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Institute sätze (in englisch)

  1. The institute would break her.
  2. Who runs the Reform Institute?
  3. Bullard Foot and Ankle Institute is.
  4. Institute consists of the following:.
  5. Foot and Ankle Institute because they.

  6. Research Institute that changed my life.
  7. New South Wales Institute of Architects.
  8. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2005.
  9. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1996.
  10. So she’s being sent to the institute.
  11. He named it the Open Society Institute.
  12. In: Journal of the Warburg Institute, I.
  13. Ankle Institute has the only FDA approved.
  14. She’d be sent to Caruth, to the institute.
  15. Like a test at the Institute of Mathematics.

  16. Bullard Foot and Ankle Institute in 1995 to.
  17. The purpose of the Singularity Institute is.
  18. He was registered at the Canadian institute.
  19. Washington, DC: Institute of Medicine, 2004.
  20. Then you can institute a class-action lawsuit.
  21. And how is the Reform Institute funded? With.
  22. Le Moyne Institute has an interesting history.
  23. THEY KEPT HER in the institute for another day.
  24. Eye Institute can be traced back to 1959 when.
  25. New York: New York Institute of Finance, 2000.

  26. In the case of the Institute, it was Robert S.
  27. The Institute hall smelled clean, neat, sterile.
  28. The French Archaeological Institute invited me.
  29. As chairman of the Institute of Transportation.
  30. Bush Institute for Women’s Health where ongo-.
  31. The first is the accreditation of the institute.
  32. I’ll put my top guys at the Institute onto it.
  33. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.
  34. Chief of Neurology at the Neurological Institute.
  35. If Panin were called back to the Institute, he.
  36. Has the Institute been privatized? he asked.
  37. In the partners’ eyes the Institute was sacred.
  38. The Arkansas Biosciences Institute is the major.
  39. Torbin sat against the front wall of the institute.
  40. Louis Institute of Music Summer Session (1950) I.
  41. Published by the Institute for Options Research Inc.
  42. Clinic of the Institute for Human Adjustment on Feb.
  43. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.
  44. Click here for the top institute in the US Southwest.
  45. Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) agrees that there.
  46. The Bogus Institute were last in the news when they.
  47. The Institute of Evaluating Health Risks found no.
  48. Well, the head honcho Institute Director had finally.
  49. Martha had been returning to the institute for repeat.
  50. But the Leningrad institute is one of the leading in.
  51. Scott entered the vast verdant grounds of the institute.
  52. You’re putting her in the institute, he snarled.
  53. See National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.
  54. IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers).
  55. Goodall founded The Jane Goodall Institute in 1977, an.
  56. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.
  57. Institute of Spurious Science, Patel denied that he was.
  58. The Heartmath Institute is a visionary and leading edge.
  59. The primary goal of the OST was to institute an accurate.
  60. So they institute even worse oppressions upon the masses.
  61. Buying Coaching Services (London: Chartered Institute of.
  62. Excavated by the Oriental Institute, 1955-56 OIM A30553.
  63. But execution was better than being sent to the institute.
  64. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), 406.
  65. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), 406.
  66. The Urban Institute predicted that the new law would push 2.
  69. Institute so his daughter could begin treatments immediately.
  70. Technical Director of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.
  71. See IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers).
  72. Londres: Wellcome Institute of the History of Medicine, 1969.
  73. He’s not connected to the Institute? Wonder what he wants.
  74. Naval Institute, and the National Maritime Historical Society.
  75. Londres, Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 1994.
  76. He deposed the Shiah of Iran to institute an Islamic republic.
  77. Recently the Reform Institute, which refers to itself as a.
  78. Rensselaer Poly Technical Institute, in Hartford, Connecticut.
  79. Accountancy and computers are so intertwined now the Institute.
  80. The Mythological Institute is entirely dedicated to espionage.
  81. His institute seminars were especially highly regarded at LAPSI.
  82. Fate, as I now saw, by the same institute and had become friends.
  83. Migraine information sheet compiled by the National Institute of.
  84. National Institute for Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).
  85. Nora Volkow, the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
  86. Introduction to the ‘Little Sister’ of The Royal Institute.
  87. Institute of Health and the Inspector General are all part of HHSD.
  88. Institute offered plenty of exploration opportunities for the stu-.
  89. Financially, first we have to institute a couple of things; #1 Work.
  90. In addition, the Director from the Cato Institute stated: ‘A top.
  91. David Hutton-Wilson was active in the Institute of Directors, a new.
  92. Even when he was with Institute of Advanced studies, Princeton, New.
  93. On March 28, 1985, there was an amethyl oxide leak at the Institute.
  94. Aviation Institute and went through the gate and inside the building.
  95. I met her at one of my lectures at the Royal Institute of Technology.
  96. Researchers at the New England Research Institute and the University.
  97. The British Columbia Institute of Technology graduate had only one.
  98. Professor Bergin, head of the Russian National Research Institute of.
  99. Enter Peter Lusk, an instructor at The Options Institute at the CBOE.
  100. If we can convince the Institute of Accountants it should act as the.
  1. His guess was, they would be instituting a quiet search.
  2. Kingdom, instituting the tightest regimentation of society in.
  3. The city had been instituting them for a few years now, but only in the really violent neighborhoods.
  4. His work, System of Positive Polity, or Treatise on Sociology, Instituting the Religion of Humanity, holds the key to our philosophy.
  5. The British created a limit to their Westward expansion by instituting a Western Boundary to all the colonies, called: The Proclamation Line.
  6. We negotiated the independence of Hilia from The People of Rain in order to reduce the diplomatic repercussions of instituting our military academy there.
  7. We have worked out a strategy for defeating terrorism in the Province, for bringing peace to the area, and for instituting a lasting political solution.
  8. I do not say that the heads of departments were instrumental in instituting these prosecutions; but it marks some of the subordinate men who were active in making professions.
  9. Democracies are an evolutionary step in this progression of political self-transcendence by being propelled by an essential drive towards liberty, eliminating every newly awared form of slavery, while instituting new equalities.
  10. Which means, 'What hurts my pocketbook the least?' This assures that Money will always out vote people and that governments will forever be limited to regulating markets rather than liberated to instituting equitable distribution.
  11. But whenever we have the means of instituting a comparison, the same laws appear to have acted in producing the lesser differences between varieties of the same species, and the greater differences between species of the same genus.
  12. But, yes, you're right, eliminating money without instituting sharing will only bring about original slavery: people pointing guns at others to do their work for them without the workers equally sharing in the benefits of their labor.
  13. However, we are finding more professional traders are now instituting option strategies as they find the use of option strategies to hedge, add income, and at the appropriate time substitute for a future position, can greatly increase their returns.
  14. The patriotic superstition is encouraged by the governments and the ruling classes by instituting national festivals, spectacles, and holidays, by erecting monuments with money collected from the people, which will influence men to believe in the exclusive importance and greatness of their own State or country and its rulers, and encourage a feeling of hostility and even of hatred toward other nations.
  15. This faculty of foreknowledge concerning the destiny of humanity is more or less common, no doubt, to all people; still from time to time a man appears in whom the faculty has reached a higher development, and these men have the power clearly and distinctly to formulate that which is vaguely conceived by all men, thus instituting a new life-conception from which is to flow an unwonted activity, whose results will endure for centuries to come.
  16. It is true that when the news of the prince’s death reached Monte Carlo, the princess, who was there at the time, showed various persons, on whose indiscretion she could rely, a holograph letter of condolence from the czar, and later unfolded to the amiable muddle-headed the intricacies of a lawsuit which she was instituting for the recovery of the estates in Poland; but her detractors roundly declared the holograph letter to be a forgery, and the lawsuit a fiction of her crafty brain.
  17. The first of those remedies is the study of science and philosophy, which the state might render almost universal among all people of middling or more than middling rank and fortune ; not by giving salaries to teachers in order to make them negligent and idle, but by instituting some sort of probation, even in the higher and more difficult sciences, to be undergone by every person before he was permitted to exercise any liberal profession, or before he could be received as a candidate for any honourable office, of trust or profit.
  1. I also instituted the Curatoria.
  2. The championships were instituted in 1963.
  3. Mark instituted the same system in his dam.
  4. They are instituted to stop our refining oil.
  5. Tighter revenuerecognition policies were instituted.
  6. These law suits are not instituted to halt pollution.
  7. It had been instituted some years before to try to.
  8. Numerous conservation programs have been instituted to help.
  9. They instituted a search in the churches of the neighborhood.
  10. The great state of New Hampshire instituted their lottery in 1963.
  11. The point I would like to make here is that God instituted the animal.
  12. So, he had instituted a series of lightning strikes against the enemy.
  13. The zero-tolerance policy they’d instituted seemed to have helped to.
  14. In December, 1811, I instituted an extended course of experiments with Mr.
  15. As you will recall, God instituted the animal sacrificial system and gave.
  16. IN THE HOSPITAL, Caris instituted the precautions Merthin had told her about.
  17. God instituted a time (one day in seven) that was just for Him and His bride.
  18. The state of Alaska has instituted a law suit to have this action overturned.
  19. The Committee also be apprised of the measures since instituted to prevent such re-.
  20. Today in modern civilization: all cultural change is instituted by the corporate Media.
  21. They instituted an imaginary boundary line beyond which no American settlers could go.
  22. Example: the religion instituted in France during the French revolution by Robespierre.
  23. George cross is the highest British civilian award for acts of courage instituted 1940.
  24. The office of Purveyor of Public Supplies was instituted long before that of Military Agent.
  25. Moreover, nearly all change has always been instituted by the elite for their own advantage.
  26. They instituted their own form of citizenship even more exclusive, and more jealous and nasty.
  27. England’s government instituted three policies in Tanganyika that created structural injustices.
  28. So what I want to show you today is that God actually instituted a divine order, of handling money.
  29. With or without aid and co-operation, the absolutist monarch instituted a regular paper regime.
  30. It was not the Department of Education that instituted the use of tests to determine if high school.
  31. Second, the British government instituted an interventionist form of the Doctrine of Indirect Rule.
  32. Our Congress should pass laws that prevent law suits from being instituted against non-existent facilities.
  33. A sinking fund, though instituted for the payment of old, facilitates very much the contracting of new debts.
  34. The Federal Government is said to be sovereign as to all the objects for which that Government was instituted.
  35. He had also instituted a twenty four hour watch so that at least four armed people were on the walls at all times.
  36. When Tops first instituted the cards so many years ago, someone roamed the store asking if you applied for the card.
  37. The original meaning of marriage was instituted by the church to establish a relationship between a man and a woman.
  38. To promote such improvements was even said to be the chief of the public-spirited purposes for which it was instituted.
  39. HCL Technologies CEO Vineet Nayar instituted a new way of thinking about employees and customers at his company in 2005.
  40. As I made my way up the river before I reached you at the fazenda I instituted very particular inquiries about Maple White.
  41. Consider the events of mid-September 2008, when the Treasury hastily instituted a ban on all short selling in financial stocks.
  42. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the British had instituted a system of ‘indentured labor’ to develop the colonies.
  43. In 1990, the NAIC instituted new categories for bonds that rely more heavily on rating services than the previous categories did.
  44. Jesus is brilliant; he could've done all this miraculously, but all he did was instituted a universal principle, and he followed it.
  45. Jesus is brilliant, he could've done all this miraculously, but all he did was instituted a universal principle and he followed it.
  46. In the comparison of the expenses and of the efficiency of an army and navy, instituted by my colleague, there is nothing invidious.
  47. He instituted comparisons between the elementary and clerical schools to the detriment of the latter; called to mind the massacre of St.
  48. This poses the question, what would have happened if the battle tactics instituted by Weygand had been in force when the campaign began?
  49. One of the major hurdles to overcome is the lawsuits instituted by environmental groups that are designed to stop production of new plants.
  50. As a result, they instituted a share repurchase policy in 2011, to only repurchase shares in Berkshire when the stock trades at less than 1.
  51. I cannot say that I do unless it were that he wished to be able to deny his signature if an action for breach of promise were instituted.
  52. China has won the Uber Cup (instituted 1956) on 12 occasions (1984, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2012).
  53. After learning some hard lessons during the financial crisis, we instituted a rule that any ratio of total assets to shareholders' equity above 2.
  54. He actually instituted a divine order of handling money, and he intended it to create the most blessed group of people in the history of the world.
  55. Jean Valjean had instituted an undeclared war against Marius, which Marius, with the sublime stupidity of his passion and his age, did not divine.
  56. An investigation was immediately instituted, and all the details of Polikey’s transaction were brought to light and reported to his noble mistress.
  57. The present universities of Europe were originally, the greater part of them, ecclesiastical corporations, instituted for the education of churchmen.
  58. The laws of excise, though more effectual for the purpose for which they were instituted, are, in this respect, more vexatious than those of the customs.
  59. Meeting the requirements of the above environmental regulations is bad enough but in addition we have the lawsuits instituted by the environmental groups.
  60. Kahn, as a result of the proceedings that Carton had instituted, had yielded the case to another, perhaps no better than himself, but wiser, after the fact.
  61. When an inquiry was instituted, this girl said that it was she who had fired, although she had never had a revolver in her hands, and would not have hurt a fly.
  62. Then other companies came into the field, chief among them being the Collins Line, started in 1849, and of short duration, and the Inman Line, instituted in 1850.
  63. It was with this full power, and the conviction that she was doing right, that the superintendent had instituted the suit, judged, condemned, and executed Fantine.
  64. Parliament was suspicious that the army might be used against Parliament itself, because Parliament was sharply critical of the religious changes instituted by Laud.
  65. In those days: the really rich greek equivalent of today’s billionaire; usually hired their own armies, and re-invaded the newly citizened Polis, and instituted a harsher rule.
  66. We've instituted a soft stop-loss that is triggered whenever a position causes a 1% loss on the overall portfolio from cost, say a 5% initial position falls 20% from where we bought it.
  67. In defence of these, as time advanced and wickedness increased, the order of knights-errant was instituted, to defend maidens, to protect widows and to succour the orphans and the needy.
  68. They instituted themselves as the governing body of the west coast, in place of the former control of the nation by the elected heads in Washington DC, which was now nothing but a ghost city.
  69. You can imagine how important that will be in diverting attention and countering any allegations that might start flying around about the Government having instituted a ‘shoot to kill’ policy.
  70. Matthew says as they were eating the Passover meal together at the Last Supper, Jesus Instituted the Lord’s Supper – a Memorial of himself as the Lord and Savior of the World as The Promised Messiah.
  71. A simple but effective trading rule could be instituted that simply prevents you from buying or selling pullbacks that are far away from a moving average, assuming that far away has been precisely defined.
  72. He said he was no politician by profession; he had been called from mercantile pursuits against his inclination, but he had always understood that government was instituted for the protection of the citizen.
  73. The court of the Mayor of Calcutta, originally instituted for the trial of mercantile causes, which arose in the city and neighbourlood, had gradually extended its jurisdiction with the extension of the empire.
  74. A number of the citizens of Cincinnati have recently instituted a society for the collection, preservation, exhibition, and illustration of natural and artificial curiosities, particularly those of the western country.
  75. The power to establish a bank cannot be deduced from the general phrases "to provide for the common defence and general welfare," because they merely announce the object for which the General Government was instituted.
  76. Freeman and Watts were using their patients as case studies; there were no protocols, safeguards, or protections, nor were standards required or instituted by or upon the physicians as they experimented on their patients.
  77. The Knight's Cross decorations were instituted by Adolf Hitler to replace the Pour le Mérite also known as the Blue Max, which was Imperial Germany’s highest award in recognition of outstanding acts of gallantry.
  78. As soon as his political mission is accomplished, Inspector Javert will make sure, by special supervision, whether it is true that the malefactors have instituted intrigues on the right bank of the Seine, near the Jena bridge.
  79. The court of king's bench, instituted for the trial of criminal causes only, took cognizance of civil suits; the plaintiff pretending that the defendant, in not doing him justice, had been guilty of some trespass or misdemeanour.
  80. No other blockade of the ports of France was instituted by Great Britain, between the 16th of May, 1806, and the 7th of January, 1807, excepting the blockade of Venice, instituted on the 27th of July, 1806, which is still in force.
  81. It remains to add that the Congressional investigation of railroad holding companies instituted in 1930 had its counterpart in a similar inquiry into the finances of the Rock Island Company made by the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1914.
  82. Some brokers offer the service free as a way of reducing their own administration; some charge a flat fee or one based on the value of the shares; yet others charge per transaction; and some large companies have instituted their own systems.
  83. Firstly, Axel instituted a series of long sweep patrols, on horseback, to ensure that anything that was happening within twenty miles of the village was reported and planned for and, secondly, he and his two friends started putting in more defenses.
  84. To capture some of the irreplaceable knowledge that was walking out of the door, the company instituted a KM program in which knowledge engineers worked to capture information about the B2 bomber from employees who had already been given pink slips.
  85. He instituted other reforms, but these were the most important things he did: he instilled in Gorm a desire to see the civilized lands of the world; he taught the Picts how to work in iron; and he established contact between them and the civilized world.
  86. It has been argued with probability, from the divine sanction given to sacrifice in the patriarchal ages, that it was originally of divine appointment, and was instituted immediately after the expulsion from Paradise, as part of the worship of the exiled sinners.
  87. Some members, with Stremov at their head, justified their mistake on the ground that they had put faith in the commission of revision, instituted by Alexey Alexandrovitch, and maintained that the report of the commission was rubbish, and simply so much waste paper.
  88. The Government of the United States was not calculated to wage offensive foreign war—it was instituted for the common defence and general welfare; and whosoever should embark in a war of offence, would put it to a test which it was by no means calculated to endure.
  89. It will be worthy, at the same time, of their just and provident care, to make such further alterations in the laws as will more especially protect and foster the several branches of manufacture, which have been recently instituted or extended by the laudable exertions of our citizens.
  90. The court of exchequer, instituted for the levying of the king's revenue, and for enforcing the payment of such debts only as were due to the king, took cognizance of all other contract debts ; the plantiff alleging that he could not pay the king, because the defendant would not pay him.
  91. Alexey Alexandrovitch was in principle in favor of the publicity of legal proceedings, though for some higher official considerations he disliked the application of the principle in Russia, and disapproved of it, as far as he could disapprove of anything instituted by authority of the Emperor.
  92. If, then, persons were punished by the sedition law in its full operation, carried into effect by the constituted authorities, where, I ask, is the distinction between that and any other law? To all the purposes of legality, that law is as much legal as that under which the direct tax was instituted.
  93. Inquiries were instituted, and on consulting the tariff of commissions posted in the convict's parlor, it was learned that the fifty sous could be analyzed as follows: three commissions; one to the Pantheon, ten sous; one to Val-de-Grace, fifteen sous; and one to the Barriere de Grenelle, twenty-five sous.
  94. But the Almighty instituted this approach of giving Adam an order, and Adam’s forgetting of this order, only to remind us of Satan’s enmity and make us aware of him, as well as to tell us that anyone who falls through no intention of their own can easily return to their place in Al’lah’s presence.
  95. With instructions to inquire whether any, and what, prosecutions have been instituted before the courts of the United States for libels, under the sedition law or the common law, and by what authority; and to make such provisions as they may deem necessary for securing the freedom of speech and of the press.
  96. He, or the present petitioner, was then advised that redress might be obtained against the officers who took the horse, and a suit was instituted in the High Court of Chancery of Virginia for that purpose, which suit was depending therein until the month of June 1793, when it appears to have been abandoned and was dismissed.
  97. They also, though they themselves were chiefly unworldly persons who lost money rather than made it, instituted the most searching private inquiries into Wemyss's business affairs, hoping that he might be caught out as such a rascal or so penniless, or, preferably, both, that no woman could possibly have anything to do with him.
  98. One evening the schoolmaster affirmed that in former times the law would have instituted an inquiry as to what Boulatruelle did in the forest, and that the latter would have been forced to speak, and that he would have been put to the torture in case of need, and that Boulatruelle would not have resisted the water test, for example.
  99. Here the people built the first altar, the first temple, the first orchestra, and instituted the first festival in honor of the wine-god, long before the new Dionysian cult was brought in from Eleutherae; and here for centuries were raised every year about the orchestra tiers of wooden seats in preparation for the annual dramatic contests.
  100. Since the discovery of the detectaphone in his suite at Gastron's he had had his rooms thoroughly overhauled, lest by any chance there might be another of the magic little instruments concealed in the very walls, and having satisfied himself that there was not, he instituted a watch of private detectives to prevent a repetition of the unfortunate incident.
  1. See National Institutes of Health.
  2. However, the National Institutes of.
  3. The National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  4. Institutes of the Christian Religion, 125.
  5. The financial institutes will tremble and.
  6. National Institutes of Health (NIH), 107, 108, 344.
  7. This subject is examined by many scientific institutes.
  8. National Institutes of Health, 199–200, 202–3, 226.
  9. Instead of speaking aloud, Simon institutes a mind-link.
  10. Joseph Hibbeln, of the National Institutes of Health, has.
  11. In 1541 he wrote in French his Institutes of the Christian.
  12. The Sophia University of Rome, with its Institutes of Existential.
  13. Arithmetic and Institutes of Grammar as well as several prints of.
  14. Since army is one of the most conservative institutes it has pre-.
  15. He institutes the Mark of the Beast which every one must take on his.
  16. Fund The National Institutes of Health (our major national research.
  17. In 1997, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) stated that acupuncture.
  18. So, all in all, I can see why R&D Institutes are mostly out in the country.
  19. And build further the role of science from schools, institutes and universities.
  20. There are a number of research institutes that carry out research in this field.
  21. Anthropology and its Institutes of Sophia-Analysis, is deeply committed to this.
  22. The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health, and coauthored by John A.
  23. So he sent the photo off to three plant and seed institutes and awaited their reply.
  24. At the age of sixteen, I got accepted at one of the top medical institutes in Mumbai.
  25. Schools are no longer institutes of knowledge, they are only there for socialization.
  26. Daniel Drake of Cincinnati, Professor of the Institutes and Practice of Medicine, Dr.
  27. Just how widespread is the problem? The National Institutes of Health has determined.
  28. Institutes and public schools will have a good understanding of class size, so ask!.
  29. See the institute’s page on the National Institutes of Health website, at https://www.
  30. National Institutes of Health has some interesting ideas about what it takes to trim the.
  31. National Institutes of Health, and the Office of Research Integrity of the Department of.
  32. Institutes of Health psychiatrist who has studied this phenomenon, points out, normally a.
  33. Stroke Magazine reported on a study funded by the National Institutes of Health, conducted by Dr.
  34. Amendments: These amendments are known as PL88-156; see National Institutes of Health, http://history.
  35. It has its ceremonies in the most developed nations in the world, just as it has its associations, institutes, and unions.
  36. According to the Institutes of American Values studies are showing also that less people in our country are getting married.
  37. The highlight for me that term was the five performances of Tempest for the drama classes of two Technical Institutes in South London.
  38. The belligerent who institutes the blockade, cannot absolve itself from the obligation to apply the force, under any pretext whatever.
  39. Yet the worlds of research and treatment for the two were so separate that there were three national institutes covering them: NIMH, NIDA, and NIAAA.
  40. The private tertiary education institutes offer the students an opportunity to gather knowledge about business and prepare them for gainful employment.
  41. Yes, indeed, and many institutes and museums in the States are interested in establishing a similar foothold in this country where the prospects for further 27.
  42. Though the National Institutes of Health opposed a new institute on child health and development, on the grounds that it was unnecessary, heavy lobbying by the Shrivers, Dr.
  43. Most of the analytics courses in India (either through private training institutes or esteemed universities/ business schools) are offered as part time course or as an elective.
  44. Steve Hyman presented a ten-year plan for the neurosciences, which he had orchestrated with the directors of all the brain-related institutes in NIH, the Society for Neuroscience, and the Institute of Medicine.
  45. At Speranski’s request he took the first part of the Civil Code that was being drawn up and, with the aid of the Code Napoleon and the Institutes of Justinian, he worked at formulating the section on Personal Rights.
  46. At Speránski’s request he took the first part of the Civil Code that was being drawn up and, with the aid of the Code Napoléon and the Institutes of Justinian, he worked at formulating the section on Personal Rights.
  47. This is surprising, for as Frank Putnam, a National Institutes of Health psychiatrist who has studied this phenomenon, points out, normally a person‘s brain-wave pattern does not change even in states of extreme emotion.
  48. Francis Collins—formerly of the Human Genome Project, then director of the National Institutes of Health—as well as the directors of the NIMH, NIDA, NIAAA, and FDA, and leading researchers on veterans’ brain injuries.
  49. More books were prepackaged in boxes under the tables, with the boxes being pre-addressed in the name of the most prestigious universities and history institutes of Europe, to be shipped out or carried away after the conference.
  50. A recent study by the National Institutes of Health determined that when people follow a diet plan as their only method of losing weight, two-thirds regained their weight within one year, and almost all regained their weight within five years.
  51. Hell, the National Institutes for Ability Control probably sent out some kind of official letter to the school, wouldnt you think? Our regular teacher should have been there for support and guidance instead of leaving the poor student-teacher to the wolves.
  52. One of the first big political moves of the Decade of the Brain involved bringing the medicine and science of mental health and addiction back under the umbrella of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), so it would hopefully be taken more seriously and funded more aggressively.
  53. In 1997, the Sixth Report of the National Institutes of Health's Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation and Treatment of High Blood Pressure concluded that, no direct relationship between caffeine intake and elevated blood pressure has been found in most epidemiologic surveys.
  54. His efforts include the Education for All Handicapped Children Act (1975), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Child Care Act (both passed in 1990), and the Ryan White AIDS Care Act of 1990; he increased funding for the National Institutes of Health and many more educational, housing, medical, and support-services programs.
  55. Steven Hyman—the outspoken young biological psychiatry researcher who, at age forty-six, had been the director of the National Institute of Mental Health for three years and was being talked about as a possible candidate to run the entire National Institutes of Health in a Gore administration (which would have been the first time a brain scientist ever ran the entire organization).
  56. Basically, all this is so simple: when you are born, you already have an innumerable set of variants of “your future Deaths”, variants of “your” upbringing in different pre-schools and kindergartens, variants of “your” study in different schools, technical colleges, and institutes, variants of “your” career and occupation in different spheres of social life and at different production facilities, posts and jobs, in different families, cities and countries.
  57. It seems scarcely necessary to observe, that the presence of a competent force is essential to constitute a blockade; and although it is usual for the belligerent to give notice to neutral nations when he institutes a blockade, it is not customary to give any notice of its discontinuance; and that consequently the presence of the blockading force is the natural criterion by which the neutral is enabled to ascertain the existence of the blockade, in like manner as the actual investment of a besieged place is the only evidence by which we decide whether the siege is continued or raised.
  58. Ever wondered why all those Research Institutes are out in the countryside? Part of it is cost,.

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