. For my American readers, this fellow kidnapped a lot of children and kept them prisoner at his house for things which I refuse to speculate on as being hurtful to the parents.
  84. In the state of things which has happened to take place since the revolution, the constancy of the valuation has been advantageous to the landlord and hurtful to the sovereign.
  85. Her temper was naturally the easiest of the two; her feelings, though quick, were more controllable, and education had not given her so very hurtful a degree of self-consequence.
  86. It destroys all fun, all play, until people only play destructively… hurtfully… trying to hurt their opponent… until the most popular sports and games become only hurtful games.
  87. Isabella’s eyes begin to fill with tears as she remembered his hurtful words she looked down at the skirt of her dress, I really don’t think this is the moment to talk about it.
  88. The hurtful comments and slurs directed toward the Livingsons, by those same shallow people which had for years been seemingly benign, now began overnight to rise in pitch and derision.
  89. When we recognize patterns of thought in ourselves, such as recurring sadness, anger, or fear, which predictably lead to hurtful actions, we need to gently and compassionately seek to understand ourselves.
  90. When we generalize that people from one race are better in some way than people from another race, we are thinking in racially prejudiced terms, and, if spoken, this information is hurtful to innocent people.
  91. By valuing, in the same manner, such rents rather high, and consequently taxing them somewhat higher than common money-rents, a practice which is hurtful to the whole community, might, perhaps, be sufficiently discouraged.
  92. There is no state function or social activity which is not considered by many men to be hurtful: there is no institution which is not considered pernicious,—courts of justice, banks, local self-government, police, clergy.
  93. And that will be an eternal regret that you will carry with you once you enter into heaven and the Lord shows you how much more you could have accomplished for Him in this life had you allowed Him to unchain you from your hurtful past.
  94. You thirsted, while in Switzerland, for your home-country, for Russia; you read, doubtless, many books about Russia, excellent books, I dare say, but hurtful to you; and you arrived here; as it were, on fire with the longing to be of service.
  95. Frank swallowed hard, hurt by her attack, but doing his best to keep his temper, because this had been the way their fights had always started - first one making hurtful gibes, then the other, until it finally exploded in a fully fledge battle.
  96. He turned his endeavours into his Music, and his rugged good looks, and strength and virile leanness, kept everyone at bay, whilst it also haunted and taunted, and it was only his hate that kept him surviving those hateful, hurtful school days.
  97. So far as it is employed in the first way, it promotes prodigality, increases expense and consumption, without increasing production, or establishing any permanent fund for supporting that expense, and is in every respect hurtful to the society.
  98. It was me that spoke first, I’m sorry! I was digging too much into your past and while your words were hurtful I overreacted and I’m sorry that I ran away and even more that I slapped you! I forgive you for what you said that was hurtful.
  99. You see, he continued, I've since realised that the feelings men have for each other are just as valid as those they might feel for women, and it was callous and hurtful of me to say what I did, especially to a sensitive sixteen year-old.
  100. Even the regulations by which each nation endeavours to secure to itself the exclusive trade of its own colonies, are frequently more hurtful to the countries in favour of which they are established, than to those against which they are established.

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