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Secure en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I need you to secure.
  2. Let me secure the dogs.
  3. Glyn, I am quite secure.
  4. It will be secure (there).
  5. She needed a secure haven.

  6. It was secure on her back.
  7. West for a secure transfer.
  8. It made the worker secure.
  9. Damn chest is too secure.
  10. I ran it through a secure.
  11. I tugged, but it was secure.
  12. I felt secure and confident.
  13. Eeew, that's not very secure.
  14. It made her feel safe, secure.
  15. He felt his future was secure.

  16. You can be strong and secure.
  17. She felt protected and secure.
  18. The cockpit was safe and secure.
  19. Your task is to secure the.
  20. I had to secure that chopper!.
  21. She could feel secure at last!.
  22. Secure the blessings of liberty.
  23. Go make it as secure as you can.
  24. I already know how secure it is.
  25. Facilities so secure that only.

  26. Put the secure back into security.
  27. The vehicle was quiet and secure.
  28. Secure in the knowledge that no.
  29. His wings are patience and secure.
  30. He checked his secure mobile phone.
  31. Even death doesnt secure release.
  32. He had never been as secure since.
  33. Once happy she was secure, he set.
  34. His own merits must soon secure it.
  35. Their remit was to secure the area.
  36. He checked that her gag was secure.
  37. Behind his authority she was secure.
  38. It made us feel secure and happy.
  39. Just secure it in the chair, please.
  40. He rushed to the office to secure a.
  41. Go your way and make the tomb secure.
  42. Seeing you here, she may feel secure.
  43. Your relationship with Sam is secure.
  44. He wanted him in secure surroundings.
  45. His arm was secure and would not move.
  46. William and I were secure financially.
  47. After we secure this place, I intend.
  48. All is well and secure at the site.
  49. Rex! There was a secure one kilometer.
  50. Secure me so I can withstand the storm.
  51. Eventually he did manage to secure one.
  52. It felt secure, friendly and pleasant.
  53. Fold closed and secure with toothpicks.
  54. Not even the job she had was so secure.
  55. Herod did not feel secure on his throne.
  56. I feel much more secure now I know this.
  57. Gretel says it is the most secure place.
  58. He smiled, his look confident and secure.
  59. With him, you can keep your seat secure.
  60. I tugged on the rope, but it was secure.
  61. By doing so, they can secure a premium.
  62. I felt safe and secure as a member but.
  63. The most secure way of using TANs is to.
  64. This is fragile cargo as well as secure.
  65. I’m normally happy and secure in this.
  66. Louie knew that his knot had been secure.
  67. She felt contented and secure in his arms.
  68. Will you be left secure in what is here?
  69. It’s a no-no in most secure facilities.
  70. I had practically nobody secure in my life.
  71. At least we would know the line was secure.
  72. She felt safe and secure in the half-cocoon.
  73. But the defences are more secure tonight.
  74. Hold still while I secure it to your collar.
  75. All communication channels are still secure.
  76. I will make voting more secure and reliable.
  77. It was much more secure than the front door.
  78. That was the most secure room in the mansion.
  79. Balthus felt more secure as they followed it.
  80. How secure is the safe room? Rapp asked.
  81. Please secure yourselves for landing, D.
  82. All true Christians are truly secure in Jesus.
  83. The Spirit wil secure us in the truth, as St.
  84. You can lay down the foundation for a secure.
  85. He worked to secure Sam’s office for their.
  86. He managed to secure a cart and a small horse.
  87. We need to secure this place to the maximum.
  88. Your passport and tickets are safe and secure.
  89. How about, all the way out of the secure area.
  90. Before that happens I’ll need to secure the.
  91. This is the best way to secure a rope to a post.
  92. Gary set up just for her with a secure password.
  93. Molly, will you secure the door, please?
  94. She has her Christian walk secure and set and.
  95. Nick and Vera grew more secure in their marriage.
  96. I almost forgot, we will secure the borders so.
  97. I wanted a life that was comfortable and secure.
  98. I was just too comfortable and secure not to be.
  99. This is a code red, secure the area immediately.
  100. To secure an advantage, and to bolster the as-.
  1. Upon securing the steamer, he was.
  2. In addition to securing the Arkin.
  3. His energy is concentrated upon securing.
  4. Not without securing a route for escape.
  5. Securing future development and achieving.
  6. As more police arrive, they begin securing.
  7. He reinforced this instruction by securing.
  8. Again, beware of securing a profit too soon.
  9. I said, securing a place near the food table.
  10. Richard had spared no expense in securing them.
  11. Prospecting and securing the potential customers.
  12. She reached for the heavy wooden bar securing them.
  13. Securing the offices up, Megan made her way back home.
  14. Tie cord below the stones, securing them in position.
  15. Row! Soren said, securing his grip around his ore.
  16. Here we go, he said securing the weapon to his belt.
  17. Mary fumbled at the leather strap securing her left wrist.
  18. Fencing, securing the livestock, guard dog/s, and motion.
  19. Whereas the way of securing knowledge, the worthwhile.
  20. Some elves and Amy are securing Beatrice in the back seat.
  21. After securing the latch on each side of the car—some-.
  22. This was his shot at securing a place for himself in history.
  23. A claim created by state statutes for the purpose of securing.
  24. A frenzied battle had been fought securing me within the spear.
  25. She had no problem securing a great deal with her Californian.
  26. By this means he succeeded in securing a verdict against Gavryl.
  27. We’ve put in blood, sweat and tears into securing this deal.
  28. In this way, they are aiding in securing the family financially.
  29. Democracy, for all its faults, was an attempt at securing balance.
  30. Start your march from there, securing each intersection as you go.
  31. The locked door and steel cuffs securing her ankles were her creation.
  32. Right then, he was securing my release from US military and HS custody.
  33. Bhagirath was supervising the key task of the securing of the prisoners.
  34. The difficulty lies however, in securing such competent representation.
  35. Owners of the selling firm often agree an earn-out as a way of securing.
  36. By securing a [lace on the Earth, the falling object will finally rest.
  37. For two months I hunted thus, and no day passed without my securing, an.
  38. Pass the end of the rope around securing point and up through this twist.
  39. However, it has not succeeded in securing its position in the first page.
  40. I stacked many sticks and small logs on my hip, securing them with my arm.
  41. As much as my mind was focused on winning our next two games and securing a.
  42. Section 42(1), the Reserve Bank, having regard to the needs of securing the.
  43. What happened? I ask motioning towards the girl while securing the door.
  44. He tucked her into bed, pulling the sheets around her, securing her properly.
  45. By securing your own health and happiness, you guarantee that the health and.
  46. Whether it was lust for me or desire in securing his power, I would never know.
  47. The Combined Chiefs stressed 'the importance of securing the Rome aerodromes’.
  48. I quickly fitted the replacement, securing it with brass pins, testing the key.
  49. For this end, steps should be taken towards securing their permanent endowment.
  50. Offline businesses can really maximize this strategy for securing new customers.
  51. Bending down, he drove another hook into either ankle, securing her to the floor.
  52. Even bad loans did not hurt as long as the value of the home securing the loan.
  53. Rivers? I hope this delay will not have increased the difficulty of securing it.
  54. The big man spent time securing the plane, tying it to anchor points on the apron.
  55. He lifted an oxygen tank like it was a tin of hairspray, securing it in its holder.
  56. About the ruins the others were cutting down trees and securing material for a fire.
  57. Shoot and kill minds is far easier than securing life, good in humanitarian approach.
  58. Elsing, more artful in securing her own ends than the silver-haired sweet-voiced Mrs.
  59. We want to clarify this concept of securing absolute limited risk versus managing risk.
  60. Not once has wireless telegraphy failed in calling and securing help on the high seas.
  61. Next Brock placed the piece of bark on top, securing it with lengths of twisted grass.
  62. Unfortunately this is the result which many are securing, and the cause is self evident.
  63. Thus she knew she is still dependent on the husband in securing the needs of the family.
  64. In that perspective, while sharing files unlawfully might translate into securing better.
  65. The cabinets were locked, but the mechanisms were simpler than the ones securing the door.
  66. He offered to pay the Russians if they would assist him in securing my rightful heritage.
  67. Those funds could have solved many budget problems and gone a long way to securing the nation.
  68. From the day I first saw you, all my hopes of happiness have been in securing your affection.
  69. They were ushered below and the lashing securing Carla’s helicopter to the deck, was removed.
  70. By securing a perfect understanding of the principles, forces, methods, and combinations of mind.
  71. Start the thread on the hook by wrapping it around the shaft a few times securing it with a knot.
  72. He made trips up and down the stairs taking our possessions, then securing them onto the donkey.
  73. His arms were stretched out securing the bundles and Connor glimpsed at the scars with a shudder.
  74. Ingathering: Harvest time; the act or business of collecting and securing the fruits of the earth.
  75. Norris, about the supper hour, were all for the sake of securing her at that part of the evening.
  76. Once they had finished securing the wolf, they retreated back into the forest, beckoning for him.
  77. To achieve this arrangement I need to install a clamp securing the tank for this filling position.
  78. It's his way of securing the monks' loyalty and they are competing with one another to please him.
  79. Still, he continued securing their territory, speculating that some enemies might still be around.
  80. He was monitoring the Marine progress as they worked up through the apartment building, securing it.
  81. But, instead of securing it to a pylon, they tied it to a ferry jetty with predictable consequences.
  82. As the ship steady’s momentarily upright, Cass finishes securing his side of the cargo’s mooring.
  83. It was operated by the Madison family after securing land and prosperity, but only for a short while.
  84. For many years he was instrumental in securing top-drawer speakers for their Wednesday noon meetings.
  85. Either she has improved her hacking technique or we were too quick off the mark in securing it better.
  86. Securing the rest of their luggage in the cloakroom, they exited with a suitcase that Raja Rao carried.
  87. And then securing his makeshift pack over his shoulder, he backs away from her into the receiving room.
  88. He leans down and kisses my throat, hard, and his hands smooth over me, securing themselves at my waist.
  89. Drape the parachute over this and the wall, securing it with a further row of blocks on top of the wall.
  90. Misty May-Treanor (USA) retired in July 2012 after securing gold at the London Olympics (see below).
  91. What? What’s that? asked Anna Pávlovna, securing silence for the mot, which she had heard before.
  92. He was monitoring the Marine progress as they worked up through the apartment building, securing it.
  93. There was once a time when a high school diploma was the only requirement to securing a decent paying job.
  94. From there, each man would head to their predetermined locations on the ship, securing crew with flex cuffs.
  95. The deal was put together for her by Johnny Hyde, of course, with an eye toward securing a contract with Fox.
  96. Securing finances that might otherwise be reserved for retirement always repeated this law and so we have it.
  97. This exchange value makes it a medium for securing the things of real value whereby our ideals may be realized.
  98. Securing the ankles the same way he starts to tie two sacks together; �What are you doing?� asks Curly Pete.
  99. This says that to be in motion the position securing the motion must be in relation to a point forming a centre.
  100. I regret that I have but only one life to give for the cause of securing a new birth of freedom for the South.
  1. So the sale is secured.
  2. The reel is secured to.
  3. It has secured 5th rank.
  4. They secured him in the.
  5. The rope was secured to.
  6. He has secured about 160 ft.
  7. Eventually a path was secured.
  8. Before leaving he secured the.
  9. It is still secured from within.
  10. A wedge is formed, Secured in heat.
  11. The Lord has secured all family ties.
  12. Secured by what, may be only his mind.
  13. It has a strong and secured insurance.
  14. It not only secured my shoulders and.
  15. I am secured here by her wicked spells.
  16. He secured the hatchet around his gun.
  17. It secured the prosperity of a country.
  18. The secured gate leered at her mockingly.
  19. This could be secured by ensuring that.
  20. Armed soldiers had secured the area 37.
  21. Denver had secured Oak’s exit to land.
  22. She quickly secured the mask to her face.
  23. Secured the verdict cleverly by a length.
  24. They left their room and secured the door.
  25. Then the hooks were secured to the chains.
  26. There were no secured credits outstanding.
  27. A submersible rig is secured to the seabed.
  28. The bonds appeared to be adequately secured.
  29. It had secured their confidence and belief.
  30. Samir chuckled as he secured her seat belt.
  31. You have secured your place in the valley!.
  32. I secured it in place with sticky tape and.
  33. After this day, his future would be secured.
  34. Faye Anne closed and secured it behind them.
  35. Contact us when the planet has been secured.
  36. Once his head was secured, I could grab his.
  37. Then in 1305 he secured the election of the.
  38. With whatever way it is secured, this product.
  39. He secured complete plans and specifications.
  40. Henchmen secured her arms with leather straps.
  41. The years passed by and his career was secured.
  42. I secured our entrance as usual with the truck.
  43. I secured some horses and rode out immediately.
  44. He struck a bargain, a deal that secured both.
  45. Refusing aid, he finally secured it by himself.
  46. Giving a final tug, Rose secured the braid and.
  47. They had secured the wounded man to the table.
  48. A brass head ring secured their red and white.
  49. You should also apply for a secured credit card.
  50. How is the practical working knowledge secured?
  51. It sure as hell looks like you have secured.
  52. On the other side were doors secured with locks.
  53. We locked and secured the house, closed the gate.
  54. It has now secured as an editor in New York, Rev.
  55. Anne secured the shutters as rain began to fall.
  56. She had strained against the bonds that secured.
  57. After the cross beam is secured to the vertical.
  58. Monty tied the ribbon that secured their enclosure.
  59. The Congress secured 205 out of 214 General seats.
  60. And twenty more cautious steps secured his answer.
  61. Once he secured it, she threw her arms around him.
  62. Mitch arrived after they’d secured the building.
  63. I secured horses and a place to stay for the night.
  64. The men walked out of the lift into a secured area.
  65. She was a star pupil and secured a position at IPU.
  66. A little later he secured a position in a private.
  67. I secured two horses there and started riding north.
  68. Bhaijan had secured me till now, but he's crossed it.
  69. Hence Bulstrode felt himself providentially secured.
  70. The media had secured their spots by the main gates.
  71. State Percentage of votes secured by BJP on its own.
  72. Kevin had secured the gate and was running after us.
  73. You’re on the roof now, with your rope secured.
  74. Marguerite Beauchamp, and it was he who had secured.
  75. She had secured her old age and had given me Djamila.
  76. Instead, I secured his arms behind him with his belt.
  77. Secured underneath the dome is a four-person mini-sub.
  78. In Year Eleven I secured a big part in the school play.
  79. So by tomorrow night the city will be secured?
  80. The shopper profile webpage is secured to protect all.
  81. There was, however, a cupboard, secured with a padlock.
  82. I've secured several hours' peace for the losing party.
  83. Otherwise, the testicle is secured to the scrotum with.
  84. He secured his weapon to his belt and extended his hand.
  85. Rhone took a long swig from his canteen, and secured it.
  86. It is the test conducted to ensure the product is secured.
  87. Her dress was secured under her chin by a piece of twine.
  88. Woodruff secured a length of rope through the bridles and.
  89. There is no need to worry because this service is secured.
  90. When Branan entered the basement, they had secured a rope.
  91. He secured the limp woman’s cold body to the camel’s.
  92. No matter how many items people had secured they had not.
  93. We returned to the salt lick and secured twelve more deer.
  94. The door was in shadow, secured with a combination padlock.
  95. Buoys are secured in place by concrete anchors and chains.
  96. HDTV screen secured around his forearm by two Velcro straps.
  97. Cass leans against the secured rocking stack while panting.
  98. They have secured the whole gang with the exception of him.
  99. Finally, he put her under his shirt and secured her to him.
  100. Thus, ABC News secured the exclusivity of their interviews.
  1. His Word my hope secures.
  2. What the Yogi secures by.
  3. His Word my hope secures;.
  4. And thus secures the prey we seek.
  5. The devotion that secures real-.
  6. It watches over his first moments, secures him.
  7. He secures the line to an old rusty nail on the boat.
  8. When one is afraid of theft, one secures and defends.
  9. In Part Three of mythic structure he wins the Battle, secures.
  10. Credit is a loan that a property owner secures that can be repaid.
  11. One hand slides and secures my back while the other reaches for my thigh.
  12. Everyone, while Roger secures this place for our revelation of the plot to.
  13. It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing until it gets there.
  14. The pilot is the last one to leave and he shuts down Gemini and secures her hatch.
  15. Because it protects and secures not only our online accounts but also our online activities.
  16. Once on the passenger seat, Sean secures my seat belt before hurrying to the driver’s seat.
  17. I circle my legs around Zachary’s waist and my arms around his neck while he secures me to his chest.
  18. Note how the switch line secures one end of snare arm (b), while the other rests on the keeper stick (a).
  19. One of her hands eases upward to cover that part of her face he kissed, as her other secures her throbbing heart.
  20. This type of loan may not necessarily be for a car as collateral, but some type of vehicle most often secures them.
  21. Non-exempt property that has more value than the loans it secures will be sold and the proceeds paid to creditors.
  22. The law which secures the longest leases against successors of every kind, is, so far as I know, peculiar to Great Britain.
  23. He waits while Simon helps Carthen with his small tunic, secures his shoes and tears off cloth from his cloak for both their heads.
  24. She very soon discovered that there is a charm about fine clothes which attracts a certain class of people and secures their respect.
  25. Is it admitted that the British fleet secures her from attack? If so, would not a fleet secure us from attack also? But we have it not.
  26. Without a word, he throws my bags over Sefir’s shoulders, secures them and hands me the reins, storming off to check Adamant is ready to go.
  27. Hey, what’s up with this? he looked to Del as he pointed at the headline on the international section, US Secures Cholera Treatment Supplies.
  28. When Rose learns their fate, she goes ballistic, her passion so intense that she ultimately secures the mustangs’ freedom and their return to the wild.
  29. Their monopoly secures them against all competitors in the home market, and they have the same chance for foreign markets with the traders of other nations.
  30. Gold said the amendment now offered to the rules of the House, secures to every member the right of speaking at least once on every question before the House.
  31. Thus the prohibition of importing either live cattle or salt provisions from foreign countries, secures to the graziers of Great Britain the monopoly of the home market for butcher's meat.
  32. Using these obligations as a lever, he secures the entree to the Ellersly home, though it is soon made plain to him that his intentions with respect to Anita are extremely distasteful to her.
  33. That this talent for organization and management is rare among men is proved by the fact that it invariably secures enormous rewards for its possessor, no matter where or under what laws or conditions.
  34. He, or she, then secures the cord to the desire with a secure knot of agreement which is action: receive the required education; pass the necessary tests and requirements; and apply for medical positions.
  35. Refuge: That which shelters or protects from danger, distress, or calamity; a strong hold that protects by its strength, or a sanctuary that secures safety by its sacredness; any place inaccessible to an enemy.
  36. The IF is a very important condition in this case, as the intention governs the attention, and without the attention you can secure only the results which everyone else secures: That is a supply equal to the demand.
  37. Phipps is a wise as well as a liberal giver, for he requires the city to maintain these conservatories, and thus secures for them forever the public ownership, the public interest, and the public criticism of their management.
  38. The Almighty – Who has estimated your sustenance needs and employed the animals for your service and to provide you with the necessary nutrition– not only secures your living, but also takes responsibility for feeding these animals.
  39. The judge, policeman, governor, officer will hold his position equally under Boulanger, or a republic, or Pugachév or Catherine; but he will certainly lose his position, if the existing order, which secures for him his advantageous position, falls to pieces.
  40. The Incarnation of the Divine 'Life’ secures the immortality of all who are united with Him by regeneration of the Holy Spirit, but the finally unregenerate will perish; and thus, to achieve the destruction of the greatest possible number is represented as the object of Satanic action from age to age.
  41. It is believed there are few intelligent and enlightened persons, whether geologists or not, who would fail to be gratified by a book which secures the understanding by a strict course of reasoning from facts, and delights the taste by a style bold, terse, and lucid, but at the same time rich and flowing.
  42. But what is this conviction based on? It is easy to understand that the landowner prefers to believe that the existing order is inevitable and immutable, because this existing order secures him an income from his hundreds and thousands of acres, by means of which he can lead his habitual indolent and luxurious life.
  43. But if this is so, and it is true that Christianity is incompatible with the state, there naturally arises the question: "What is more necessary for the good of humanity, what more permanently secures the good of men, the political form of life, or its destruction and the substitution of Christianity in its place?".
  44. When this bar is gradually increased by storms, tides, or currents, or there is a subsidence of the waters, so that it reaches to the surface, that which was at first but an inclination in the shore in which a thought was harbored becomes an individual lake, cut off from the ocean, wherein the thought secures its own conditions—changes, perhaps, from salt to fresh, becomes a sweet sea, dead sea, or a marsh.
  45. Though, from excess of avarice, in the same manner, the inland corn merchant should sometimes raise the price of his corn somewhat higher than the scarcity of the season requires, yet all the inconveniencies which the people can suffer from this conduct, which effectually secures them from a famine in the end of the season, are inconsiderable, in comparison of what they might have been exposed to by a more liberal way of dealing in the beginning of it the corn merchant himself is likely to suffer the most by this excess of avarice; not only from the indignation which it generally excites against him, but, though he should escape the effects of this indignation, from the quantity of corn which it necessarily leaves upon his hands in the end of the season, and which, if the next season happens to prove favourable, he must always sell for a much lower price than he might otherwise have had.

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