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    1. wonder that across the gulf of time and space Smith became a little indecisive

    2. The winds of March blew themselves out eventually, turning the indecisive

    3. He was an honorable and decent person, but he became indecisive and spineless when around his mother

    4. indecisive which direction to go

    5. I would have happily eaten all of the mains offered (aren’t I a saint) and had to place my trust in my sister to choose for me, as I was that pathetically indecisive

    6. This in no way means that our response is weak or indecisive

    7. My fangs show no patience for my indecisive mind as they thrust my jaw wide, flashing out and piercing into Zachary’s veins

    8. Hyrcanus was weak and indecisive

    9. Herod was neither indecisive nor weak

    10. It is true that this order of things apparently can exist only with Prince Bismarck, that he is the only one capable of directing and dominating it; was this not proven in the political struggle that has just ended, where his personality united scattered and indecisive forces and was the principle element of his victory?17

    11. In adolescence, they were more likely to be seen as shying away from social contacts; to be stubborn and indecisive; to be easily upset by frustrations; to think of themselves as bad or unworthy; to regress or become immobilised by stress; to be resentful and mistrustful about not ‘getting enough’; to be prone to jealousy and envy; to overreact to irritation with a sharp temper, so provoking arguments and fights

    12. Perhaps this is why to others I appear indecisive

    13. It can also cause problems if you are indecisive to the detriment of other aspects of your life

    14. If this is indecisive the referee, after consultation with the judges, will

    15. If this is indecisive the referee, after consultation with the judges, will declare the winner by Superiority

    16. The indecisive senior officers at the admiralty let Esmonde decide whether to attack or not, no one was prepared to give him a direct order on a suicide mission

    17. Ursula braked as the farmhouse came into view and idled in the road, indecisive

    18. The radio link was then closed, leaving Yu indecisive in his command chair

    19. On the negative side, lacking the single-mindedness of the one's, they can come across as being indecisive, bland, and wishy-washy: too lacking in firmness to be masterful (unless the rest of the chart cooperates)

    20. Kan tends to be variable in its thinking – not so much indecisive as mutable; changeable; fickle; it is also rather short-tempered and impatient

    21. indecisive and flighty character was a detriment to any potential scientific career, or true academic standing, but he consistently proved them wrong

    22. the man was intensely irritating; yes, he had been terribly indecisive,

    23. At 16 I was stupid, confused and indecisive

    24. It was the same indecisive expression she’d had the day he’d asked her out

    25. ” The Guard’s indecisive eyes shifted to the corridor

    26. Helga, rather amused, yet indecisive about how to react to this

    27. ” She continued watching the snow, opened her mouth as if to say something else, apparently indecisive as to what it was she wanted to say

    28. The outcome was indecisive

    29. I was kind of indecisive at the moment

    30. Therese wasn’t sure what to do, and McAdams appeared as indecisive

    31. she indecisive, shes like most of the girls out there

    32. There was no more time to be indecisive

    33. Indecisive attempts to get rid of the dependence are also prescribed and are also initially included in the scenario

    34. comfortable Rapid KL buses,” she seems indecisive in resuming her

    35. our country’s indecisive build-then-sell housing programme – we

    36. Mayank was very indecisive

    37. indecisive, indefinite, uncertain way

    38. But he became indecisive

    39. Being split, indecisive

    40. When a caged bird is set free by its keeper, at first we see the bird hesitant and indecisive but then at last bird starts to fly on its wings

    41. "Admiral de Chateau–Renault was so indecisive as to obey this

    42. So they lodged a complaint in Madrid, and they obtained an order from the indecisive King Philip V: without unloading, the convoy would stay in custody at the offshore mooring of Vigo until the enemy fleets had retreated

    43. Note the somewhat indecisive breakout with multiple retests of the upper boundary

    44. Instead, three days after the indecisive breakout, prices plunged but did not close below the neckline in a difficult retest

    45. The deliberation is often punctuated by an indecisive day or two

    46. The indecisive message was clear and relevant

    47. The presence of indecisive signals at pivot points enhances the odds for some trades

    48. The long-legged Doji would just be a more volatile and indecisive variant

    49. The battle of Borodino was not fought on a chosen and entrenched position with forces only slightly weaker than those of the enemy, but, as a result of the loss of the Shevardino Redoubt, the Russians fought the battle of Borodino on an open and almost unentrenched position, with forces only half as numerous as the French; that is to say, under conditions in which it was not merely unthinkable to fight for ten hours and secure an indecisive result, but unthinkable to keep an army even from complete disintegration and flight

    50. ‘On the contrary, your Highness, in indecisive actions it is always the most stubborn who

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    indecisive unsettled borderline equivocal ambiguous unclear unstable hesitant ambivalent changeable wishy-washy doubtful