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    1. explain the importance of some of these matters to a country cal ed

    2. "Ava said those papers were of little importance

    3. a sense of proportion to the importance of certain matters in life

    4. One should not under estimate the importance of finding ways to diffuse stress before it threatens your health and your ability to function

    5. They receive respect from others as a matter of routine, but slowly the distance increases and they acquire ceremonial importance

    6. The importance of maintaining liquidity in investments cannot be overstated especially for retirees

    7. Europeans were one of the earliest cultures to formally recognize the importance of the ocean to their agricultural practices

    8. shows the importance of this passage in Acts 7:25 - “For he supposed his brethren

    9. expressing the importance of forgiveness in Luke 23:34 - “Then said Jesus, Father,

    10. (27) Emphasize the importance of being a vessel of honor so that holy men are prepared

    11. Because of his influence (either financial or importance in the community) he had to run

    12. Because they were equal to men in receiving salvation and in their importance to the

    13. “Anyway, what is a would-be doctor good for? You should wait for him to finish his studies, and that could take ages! Like an old friend of mine, who had an affair with a medicine student, she waited for him to take his diploma, she even helped him financially to open his surgery, and in the end he dumped her! So, what did you expect? It's a fortunate thing that he hasn't called!” she concludes with a shrieking voice and her usual air of importance

    14. In a casual relationship, the importance is always for the physical attributes

    15. “I never said I have diplomas! But maybe I do have some and you know nothing about it!” she answers with an air of importance

    16. I was still deep in the fugue of selfish misery, and I barely comprehended the importance of this simple movement

    17. "You still don't understand the importance

    18. By this I mean that at the moment, maybe food is of major importance to you

    19. Later that night he told Lady Emily the story, and the importance of her dragon

    20. Sitting there in that innocent white sunlight, the importance of my journey became clear, 'Mr

    21. Plates, statuettes, the framed business license and a calendar hung with equal importance beneath a clock plate and below it stood a kerosene lamp, prominent on its very own shelf, like a holy statue

    22. question to test that do you really understand the importance of model view controller

    23. They insisted he come alone as they had a matter of extreme importance to discuss with him

    24. Even in Britain, you have old Celtic traditions with great spiritual, symbolic and mythological importance, just like any religion, and they suffer too

    25. I think we should take some action to teach him to pay attention to security issues, especially if what he's doing might have some importance to the war effort

    26. importance known to the waiters and insured us good service

    27. can’t overemphasize the importance of the word doing

    28. The importance of the energy field is still not taken

    29. “A young warrior asks for a moment of your time; he says it is of utmost importance

    30. Note the importance of the

    31. In the book “Man’s Search for Meaning” the importance

    32. He had heard the motorcycle starting in the distance, but he attached no importance until he went to move the garbage can to the curb for pickup

    33. He didn’t want to say that, instead he said, “You may be seriously overestimating Tdeshi’s importance in my life

    34. ” He felt like such and ass and her importance in the institution was not lost on him

    35. “Have you been here that long?” He would be very remiss if he had kept someone of her importance waiting since lunch

    36. ’ She said apparently not giving the point any importance

    37. The shop always had at least one hunter-in-residence whose sole job in life was to keep the place vermin-free, and they took their position of importance very seriously indeed

    38. digested the importance of the information just imparted

    39. 'Excellent! This man is of the highest importance to

    40. He screamed and threatened, but Jorma didn’t care, it might be evidence, it had a serial number etched into the glass so something of importance must have been in it

    41. If you wish to complete these things, I have put them in steps of importance, if followed the place will be operational in only a few months

    42. which was full of its own self importance

    43. It is of utmost importance for us to have a renewing of the mind

    44. He knows the importance of the knowledge he holds

    45. "How does he know anything of such world-wide importance if he's that new?"

    46. The early Church understood the importance of ministering out

    47. He wanted to play her importance down as much as possible, but in the long run that wouldn't be profitable

    48. human life, and of the importance of preparing his soul for

    49. She already knew of their vast aggregate economic importance but she never thought of their vast knowledge base

    50. artificer whatever ; and the trust which is reposed in him is of much greater importance

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    importance grandness significance concern interest moment weight import portent