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    1. She always confided in him, but this was the first time he saw her unsettled by it

    2. For starters, she was a little more than unsettled at how silently he moved – normally, she was the stealthy one

    3. But his soul was unsettled

    4. But the guards and soldiers and officers in the Imperial City…when she saw their eyes fall hollow with distant shock and gripping fear, she found herself duly unsettled

    5. She opened the book with guarded hands, unsettled by the general’s ominous tone and by Maro’s retreat to the distant half of the chamber

    6. His gut told him it was all connected in ways stranger than he could currently conceive of, and he grew more unsettled with each idea

    7. Uncertain as they were of what waited ahead, all they could do was charge on and try to keep steady amid the disorienting shaking and groans of something large and unsettled

    8. Delvin indeed wondered to himself where the unsettled feelings in his gut had come from as things, by all accounts, seemed as they should be

    9. Elenir again was unsettled that the crew wasn't getting it

    10. I am sorry to have unsettled you

    11. Rikke, unsettled but very curious, could tell from the opening pages that the material within was of the bleakest, darkest stroke

    12. He was still calm however, normally a question like that would have unsettled him

    13. Another problem was the unsettled economic conditions, and a third was that the

    14. Something, however, about the girl's words that unsettled him

    15. It was the span between them that unsettled her

    16. The wheels set up a loud irritating shriek as he pulled the chair across the floor, adding to his already unsettled nerves

    17. "Look Brock, the Custodians are unsettled

    18. Yes, they have pointed the finger at all these perverse doctrines and are unsettled by all these detestable traditions, for they are The Called Out

    19. Yes, My servants are unsettled and have come out, for I have pricked them in their hearts, to the cause of the great division

    20. The thunder rumbling as it approaches? Look how the lightning flashes upon the southern skies! See how the clouds roil on the western horizon! The northern lands are anxious, and the isles of the east are unsettled!

    21. Frank’s call had really unsettled her

    22. Her earlier feelings still unsettled her

    23. The farmers are worried that things will be unsettled with the Countess’ death

    24. Gatling guns completely unsettled the Spanish troops, who retreated amidst their fire

    25. but if we feel insecure, unsettled or lack self respect, then the clothes—in

    26. This will provide your dog with a nice positive association to the area where he is normally unsettled

    27. After we landed, I was so unsettled that I had to sit in the briefing

    28. I was still unsettled at how Lucky could see that I wasn’t interested in Michelle but be completely blind to how much I wanted her

    29. She nodded stiffly, seeing her frightened unsettled me

    30. It unsettled me why and I knew it had something to do with Irina

    31. Its appearance unsettled me

    32. “I don’t know! Maybe it’s a sign!” the first guard added, reflecting the nervousness of the unsettled encampment

    33. What does it mean? What does it portend? The thought unsettled his mind even as he recast his plans

    34. With no reply from Aaron he continued, “When I leaned over to open the tent flap, I guess that it unsettled me for a moment

    35. The Lammas Lord is left alone in the draughty corridor and more than unsettled by what has occurred

    36. Trying to regulate her breathing and unclench her hand, Annyeke acknowledged the bird’s action would at least keep him warm as he slept although its presence unsettled her

    37. What surprised Simon most of all, however, was that he himself had not picked up the unsettled nature of the society he found himself in

    38. continued, “When I leaned over to open the tent flap, I guess that it unsettled me for a

    39. There are many stories of trouble with Indians on unsettled land with much loss of life

    40. Something which always unsettled Hal

    41. With a curse at the growing task, she moved into the stables drawing her dagger as she began to work her way behind the unsettled animal’s cutting all the leashes that she could find

    42. " He kept his voice cool, despite the unsettled feelings inside him; above all he tried not to think of the gruesomest deaths he'd witnessed

    43. This new development unsettled the elders and the chief

    44. It unsettled him even more when the sun abandoned them, leaving them at the mercy of the

    45. Though his stomach was unsettled thanks to the previous night’s excesses, it still growled, reminding him it was mostly empty

    46. The little I ate at dinner laid unsettled in my stomach

    47. If there was a wall around the forest, we would have seen it when we came in! he told himself, but he was unsettled nonetheless

    48. She sat back, unsettled, and cocked her head to one side, staring at his impassive face

    49. That day passed quickly for them all and they were tired and unsettled in their new environment

    50. David was a tad unsettled that Tony had gone behind his back to speak with Albert, but his

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    unsettled changeable uncertain upset discomposed disturbed murky unstable unsteady undetermined undependable shaky irresolute vacillating uneasy unquiet