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    1. Insert photo of Uhuru Gardens monuments and the following:

    2. repeatedly tried to insert the needles into his tiny veins

    3. A fire was already burning in the tiled insert fireplace; his suite was very comfortable

    4. Insert the Referral ID found at the end of this Product along with your Clickbank Affilate ID

    5. Fold the five remaining copies of the table and insert into generic,

    6. Where and How Often to Insert Your URL?

    7. how many times should you insert it?

    8. Studies have shown the best place to insert your URL is in three places: 1

    9. Caution: While it won’t harm your conversions to insert your URL more than

    10. (and their names) and insert it into the e-mails

    11. Into this act it was thought worth while to insert a clause, allowing the separate traders to continue their trade till Michaelmas 1711 ; but at the same time empowering the directors, upon three years notice, to redeem their little capital of seven thousand two hundred pounds, and thereby to convert the whole stock of the company into a joint stock

    12. appear on screen, insert their credit card and type in a PIN, then go home, no human interaction

    13. The assumption is that “I’m Asian, I don’t deserve a beautiful (insert type here) woman

    14. The transmission was in a compression burst lasting no more three seconds, designed to insert itself, interrupting the scheduled broadcast, allowing millions of viewers to witness the true nature of those who hold power

    15. Insert wooden stick into each apple; place on prepared tray

    16. Insert appropriate stop features wherever possible!

    17. Unlike the Rhodesians the South African Air Force (SAAF) had Super Frelon and Puma helicopters to use as troop carrying platforms so they could insert a lot more troops at the first wave with very rapid reinforcements if needed

    18. Addendum to the above: Insert Thinking for ―Thinking‖, for it is certain that many young students of my generation were not properly trained to Think (critically) but to ―Think‖ (―correctly‖), rather

    19. Pulling into the car wash, I stopped alongside the control box and lent out of the window to insert my token, but was parked too far away and couldn't quite reach

    20. Cursing silently, I wriggled my body out, which allowed me to insert the silver token into the slot, grunting in satisfaction as it tinkled its way into the guts of the machinery

    21. Insert the appropriate starting price for each service

    22. In the next step, you will use the same principle to insert some inventory to the Surfboards page

    23. While you still in the widgets section, you can also insert AddThis Follow into the Right Sidebar

    24. Use the technique you learned earlier to insert the AddThis Follow widget into the Left Sidebar

    25. Insert the two wires in breadboard

    26. The circuit is same as previous one, only we are going to insert a thermistor in the probes which we kept open in above figure and a variable resistance instead of R3 to adjust the sensitivity according to thermistor

    27. She forced herself to insert pauses for thinking space and to slow it down, but the strain on her nerves was tremendous

    28. It is not unheard of to topple statues of previous emperors, or send out busts carved in marble, then insert them into an old work

    29. ‘The consultant will probably take you to the ATM and ask you to insert your PIN’

    30. Levergood as an insert that came with her book

    31. The finality is to classify and to insert diverse agreed organizations that are part of the XUSING

    32. System fulfills the social obligation of to insert the

    33. Another important aspect of the Process Validation is to eliminate the chain of definitive possessions in the production process, that is, the organization doesn’t need to buy the product to insert in its production and afterwards to sell it, so forth of an organization for another

    34. The surgery began: to drain the sepsis, repeatedly; to remove the compromised knee replacement; to insert steel rods into his leg, to try to save the leg so he could later get another knee replacement

    35. All I have here are a few friends, no family, and I’m young enough that it will be easy to insert me—just wipe and resupply a few people’s memories, and I’m in

    36. For example say, “This is (insert your name) and I am calling into the spirit dimension for my companion

    37. insert a sequence of characters into the standard output stream

    38. “I’m now going to insert two audio tapes A and B

    39. they appear on the label or product insert, as increasing the

    40. We assume that one theory is the real/true theory of (insert label

    41. male thread insert section into its threaded

    42. Simply insert the reseater tool and wind

    43. Then insert this section of tube

    44. They, two lieutenants and a captain, had come to Phan Rang to give a class�ified briefing to selected FAC students in the Theater Indoctrination School about their mission which was to insert Army Special Forces into areas deep inside enemy territory and later, extract them

    45. "When we go out to insert or extract, every seat is filled, either going or coming

    46. All that remained was to insert the stiletto that had killed his son into the stomach of the already slain Wolf Lochert

    47. The medical team wants to insert electrodes into his brain to prevent further seizures

    48. But before you choose to test the system, you have to insert the tracking code into your

    49. Try saying: “My guess is that you would prefer to get information from me that ( insert one of the following: shows you, OR, details information along with specifications in writing, OR, allows you to test drive to get a feeling) of how our service/product will provide the results you are seeking

    50. decide to insert them in a dialectical process of spiral liberation, that will help

    1. Ackers carefully inserted the device into the crack on the door, and then he squeezed what looked like the blue mercury down the tube, out of the device and into the door

    2. " A new screen flashed up in the air beside them, an entry was inserted on that screen and the screen disappeared

    3. Kate had four large poles inserted into the mountain and the tenting was tied to these

    4. inserted the coins and dialled again

    5. over to Roman’s VCR and inserted the tape

    6. "I don't know what you’re talking about," Rob inserted "But it really would be safer in the morning

    7. When he finally inserted the key, his eyes focused on the picture on his door

    8. He inserted one of

    9. They did, however, refer to each other by interesting epithets, unused hitherto, but inserted at opportune moments ever afterwards to the enjoyment of their absent men

    10. On her feet now she inserted one of the keys but the lock would not

    11. So I very gently picked up the broken jar of peanut butter from the floor of my dorm room, carefully laid it on a paper towel or napkin and then very carefully I still inserted the knife into the peanut butter and I was eating it trying very carefully to avoid any pieces of glass

    12. This veil can be compared to a thin sheet of glass inserted in a window

    13. the animal, not inserted into it

    14. “That and a certain little Command memo inserted into their Com logs

    15. “Here Dena,” Jista waved, “this is the compilation of the data we've extracted from the navigation systems on the nine 'guests' vessels we 'escorted' to the Gorim stations---and the data we gleaned from their command systems that was inserted automatically from all other contact ships over the last four years

    16. ” Saying this, she seized his quivering cock, inserted the head of it into the recesses of her crotch and carefully, strangely, sat down upon it

    17. It was even nicer when the young boy inserted his prick into you

    18. He stopped his frantic movement until she inserted his cock for him

    19. “Try not to yank it out of my cunt this time, Richard,” she said as soothingly as she could when she inserted his cock once again

    20. First of all Ted put in the explosive charge then he passed the tin to me and I filled it with bits of iron old nails cartridge cases and even stones then I passed it on to Elijah who inserted a fuse into the detonator

    21. goodies he'd prepared at home and inserted it in the computer tower beneath the desk, then

    22. Then, a large hook was inserted behind the whale’s front fin

    23. In Great Britain, the annual land and malt taxes are regularly anticipated every year, by virtue of a borrowing clause constantly inserted into the acts which impose them

    24. ’ He then immediately inserted the device, separating his jaw

    25. inserted into the intestines of his victims

    26. Charges were inserted all around the massive trunk, the cable was attached, and when everyone had withdrawn to a safe distance, the lever was pressed

    27. That way they get you at night, and suggest that you don’t really see where they inserted the computer chip under your skin

    28. I had a Sub Thompson with a thirty clip inserted and was about to start firing into the underbrush

    29. inserted the point of it between Sacobie's unresisting jaws

    30. Carefully she inserted the key into the keyhole, and slowly, oh so slowly, she turned it

    31. Urgently, cautiously, the skipper inserted a pair of pliers

    32. She walked to the water’s edge and inserted a toe, careful to keep her body faced towards him

    33. The CD changer had just replaced the Gypsy Kings with the Rolling Stones, when Caroline inserted, amid her continuous chatter about Brian Walston’s wonderful qualities and her trials and tribulations at having a troupe of prostitutes to herd, that the stable boy, Alfredo, had mentioned that a horse had died at sea of colic

    34. Thankfully, she was alone in the elevator and inserted her card into the door slot, wondering what lay behind the door this time!

    35. Step1: Ensure all the pins of IC are properly inserted

    36. And earlier in chapter 10, I inserted a quote concerning the genealogy of Noah, his son Ham and Ham’s son Cush

    37. As the permanence of his stay was gradually made known to him, John had walked the difficult road of not losing heart, but there were times in the course of regular nightly prayers a desperate plea inserted itself

    38. bill was passed with the addition of pork barrel programs and a mental health bill inserted by the

    39. Very carefully, she inserted herself into his mind to watch what he was doing

    40. All of us are inserted at human society or determined country, whether it wishes or not, without having choice option

    41. “Well, when our predecessors at the Bureau inserted ‘corrected’ genes into your ancestors, they also included a genetic tracker, which is basically something that shows us that a person has achieved genetic healing

    42. I understand that this means I will be given a new background and a new identity by the Bureau and inserted into the experiment in Chicago, Illinois, where I will live out the remainder of my days

    43. After all the names and legal numbers have been inserted, write something like this down: (formulate your own words of course)

    44. When the jawbone was damaged or eroded over time, it must be “rebuilt”, so to speak prior to a new tooth being inserted or implanted into the bone

    45. Bodies were exhumed and it came to light that instead of bones, the bodies had plastic pipes (PVC) inserted into the legs in place of the leg bones just to keep the normal shape of the body intact

    46. Below is an x-ray taken of such an exhumed body where PVC pipes have been inserted to retain the normal body posture

    47. amount of text to be inserted into each post

    48. And Malia inserted the gas nozzle

    49. Sachie inserted the key and

    50. a small portable gas cooker and inserted a gas cartridge and turned it on

    1. He was also offered a promotion to the position of Head of Light Entertainment with the BBC, which would have been fabulous had someone on the board of governors not insisted on inserting a clause in his contract forcing him to keep a whole twenty percent of the schedule for factual content

    2. the task of inserting its flat end between the window and its frame

    3. of governors not insisted on inserting a clause in his contract

    4. Roman got out his key, but before inserting it,

    5. Some years ago the different banking companies of Scotland were in the practice of inserting into their bank notes, what they called an optional clause; by which they promised payment to the bearer, either as soon as the note should be presented, or, in the option of the directors, six months after such presentment, together with the legal interest for the said six months

    6. I went to the stack of comic books and tore some pages out of several of them, inserting my copies into the missing space

    7. Floppy moustache lent forward, gently inserting the barrel of his gun into one of pig-dad's nostrils

    8. Step6: Instead of inserting the probes directly

    9. of sterile saline, then inserting an intravenous needle in the sergeant’s arm

    10. inserting probes into grain cars to obtain

    11. After watching the car for half an hour or more, he decided that the coast was clear and he crept forward, unlocked the door and got behind the wheel, and as he was inserting his key in the ignition, nearly jumped out of his skin when a cold object was jammed into the back of his neck and the constable, who had woken up from his slumber on the back seat, said sternly:

    12. we have been capable of inserting them within a creative project

    13. This procedure is supposed to be surgically sterile as I am inserting a foreign object sixteen inches into my body

    14. ‘Not if we tell them the child is conceived solely by the mother, and the only function of the male is as a catalyst to precipitate pregnancy by inserting his penis and ejaculating,’ suggested a tiny young woman with a curly mop of black hair and bright blue eyes

    15. the Research will not be very long but by inserting all the newspaper clippings

    16. I was useless for inserting the probe

    17. He was quickly stirring to life again as she gripped him firmly in her hand, gently inserting the end of his penis between her full red lips

    18. With no conscious thought, he reached into his pocket and withdrew the tape cassette, partially inserting it into the car’s stereo tape machine

    19. Acupuncture – This is the art of inserting tiny needles underneath the skin that stimulate targeted body spots

    20. The drilling and inserting took around 8 hours they all expected the sniffer to be rooting around finding cells amongst the decaying 2500 year old teeth for hours

    21. But after a few seconds of inserting the sniffer, the scanner beeped with the discovery of four cells

    22. Sheila was just inserting the key into the front door of her hotel room, and could hear the phone ringing inside

    23. Inserting his modified circuit boards into the main computer's Grailem takes control of all the Starship‘s in their distant orbit around the planet

    24. Inserting and Testing your Tracks

    25. When it comes to the sheer mechanics of inserting a link into your report, here are the basics of completing this procedure:

    26. In effect, you are creating a source page that you will be able to use in the next phase, which will involve inserting the links into the text of your free report

    27. automatically, try inserting the CD before you panic

    28. Gary started setting up for the next step; replicating Donna’s modified HIV1 and inserting it into bacterial plasmids

    29. He planted without plowing the entire land but rather by inserting the seed within the soil as he tilled a small strip of land

    30. So he votes his choice privately in the booth by inserting his letter code ticket and making his choices, all against his unique letter code

    31. Although, being mindful of inserting approximately half in each bag, before placing both back, into each respective suitcase

    32. Jodas approached the priest, slow and deliberately, the priest was rooted to the spot, mesmerised by shock, snapping out of his trance he turned to run but his two guards pushed him to the ground and held him fast, Jodas straddled his chest, forced open his mouth and one of the guards kept the mouth open by inserting the haft of his spear into Yaotl’s mouth, Jodas sawed away at the tongue, then stood and held the severed tongue above his head for all the people to see, applause, cheers, whistles and laughter rippled like thunder through the crowd, they began to chant

    33. This is where the work begins; take a look at the highlighted text in the preceding model script, check out the lines, $this->db->escape($data['firstname']) and $this->db->escape ($data['lastname']), the CodeIgniter function is escaping the input passed to it, and inserting it safely into the database

    34. “Well put,” he said, inserting as much sincerity as he could into

    35. while bearing the propagandist's intention of inserting the false

    36. His loader was inserting a fresh belt when two more BEARCATs strafed the Vietminh

    37. Wickland removed a stub of a pencil from his pocket and, inserting it under the flap, broke the seal on the envelope

    38. Making a sign to the two Mexican girls and to the three children to stay quiet, she went to the dead bald man and, retrieving his pistol, took his spare ammunition clips out of his pockets, inserting a fresh clip in the weapon and chambering a round

    39. With the muzzle of her pistol still pressed under his chin, Jennifer then kissed the man, opening her mouth full and inserting her tongue inside his mouth

    40. Instead, he pulled out of his polo shirt pocket a small telescopic periscope and extended it before cracking open the emergency door by a couple of inches and inserting the periscope head in the interval

    41. With his free hand, Karan traced patterns on Tarana’s chest before putting his mouth on her raised breast and sucking at it like a baby, while inserting the finger of his other hand inside Tarana with a strong force

    42. Then, inserting it into the gun, he pointed the gun at Perez, and shot him four more times, making sure he would cause no further problems

    43. As I was inserting the key in the lock I realized what was

    44. “Both of you, stop it!” Hajar said, finally inserting herself between the two of

    45. rearming all the system by inserting the stinger type missiles

    46. Don't be worried about harmful effects of inserting yogurt inside the vagina; it is a natural remedy that won't cause any damage to the vagina or reproductive system

    47. When they had returned to the conference room, Rupert explained that it had seemed to them self-evident that if it was possible to directly access a bank’s mainframe computer simply by inserting a card into a remotely sited ‘hole in the wall’, then it should equally be possible to access the computer via the Internet from a remotely sited computer

    48. Before he could mention it, Rheus had already pulled out a spare key out of his pocket, and was inserting it into the wall

    49. Check for doneness by inserting the tip of a paring knife into the center of one of the patties

    50. We are hypo-critical, under-discerning, of what we are reading, hearing, seeing without inserting an empathetic pause: why is it this way, why are they that way, what way can we go? Then we are hyper-critical of the others and the actions they may have done from this hypo-analyzed material

    1. The medic finds a vein and despite the distraction of rapid motion caused by hanging drip lines he is deft and assured as he inserts a catheter into her forearm, hooks up a bag of saline and begins to administer four hundred micrograms of naloxone through the intravenous connection that is keeping Bex in touch with the physical world around her

    2. He starts to shout for help, and as he does so he reaches out for the metal bar and inserts one end into the lip where the plastic cover fits snugly into its hole

    3. He inserts the key in the lock

    4. With its beige sidewalls, Cream headliner and Beige carpet he immediately pulled out one of those dual fold-down executive tables with its leather inserts covered in high gloss veneer

    5. And Jeanine inserts the needle

    6. Jeanine holds my head steady with one hand and inserts the needle into my neck with the other

    7. The Creator inserts a human soul at that point on the evolutionary line

    8. Here Paul inserts a warning, which seems to reflect back to the words of Jesus to

    9. Along the canal were many great houses, most with façades of marmol carved with floral designs and having inserts of purple-red or green stones

    10. I smile as he inserts them into my ears, one after the other

    11. that benefit the Congressman that inserts it and his friends (usually a lobbyist who donates to his reelection campaign fund}

    12. The story is depicted in the leaded glass window inserts designed as a prominent feature of the room

    13. He inserts his key into the elevator which rises quietly to the third floor, the location of Rosa’s private quarters

    14. colour inserts, we use the figure of £185 as an allowance towards the

    15. There is a print cost to colour inserts as the following table shows

    16. inserts on both sides of the page

    17. inserts, we use the figure of £185 as an allowance towards the final print

    18. This unit was part-powered by Solar inserts built into the top of the tanker and cab and assisted by the wind-gullies encompassed within the body design

    19. Getting in he inserts the key in the ignition and turns it to start, the little cars engine starts immediately and Stef takes his foot off the throttle

    20. Satisfied he can do no more he re-seals the device in its casing and inserts it back into his head

    21. The chips have a multitude of uses; improving and expanding the repelling shield even further, and as extra memory and functional microchips which he inserts deeply into his skull

    22. Taking a memory card from his pocket he inserts it into the machine; the memory card contains all the data of his new identity

    23. Turning around Grailem approaches one of the inactive robots; removing the tight fitting helmet he inserts his finger into the base of the skull and withdraws a long piece of alloyed copper wire

    24. The doctor inserts the needle into his skin just below the left armpit

    25. Filling a large syringe with the mixture from the bottle the specialist slowly inserts the needle into some of the plastic tubing that remains

    26. Opening the top box, she found inside a number of body armor parts carefully sealed in plastic bags and insulated from shocks by plastic foam inserts

    27. The software inserts your special hyperlinks throughout the book

    28. It has three small polyester inserts which harden and support the throat palate

    29. Apart from her watch and of her FPH 500 fighter aircraft helmet, her other flying equipment from the future included a PSP V79 ballistic air survival vest, which, apart from having a floatation collar and multiple equipment pockets, had ballistic panel inserts proof against 7

    30. “I choose this version because I don’t like the ear inserts on the standard ear equipment

    31. They park the gurney inside the curtain and Doctor One inserts an IV as a second nurse appears with a clear glass of O-negative blood from a universal donor

    32. approached, for he was too preoccupied with watching an episode of Star Conquerors: the Lost Episode on his portable viewer, his ear plug inserts playing so loudly that Garcia could hear it down the hall over the alarms

    33. here are a few examples of the not so obvious cultural icon inserts

    34. Inserts his left arm

    35. If your shoes are uncomfortable, you can buy shoe inserts for a few dollars that will make your shoes feel like new again

    36. She also inserts images into the video

    37. Coupons can also be found in magazines, newspaper inserts and advertisements in the mail

    38. “Add some inserts in his boots and shoulder pads, it could be her

    39. It was interesting though that Wilson realised that the killer was using makeup and inserts to disguise herself

    40. Behind Blok there were several walls lined with deep sinks, all of which were full to the brim with piping hot pans scalded with blackened over-fried teriyaki sauce and metal inserts horribly caked with burnt-on, chunky tomato soup

    41. Inserts the screw into the centre of the cork and twists it in a

    42. Inserts the screw into the centre of the cork and twists it in a clockwise direction

    43. Using the Uncertain Reward Model of Game Motivated Learning, varies the dopamine reward randomly and inserts another step between answer and reward: the gameshow step of winning the chance to win, the equivalent to equal opportunity, when equal is the chance to get a heavy-debted bachelors degree for the chance to win a low-paying entry level McAssistant position

    44. This casting had 12 Mild steel inserts

    45. Inserts in furnace oil, torched with Oxygen

    46. carbon soot was left on the inserts

    47. The clinician inserts the mirror with its wider end inwards to capture

    48. that inserts through a small incision in the navel with a camera on the other end that

    49. Most are metal although some have wood or plastic inserts

    50. He was all made up with dark eye shadow, eye inserts, and black, theatrical face paint framed his face in the outline of the pullover hood

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