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    1. It’s a bit complicated but you don’t need to interpolate the results, as some software will do it for you painlessly

    2. by finding the area between that number and the closest possible number and interpolate

    3. To interpolate, we find the area under the curve for the numbers that are adjacent

    4. It can interpolate smoothly from 0 to the 2x diameter depth,

    5. Those people together with other interpolators could interpolate many things into the Islamic religion

    6. permitting religious leaders to embellish and interpolate the original narratives, has produced

    7. There was no occasion for him now to interpolate extraneous matter; nay, his readers told him plainly that what they wanted of him was more Don Quixote and more Sancho Panza, and not novels, tales, or digressions

    8. ‘But, you know, there are always moral, spiritual causes at the back in these cases,’ the family doctor permitted himself to interpolate with a subtle smile

    9. " (I was inclined to interpolate, as I looked at him, that I had seen his first cousin in Kensington

    10. It can interpolate values in time series data, for example, when you have quarterly data that you need to report or analyze on a monthly basis

    11. PROC EXPAND can interpolate missing values even if you aren't changing the sampling frequency

    12. When you interpolate time series data to a higher frequency, consider that the interpolated values do not add any new information to the data because they have been derived mathematically, not observed

    13. The following program will interpolate any missing values in our data by fitting a cubic spline function through the existing data before converting the data from a month frequency to a quarter frequency

    14. PROC EXPAND can also be used to interpolate missing values without converting frequencies

    15. "But, you know, there are always moral, spiritual causes at the back in these cases," the family doctor permitted himself to interpolate with a subtle smile

    1. Mickey nodded as though he understood every word and Ozzie interpolated a phrase here and there as though proving that he too understood

    2. But the Jews interpolated more forbidden things out of themselves:

    3. Surely, they have been interpolated by the enemies of Islam, and alas! There are some who have accepted them

    4. It is the saying of those who interpolated his speech and the Speech of the Great Creator

    5. So, be sure that anything conflicting with that was but interpolated by the hands of people of aberration and atheism then they attributed it to a group of venerable scholars so as to make it work with the simple-minded people so that the hypocrites and the people of ill hearts say: “If the Prophets did what they did, how could we, then, abstain from getting the desires?!”

    6. [ Al Hakim fi mostadrakaho] So, how can man be fasting and he is affected by a poisonous arrow which kindles his Hell Fire? How can a true fasting one be the one who lies, slanders and acts according to the interpolated sayings? Those disobedient persons never think about the Godly wisdom of fasting to know why God makes fasting compulsory, had they thought they would have understood

    7. Although these interpolated impudence made the Moslems leave their religion, the strangest thing is that the imitator scholars put aura of veneration around the ancient books and unsound proofs that made them a substitute for the Holy Qur'an at them, and even their workable Qur'an

    8. We disdain to repeat their wicked and ribald interpolated saying

    9. Those attempts may be noticed in some books of explanation and in the interpolated sayings

    10. Therefore, when Messiah Master (cpth) shall come again, he will not bring with him a Gospel that comprehends the civilization of this century, nor will he correct the Holy Qur'an as it is a book which falsehood can not reach, yet, he shall come to clear the rust that causes people to shun the Holy Qur'an of those many shallow and misguiding interpretations reported from Israeli interpolated sayings or from other false sources, which are clearly conflicting with the Qur'an, Al'lah's speech, and which has divided people into parties and sects, each is pleased with its own beliefs

    11. Thus, God the Almighty has set forth in the above-mentioned verse that his death (pth) was natural, and He has not said that he was killed or slaughtered, and any saying other but this is a false malevolent interpolated one

    12. Surely, he who interpolated these statements has no trust in Al’lah

    13. They depend on the story of our master Solomon, about when the jinns were subjugated to him, and on the interpolated story of the two angels

    14. Since the noble verse denotes that the devils are the ones to teach people magic, I wonder how could it be possible for the messenger (cpth) to order us to follow the devils’ command, and to learn magic without practicing it, as is stated in the interpolated Hadith? Far be it for him (cpth)

    15. Magic was never revealed to any of God's angels as was alleged; rather, this was slyly interpolated to make people accept magic

    16. Such claims about bewitching him (cpth) were mentioned in the books Al-Bukhari and Al-Jalalein Interpretation that were written by Lubaid the Jew, and through other books of explanation that were filled with interpolated sayings

    17. These interpolated stories indicate that devils had an influence over God’s Envoy so that they could make him sick, although devils can never in fact attend his assemblies (cpth) at all

    18. These statements are nothing but the interpolated sayings of the submissive disbelievers of the Jewish religion, because the noble messenger (cpth) expelled them from the Arabian peninsula due to their breaching of the covenants

    19. wisdom narratives that were progressively reworked, embellished, and interpolated over the millennia

    20. view the Bible as literal and/or infallible, as well as by those who interpolated and mistranslated it

    21. Those who deceptively interpolated and

    22. verse was one of the many that were deceptively interpolated to establish Christianity from stolen and

    23. (embellished, interpolated, and mistranslated) over time

    24. When you interpolate time series data to a higher frequency, consider that the interpolated values do not add any new information to the data because they have been derived mathematically, not observed

    25. Therefore, any statistical analyses performed with these interpolated data should be viewed with caution

    26. As you can see, the data that were missing from our original data set (for October 2003) are interpolated

    27. That is why the interpolated values are missing in those columns in the above chart

    28. TOTAL means that the number being interpolated is not representative of a single point in the FROM= interval, but that it is obtained across the duration of the FROM= interval

    29. The implied volatility in each month is the interpolated implied volatility between the two exercise prices—the implied volatilities weighted by their distance from the index price

    30. The VIX value is the interpolated implied volatility between the two expiration months—the implied volatilities weighted by how close their expirations are to 30 days

    31. "Where?" interpolated the wheelwright

    32. "The railing is old," interpolated a fifth, who had the voice of

    33. “No, and there will be nothing,” interpolated Dyadenko: “I proved that to you before

    34. “But this is the principal thing, Vladímir Semyónitch,” interpolated the captain, who had held his peace all this time; “imagine yourself to be a man who, like myself, for instance, has served twenty years, first for two hundred, then for three hundred rubles pay; why should he not be given at least a bit of bread, against his old age?”

    35. I listened for a time with the rest, but, not understanding much of it, since I had not been present at what had been read before, soon interpolated a question

    36. “Doesn’t it depend upon who is the wife?” I interpolated

    37. But such an interpolated composition, besides having no purpose in itself, would vitiate the unity of the entire relief

    1. The second method interpolates missing values in a time series without converting the observation frequency

    2. It considers the monthly data to be the average monthly ridership, so PROC EXPAND interpolates for the missing data and then provides a ridership total for each year based on that average monthly ridership

    1. Why is it that movie fare nowadays leaves nothing to the imagination in the realms of sex and violence? It would seem a more rewarding engagement for the viewer to be only nudged toward extrapolating or interpolating his or her own denouement

    2. involve interpolating a hole or pocket that's only a little bit larger than the

    3. As a result of that resistance and interpolating they could turn people away from him, but none had really shun away except the guilty people, and none believed with him but a little group that could spread the Christianity amid the nations of the Empire, especially in Rome itself, through its lofty faith, in spite of being under the Roman occupation

    4. embellished the original and much more symbolic narratives, interpolating them with ideas from

    5. If you are interpolating missing values at specific points in time, leave off the FROM= and TO= options, but make sure that you use an ID statement to indicate the variable that contains the time points of the observed values

    6. 8 The three-month implied volatility was calculated by interpolating between the implied volatility of options bracketing three months

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