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    1. his spear stuck in the ground at his bolster: but Abner and

    2. "Theirops spear," she said

    3. "With that get up and this spear we'll be safe from theirops now," Luray told him in a normal voice

    4. If the human has a serious weapon, like a crossbow or spear, the theirops won't attack

    5. "They can smell me out there hunting them with my wizard's spear

    6. They didn't launch spear or claw at him however, which had to mean they could not see him

    7. He crawled over and picked up Luray's spear and sat with that held high by the fire

    8. "Just be confident, watch for it, be ready to spear it if it shows, think with anger about how deep you're going to drive that spear into his throat when he charges

    9. Alan looked up from where he was carving a very sharp point on Luray's theirops spear while she prowled for berries and inglethors

    10. He rushed forward with his spear and shield at the ready

    1. After all, they speared us with a missile that flew at the speed of light

    2. the speared and bloody heel his endearing humanity,

    3. Speared me and tossed me aside like I was a rag doll

    4. She reached for the platter before her and speared several pieces of fruit and something that resembled cheese

    5. Defoe pulled the platter toward himself and speared a limp, green lump on the side of the roast beef

    6. She came close and speared a piece of the pie to eat

    7. The cormorants almost always came up with a fish speared in their beaks

    8. But not long into her dream the Cyrodilic sky would darken and crack, speared by massive, twitching shadow

    9. "I know this man!" he declared, as he paused with a hunk of beef that he had speared with his fork, mid-way to his mouth

    10. Psyche speared him with her eyes

    1. ’ Kara mused, spearing a particularly large chip on the end of her fork dipping it in the savoury sauce on her plate before carrying it to her mouth

    2. It circled the ship, spearing each member of her departed crew with it's noon light

    3. Nearby, a rat shot out from behind a tombstone and, in an instant, the cat’s claws were upon it, pinning it cruelly to the ground, spearing it in several places

    4. Frank nodded, spearing a piece of steak and putting it in his mouth, chewing thoughtfully

    5. Frank nodded, spearing a piece of steak and putting it in his mouth, chewing thoughtfully

    6. helped me make leisters and gaff hooks for spearing them out of the streams

    7. These extremely useful wooden cocktail sticks are needed for spearing through pieces of fruit and cherries

    8. A log from the dam they had destroyed jammed against the side of the river and stuck into the mud with its splintered end spearing back into the path of the boat

    9. Philip picked at the lettuce and rolled a cherry tomato around the rim of his plate, picking up as much of the fig balsamic vinaigrette as he could before spearing the tomato with his fork and popping it into his mouth

    10. The wild Kushites rushed into the shambles, spearing the wounded, bursting the helmets of the knights with stones and iron hammers

    1. and their spears into pruning hooks:

    2. Strange-looking spears were lined up on the other end of the arena; spears that reminded her of the Assegai welded by the Zulu warriors of old Earth; only these were twice their size

    3. Suddenly there was a loud uproar as the warriors all yelled out a guttural shout of acceptance, stomping their feet and pounding their shields with their spears

    4. They had their shields before them and were holding their large spears above them

    5. In unison they moved forward, stomped their feet, and then banged against their shields with their spears shouting loudly

    6. ” They answered with loud shouts as they beat their spears against their shields

    7. Rayne couldn’t help but be reminded of broccoli spears

    8. “In a thousand years there will be, but remember, your mortal ancestors at this time were living in caves and fighting bears with spears

    9. old man resumed, “Whatever you try – arrows, spears, fireballs

    10. “Your mates use arrows and spears to disable the dragon as

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    lance javelin pike dart stab penetrate run through bayonet impale

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    lance shaft spear fishgig fizgig gig spear up javelin pike dart stab penetrate run through bayonet impale