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    lay open

    1. A tabloid newspaper lay open as reading material and as a safety net for the droppings of his massive sandwich

    2. As we climbed the steps Finlay opened the door and I gave him his egg

    3. The holo display opened at the command

    4. Krishnan, who was a child then, played with the urchins and specialized in throwing tiny stones at the dark ‘thing’ that lay open when the flaps of the vesthi of a sleeping old neighbor was carelessly parted

    5. His shirt lay open to the navel, exposing the many gold chains he wore around his neck

    6. Everyone who is unequal to his own task, such as I, must seek a faithful friend, upon whose counsel she can rely, and in whom she can have such confidence that she will lay open to him every secret of her heart

    7. An hour later, the lawyer was aboard the helicopter heading back towards the Greek mainland, and the small notebook lay open in his immaculate hands

    8. That permeate the darkness and lay open

    9. A book lay open on his chest as he snored mildly

    10. it to the peak and stared out at the horizon and all the stars that lay open to them

    11. They didn’t have to hunt for the box of guns — it lay open in plain sight

    12. Skin as soft as cream lay open and uncovered, it rose and fell in poetic phrases and Byron with saucer-shaped eyes followed her form: across her thighs, her navel, to her neck and face

    13. lay open and exposed before God, along with every evil sin his soul had

    14. A film script lay open on the table

    15. Its chairs were covered with dust; its hymn-books, growing brown, still lay open at the place the Glambecks had praised God out of last

    16. In one group, I recall, which an attendant said had been awaiting his removal for a couple of days, the rough board coffins, painted the uniform brown of the city's institutions, lay open, without so much as face coverings over the dead

    17. The book Lucy had been reading had dropped out of her hand when she fell asleep, and lay open on the floor at his feet

    18. The grey envelope lay open on the table – it wasn’t a letter of condolence from the looks of it…

    19. The young administrative officer turned his back and renewed his concentration on the file that lay open on his desk

    20. Arms and legs spread eagle, suspended in midair by thick chains that entered his wrists and ankles, his chest lay open, flesh pulled back like an exposed butterfly ready to meet the world for the first time

    21. People did not want to buy expensive slaves when an easy route lay open for them to escape to Canada

    22. He leaned over a book that lay open in front of him,

    23. Interpret: To explain the meaning of words to a person who does not understand them; lay open what is concealed

    24. castle with a winding road leading up the great drawbridge that lay open for

    25. Some doors lay open and were

    26. Reaching the trees, what was previously indiscernible, now lay open for their

    27. grass clearing lay open, enhanced by the glorious blue sky

    28. Seeing for the first time, they found themselves cradled in the warm love of the Mother! They lay open-mouthed, awe-struck before the great beauty and truth they could not hoped to have known

    29. Had it pleased the Almighty Power to bring such a race into existence under the circumstances supposed, the heirs of damnation to an eternal misery which they had themselves done nothing to deserve—the bestowment of redemption, and of the opportunity of salvation from the direful doom, would assume an aspect of simple righteousness; and the withholding of such salvation would have been to lay open the Divine Government to the darkest imputations of wrong and cruelty from all minds constituted like our own

    30. Before I knew it, the shirt was unbuttoned and lay open, and he was devouring the sight of me with eyes turned hungry, but not for my blood

    31. Holly buried her head further into the magazine, that lay open on Jo's bed

    32. Her mother was sitting at the kitchen table, focused on a book that lay open in front her

    33. A open Chemistry text book lay open at her table

    34. His yellow rags of shirt lay open at the throat, and showed his body to be withered and worn

    35. The spices of different kinds did not seem to have been bought by the pound but by the quarter, and all lay open to view in a great chest

    36. She was pale and expectant with wonder, her lips were parted, and her dark eyes lay open to him

    37. Reflection had given calmness to her judgment, and sobered her own opinion of Willoughby's deserts;-- she wished, therefore, to declare only the simple truth, and lay open such facts as were really due to his character, without any embellishment of tenderness to lead the fancy astray

    38. Several were scattered across the sidewalk, and a dated copy of Who’s Who in America lay open before my feet

    39. He walked on a few steps, and the skating-ground lay open before his eyes, and at once, amidst all the skaters, he knew her

    40. waistcoat, resting both elbows on the table, and while waiting for the steak he had ordered he looked at a French novel that lay open on his plate

    41. "A small chamber about seven feet deep and four feet square lay open to us

    42. Most of all, she did not want to sell them because they were the only path that lay open to Ashley

    43. Or further back, the day before Daddy’s wedding, when the whole field of time lay open before him

    44. He closed the book over his finger and took it into his own room, where Fanshaw’s dictionary still lay open on his bed

    45. She eagerly seized a book which lay open on the table, and

    46. The paper lay open on the pillow beside the old man’s head

    47. A box of cream chocolates lay open in her arms

    48. Krovitch lifted himself and moved as carefully as he could to the far side of the dressing room where the golden box lay open and inside the box the thing that whispered and talked and could laugh sometimes and could sometimes sing

    49. In the room, the notebook lay open under the lighted lamp

    50. The paper lay open on the pillow beside the old man's head

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    show expose undress strip disrobe uncover bare