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    1. Recognising the void that suddenly lands on the senior citizen in terms of emotional support hitherto provided by joint families, Government, NGOs and Associations of senior citizens can institute this highly effective “treatment” programme

    2. will take charge of your affairs and institute your

    3. He was trained and certified at the respected Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, CA, where he served on staff

    4. Martha had been returning to the institute for repeat

    5. Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) agrees that there

    6. graduate of the HeartMath Institute

    7. It holds the record for the most species of birds seen in one day, and is also home to the Smithsonian Institute for Tropical Research

    8. After three years the note from Dos University had finally paid off in a position with Rankor Institute of Sound and she was earning a comfortable salary teaching introductory sound system operation to large groups of new techs

    9. Her place was down in the foundations of the Institute but some of the outer foundation walls extended above the growth from below and captured plenty of light

    10. It kept him busy two days a week, but brought him almost as much income as her post at the Institute

    11. She spent a day at the institute and a day at the studio every week for most of the year

    12. He met many interesting people, the others from the music group Desa was in, owners of concert halls, the designer of some of the machinery Alan restored, faculty at Rankor Institute of Sound

    13. Klowa went to one other place that day, to the library of the Central Institute of Physical Science

    14. 'Not until we check with our own Institute first,' said Joel

    15. They then called on the local priest, the local councilor, the head of the village Rotary Club and the president of the village Women’s Institute and insisted on a meeting at Judge Hall, Axel’s father’s house

    16. The food was taken to the village hall and the Women’s Institute was put in charge of that

    17. Fate, as I now saw, by the same institute and had become friends

    18. When he presented his theories to the Royal Institute, he was accused of being a charlatan, a fake, and some of his more childish associates told him he had a big nose

    19. A study conducted at the Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacological Research in Italy found that those who ate more carrots had one third the risk of heart attack as compared with those who ate fewer carrots

    20. ‘You can take the shrink out of the institute, but---’

    21. ‘---You can’t take the institute out of the shrink

    22. ’ The car was leaving the institute, she tried the door release not really expecting them to unlock

    23. That day he had an appointment at the medical institute, just a standard precaution following any space travel, but in fact he wasn’t feeling entirely well

    24. New York was offering triple the salary he was currently earning at the Minnesota institute

    25. Scott entered the vast verdant grounds of the institute

    26. Torbin sat against the front wall of the institute

    27. At the Toronto neurological sciences institute she was welcomed as a friend

    28. ever since he’d visited the medical sciences institute

    29. Unencumbered he reached his destination, landing the craft directly within the security-monitored grounds of the institute

    30. He looked below to see the institute recede within seconds into a dot before the craft lurched forward, pushing him back at a gee which almost knocked him unconscious

    31. He called the institute, telling the receptionist he’d had an accident, and this was less than forty-eight hours before a scheduled space-flight

    32. Now, all her work, every case file, would have to remain at the institute

    33. Committing to this project had seemed like such a logical choice, there was no way she could have stayed at the institute

    34. He was registered at the Canadian institute

    35. Really he only wanted a researcher, safely tucked away at the institute

    36. To the side, a gold engraved plaque, which simply read: Institute of psychiatry

    37. Its leading proponents - all of whom are associated with the Discovery Institute, a politically conservative think tank - believe the Designer to be the God of Christianity

    38. This has led to the establishment of a number of Young Earth creation science organisations, such as the Institute for Creation Research, Creation Research Society, Creation Ministries International and Answers in Genesis

    39. She hadn’t eaten since last night at the institute, and could barely even remember the type of food

    40. For much of journey back he had been imagining how Deanna would react to what he had seen at the institute; rehearsing the words in his mind

    41. Program with the Union Institute in July l996, after considering many options

    42. A friend who was on the same wavelength told me, “I went to a meeting the other night, run by a representative of Success Motivation Institute

    43. founding Success Motivation Institute

    44. I learned the hard way that a forensic auditor does not need to be registered at Institute of Chartered Accountants and thus any idiot can advertise himself as forensic accountant

    45. He was one of the founders of the Institute of Stomatology at Tel Hashomer hospital

    46. Legislation provides the prosecuting authority with the power to institute criminal proceedings on behalf of the State

    47. The School of the Americas, today renamed WHINSEC or Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, is in Fort Benning, Georgia

    48. The Rehabilitation Institute was designed so that patients would have more intensive therapies on a daily basis

    49. My preference would be to institute well-trained squadrons as a group, familiar with each other, using a common tactical doctrine, from day one

    50. 2012, by the Institute of Financial Planning and National

    1. Firstly, Axel instituted a series of long sweep patrols, on horseback, to ensure that anything that was happening within twenty miles of the village was reported and planned for and, secondly, he and his two friends started putting in more defenses

    2. He had also instituted a twenty four hour watch so that at least four armed people were on the walls at all times

    3. So, he had instituted a series of lightning strikes against the enemy

    4. To promote such improvements was even said to be the chief of the public-spirited purposes for which it was instituted

    5. Civil government, so far as it is instituted for the security of property, is, in reality,

    6. instituted for the defence of the rich against the poor, or of those who have some property against those who have none at all

    7. The court of king's bench, instituted for the trial of criminal causes only, took cognizance of civil suits; the plaintiff pretending that the defendant, in not doing him justice, had been guilty of some trespass or misdemeanour

    8. The court of exchequer, instituted for the levying of the king's revenue, and for enforcing the payment of such debts only as were due to the king, took cognizance of all other contract debts ; the plantiff alleging that he could not pay the king, because the defendant would not pay him

    9. The court of the Mayor of Calcutta, originally instituted for the trial of mercantile causes, which arose in the city and neighbourlood, had gradually extended its jurisdiction with the extension of the empire

    10. The present universities of Europe were originally, the greater part of them, ecclesiastical corporations, instituted for the education of churchmen

    11. The laws of excise, though more effectual for the purpose for which they were instituted, are, in this respect, more vexatious than those of the customs

    12. A sinking fund, though instituted for the payment of old, facilitates very much the contracting of new debts

    13. I also instituted the Curatoria

    14. instituted a law suit to have this action overturned

    15. the lawsuits instituted by the environmental groups

    16. instituted by environmental groups that are designed to stop production of new plants

    17. laws preventing law suits that are instituted to stop construction or exempting the oil companies from

    18. It was not the Department of Education that instituted the use of tests to determine if high school

    19. The state of Alaska has instituted a law suit to have this action overturned

    20. Meeting the requirements of the above environmental regulations is bad enough but in addition we have the lawsuits instituted by the environmental groups

    21. One of the major hurdles to overcome is the lawsuits instituted by environmental groups that are designed to stop production of new plants

    22. preventing law suits that are instituted to stop construction and limiting the law suits invoking the environmental laws to existing or operating facilities or exempting the oil companies from complying with the environmental rules and regulations

    23. These law suits are not instituted to halt pollution

    24. They are instituted to stop our refining oil

    25. Our Congress should pass laws that prevent law suits from being instituted against non-existent facilities

    26. The original meaning of marriage was instituted by the church to establish a relationship between a man and a woman

    27. Parliament was suspicious that the army might be used against Parliament itself, because Parliament was sharply critical of the religious changes instituted by Laud

    28. With or without aid and co-operation, the absolutist monarch instituted a regular “paper regime”

    29. important to note the method by which this tyranny was instituted

    30. , as FDR instituted the welfare state

    31. 35 But the Jews as we just said instituted a dance and then gave themselves up to feasting glad thanksgivings and psalms

    32. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the British had instituted a system of ‘indentured labor’ to develop the colonies

    33. Matthew says as they were eating the Passover meal together at the Last Supper, Jesus Instituted the Lord’s Supper – a Memorial of himself as the Lord and Savior of the World as The Promised Messiah

    34. 'She has instituted human sacrifice, and since her mating with Constantius, no less then five hundred men, women and children have been immolated

    35. He instituted other reforms, but these were the most important things he did: he instilled in Gorm a desire to see the civilized lands of the world; he taught the Picts how to work in iron; and he established contact between them and the civilized world

    36. take a look at the Old Testament examples of atonement instituted by

    37. As you will recall, God instituted the animal sacrificial system and gave

    38. instituted the animal sacrificial system in His grace so that these

    39. The point I would like to make here is that God instituted the animal

    40. Numerous conservation programs have been instituted to help

    41. “The great state of New Hampshire instituted their lottery in 1963

    42. England’s government instituted three policies in Tanganyika that created structural injustices

    43. Second, the British government instituted an “interventionist” form of the Doctrine of Indirect Rule

    44. instituted fresh “doctrines” that remain in the true Church today

    45. When Tops first instituted the cards so many years ago, someone roamed the store asking if you applied for the card

    46. voice maze – an answering system instituted in corporations that frees up one operator and results in complete frustration of the part of the customers

    47. procedures that had been instituted after the terrorist attacks on 9/11

    48. The zero-tolerance policy they’d instituted seemed to have helped to

    49. instituted underneath the guise of restitution

    50. This poses the question, what would have happened if the battle tactics instituted by Weygand had been in force when the campaign began?

    1. So he sent the photo off to three plant and seed institutes and awaited their reply

    2. institutes of higher education having a

    3. Schools are no longer institutes of knowledge, they are only there for socialization

    4. particular to destroy all political and religious institutes

    5. In 1541 he wrote in French his Institutes of the Christian

    6. Institutes of the Christian Religion, 125

    7. Instead of speaking aloud, Simon institutes a mind-link

    8. National Institutes of Health

    9. can do so by contacting any of the Institutes associated to the Sophia University of

    10. these Institutes who have put my ideas into action and have verified their validity in

    11. held in the Institutes of Sophia-Analysis, and even before that during the

    12. Fund The National Institutes of Health (our major national research

    13. through the National Institutes of Health which would oversee the

    14. The National Institutes of Health (NIH)

    15. research through the National Institutes of Health before they are

    16. research funded by the companies, but through the National Institutes of Health

    17. fund The National Institutes of Health (our major national research

    18. through The National Institutes of Health which would oversee the

    19. nucleus for the creation of Institutes of Sophia-Analysis in Geneva,

    20. The Sophia University of Rome, with its Institutes of Existential

    21. Anthropology and its Institutes of Sophia-Analysis, is deeply committed to this

    22. There are a number of research institutes that carry out research in this field

    23. The highlight for me that term was the five performances of Tempest for the drama classes of two Technical Institutes in South London

    24. A recent study by the National Institutes of Health determined that when people follow a diet plan as their only method of losing weight, two-thirds regained their weight within one year, and almost all regained their weight within five years

    25. This is surprising, for as Frank Putnam, a National Institutes of Health psychiatrist who has studied this phenomenon, points out, normally a person‘s brain-wave pattern does not change even in states of extreme emotion

    26. Institutes and public schools will have a good understanding of class size, so ask!

    27. At the age of sixteen, I got accepted at one of the top medical institutes in Mumbai

    28. According to the Institutes of American Values studies are showing also that less people in our country are getting married

    29. gov National Institutes of Health (When You Get on the Home

    30. Joseph Hibbeln, of the National Institutes of Health, has

    31. Ever wondered why all those Research Institutes are out in the countryside? Part of it is cost,

    32. So, all in all, I can see why R&D Institutes are mostly out in the country

    33. More books were prepackaged in boxes under the tables, with the boxes being pre-addressed in the name of the most prestigious universities and history institutes of Europe, to be shipped out or carried away after the conference

    34. The financial institutes will tremble and

    35. gov, the National Institutes of Health at www

    36. Most of the analytics courses in India (either through private training institutes or esteemed universities/ business schools) are offered as part time course or as an elective

    37. same in various working places, institutes of learning, research

    38. widespread through published findings and institutes of learning

    39. western institutes of learning had been reduced to monasteries, Constantinople and Muslim cities such as Baghdad took over the lead in culture and science in Europe and western Asia

    40. institutes, simply because their work seems so ill-fitted to the

    41. Just how widespread is the problem? The National Institutes of Health has determined

    42. The National Institutes of

    43. National Institutes of Health has some interesting ideas about what it takes to trim the

    44. He institutes the Mark of the Beast which every one must take on his

    45. This subject is examined by many scientific institutes

    46. The private tertiary education institutes offer the students an opportunity to gather knowledge about business and prepare them for gainful employment

    47. In 1997, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) stated that acupuncture

    48. collaboration with several other institutes and universities

    49. It has its ceremonies in the most developed nations in the world, just as it has its associations, institutes, and unions

    50. of India restructured the national bank market and nationalized a lot of institutes

    1. The first of those remedies is the study of science and philosophy, which the state might render almost universal among all people of middling or more than middling rank and fortune ; not by giving salaries to teachers in order to make them negligent and idle, but by instituting some sort of probation, even in the higher and more difficult sciences, to be undergone by every person before he was permitted to exercise any liberal profession, or before he could be received as a candidate for any honourable office, of trust or profit

    2. His work, System of Positive Polity, or Treatise on Sociology, Instituting the Religion of Humanity, holds the key to our philosophy

    3. We negotiated the independence of Hilia from The People of Rain in order to reduce the diplomatic repercussions of instituting our military academy there

    4. imbalance by instituting the Resource Based Value System in 1992

    5. 4 In instituting this remembrance supper, the Master, as was always his habit, resorted to parables and symbols

    6. His guess was, they would be instituting a quiet search

    7. Kingdom, instituting the tightest regimentation of society in

    8. “We have worked out a strategy for defeating terrorism in the Province, for bringing peace to the area, and for instituting a lasting political solution

    9. • Instituting administrative arrangements for the delivery of the programme The aim was the activities to be:

    10. Which means, 'What hurts my pocketbook the least?' This assures that Money will always out vote people and that governments will forever be limited to regulating markets rather than liberated to instituting equitable distribution

    11. Democracies are an evolutionary step in this progression of political self-transcendence by being propelled by an essential drive towards liberty, eliminating every newly awared form of slavery, while instituting new equalities

    12. “But, yes, you're right, eliminating money without instituting sharing will only bring about original slavery: people pointing guns at others to do their work for them without the workers equally sharing in the benefits of their labor

    13. The British created a limit to their Westward expansion by instituting a Western Boundary to all the colonies, called: The Proclamation Line

    14. However, we are finding more professional traders are now instituting option strategies as they find the use of option strategies to hedge, add income, and at the appropriate time substitute for a future position, can greatly increase their returns

    15. The city had been instituting them for a few years now, but only in the really violent neighborhoods

    16. But whenever we have the means of instituting a comparison, the same laws appear to have acted in producing the lesser differences between varieties of the same species, and the greater differences between species of the same genus

    17. This faculty of foreknowledge concerning the destiny of humanity is more or less common, no doubt, to all people; still from time to time a man appears in whom the faculty has reached a higher development, and these men have the power clearly and distinctly to formulate that which is vaguely conceived by all men, thus instituting a new life-conception from which is to flow an unwonted activity, whose results will endure for centuries to come

    18. The patriotic superstition is encouraged by the governments and the ruling classes by instituting national festivals, spectacles, and holidays, by erecting monuments with money collected from the people, which will influence men to believe in the exclusive importance and greatness of their own State or country and its rulers, and encourage a feeling of hostility and even of hatred toward other nations

    19. I do not say that the heads of departments were instrumental in instituting these prosecutions; but it marks some of the subordinate men who were active in making professions

    20. It is true that when the news of the prince’s death reached Monte Carlo, the princess, who was there at the time, showed various persons, on whose indiscretion she could rely, a holograph letter of condolence from the czar, and later unfolded to the amiable muddle-headed the intricacies of a lawsuit which she was instituting for the recovery of the estates in Poland; but her detractors roundly declared the holograph letter to be a forgery, and the lawsuit a fiction of her crafty brain

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