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Injurious en una oración (en ingles)

  2. In fact, it is often quite injurious to.
  3. Strong courage eliminates the injurious and.
  4. There is something useful in every injurious thing.
  5. Man cannot recover of injurious bites to ageless time.

  6. It is a known fact that smoking is injurious to health.
  7. Anger against a man, accompanied with some injurious act.
  8. I understood this to mean for adult, consensual, non injurious sex.
  9. A plebian tribune could veto an act he judged injurious to his class.
  10. It seems, even, that such an incipient transformation must rather have been injurious.
  11. Now, having considered the beneficial effects of alcohol, we come to the injurious ones.
  12. Manipulation in this case could not have been injurious, as the plants have separated sexes.
  13. It is this which has animated and directed all of her injurious councils towards this country.
  14. Surely any tampering with this threat must be injurious to the influence of religion among men.
  15. Rule follows as a necessity, as any action that injures others is ultimately injurious to oneself.

  16. Greater good for the race is to be achieved by inducing them to cease impulsive and injurious giving.
  17. But because it is likely to be more injurious, intense running is best done for shorter periods and.
  18. In every point of view, therefore, a permanent navy is as injurious to the country as a standing army.
  19. I further believe that they use injurious insult to debate when they lack logical arguments to persuade.
  20. But there is little difficulty in showing that the tendency of almost all of them is most injurious to the soul.
  21. Some of them are directly injurious, others are useless, others still are worthless,—good only for the wealthy.
  22. Berkeley's aid, a few experiments, it was not even known how far seeds could resist the injurious action of sea-water.
  23. This intemperance in eating is thus injurious to you who have abundance and do not distribute among those who are needy.
  24. Others, who recognized him as a Socialist, angrily or contemptuously declined them, often with curses or injurious words.
  25. He may have left the bad effect of his karma to be borne by others in this world; if his deeds were injurious to the country.

  26. Cloisters, useful in the early education of modern civilization, have embarrassed its growth, and are injurious to its development.
  27. In all probability a receivership invoked for this reason would have been considered as highly injurious to the bondholders’ interests.
  28. All of us know peasants who have learned the rudiments in such schools, and it cannot be said that this learning was useless or injurious.
  29. It is the situation of our Minister abroad, who says he dare not ask for an answer, because the asking it might be injurious to our cause.
  30. It is known that you are not my sister; I cannot introduce you as such: to attempt it would be to fasten injurious suspicions on us both.
  31. The postmaster’s wife was surprised that Marie took so early a promenade, which might in Autumn, prove injurious to a young girl’s health.
  32. This also had its day—but this, like the embargo, experience condemned as injurious and ruinous policy; and the public voice called for its repeal.
  33. But that he never had meant to say that the Berlin decree and Orders in Council were not injurious, because they lopped off a large portion of our commerce.
  34. As it is difficult to imagine that eyes, though useless, could be in any way injurious to animals living in darkness, their loss may be attributed to disuse.
  35. But according to the existing theory, he is contributing to industry, and he must not—it would even be injurious to men and to society—stop his activity.
  36. I knew that it would be very injurious to you if it were known that you wished to part with your house and furniture, and I had a very strong objection to it.
  37. Caleb was betrayed into no word injurious to Bulstrode beyond the fact which he was forced to admit, that he had given up acting for him within the last week.
  38. There is no position more injurious to an artist's productiveness than that position of complete security and luxury in which artists usually live in our society.
  39. It is because, if this House can be once prevailed upon to consider this case as analogous to the Yazoo case, many most injurious consequences must follow therefrom.
  40. May not this be occasioned by the saline quality of the air? The native plants are doubtless accustomed to its action, and do not so sensibly feel its injurious effects.
  41. Give up favourite activities, have surgery then return to previous injurious habits, then everyone is astonished that they tried everything and nothing seemed to work.
  42. I mean not, by this comparison, to say any thing injurious to the Army, but only to declare that preference to which I think the naval services of the country are entitled.
  43. Of course, smoking is injurious; I should like to give it up myself, but, do what I will, I can't! Once I managed not to smoke for a fortnight, but could hold out no longer.
  44. Nevertheless all living things have much in common, in their chemical composition, their cellular structure, their laws of growth, and their liability to injurious influences.
  45. Livermore intimated that he was strongly against the bill, and, if it took every hour in the session, he was determined to expose what he believed to be its injurious features.
  46. President: I made the motion to postpone the consideration of the bill now before us, from a conviction that it will be extremely injurious to the country to pass it at this time.
  47. These instruments usually contain provisions designed to prevent corporate acts injurious to senior security holders and to afford remedies in case of certain unfavorable developments.
  48. The man who gives to the individual beggar commits a grave offense, but there are many societies and institutions soliciting alms, to aid which is none the less injurious to the community.
  49. Moreover, he fully recognised the deUcacy of the position of Anna Andreyevna, for whom he had an unbounded respect; he was quite alive to the possibility of rumours, of gibes, of injurious gossip.
  50. But of late they have grown, more candid and are ashamed of the expression ‘love of country,’ and have annihilated the very spirit of the words as something injurious and petty and undignified.
  51. I take for granted that it is not advantageous; in other words, that it is injurious; that it is not fiscal in its nature; nor protective of manufactures; nor competent to coerce either belligerent.
  52. Yes, it is reasonable to hurt a man so that he should not do in future what he is hurt for doing, and it is also quite reasonable to cut a man’s head off when he is injurious or dangerous to society.
  53. With such a programme the attainment of symmetrical results in all three subjects would naturally be desirable; but it cannot be said that the predominance of one subject over another would be injurious.
  54. And if the Egyptian air is so very penetrating from this very cause, as to produce ophthalmia, may we not rationally conclude, that its influence must be equally injurious to plants not accustomed to it.
  55. It was possible, but was it probable that any event would occur to alter our situation for the better? There was no hope that the belligerents would recede from their injurious restrictions on our commerce.
  56. Mivart considers would be injurious, may be attributed to the habit, no doubt beneficial to the individual and to the species, of endeavouring to look upward with both eyes, while resting on one side at the bottom.
  57. Although the Lords of the Admiralty uniformly direct their discharge on the production of this testimony, yet many must perish unrelieved, and all are detained a considerable time in lawless and injurious confinement.
  58. Consequently, the question of what the criterion was as to what to teach and how to teach received an even greater meaning for me; only by solving it could I be convinced that what I taught was neither injurious nor useless.
  59. Now, in parts of Natal it is believed by some farmers, though on insufficient evidence, that injurious seeds are introduced into their grass-land in the dung left by the great flights of locusts which often visit that country.
  60. That it is injurious is certain, not only because it is deprecated by that part of the community which it directly affects, but because no man advocates it as a permanent system, and every one declares his desire to be rid of it.
  61. Trichogramma Minutum and T Pretiosum: These are a minute egg parasite that destroy the eggs of most injurious pests such as the bollworm, cotton leafworm and various borers, hornworm, codling moth, and all moths and butterfly eggs.
  62. Have we from the effects of their trial any lively hope of success in our present attempt? Did our fathers either effect a change in her injurious policy or prevent a war by non-intercourse? Sir, they did neither the one nor the other.
  63. If I say that such and such a thing is bad because I do not like it, or because everybody says that it is bad, or even because it is really bad, but do not know how it ought to be right, the criticism will always be useless and injurious.
  64. I need none of the institutions established by the State, and therefore I am not willing to surrender the fruits of my labor in the form of taxes to support institutions which I believe to be not only unnecessary but positively injurious.
  65. They did believe the renewal would be injurious to them, for neither they nor many of the manufacturers of Baltimore had received much advantage from the branch bank; they had their own banks from which they generally received accommodation.
  66. In short, the said history is the most delightful and least injurious entertainment that has been hitherto seen, for there is not to be found in the whole of it even the semblance of an immodest word, or a thought that is other than Catholic.
  67. We recognize the uselessness of the expenditure on the maintenance of the Court and other members of Government, and we regard the teaching of the Church as injurious, but we are obliged to bear our share of the expenses of these institutions.
  68. The prominent virtues of this remedy were supposed to be—that it would coerce the belligerents, but particularly Great Britain, into an abandonment of their injurious measures; and above all, that it would save us from being involved in war.
  69. There are above two hundred leagues of seacoast in France, where, to the breadth of many miles, the inhabitants are compelled to make use of bad and impure water, which, in many cases, is injurious to the health of themselves and their animals.
  70. Horticulturists raise large beds of the same hybrid, and such alone are fairly treated, for by insect agency the several individuals are allowed to cross freely with each other, and the injurious influence of close interbreeding is thus prevented.
  71. I protest against it as a measure injurious to ourselves; weak, temporizing, and partial in its operation on foreign nations; unauthorized by the actual state of things; and calculated to hasten the period of our union with the destinies of France.
  72. Bad: Not good…Not valid or sound…Having an injurious or unfavorable tendency or effect…Depraved, corrupt, base, sinful, criminal, Bad is the broadest and simplest term (implying anything that stands in opposition to that which is good).
  73. Certain plants excrete sweet juice, apparently for the sake of eliminating something injurious from the sap: this is effected, for instance, by glands at the base of the stipules in some Leguminosae, and at the backs of the leaves of the common laurel.
  74. Destruction of old theories, obsolete and injurious, destructions of injurious medicines and practices, destructions of obsolete products are all good karma and when replaced with newer and better alternatives, may bring relief and respite to its people.
  75. A secondary objective appears to have been to restrict the accumulation of corporate surpluses, which were thought by some to be injurious, either because they withheld purchasing power from individuals or because they were conducive to unwise expansion.
  76. This, then, is the state of my argument; that as this non-intercourse system is not fiscal, nor protective of manufactures, nor competent to coerce, and is injurious, it ought to be abandoned, unless we are bound to persist in it, by imperious obligations.
  77. Any change in structure and function, which can be effected by small stages, is within the power of natural selection; so that an organ rendered, through changed habits of life, useless or injurious for one purpose, might be modified and used for another purpose.
  78. Such conduct would be injurious to nearly all the stockholders, whether they sell or not, and it is for that reason that we spoke of the repurchase of shares at an unconscionably low price as only presumably to the advantage of those who retained their interest.
  79. Everything he had said might refer to that other relation, and whatever had passed between him and herself was thoroughly explained by what she had always regarded as their simple friendship and the cruel obstruction thrust upon it by her husband's injurious act.
  80. A portion of the breast of a fowl was denudated of feathers, and applied to the wound; in a few minutes the fowl died, without having experienced any apparent violence or injurious pressure, from the hand of the applicant, the breast exhibiting a livid appearance.
  81. The order of blockade was at that time more recent, and if so injurious as now alleged, could not have escaped the attention of the Executive, and his vigilant Cabinet, when they were providing for the annulment of the Orders in Council of January and November, 1807.
  82. One of the injurious consequences of destroying the Bank of the United States has been stated to be, the withdrawing of seven millions of dollars from the active capital of the United States, and transmitting it to Europe, where that portion of the bank stock is owned.
  83. But, it would be injurious for parents to imagine that their children owe it to them for having tended them all the way to their adulthood, and once the children are helped by the parents to be on their own, it amounts to the full and final settlement of the filial account.
  84. Again, an organ, useful under certain conditions, might become injurious under others, as with the wings of beetles living on small and exposed islands; and in this case natural selection will have aided in reducing the organ, until it was rendered harmless and rudimentary.
  85. For every advocacy of a truth inconsistent with the existing order by an individual is, they maintain, not only useless but injurious, since it provokes coercive measures on the part of the authorities, restricting these individuals from continuing any action useful to society.
  86. He tried ninety-eight seeds, mostly different from mine, but he chose many large fruits, and likewise seeds, from plants which live near the sea; and this would have favoured both the average length of their flotation and their resistance to the injurious action of the salt-water.
  87. You see, prince, I’ll tell you privately, Evgenie and ourselves have not said a word yet, we have no formal understanding, we are in no way bound on either side, but the word may be said very soon, don’t you see, very soon, and all this is most injurious, and is meant to be so.
  88. I can no longer pursue amusements which are oil to the fire of amorous sensuality,—the reading of romances and the most of poetry, listening to music, attendance at theatres and balls,—amusements that once seemed to me elevated and refining, but which I now see to be injurious.
  89. Sir, the violations of the commercial rights of which we complain do not only embrace the carrying trade, properly so called, but also the carrying of the products of our own soil, the fruits of our own industry; these, although injurious only to our property, are just causes of war.
  90. Besides, is it not rational to conclude, from the large quantities of soda which are always found in sea plants, that this saline atmosphere is rather propitious than otherwise to their growth, and that it only proves injurious to plants accustomed to the unadulterated air of the land.
  91. Natural selection can produce nothing in one species for the exclusive good or injury of another; though it may well produce parts, organs, and excretions highly useful or even indispensable, or highly injurious to another species, but in all cases at the same time useful to the possessor.
  92. He always slouched, locomotively, with his eyes on the ground; and, when accosted or otherwise required to raise them, he looked up in a half-resentful, half-puzzled way, as though the only thought he ever had was, that it was rather an odd and injurious fact that he should never be thinking.
  93. The falsity of the whole direction of our arts and sciences is more striking and more apparent in precisely those very branches, which, it would seem, should, from their very nature, be of use to the people, and which, in consequence of their false attitude, seem rather injurious than useful.
  94. It knows what the best school is, it has formed a clear, definite ideal, down to the minutest details, the benches, the hours of instruction, and so forth, and gives an answer: the school has to be such and such, according to this pattern,—this alone is good and every other school is injurious.
  95. Little supported it, on the ground of his opposition to a suspension of the non-importation act, a measure which he reprobated as injurious to the manufactures of our country, and weakening our measures against Great Britain, of which he considered the non-importation act to be as powerful as any.
  96. If a County Council does not possess such a man and does not wish to employ one, it has, in my opinion, absolutely nothing to do with the popular education, except to give money, because every interference with the administrative side of the matter, in the way it is done now, can only be injurious.
  97. When this act passed this House, we were told that its provisions held out the strongest inducement to each of the great belligerents, to precede its rival in the abrogation of the injurious edicts affecting the commerce of this country, and that whoever might lead the other would unquestionably follow.
  98. Since the resolutions were offered, he further remarked, the aspect of things seemed to be somewhat varied, and a hope is entertained, from the advices received, that a change of attitude may be rendered unnecessary; and that, under present circumstances, such change is inexpedient, and may prove injurious.
  99. Listen, honorable judges! a man who has been so greatly humbled as I have has neither any remonstrances to make to Providence, nor any advice to give to society; but, you see, the infamy from which I have tried to escape is an injurious thing; the galleys make the convict what he is; reflect upon that, if you please.
  100. The same thing has happened with us, but with this difference: that it was impossible to deceive the horses in any way, and they were kept in bonds to prevent their getting out; but we are kept in an unnatural position that is equally injurious to us, by deceits which have entangled us, and which hold us like chains.

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