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    1. "Eeew, that's not very secure

    2. The real strength was waiting patiently for her return wasn't it? As well as letting her know that he would be fine until then, and letting her know that her position with him was secure, though it was filled by a temp till then

    3. "We really like to see the certificate we gave you when we took it in, especially if it's secure," the doorman said

    4. "Because it's secure, we also need the password it was stored under and that is NOT on the certificate

    5. It was a lot longer walking to the back shed where secure cargo was kept than it was riding on the second floor of a monster wagon

    6. "How about, all the way out of the secure area

    7. "They're in for investment, that's why they're back in secure

    8. "This is fragile cargo as well as secure

    9. Probably can’t catch us if we keep moving at this speed," Phipps said, "but we’ll have to stop if we actually find anything and we want to secure it

    10. "Secure the emitters," was all Burn said on comms

    1. Either the mystery man had been well secured before being murdered, or he was long dead before he arrived in Sunnyvale

    2. secured the infant with his other hand, and dodged the soldiers’ blade all in

    3. Most African tribes dressed their hair in plaits wrapped in thread, tight to the scalp, either in straight rows (hence the name) or intricate patterns and the ends were secured with thread and/

    4. the attire with a gold sash he wore over the left shoulder, secured

    5. The rope was secured to

    6. Together they carried the books and selected boxes into the vestibule, Kara clutching them while the door into the Personal Items room was secured

    7. blacksmiths and after making sure the door was secured turned

    8. was then passed around and secured the bikes to the belly side of

    9. Finally, he put her under his shirt and secured her to him

    10. I'd secured the cottage and left food and water for Ebby but there was no sign of him anywhere and I would have loved to say goodbye even though I knew he was in good hands with Demelza

    1. He secures the line to an old rusty nail on the boat

    2. Without a word, he throws my bags over Sefir’s shoulders, secures them and hands me the reins, storming off to check Adamant is ready to go

    3. The law which secures the longest leases against successors of every kind, is, so far as I know, peculiar to Great Britain

    4. Thus the prohibition of importing either live cattle or salt provisions from foreign countries, secures to the graziers of Great Britain the monopoly of the home market for butcher's meat

    5. Though, from excess of avarice, in the same manner, the inland corn merchant should sometimes raise the price of his corn somewhat higher than the scarcity of the season requires, yet all the inconveniencies which the people can suffer from this conduct, which effectually secures them from a famine in the end of the season, are inconsiderable, in comparison of what they might have been exposed to by a more liberal way of dealing in the beginning of it the corn merchant himself is likely to suffer the most by this excess of avarice; not only from the indignation which it generally excites against him, but, though he should escape the effects of this indignation, from the quantity of corn which it necessarily leaves upon his hands in the end of the season, and which, if the next season happens to prove favourable, he must always sell for a much lower price than he might otherwise have had

    6. Their monopoly secures them against all competitors in the home market, and they have the same chance for foreign markets with the traders of other nations

    7. big picture overview and it secures their buy-in

    8. What the Yogi secures by

    9. One hand slides and secures my back while the other reaches for my thigh

    10. Once on the passenger seat, Sean secures my seat belt before hurrying to the driver’s seat

    1. collected up the bicycles and after securing the workshop left for

    2. tens and fives into stacks, and took out the twenties, securing them in a lockbox

    3. Once he was out of the room, Todd quickly moved about securing her chest back into place, but with each wrap of the tape, he commented on the magic, he’d witnessed that day

    4. Edgar ran to the deck and introduced himself to the workers stating that he had been ordered to look after securing the Angula load on the port side of the ship

    5. and begin securing a couple of carcasses, my mind was

    6. to thank her for securing a waiver after all – I wanted to

    7. as he and Jean pulled on the guide rope securing the ferry

    8. he and his son were busy unfurling the sail and securing

    9. Richard had spared no expense in securing them

    10. Offline businesses can really maximize this strategy for securing new customers

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    Sinónimos para "secure"

    assure ensure guarantee insure secure batten batten down fasten fix plug stop up procure unafraid untroubled dependable good safe impregnable inviolable strong unassailable unattackable confident assured positive certain sure hopeful carefree easy protected stable fast fastened fixed bound firm obtain acquire gain achieve grasp get defend guard safeguard lock close tighten tie padlock clinch bind