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    1. The message provided me a further impetus to complete my book

    2. Some antinuclear campaigner, the commander joked, who, having failed in their life’s goal, has a new impetus to make another attempt in death

    3. I started feeling a little devilish and their second hand devil wings were my impetus

    4. This was the impetus for his political glossary

    5. There is no rational impetus to revolt

    6. Sometimes the impetus for the crash is of our own

    7. As an intellectual lover, the impetus for what excites me resides somewhere in my

    8. Again, this reinforces to me that the impetus to lick her must've

    9. 5 In a utopia, there will be no impetus to innovate; on the contrary, vested interests will exert a strong and continuous force in favor of the status quo

    10. AND TO PROVIDE IMPETUS: In reference

    11. I stayed with Alwyn and Edgar in Chiswick in the week preceding our trip north, and we rehearsed in their parlour – a hell of a squeeze! Positive audience reaction to the nudity in Apollon and Sweeny, and the London performances we’d given of Tempest, gave Alwyn the impetus to pull out all the stops in the costume department

    12. inconveniences, and at the same time gives an incalculable impetus to the

    13. It was this early acceptance of the teachings of the gospel preachers which gave that powerful impetus to the rapid spread of Christianity in Rome and from there throughout the empire

    14. He grasped loiterers by the scruff of the neck, impelled them violently through the gate, added impetus with a lusty kick in the rear, spicing his urgings for haste with pungent comments on the victim's ancestry

    15. The impetus of that charge was irresistible

    16. To the southeast the descendants of the Zhemri, given impetus by new blood resulting from admixture with some unclassified tribe, are beginning to seek to revive some faint shadow of their ancient culture

    17. had the impetus to change the things they do

    18. It is the unconscious mind that will provide the impetus

    19. Matilda’s suggestions provided the impetus that brought the plan into form

    20. This would result in one abuse after another growing under the impetus of its own thrust, until only the destruction of the culture could stem the flow

    21. In an unconscious moment, when they have beaten the impetus to opine into submission, they have effectively stopped the world they know, and their intentions can grasp knowledge, as insights, that other Portions of them know

    22. This mattered greatly in that unforeseeable events might provide an unwanted impetus that could lead them away from that challenge

    23. The Identity has therefore found another impetus with which to create, and understanding it at its most basic form can apply his knowledge to other situations

    24. This understanding provided them with additional and continuing impetus to teach others in the face of monumental ignorance, for this lessened ignorance everywhere, in every time

    25. Together they created among their nation leaders, and gave history its next great impetus at a time when the earth stood still in the face of its own destruction—a needless destruction wrought upon itself for the purpose of greed, political power, and the enslavement of humanity at large

    26. No other impetus would suffice, because a Conditional Death was necessary to practicing impeccability as a way of life

    27. This would result in one abuse after another growing under the impetus of its own thrust until only the destruction of the culture could stem the flow

    28. That was the rule at this level of development; no other impetus would suffice, because a Conditional Death was necessary to practicing impeccability as a way of life

    29. received via telegraph had been the impetus for his fate—possibly his

    30. impetus carrying her into a crouch

    31. They had outrun their supply lines, and lacked the impetus to break through

    32. ” Under the impetus of war, the most brilliant brains of the scientific world had forged a weapon equivalent to over twenty thousand tons of TNT and capable of generating temperatures in excess of three thousand degrees centigrade

    33. “tweak” of their famous equation, V(L) = V(U) + TB that provided the impetus for

    34. increase in net income would have provided the impetus for a greater increase in economic

    35. Not only does language require significant mental effort to use, language is the switch that turned the brain “on,” it was the impetus of higher thinking

    36. capital structuralism tries to supply the impetus behind what is being measured

    37. expansion, many stocks will trend upwards without much impetus, and the investor wants

    38. Whatever the impetus of his reasoning, he made a critical mistake in choosing to engage Martel and his men where they were camped

    39. The targeting of political opponents in Spain became apparent, but it should be remembered that the impetus for the monarchy to establish the inquisition in the beginning was to create a

    40. He found the impetus for a few more desperate, frantic jerks as his head was going under, and he managed to prolong the suffering with a few more gasps of air

    41. As I stated above, the Runic Lights lend substance, structure and stability to the Cosmological Code, which is the structure of, and the impetus for the energetic effectuation of creation, structure, and evolution

    42. - Kánkennu is the impetus for energy‘s origin, setting cycles into play, and providing Daku with his impetus

    43. she was losing some of her impetus

    44. their South African partners had given 'Polycoat' its best impetus for the launch of

    45. The Holy Spirit has no substitute in providing this kind of necessary intellectual impetus

    46. But as the damning evidence mounted, with the added impetus of global disaster looming, guess what? Yep! Each quasi-combatant thought it was just a perfect, god-given opportunity to steal a base or two, which naturally, did not go unchallenged, leading to an international scene that resembled nothing so much as a World Cup soccer crowd in Brazil after being told the home team sold out to the challengers

    47. Arjun is told that the impetus to action is derived from all- knowing

    48. The impetus for the ordained action arises from the confluence of an

    49. To have to create oneself perfectly in the beginning, to define one's meaning and purpose without error, contradiction, or future political incorrectness with every tweet-shit or URhome bitch is an impossible task to place upon organisms of creation whose driving impetus is the imaginative query: what about this?

    50. With the wii ing of the consumer, the teme kinected iTNA mistakes group-pile-on frenzied feeding for a conscientiously simplified consumption that morphs the impetus to give into the motive to $ave, replacing the emotional virtue of communal sharing with the game ethic of collective discount purchase

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