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Welter en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He struggled on through a welter of sea and mist.
  2. Terry retired from the beautiful game amid a welter of.
  3. As he climbed the hill, he became lost in a welter of thought and feeling.
  4. From the welter three factions emerged—Tecuhltli, Xotalanc, and Tolkemec.
  5. They emerged from his back in a welter of blood and splintered spinal column bones.

  6. Volcanoes erupted, cyclones and hurricanes tore over the hills in a welter and fury of weather.
  7. Thus Zlorf's broad, honest face was a welter of scar tissue, the result of many a close encounter.
  8. He went over backwards in a welter of blood, his nose shattered and shifted to the right hand side of his face.
  9. Hence the prices of common stocks are not carefully thought out computations but the resultants of a welter of human reactions.
  10. There was a volley of fire from the bottom of the fence and both of the spear-wielding villagers went down in a welter of blood.
  11. Terry retired from the beautiful game amid a welter of accusations, of public rows with Bling and general feelings of mutual betrayal.
  12. Neither is the welter of Marconi lies which has not been sent vibrating without some reason, for which it would be nauseous to inquire too closely.
  13. Out of the welter of rapture and anger and heartbreak and hurt pride that he had left, depression emerged to sit upon her shoulder like a carrion crow.
  14. He has his field light and is swinging its beam repeatedly over a welter of compacted wreckage in the far corner—stones and cement and splintered wood.
  15. His spurs having become entangled in a perfect welter of ponchos he nearly pitched on his head, and did not recover his balance till the middle of the room.

  16. Across the hall ran Lucy, the whole of her one welter of anxious penitence and longing and love, and when she got to the door and turned the handle it was locked.
  17. But while he pondered, they came to the steel grille, etched blackly in the torches beyond, and the body of Shukeli, still slumped against the bars in a curdled welter of crimson.
  18. The Congressman from Wisconsin stood up and walked with a self-important air to the door and disappeared in a welter of immaculately dressed and pressed civilian and military aides.
  19. Conan, towering above the field, strode through the welter smiting right and left, but Valeria moved like an illusive phantom, constantly shifting, and thrusting and slashing as she shifted.
  20. And looks a lot like Betty, too, said Camilla, and then disappeared shrieking amid a welter of skirts and pantalets and bobbing hats, as Betty, who did have a long face, began pinching her.
  21. Let us now scrutinize the noble verse wherein God says: Those who live on usury will rise up (before Al’lah) like he whom Satan has caused to welter, distracted by his touch, for they claim that usury is like trading.
  22. Then Conan's iron hand closed on her wrist and she was jerked headlong into the blinding welter of the leaves, and out again into the hot sunshine above, just as the monster fell forward with his front feet on the crag with an impact that made the rock vibrate.
  23. Others express the deepest indignation that 210 sailors were rescued, the testimony shows that most of these sailors were in the welter of ice and water into which they had been thrown from the ship's deck when she sank; they were human beings and so were picked up and saved.

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