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    1. In recent years it has become clear that not only does interest and capacity for sex continue well beyond menopause, but that many women report an increased enjoyment of sex because worries about unwanted pregnancy are no longer a concern

    2. I appreciate your concern

    3. · Do not worry too much about things that do not directly concern you

    4. Some of these are CRY, SOS, World Vision, HelpAge, Oxfam, Global Cancer Concern etc are

    5. A bit shocked, Al Snafu peers with concern at John, trying to remember where they might have met

    6. Craggy, rugged, once handsome but now lined by late nights of concern for his community, his country and for the world

    7. "Yeah, that's not my greatest concern but Biology Base feels a bit cramped?"

    8. A look of concern grows on his face

    9. These prayers concern us just as much as they

    10. It wasn't the best arrangement, morale-wise, but as Chief Security Officer, that was none of her concern

    11. were light years ahead with un-detectable methods and didn't even concern themselves with being discovered

    12. His concern nearly brings on the tears

    13. The baggage handler felt such serious concern that he double checked the computer himself, and found it was true

    14. Nobody else lifted their eyes, not even the tiniest bit of concern

    15. ” Moses’ meekness came from a genuine concern for the salvation of the

    16. His concern showed

    17. There are always individuals (either family or cliques) whose main concern is to rule - not whether the church grows

    18. As the chapter title indicates, this chapter will concern itself with some final thoughts, or observations concerning a congregation without an eldership

    19. "And why is that my concern?" Enrico asked

    20. This passage teaches that all the members of the body of Christ should work together with each other, having the same care and concern for one another, with each member using his

    21. The lead guard, Steven, a relatively new guy on the block, seemed confused, alternating between real concern and short-tempered, bullying frustration

    22. Herndon was a major investor in their concern, Mechobras, and at least as much an owner of the boat as Byram

    23. concern yourself with your “vibrational” state of your feelings

    24. you no longer concern yourself with the why things

    25. You no longer concern yourself with the critique of others,

    26. ’ She said softly, concern written all over her face

    27. Then he remembered her kneeling down beside him, holding his hand, telling him to hang on, and soothing him with her concern

    28. Catwhiskers, being sat next to Poopsie, was showing concern for

    29. He looked at her and for the first time he noticed the real concern on her face

    30. Any time there are multiple humans it is cause for concern

    31. ’ She replied, concern loud in her voice

    32. The concern in her voice nearly sets off the tears again … I fight them back and try for a positive tone of voice as I reply

    33. “How’s the foot?” He was looking at her with concern

    34. Yes Daniel, do not concern yourself, Jake purred to himself

    35. "I don't have information on our crew's bedding habits, but I perceive Luray to have concern for her companion's character also

    36. Sally came to his side, concern on her face

    37. And that was her only concern

    38. He tried to sound as light and as jovial as he could but his eyes spoke a different language, revealing a mix of concern and tiredness in the face of so many disappointments

    39. "My concern is to find out if we have an unstable situation here

    40. Concern writ large on his face, Orens reaches out quickly to stop me falling

    41. As for Nikos, he showed a professional measured concern wrapped in amiable compassion

    42. Through the aircraft windows you have the energy and beauty of nature, and always remember that all your misgivings stem from an understandable anticipation and concern

    43. I appreciate your concern, and the love you have towards your fellow rider

    44. Their concern for each other kept them both from complaining, but it was obvious that they were in pain

    45. I appreciate your concern Ichor, it has been ten months, but it still hurts sometimes like it was only yesterday

    46. James thanked Daowyn for his concern but assured him that he was just fine

    47. Lady Kate said with great concern, “Oh hurry, we must be there for her

    48. I mention it only to make you aware that your safety is my concern

    49. "Should I give my wife that instruction? I have concern for her soul also

    50. “I understand your concern Lord Duncan; you are very protective towards her,” Lord Tarak laid his hand on Duncan’s shoulder, “it is only natural

    1. As far as everyone was concerned, I could prevent people from turning into zombies

    2. "Redhead?" Herndon was concerned, "the same Venna who was with Tahlmute till he got mixed up in that shonggot scandal?"

    3. True religion is concerned with belief in a supernatural power

    4. Some grandparents are concerned that they are missing out on their grandchildren's everyday lives and special experiences

    5. ‘She’s a very capable, sensible and efficient woman, I should think … just got a blind spot where this one man is concerned

    6. He was more concerned with the three tens she had used in the eye room

    7. Unfortunately we are least concerned about the deterioration that is taking place in these three pillars of environment

    8. Her happy whistling turned to a concerned hum

    9. especially where men are concerned

    10. "As far as I'm concerned you can make a cherub of him any time

    11. They are concerned with who is on top

    12. ‘But surely it is over and done with as far as I am concerned

    13. ‘I’d like to think so, but Ditton is still concerned about the way you were set up … he thinks that Dan may have murdered Joanna

    14. ‘Mum, if the Inspector rings, give him my mobile number, will you?’ he said, looking concerned

    15. ’ I said quickly, gratified by her passion but concerned that she should not waste her energy on the man

    16. ‘I gather that the Inspector is concerned about the fact I was framed as the likely murderer and thinks that … that someone hates me sufficiently to … to take things further

    17. This Yama is not only concerned about the non-stealing of material objects but also the stealing of other's ideas and other forms of possession

    18. ’ I said concerned that perhaps their marriage is breaking up

    19. It is not concerned with the achievements of the body

    20. The greatest effort is not concerned with results

    21. ’ he said sounding truly concerned … I suppose in a way my losing my job is a direct result of him taking me in for questioning … but the man was only doing his job

    22. Dave is still scratching his head over the encounter with the old man, but John doesn’t seem concerned

    23. Lopez is also the founder of the ClubIG which he started in an effort to raise the consciousness of all those concerned with their environment The club publishes a newsletter every month on website or yearly via snail mail, which discusses new products new procedures, and a number of timely topics relating to planting and growing

    24. Where a bit of extra cash was concerned the old man always

    25. No, I’ve gone and done it as far as he’s concerned, that is pretty clear

    26. Concerned, I hurry over to where she is sitting and, putting one arm round her shoulders, give her a hug

    27. ’ I replied, watching her desperately trying to not let me see that she is concerned about it

    28. "Healthy adults of sound mind simply disappear and it is a mystery to all concerned

    29. concerned the believers in Ephes, because Paul was led by the Holy Spirit

    30. ‘As Stephen’s mother, I am touched that you are that concerned for him, but as your friend … and I hope you see me as such … as your friend, I have to say that I don’t see you as you describe

    31. I was concerned that you might not

    32. She was not concerned with the ethics

    33. "It sounds like you are now much more concerned about that fact that my sister has come to her senses about you than you are about the fact that the shuttlecraft is in orbit

    34. He is concerned about foes "without" and "within" (false teachers and schismatics)

    35. Just - Moses was very concerned with justice

    36. Did not care who got the credit - Moses was not concerned with receiving

    37. Peter was concerned with forgiveness in Matthew 18:21-22 - “Then

    38. It is reassuring hearing this, but I am still concerned

    39. The work of the local church is an ongoing work and even if there are elders we need not content ourselves with saying that we need not be concerned over

    40. Sadly, some congregations are more concerned about entertaining the

    41. Is anyone really concerned about the direction the church is

    42. However, any time I try to hold him, his concerned mother hastens to take him off my hands at once!

    43. A student of the Bible, David is concerned with the direction of today’s church and to this end will assist this editor to publish materials much needed in the church today

    44. As far as external stimuli are concerned I remember little other than a dull ache of occasional electric light and the return of Smiler’s simple, direct and low-level violence

    45. He began to get concerned as he followed it farther into the female side of the ship

    46. Jesus was very concerned about people having proper leadership

    47. He might be more concerned about his own admission

    48. Rose is very concerned that you’ve cut off communication with Nick, she hasn’t said much, but she sees a lot and she’s very close to him

    49. ‘Kate’s also concerned that she might have contracted an STD

    50. sitting there so desperately concerned … the tears threaten again

    1. communicate with Him throughout that day concerning

    2. Perhaps his/her current wild lifestyles are disappointing, frustrating, or clearly concerning

    3. Concerning the whitefly problem

    4. She had heard my previous remarks to a caller concerning ants and aphids and their relationship

    5. This Chapter will strictly discuss the application of nutritional foliar spraying and not the use of foliar spraying concerning pest controls

    6. (preposition - concerning) The movie is about to start

    7. We need to renew our mind concerning the knowledge that God

    8. ‘… which has re-activated local discussion concerning Mrs Elizabeth Wynell, the woman who was helping police with their enquiries recently, but the police have refuted any suggestion that Mrs Wynell is connected with this

    9. To be patient means to stay strong concerning

    10. Concerning their reward, what could be more alluring than the promise of a blissful “life after death” – even if it is intended only for “a few, chosen ones”?

    11. decisions concerning the local work

    12. Many years ago there was interest and discussion concerning the building of a new

    13. In (Acts 6) when a need arose concerning some needy widows the apostles had the

    14. instruction concerning the exclusion of woman from all public praying and teaching

    15. As the chapter title indicates, this chapter will concern itself with some final thoughts, or observations concerning a congregation without an eldership

    16. Verse three is from Psalms 69:9, a prophecy concerning Jesus Christ

    17. well learned concerning the qualifications and duties of elders

    18. worship, baptism, and apostasy, and know how to refute errors concerning these and other

    19. What are they escaping from? Many of the prophecies concerning Israel’s final return is mentioned either right after torment, or it gives the sense of no more torment

    20. For David speaketh concerning him, I foresaw the Lord always before my face, for he is on my right hand, that I should not be moved: therefore did my heart rejoice, and my tongue was glad; moreover also my flesh shall rest in hope: because thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption

    21. Then, when he heard all of the details concerning the young man, who was, as it was now becoming clear, quite widely known as The Telephone Man, he realised that it had, in fact, been a very close shave for his daughter

    22. This is also concerning the ever desirable life partner relationship, and the ability to seem as a potential candidate

    23. details concerning the young man, who was, as it was now

    24. “It is Ogatu Law concerning a Lord Holder; he must be proved to be a betrayer to the Queen and Aura

    25. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is

    26. concerning all that is done under the sky

    27. Therefore I began to cause my heart to despair concerning all the labor in which I had

    28. He knew that, and wasn’t going to tell Kemberra that she was caught up in the trouble herself, or that he was helping her, or about the reports he’d had to fill out concerning this

    29. could decide on a course of action concerning the crossing

    30. The documents concerning meetings with salesmen and such were arranged by schedule, so that as one conference was ended, the attendant paperwork might simply be moved to the bottom of the stack or removed to a separate case, leaving the next meeting's documents on top and ready for reference

    31. It was from none other than Medical Ethical Oversight and no doubt it was concerning his people’s questioning of people in their Logistics Operations

    32. This was another committee he should have looked into concerning the bad tail, they used operatives often and he wouldn’t be surprised if they had contracted that bad tail

    33. On the day before his departure, he approached Samuel concerning the notion his wife had put in his head about their dependents having a limited tour of the continent, as it were

    34. He was still mad about her disrespect for his advice concerning the property, but it wasn't I told you so that slid from his lips

    35. concerning anything that they ask it

    36. " she thought he meant concerning Sara, until he drew her close enough, she could feel his hot breath on her nose

    37. concerning the LORD; the hungry they

    38. concerning the land, and say to the

    39. "He hasn't made one decision concerning this place

    40. This is all that I think necessary to be observed at present concerning the deviations, whether occasional or permanent, of the market price of commodities from the natural price

    41. While sitting in an elegant chair and gazing about at the beautiful surroundings, he chanced to hear a discussion concerning the best way of getting his eyes before he should die

    42. Ramuzzini, an eminent Italian physician, has written a particular book concerning such diseases

    43. They say nothing concerning the bad effects of high profits ; they are silent with regard to the pernicious effects of their own gains; they complain only of those of other people

    44. Had it not been for all the secrecy and mysteriousness concerning the Alan case he would have said, 'yeah, besides being beautiful, she's quite a storyteller too

    45. Digression concerning the Variations in the value of Silver during the Course of the Four last Centuries

    46. This statute is surely a better evidence of what was reckoned, in those times, a moderate price of grain, than the prices of some particular years, which have generally been recorded by historians and other writers, on account of their extraordinary dearness or cheapness, and from which, therefore, it is difficult to form any judgment concerning what may have been the ordinary price

    47. ˜ But how various soever may have been the opinions of the learned concerning the progress of the value of silver during the first period, they are unanimous concerning it during the second

    48. After all the wonderful tales which have been published concerning the splendid state of those countries in ancient times, whoever reads, with any degree of sober judgment, the history of their first discovery and conquest, will evidently discern that, in arts, agriculture, and commerce, their inhabitants were much more ignorant than the Tartars of the Ukraine are at present

    49. enough not only concerning the religion, but also in

    50. I have not been able to find any such authentic records concerning the price of raw hides in ancient times

    1. "She may have many more customers for her information and that is what concerns us

    2. · The retirement period could be further subdivided into phases such as (i) when you are still as active as earlier say till 65-68, (ii) you need to slow down and take-up less strenuous activities say till around 70-72 and (iii) the traditional retirement when your health concerns take over fully

    3. Bring before Him everything that concerns you

    4. So far as concerns congregational obligation, and expedient is that which is in harmony with the Scriptures, in which there is inherent advantage, and which may be

    5. "Are there any other concerns?" Alfred held his breath again

    6. ‘My business frequently relates to other people’s nearest concerns … carrying specialist information, finding out what is going on in a certain area

    7. One of the major concerns for those who have been labeled "Nice” is their lack of ability to build relationships

    8. "It concerns my marriage," he said

    9. When it comes to fear, this type of prayer is most helpful if you deliberately turn over your concerns to a higher power and believe that they will be taken care of

    10. He had concerns about her being so much smaller than him, that he might hurt her; but she put that to rest

    11. Captain Alexei is following my instructions to the letter; you need not have any concerns in this matter

    12. It concerns an ancient teacher who travels the universe aiding in the evolution

    13. 8The LORD will perfect that which concerns me: thy mercy, O LORD, endures for ever:

    14. What concerns her are the small things

    15. His thoughts had matured to concerns, and his concerns finally moved him to action

    16. The institution known as the Kassikan made most of it’s money by spinning off industrial concerns using technologies that were discovered by the Kassikan

    17. information,” Bram replied, also lowering his voice, “It concerns the

    18. nowadays, are supposed to eschew all political concerns in the world

    19. The suite was such that both travelers were able to attend to their own grooming and hygienic concerns separately, and at the same time

    20. Surely you have greater concerns to occupy your

    21. I was at a loss to see the import of his apparent concerns

    22. The exemptions offered through testing might make their concerns moot, yet each continued to devise alternate plans should an exemption for themselves not be forthcoming

    23. Temperature was not high on his list of concerns

    24. ” She recovered quickly, “Here am I seeking my own comforts and ignoring your pre-imminent concerns as a mother

    25. concerns over the guilt of the Apothecary

    26. Any concerns he had over protocol were quickly

    27. thoughts preoccupied with concerns for his wife

    28. very low on his list of concerns

    29. This concerns being put under combat rules

    30. The natives concerns were so much less for their position and status than for just having fun

    31. Owned by Denmark, this is the world’s largest island and it is at the forefront at concerns over melting ice and climate change

    32. It is not the body that concerns me but the mind

    33. the employers, whose interest it so much concerns

    34. She enjoyed the company of someone she could converse with, someone who was able to understand what she did and her concerns

    35. Pascal’s inner unrest, the complexity of his concerns are

    36. This is the time to turn over your problems and concerns to the

    37. headlines, which concerns you the most

    38. intrude themselves into a man’s concerns

    39. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about any concerns or

    40. Then create an up-sell that solves their concerns or problems

    41. Many of the objections will be around fear or concerns about how good

    42. and then address each of those concerns

    43. ancients had concerns high aesthetic, the

    44. But, this is not what concerns me now

    45. That has been a point of quandary and one of our major concerns in regard to what the future holds for us as a species

    46. To dream that you are at the dentist represents your concerns about your appearance

    47. To dream that you are being indifferent suggests that you are trying to hide your true concerns

    48. To dream of your internal organ indicates concerns about your health

    49. To dream that there is a bug in your salad represents worries and concerns about your health

    50. On and around they went, some answering, some questioning, the Elf was inclined to second Deni's concerns: “Let's continue this over breakfast

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    concern headache vexation worry care fear business business concern business organisation business organization bear on come to have to do with pertain refer relate touch touch on interest occupy consideration burden thought reference part matter problem duty job relation bearing consequence connection association enterprise corporation establishment firm office partnership relate to pertain to depend upon implicate apply to include belong to trouble disquiet bother disturb preoccupy perturb