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    1. steeled herself for the moment, for the delivery of her cold impregnable stare towards

    2. This plastic wasn't impregnable, it gave when he pressed at it, but he couldn't get a good angle to try and break it

    3. However, the stronger the self-image (the more impregnable the cage), the harder it is to change the way you see yourself and the world in which you live

    4. The place was practically impregnable from infantry attack

    5. The evolution of uniform military standards, however, subsequently rendered militias, in the traditional sense, obsolete until the events of 9/11 raised important questions about our nation‘s seemingly impregnable borders that have subsequently lent legitimacy to the efforts of ―Minutemen‖ who routinely patrol our porous Southwestern borders with this one notable exception: most are likely to employ binoculars rather than muskets

    6. From this angle it looked quite impregnable

    7. In nine days he took two of their supposedly impregnable strong points, Venosa and Ripacandida

    8. To make his intent vividly clear, Black added that the wall shall be “high and impregnable,” as if to prevent any whiff of God from leaking through

    9. Justice Black obligingly erected his “high and impregnable wall” to satisfy that need

    10. When she cast it, their Battle Shield became impregnable, many of the spells and missiles sent at them began to miss, and many of the others were changed and sent back at their attackers

    11. On the other side, very few dwell close to the border since Venak is mainly a sea-fairing nation, and according to our sources, they believe those Wards to be impregnable, so there will be minimal military presence on their frontier, if any

    12. His centre was almost impregnable and housed twenty tanks and many heavy guns which would take their places guarding the new republic

    13. Someone had access to the Romanov treasure, and one day -- he hoped it would be soon -- information would break down the bastions, penetrate the impregnable walls, and the gold would be restored to its rightful owner, Grand Duchess Sophie

    14. It was calculated that the structure could easily adsorb the destructive force of a truck full of explosives and, for those fortunate to be allowed into the cities, the impregnable external walls and the towering buildings within represented a reassuring security as they looked out from their apartments

    15. Even more than the loss of all those soldiers, the taking of Singapore, which had been flaunted as a supposedly impregnable fortress, marked an enormous loss of prestige for the empire

    16. I have opened up a mountain for the Tolteca to safely rest, this impregnable stronghold is in the mountains to the west and will henceforth be called Bo-elon, after this meeting, you will collect everything you need and leave Tollan and go to Bo-elon, you have only two days before the collectors arrive, so make haste, from our stronghold we will wage a war of attrition, hit hard and run, we cannot meet them on the field yet, but I promise that day will come, we can expect no quarter and we will give no quarter, any Tolteca slaves will rejoin us, the rest will not be harmed or taken, they will be sent back to Teotihuacan or where-ever they want to go, there will be no heroics, no one on one encounters, we cannot afford any losses and be warned I will not tolerate anybody playing stupid games with the enemy, we will fight from a distance, using the weapons of surprise and fear, we will not give them an enemy to fight, at Bo-elon our warriors have been training in these tactics, the best bowmen have been formed into a regiment, The Toxon, to begin our campaign it will be these warriors that exact our revenge on the Teoti and his forces, never again will any tyrant grind the proud Tolteca under his heel, now go and pack your belongings, there will be a guide in the main square to escort you to Bo-elon where you will find the rest of the Toltec nation, because of that treacherous priest, Tollan is the last settlement to leave, remember the gods fight with you, if you remain true to them you cannot lose, now go quickly

    17. In an operation that involved the formation of the largest invasion fleet in history, the massed Allied armies successfully landed in Normandy to punch a hole in Hitler’s seemingly impregnable Atlantic Wall

    18. The place appeared to be impregnable

    19. Since his father’s death, an impregnable concrete dam had resided inside of Paul's teenage heartbroken soul

    20. “It would certainly help if you could break into the banking computer systems,” said Will, “although from what you say they are virtually impregnable

    21. And yet, in spite of all that - together with the banks’ own sophisticated security systems, which were themselves deemed to be impregnable - in spite of all that, it appeared that someone, somewhere, had managed to gain unauthorised access

    22. Nobody he had consulted had been able to throw any light on the subject at all, and they could only conclude that Computer Solutions had somehow compromised what they had all hitherto believed to be an impregnable security system

    23. “Money is being shifted around by someone, somewhere, who seems able to circumvent our supposedly impregnable security system,” said Vaughan

    24. The 4758 crypto-processor the banks use was thought to be impregnable until he came along, and they weren’t amused when he got into it

    25. That which is eternal is so strong and impregnable that arms cannot

    26. Something about the real truth though, is kinda hypnotic—compelling all who ascribe to it to butt their heads against the never-yielding stone walls of their fellow humans’ impregnable brains

    27. Impregnable to anything at all remotely logical, that is

    28. senses at the core are the impregnable redoubts

    29. Anne’s tears continued to flow, but her expression was sullen and impregnable

    30. The fortress, due to its height of more than thirteen hundred feet above the shores of the Dead Sea, was considered to be impregnable

    31. The dome section and Mohammed’s private ward housing his treasures were impregnable

    32. The system had been carefully designed to be impregnable for batch operations, so he had to bypass it another way

    33. Every man’s house supposed to be an impregnable castle-fortress insulated from the reality of the hostile outer world, from the hostile natives whose land they had stolen

    34. But, to his frustration, it seemed ever more impregnable

    35. The palace is impregnable

    36. It is impregnable for the most part, as it was first built remodeled as a bomb shelter, by a group of Swiss businessman during World War II

    37. It is in a word impregnable

    38. impregnable silence had surrounded him and a wave of profound affection for the boy

    39. The Union always swarming with blatherers and always sure and impregnable, The unsurvey'd interior, log-houses, clearings, wild animals,

    40. The first to fall was the Goletta, until then reckoned impregnable, and it fell, not by any fault of its defenders, who did all that they could and should have done, but because experiment proved how easily entrenchments could be made in the desert sand there; for water used to be found at two palms depth, while the Turks found none at two yards; and so by means of a quantity of sandbags they raised their works so high that they commanded the walls of the fort, sweeping them as if from a cavalier, so that no one was able to make a stand or maintain the defence

    41. All this I say, exalted and esteemed lady, because it seems to me that for us to remain any longer in this castle now is useless, and may be injurious to us in a way that we shall find out some day; for who knows but that your enemy the giant may have learned by means of secret and diligent spies that I am going to destroy him, and if the opportunity be given him he may seize it to fortify himself in some impregnable castle or stronghold, against which all my efforts and the might of my indefatigable arm may avail but little? Therefore, lady, let us, as I say, forestall his schemes by our activity, and let us depart at once in quest of fair fortune; for your highness is only kept from enjoying it as fully as you could desire by my delay in encountering your adversary

    42. In time of war the thousand citizens are to stand like a rampart impregnable against the world or the Persian host; in time of peace the preparation for war and their duties to the State, which are also their duties to one another, take up their whole life and time

    43. On the other hand, those steadfast natures which can better be depended upon, which in a battle are impregnable to fear and immovable, are equally immovable when there is anything to be learned; they are always in a torpid state, and are apt to yawn and go to sleep over any intellectual toil

    44. he was now confined in the Chateau d'If, that impregnable fortress, ignorant of the future destiny of his father and Mercedes; and all this because he had trusted to Villefort's promise

    45. He described the cataract of Glenn's; the impregnable position of its rocky island, with its caverns and its numerous rapids and whirlpools; he named the name of "La Longue Carabine," and paused until the forest beneath them had sent up the last echo of a loud and long yell, with which the hated appellation was received

    46. de Villefort; but, like the feudal barons who rebelled against their sovereign, he dwelt in an impregnable fortress

    47. That night (our third in Maple White Land) we had an experience which left a fearful impression upon our minds, and made us thankful that Lord John had worked so hard in making our retreat impregnable

    48. before met anyone who was so completely impregnable

    49. The heights of Kennesaw were impregnable

    50. “The lines around Kennesaw Mountain are impregnable

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    impregnable inexpugnable conceptive inviolable secure strong unassailable unattackable fast