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Jumble en una oración (en ingles)

  1. They spoke in a jumble.
  2. My mind was in a jumble.
  3. His life was such a jumble.
  4. JUMBLE in aid of the Unemployed.
  5. There's such a jumble of impressions.

  6. Inside, under a jumble of other things.
  7. It was just a jumble of repetitive words.
  8. My mind was a jumble, a clutter of worries.
  9. Which we jumble up to call self-awareness.
  10. Sometimes, in the jumble of advocacy and.
  11. Roric was suddenly a jumble of mixed emotions.
  12. It’s just a jumble of random characters now.
  13. It was just a jumble of unintelligible characters.
  14. It turned into a meaningless jumble and he sat back.
  15. As this jumble of barbed thoughts continued to fold in on.

  16. The result is an incoherent jumble of fanatical utterings.
  17. Susan shook her head to try to clear the jumble of thoughts.
  18. But my thoughts were a jumble of words scattered on the lawn.
  19. The two groups of interceptors approached in a chaotic jumble.
  20. Caris felt a familiar, painful jumble of anxiety and helplessness.
  21. There was a confusion and tangle of messages—a jumble of rumors.
  22. Thesa stumbled backwards, his mind a jumble of incoherent thoughts.
  23. She weighed this jumble of thoughts, mulling over their relationship.
  24. Moshe had led them along the trail as the jumble of comment continued.
  25. They didn’t know what to do with the word jumble and neither did I.

  26. Strewn haphazardly through the jumble were swords, shields, and spears.
  27. Of course, the press was waiting for us in a huge jumble in the hallway.
  28. Erica sat staring at the jumble of numbers in her mathematical workbook.
  29. I heard the jumble in his mind as he tried to decide what to say to me.
  30. His thoughts were a jumble, chaotic and jumping from one idea to the next.
  31. Churchill thumbed open the cubby to reveal a jumble of grubby cassette tapes.
  32. Jason was almost a jumble of every high school stereotype put into one body.
  33. In a second the horse of Panama was a broken jumble of men and fallen beasts.
  34. What? Other light? He located the jumble of confused light that was his fear.
  35. There was a rush of wind, and Andrei, Luka, and I fell in a jumble on the floor.
  36. Belongings had been dumped from dresser drawers and lay in a jumble on the floor.
  37. There were pathways through the jumble of artifacts, through which we made our way.
  38. In the distance lay the jumble of things that made up the Project as he had known it.
  39. So his were a jumble of thoughts and emotions that would remain with him for decades.
  40. Getting back up from my knees, I followed the jumble of tracks leading to the shore.
  41. I could not understand the incoherent jumble you spit out before falling unconscious.
  42. Below was a jumble of hills and tiny villages---Mattock, Ambergate, Stoney Middleton.
  43. But it was a torrent of words, pouring out, mostly in a jumble and not making much sense.
  44. A jumble of fidgety feet and legs of patrons from the restaurant level met his initial gaze.
  45. I come down an hour later and help him finish off what’s left of the croissants and Jumble.
  46. It was more, so much more than that! Moshe replied, as a jumble of memories where he had.
  47. They continued to hold meetings, rummage and jumble sales, entertainments and special services.
  48. With a wooden spoon she stirred the jumble with delight and left that the ingredients were cooked.
  49. The painting on the easel was a jumble of colors, the kind of painting an untalented child might do.
  50. Her mind was a jumble of worries mixed with questions, mingled with confusion and stirred by self-doubt.
  51. In truth, Sir, I have a jumble of ideas that are not fully thought out much less in a presentable form.
  52. Then have them look through a unit they have completed and choose five words to jumble for their partner.
  53. Rave shook his head as he scanned the jumble of costumed students, wondering what he had gotten himself into.
  54. A jumble of words sprang up in Simon’s mind, nonsensical, strange, the wild colours of them making him blink.
  55. Young, old, pretty, ugly, with smiles, with a jumble of words for Tony and Tony going round kissing left and right.
  56. The past two days had been like a jumble of words, country jumping and an incredible race that seemed to never stop.
  57. As if by magic, which it probably was, the lettering on the sign began to jumble itself into seemingly nonsensical characters.
  58. So many personalities had been inside that all I got was a jumble of muted emotions so diluted that nothing came through strongly.
  59. He pushed and swatted at his attacker, a relentless jumble of skin and bones cavorting on top of him as he tried to gain purchase.
  60. Then Sim hurled himself unsteadily, the two of them fell in a ridiculous jumble, rolling, until Dark pried them, squalling, apart.
  61. She stood there a moment, dripping blood but shining her light over the jumble of equipment, having no idea where to begin to look.
  62. She could still read and comprehend small amounts of text, but the computer keyboard had become an undecipherable jumble of letters.
  63. There was a thin mattress on the floor, and a jumble of cookware, some clothing, and caved-in cardboard boxes stacked in the corners.
  64. The bellman pushed past Colling and dropped the boxes in a jumble on the unmade bed, and then hung the suit in the room’s wardrobe.
  65. Among the newer varieties are a jumble of securities with acronymic nicknames like LYONS, ELKS, EYES, PERCS, MIPS, CHIPS, and YEELDS.
  66. How did you get out? His mind was a jumble of guesses, but I couldn’t tell him anything about that without tipping my hand to Kestrel.
  67. The calmness in his voice soothed the rest of my tremors away, and I sat up straighter in my seat, pushing the jumble of my purse to the floor.
  68. His name is Aidme and we’re still in the process of getting used to each other… Says my mind is an undisciplined jumble of unintelligent thoughts.
  69. But if that same girl is born to poor parents in India, the untreated cleft would likely bloom into a horrible jumble of misshapen lip, gum, and teeth.
  70. Out of a jumble of bodies came hands clutching bottles, dentures bared in brays of Republican laughter, teeth freaky in their perfection, like Chiclets.
  71. The tender, carriages, and van were all smashed up into one jumble, which, with the remains of the engine, choked for a minute or so the mouth of the pit.
  72. Each cover was a jumble of text, some of it written, some of it typed, some of it cut out of magazines and stuck on like a ransom note, all of it photocopied.
  73. Like almost everything in her life right now, the curtains were in a box somewhere in the great jumble of boxes, likely the very last one she’d think to look in.
  74. Every inch except the driver’s seat was crammed with newspapers, books, clothes, soda cans, and a jumble of other things that came up all the way to the windows.
  75. Having a spare moment to think of Jennifer, our last conversation ran again through my already stressed-out mind, a jumble of facts, figures and potential problems.
  76. Not a good move to start out above the other elevators, he thought as he released the latch and studied the jumble of suspended cables and electrical wires overhead.
  77. When they pulled up alongside the Manhattan, Pocock found that the dock was a jumble of offices, storage sheds, stacks of cargo, and canopied gangways for passengers.
  78. Their shouted stories, competing for his attention, became almost an unintelligible jumble of sound in their eagerness to inform him of their exploits during his absence.
  79. Dana starts, but soon Derek cuts in, until their voices overlap in a confusing jumble of words and sensations that I cannot even begin to force into a semblance of a story.
  80. Pharan, having turned his back quickly to do what he was bade, missed the experience, only vaguely hearing the commotion among the jumble of his thoughts as he hurried away.
  81. I don’t know how I was able to keep my footing in the littered jumble of the forest floor, but I did somehow, leaping over rocks and almost slamming into trees several times.
  82. The jumble of the external structures were now replaced by functional but artistic architecture, enhanced by an abundance of trees, bushes and flowers planted along the promenade.
  83. With the jumble of cables and connectors exposed, they stood in awe, not so much at the sight, but from the feeling and sound of the power surging through the massive wires and posts.
  84. Usually it was a mixed-up jumble of both sets of platitudes being spouted to rationalize, justify, and explain literally everything they did: including their reason for being alive.
  85. One was still filled with the surplus uniforms he had been selling, and while there was a jumble of some items in its bottom because it had been moved, everything appeared to be intact.
  86. Yet Nichols quoted several passages to prove they both perish, but when we tried his principles we discovered a disjointed jumble by which his argument were self-refuted and contradictory.
  87. Any story, no matter the agreed upon point of its origin and beginning is anything more than a jumble of words and phrases should the beginning not retain its relevance throughout the telling.
  88. He stopped half dozen careful strides from the road and beckoned his team to join him He pointed further downstream to where a jumble of storm debris twisted and turned on the swirling water’s surface.
  89. It was hung with paintings from floor to ceiling—portraits, landscapes, allegorical scenes all in a great jumble, with the only breaks to make spaces for the doors that occasionally interrupted the long walls.
  90. In my head I tried to sing snatches of songs from my childhood, but the stifling emptiness of this demonic and industrial womb-space drove the shapes and sounds of words and melodies into a frantic jumble of static.
  91. But he did remember the trenchant stink of Joe Billie Bloodtooth and as the jumble of events gestating in the half dead animal‘s mind slowly came to term, a blood feud was birthed—with the owner of the signal spoor.
  92. He entered through the broken doorway and searched the single-story building for anything of use but he only found a jumble of old clothes, rather like a nest, which was in a cupboard under the stairs that led to the attic.
  93. It was more, so much more than that! Moshe replied, as a jumble of memories where he had heard that same voice, beyond his own thoughts, and felt warned or helped in a particular way, flitted across his inner consciousness.
  94. It was fortunate that after so much governmental instability because of so many superimposed civil wars, academic standards were less selective than they had been, and there was a jumble of backgrounds and social positions in the public schools.
  95. Liulfr watched the pair move away and wondered just what they were saying, what Tullius’ messages and commands had meant, who the mysterious man in the doctor’s tent whom he could not recall had been…so many things remained a jumble of unknowns.
  96. And what a wonderful mind it was! The Vedas (from the root vid, to know) were simply meant to be a collection of the existing knowledge of the day; they are a jumble of many things: hymns, prayers, ritual for sacrifice, magic, magnificent nature poetry.
  97. The mere physical restraint was torture to so active, high-strung a man, but when it came to a problem play—— He not unnaturally considered that it represented the full measure of his devotion to his wife, to spend an evening beside her listening to the same old jumble of human motives, human passions, that had occupied him all day long.
  98. There is a drawer in the sideboard that is lined with yellowed newspaper, it contains a small jumble of my Papa’s mementos: embroidered crests unpicked from uniforms, a carved clay pipe, tins that had once contained tobacco or cough sweets but are now used to collect thru’penny bits for children’s treats or shillings for the electric meter.
  99. I realise Athens too has its unfair share of insidious tourist traps just like Cornwall and no doubt the traffic is nightmare and yes, it's a sprawling jumble of concrete and marble, of ancient and modern, of the implausible and the miraculous, but then they say Athens teems with spectacular sights, superb cafes, and much more that you just won't find in any modern city.
  100. And what a jumble there was under this assumption of independence! She was fascinated at the same time by the aristocratic element and the system of big landed properties and the increase of the governor's power, and the democratic element, and the new reforms and discipline, and free-thinking and stray Socialistic notions, and the correct tone of the aristocratic salon and the free-and-easy, almost pot-house, manners of the young people that surrounded her.
  1. She left it there, confusion jumbling.
  2. She spoke a little too fast, jumbling her passable English.
  3. I heard the jumbling of keys and then the sound of a door opening.
  4. I could hear the jumbling of his movement and sometimes his breathing.
  5. After some jumbling to gain ground Mel said we should separate the force field.
  6. She found it hard, really hard to identify those things jumbling in her thoughts.
  7. Reiterating the jumbling mass of ministry people to adopt new sound practices in a matter of days was just as inconceivable as totally circumventing the antiquated ministry machine in whole.
  1. The voices, the jumbled thoughts.
  2. My emotions were so jumbled, I felt.
  3. The jumbled mixture of confusing emotions.
  4. They were all jumbled up, just like his own.
  5. It was the second part that jumbled this play.
  6. I caught only jumbled images from Michael's mind.
  7. Somehow I knew that he could read my jumbled emotions.
  8. Sometimes the words are jumbled but after you have gone.
  9. What? her words were jumbled and she seemed confused.
  10. Everything gets jumbled; the things that I used to think and.
  11. It was not jumbled with artifacts like the rest of the gallery.
  12. What we have left is jumbled and unclear in its meaning at times.
  13. In the end, it usually looks pretty jumbled, but it works for me.
  14. Claire's insides jumbled as Isaac started the Range Rover up again.
  15. Lighter objects are wildly jumbled, many of them out on the surface.
  16. He was gazing into the distance, lost in a world of jumbled thoughts.
  17. More … charged, thick with unspoken words and a thousand jumbled emotions.
  18. Bits and pieces - rags - that jumbled together made a decent enough mattress.
  19. It was hard to be silent, because the floor was strewn with a jumbled array of stuff.
  20. I pawed the letters on top of the other ones making a jumbled mess but she understood.
  21. All are to come to where many stones are jumbled together, near the most sacred place.
  22. Time and events were telescoped, jumbled together like a in her memories of those days.
  23. Poor little slave of the jumbled bloods, she was Spanish and Carib and Negro and French.
  24. My thoughts were all jumbled up, but Anita made suggestions, and I agreed to everything.
  25. The building was dun-colored, jumbled with fire escapes like orthodonture over bad teeth.
  26. The chronology was all jumbled up now, but everything ailing her seemed to begin back there.
  27. Anna stood there with a big brown paper bag in one hand and a jumbled pile of mail in the other.
  28. One and all prepared to go to where many stones are jumbled together, near the most sacred place.
  29. First we had to find the device, which was going to be hard given what a jumbled mess the place was.
  30. Choose ten words that you want to review and write them on the board but with the letters jumbled up.
  31. The spokesman dismissed the jumbled questions of the media and returned to the interior of the house.
  32. The explosion behind them, which obliterated the lounge they had just left, jumbled Sabrina’s thoughts.
  33. And life was full of holes: looking at the snippets jumbled on her pile carpet, Sam couldn’t agree more.
  34. Mostly, they are connected to a pyramidal jumbled up mess called civilization, in jumbled up chaotic ways.
  35. Jumbled together was a mass of bills, United were one ten-dollar gold piece and two five-dollar gold pieces.
  36. At this point he murmured some strange and obscure words in confusion, and then his movements became jumbled.
  37. There remained only that empty space upon the Illustrated Man’s back, that area of jumbled colors and shapes.
  38. The Elder wrinkled his snout, considering the points Brokin had made, his old mind a whirlpool of jumbled emotions.
  39. Over time, thinks Marie-Laure, events that seem jumbled either become more confusing or gradually settle into place.
  40. Everything in the boy's head was confusing and jumbled; there was no clear line of action, just wandering thoughts.
  41. Came the dawn and a moment of awakening for Rudolph, and for a few jumbled seconds he believed the dream to be real.
  42. This is hard to put into words, and if it seems a little jumbled, please forgive my feeble attempt at baring my soul.
  43. They jutted precariously over the broken ledge while giant hunks of broken, jumbled stairs led to the crooked doorway.
  44. His consciousness was growing thin but he could hear his father’s jumbled German-English words grinding into his ears.
  45. They are all hopelessly segmented, disconnected from each other, in a jumbled up mess of specialized, special interests.
  46. Kunneqtiqut / What the fuck / Connect the dots / Jumbled up / On a tilt / Around a bend / Alone, Atlantic / Antic end.
  47. That means all are to assemble as quickly as possible to where many stones are jumbled together, near the most sacred place.
  48. He had tossed and turned the entire night after that conversation with his brother, trying to organize his jumbled thoughts.
  49. The drive to the police station was silent except for an occasional crackling and jumbled sounds coming from the police radio.
  50. He spoke with a strong accent, typical of that part of Yorkshire, and his words were often slurred and jumbled as they emerged.
  51. She imagined her organs untangling themselves from the jumbled mess in which they had been knotted, and aligning themselves properly.
  52. She felt her collective playing at the fringes of her jumbled psyche---no words, no coherency, just blind frenzy---urging her, goading her on.
  53. From the air he could still see the words left for him at Quail's murder, now broken up, jumbled into a heap of red letters and question marks.
  54. Preeti paused and cringed for a moment at the thought of jumbled up books, cassettes not in covers and the worst image of them all, pen lids not on pens.
  55. Eva walked out of the office, her thoughts jumbled as the good news was replaced with the more pressing problem of getting Father Haralambos out of Greece.
  56. She knew, as the plane pulled away from the gate and he waved goodbye from the terminal window, that Inacio wanted to sort his jumbled emotions in private.
  57. She went crimson at the memory and, pulling the bed covers up about her neck, lay bathed in sunlight, trying to sort out the jumbled impressions in her mind.
  58. What shall I say? cried Sallie, as Fred ended his rigmarole, in which he had jumbled together pell-mell nautical phrases and facts out of one of his favorite books.
  59. Jazz leaned across the table and pushed the fast forward button to release around three seconds of the jumbled gibberish of speeded-up action then again pushed play.
  60. She picked up the books, swept the rest of the feast back into the hamper in a jumbled heap, thrust it into Ermengarde's arms, and pushed her before her toward the door.
  61. She is on the side of tidiness and cleanliness and not on the side of slovenly lassitude that leaves things jumbled and rumpled, scattered with no conscious care and placement.
  62. The filing cabinets stood like jumbled building blocks at the edges of the room now, surrounded by stacks of mouldering papers and an assortment of horrible, expensively framed paintings.
  63. Any sort of nonsense gets in easier ‘n a hot knife slips into an oleo tub! ‘Course, the jumbled contents slippy-slide around in there, melt down to a mingled mess just that easy, too.
  64. It felt like he’d stepped out of his body, and now he was reliving those frightful minutes that had so altered his life, releasing all the jumbled emotions he’d kept stashed away for 15 years.
  65. Dan had fallen in love with Gabriella in his senior year of high school in history class as they studied together and commiserated over the horribly jumbled and boring lectures the teacher would give.
  66. I linked back into his mind, and his thoughts were a jumbled mess—happiness that he was holding me, anger at whatever trouble Simon had gotten me into, confusion about what to say and do to help me.
  67. He then tossed the bag back inside the temple with whatever was left inside of it and then walked through the jumbled boxes and unseeing people, calmly as if he belonged as a member of the hectic scene.
  68. At the mention of Monte Cristo Dantes started with joy; he rose to conceal his emotion, and took a turn around the smoky tavern, where all the languages of the known world were jumbled in a lingua franca.
  69. His Parent and Child come on straight, frequently in a jumbled mixture of archaic data, a jumbled replay of early experiences that do not make sense now because they did not make sense when they were recorded.
  70. He often struggled for his words and his speaking voice was little more than an exhausted whisper, but there were some interludes when jumbled images would suddenly escape in staccato bursts between catches of laughter.
  71. A jumbled series of images—five of the best men and women from the five main districts of Gathandria, together with a handful of followers they trusted most, the theatricals, the glass-makers, the field-tillers, the stone-cutters and the tradesfolk.
  72. Through the rusted bars, tastes, rather than glimpses, were caught of the jumbled neighbourhood; and nothing within range, nearer or lower than the summits of the two great towers of Notre-Dame, had any promise on it of healthy life or wholesome aspirations.
  73. Jennings's prophecies, though rather jumbled together, were chiefly fulfilled; for she was able to visit Edward and his wife in their Parsonage by Michaelmas, and she found in Elinor and her husband, as she really believed, one of the happiest couples in the world.
  74. Jennings’s prophecies, though rather jumbled together, were chiefly fulfilled; for she was able to visit Edward and his wife in their Parsonage by Michaelmas, and she found in Elinor and her husband, as she really believed, one of the happiest couples in the world.
  75. As she spoke she started to cry, shrinking into herself, her face crumpling like that of a five-year-old, so I moved across the seat and brought her in close to me, stroking her hair while she kept talking, her words now jumbled, too fast, too full, broken with sobs and hiccups.
  76. However; this entire history of the dominance of tools over humans, over human values, this selective blindness which scientists call selective awareness; which has been cast into billions of self-created realities, all mostly unconnected to each other except on an abstract level… this jumbled mix of self-created segmented-fragmented identities within each psyche; has robbed humans of ever seeing themselves and their own history in any true, larger, comprehensive, connective context which could explain all of their condition.
  77. The first thing to see, looking away over the water, was a kind of dull line—that was the woods on t'other side; you couldn't make nothing else out; then a pale place in the sky; then more paleness spreading around; then the river softened up away off, and warn't black any more, but gray; you could see little dark spots drifting along ever so far away—trading scows, and such things; and long black streaks—rafts; sometimes you could hear a sweep screaking; or jumbled up voices, it was so still, and sounds come so far; and by and by you could see a streak on the water which you know by the look of the streak that there's a snag there in a swift current which breaks on it and makes that streak look that.
  78. My emotions were jumbled enough without another voice in my head,.
  1. They said, Jumbles of dreams, and we know nothing of the interpretation of dreams.
  2. There were many kinds of plants resembling thick jumbles of purple above-ground lily pads with thick colorful leaves.
  3. A great sense of pride and love swept over her as they rode through the rolling hills and tufts of heather, through the jumbles of rock and moss and undulating grass.
  4. Tied up along its shores was every conceivable kind of watercraft—Chinese junks, tugboats, rickety houseboats, old schooners, and barges heaped with jumbles of industrial cargo.
  5. He hiked deep into the northwest woods, climbed up steep mountain inclines, and scrambled over jumbles of fallen trees, hauling with him a chainsaw, a peavey, a splitting maul, and assorted iron wedges jammed into his pockets, in search of salvageable wood.

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