Oraciones con la palabra "incumbrance"

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Incumbrance en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I also saw that I was an incumbrance in the mind of the elder, too.
  2. Under its canons investment had now become so beautifully simple that research was unnecessary and elaborate statistical data a mere incumbrance.
  3. But the turnpike tolls, being continually augmented in this manner, instead of facilitating the inland commerce of the country, as at present, would soon become a very great incumbrance upon it.
  4. In its rude beginnings, the greater part of every country is covered with wood, which is then a mere incumbrance, of no value to the landlord, who would gladly give it to any body for the cutting.
  5. This difference in the species is no doubt imputable in no small degree to the greater quantity of bone in the Right Whale; his Venetian blinds alone sometimes weighing more than a ton; from this incumbrance the Sperm Whale is wholly free.

  6. The whole expense of justice, too, might easily be defrayed by the fees of court ; and, without exposing the administration of justice to any real hazard of corruption, the public revenue might thus be entirely discharged from a certain, though perhaps but a small incumbrance.

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