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    1. And just to show off, Marley put all these posters of Louis Armstrong and Neil Armstrong and even Lance Armstrong up there just to fill up space on the cherry picker

    2. Two of the boys, Lance and Robert, never felt or heard anything

    3. The two boys who never received the ‘call’, Lance and Robert, sought out Master Jeffery and asked if there was someway they could be included with their friends

    4. Then when they returned to their quarters in the evening, Lance would write down all he saw and heard and ‘felt’

    5. lance of the knight piercing the mouth of the monster and

    6. ‘Lead the way, Lance corporal

    7. Nathaniel led his horse and followed the lance corporal to the gate

    8. ‘With me, sir,’ said the lance corporal

    9. ‘Working,’ answered the lance corporal

    10. Nate and the lance corporal mounted the stairs

    11. The lance carried on through the hall and down a corridor, stopping at the second door and knocking twice

    12. ‘Thank your, lance corporal

    13. The lance swiveled on his heel and left

    14. with lance and shield

    15. Little more than a minute later he returned armed with a portable plasma lance

    16. ” he announced, carefully passing the lance to Fletcher

    17. “Put down the lance

    18. Lucy laughed and slowly moved forward, holding the lance ready to swing it at them

    19. Lucy smiled for a moment and then swung the lance at her

    20. If she had been armed with a knife he could have had a go at grabbing it, but the plasma lance would be impossible to hold

    21. She dropped the plasma lance and for a second she stared at the sparking and smouldering flare in horror, then she calmed down and looked up at Chris

    22. A Lance Corporal from the Fusiliers appeared and said

    23. officer on board speared it with his killing lance

    24. the lance that would deal the deathblow to the wounded whale

    25. “I’m a Lance Corporal and you can’t talk to me like that I’ve a good mind to put you on a charge”, and his face turned bright red

    26. Major Melstone and RSM Greaves came over to us and the RSM said, Right young Lamb you are now a Lance Corporal the Colonel has made you up in the field now hold out your arm

    27. “Oh and by the way congratulations on being made up to Lance Corporal

    28. Colling showed him how to lance the blisters with a needle and apply protective tape

    29. Billy and Lance hopped in, splitting in the

    30. Lance learned he mugged the Corleone's, he moved off the map

    31. handing up a short battle lance that was flying his family colors of blue and white

    32. He turned right around and slashed me with his lance

    33. enough for Dacian to knock her across the head with the butt end of his lance and

    34. just a blur as he pulled his poison-dripped lance from his sheath at his shoulder

    35. of his bullets, and lunged forward with his lance

    36. instead of a lance

    37. change the shape of his lance head to different points and sharpen the blade as if

    38. The man hunched over, but lashed out, the rod of his lance knocking

    39. Dacian, with cruel precision, jammed the altered blade of his lance into

    40. It took him a while of running across the white cobbles to notice that he still grasped the useless blunt end of his lance before he

    41. Jeremiah held up his other arm to combat Dacian’s new lance, and the two

    42. jumpsuit faster than he had made his new lance

    43. Dacian took note of her eyes on him, and slyly molded his lance blade into a

    44. infused the wound from the toxic lance

    45. From over the lizard’s shoulder, Dacian appeared at the saddle, lance

    46. twirled his lance as another bomb rumbled the ground, causing Nero to fall

    47. is alive! Ira is alive! Sadly, the lance head at her throat and the sedating effects of the poison had made that impossible

    48. She fell away, run through with crystal, for he had thrust his lance into her

    49. He dropped the lance and it landed with a clatter

    50. Meanwhile Dacian, in desperation, exhausted of his lance, had found a new way to

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