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    1. So, to build a bare bones system that includes the above features you would pay about $9450

    2. The loans offer the prospect of raising incomes above bare subsistence

    3. Her hands and her head rest upon his bare chest

    4. Every bare wall, except in the computer room (he was afraid of shelves falling on his computer) had a bookshelf stuffed with books

    5. The girl prodded the body with the toe of her bare right foot and shrugged her

    6. under the table, seeking out the bare calf of his now life-long lover

    7. Now he's down to the bare salary and the wife is out of work

    8. One of the few unarmed forces in the world, they had the utmost regard of the European superstar policeman; fighting a tidal wave of international organized crime with only their bare hands, hopelessly outnumbered, out-gunned and underfunded, technology from the stone age, forensics from the middle ages

    9. He puts his hand on his bare chest in imitation of a Napoleonic stance

    10. He spots Hassan, one of the layabouts, sitting with a cigarette dropping form his lips, a bare foot resting on a coffee table pitted with cigarette burns

    11. In fact, although even then he already had the easy confidence with women that made them fall for him today, still this girl had made him feel so vulnerable, so stripped bare of pretence that he had never been able to speak to her

    12. She rubs her foot up and down his bare leg

    13. At one point she couldn't manipulate it with the android's limbs but had to call bots in and Ava only had the bare minimum here on the station

    14. Joshua Johnston was a tall man, 6 feet 5 inches in bare feet, but he was the small one

    15. bare legs was a breath of civilisation, a small memento of his humanity

    16. rat, brown and sleek, scratched at scraps and bare bones in the shadows

    17. His eyes found the culprit and she was every bit as unpleasant as he had feared; cavernous dripping allergy prone nose, mounds of shapeless, colorless, big New England hair, and a body so laden with fat that only the bare outline of a human form could be seen beneath

    18. Under the bare, low-wattage bulb hanging from the ceiling in the outer corridor, I had glimpsed a narrow passage running away from me as I knelt at the foot of the ladder

    19. I had been pushed through one of them, stubbing my knee on a bare wooden frame

    20. I recoiled as images of a burning cigarette end being stubbed out on my bare legs played out in my head

    21. I lay there in my own ordure, alone in the dark in a stripped bare room, wishing for death to take me

    22. Aware at first of only my own shuffle and ache, I gradually began to distinguish other movements and routines within the close confines of these bare walls

    23. That night, I moved the camp bed away from the wall, spread the blanket on the bare floorboards and lay with my head next to the heating pipe

    24. Was the voice a product of my unhinged imagination? Would I be able to stand it if all I could see were bare walls and empty space? At the same time I felt like a small child again, receiving that one huge present so longed for

    25. They came away remembering that the leaves don't shrivel in the dark and the animal bones aren't wood and that all the animals look like little furry people with tails and that the cities are all just the bare skeletons of buildings that they think look like abandoned ruins

    26. Menachem lay on the bare floorboards and groaned slightly at my touch

    27. All of his hair had been burned to ash, yet his bare skin

    28. The scurrying of sharp little claws on flagstones was a reminder of life and the slightest feather touch of frayed rags on his bare legs was a breath of civilisation, a small memento of his humanity

    29. Things family members so inspired by the OAU when he visited Africa in April and did in my youth; like eating collard greens and cornbread May, 1964, founded the Organization of Afro-American with our bare hands, or big Sunday dinners so plentiful they Unity (OAAU) in America

    30. The bone, full of air bubbles inherited from the creature’s flying ancestors to reduce weight and density, skittled across the stone floor and came to rest by MacKenzie’s bare feet

    31. that lay bare beneath heavy lidded thunderheads

    32. in a bare laid room, heavy with block grey walls and

    33. Waking with the bare reality of pale skin

    34. Bare and black on the median horizon stands of elm

    35. and squeezed them into a crack in the bare earth

    36. of empty rooms and bare plank floors

    37. His bare soled feet tread lightly, sprites on hot gravel,

    38. from the itch and scratch of bare bulbs, dirty bed sheets

    39. Stood here before her on bare floor timbers,

    40. when they came and laid bare the bones

    41. It is a carnivore and if you tried to grab one bare handed it would claw and bite painfully

    42. Only with the bare earth revealed within that place

    43. Of an evening, when the mists hag in the bare black branches,

    44. winter bare trees, the sound of an axe falling travels quickly

    45. As I leave the cabin, I encounter Berndt just coming out of the heads, bare chested, he’s obviously just got up and thrown on his hosen

    46. The silence of the world is bare

    47. scraped and bare to the bone,

    48. In a bare lime-washed yard behind the house, I found my aunt dressed in dismal black

    49. At last they came to a very down at heel street, where most of the back-to-back terraced houses were either boarded up or bare boned skeletons

    50. At the turning area in the light from an old van and a single bulb in a shed, fifteen or so fishermen crunch on the gravel, concentrating hard whilst straightening coloured nets and winding spiky lines around their baskets with bare hands

    1. The serpent hissed and bared its’ fangs at Son

    2. teeth bared, they, the good men

    3. Her eyes flashed and she bared her teeth in a snarl, gripping the Bowie knife tightly in her hands

    4. woman leapt at him with her hands bared like claws, the soldier

    5. Smiles tighten and teeth are bared

    6. With this termination I heard from my mother, I and bared into my mind that my mother is wrong and that I forced them that I really want to go to school and be a degree holder

    7. deserted now that the heat of day was rising, except for dogs that bared their teeth

    8. I came to a quick stop in the hall, when Ash bared my path

    9. Now that Liam was out of the picture, I ached marginally, but Ash bared me from any further pain

    10. I bared my teeth at her

    11. He paused and turned to look at a very angry Penelope, who glared back at him with bared teeth

    12. Upon the wallwalk it came, axe bared, and Barrin lifted his sword only just in time

    13. They had her between them now, but she continued to twist and turn in her attempts to free herself, laughing in their faces, her eyes wild, her teeth bared

    14. I pictured bared fangs

    15. Amadeus backed himself as far into the corner as he could and bared his pointy little teeth

    16. almost comforting, giving the bared flesh of her arms and face an eerie hue

    17. The cat bared its teeth, the sharp points of its canines glinting in the dim light

    18. Behind her stood an enormous cat, its teeth bared

    19. The cat slid along the side of the cot until it was standing at the baby’s head, then lent over and looked directly into its eyes, teeth bared, hissing softly

    20. Gripping the top of the wall with its claws, the cat bared its teeth and launched itself into the air

    21. Neighing they bared their enormous, yellow teeth

    22. Sometime later, Darkburst rounded a large rock, unaware that a creature watched his passing from the cover of a thick shrub, its bared teeth glistening in the fading light

    23. The lynx bared its teeth, sharp canines glinting in the dim moon-light

    24. Behind her stood an enormous wild cat, its teeth bared

    25. “Well yeah, why?” Sylvia bared her teeth into a smile that more closely resembled a snarl

    26. Its teeth were bared and it bounded straight for the defenseless horse

    27. She resisted the temptation to spring forward, with her razor sharp talons bared

    28. Ursempyre felt suddenly naked, as if he had been bared against his will, but he did not protest

    29. sprang, teeth bared to kill

    30. fangs bared and dripping poison

    31. Ilmal had used his magic on her, bared her soul as he had bared her shoulder

    32. Jack laughed, bared his teeth and made ripping noises as he acted out a shark biting into a fleshy carcass

    33. Moments later, he turned on Wynne and hissing, bared his teeth as if to bite

    34. She stood over him protectively, as did Sven, she with claws and fangs bared,

    35. “Let…Me…Go…” His teeth bared, hunching over in agony

    36. His nostrils flared and he bared his razor-like teeth slightly

    37. When she passed by the lady wrestler, Chelsea made her eyes look very wild and she bared her teeth

    38. A goat-headed man bared razor teeth, raised its bloody black sword, and charged forward

    39. noticed an arm sticking out ghoulishly from its bared teeth

    40. If anything, Adrinius only seemed to have pissed the werewolf more as he bared his teeth in absolute annoyance, roaring his anger at Adrinius

    41. He stood up and bared his chest and said, “What a tyrannical kid is this? Do you think its parents will give money to have it back?”

    42. souls bared to others so quickly in a time of crisis?”

    43. They symbolically bared the sin unto themselves by eating

    44. That smiling tropical elfess appeared, wearing a great headdress of multicolored feathers and pearls, and a very colorful linen sheet with flower patterns draped about her in a manner that left half her shapely bosom bared

    45. Nodding his head, the Doc gave him a wink; and bared his teeth in a broken red smile

    46. Their eyes were red and fierce, and their teeth bared

    47. He bared his teeth and glared fake-furiously

    48. then cracked his knuckles together and bared his teeth

    49. He arms encircled her loosely while his fingers gently caressed her back, bared by the deep cut of the gown

    50. Blossom came charging towards them, teeth bared and eyes ablaze with fury

    1. in the doorway of a house which bares

    2. Whatever fruits it bares the seed was your thoughts not your belief

    3. time put you to death, because you bares the Ark of the Lord God before David my father, and because you have been afflicted in all

    4. There is some stuff that everybody bares in mind

    5. present? 17 Then answered I and said, O Lord who bares rule, you have ordained in your law, so that the righteous should inherit

    6. bares rule, show me this, therefore have I seen the man coming up from the midst of the sea? 52 And he said to me, Like as you can

    7. tion on the selected thought of attention, and although that statement is mostly tautology, it bares consideration

    8. 15 Now therefore why disquiet you yourself seeing you are but a corruptible man? And why are you moved whereas you are but mortal? 16 Why have you not considered in your mind this thing that is to come rather than that which is present? 17 Then answered I and said O Lord who bares rule you have ordained in your law so that the righteous should inherit these things but that the ungodly should perish

    9. 51 Then said I O Lord who bares rule show me this therefore have I seen the man coming up from the midst of the sea? 52 And he said to me Like as you can neither seek out nor know the things that are in the deep of the sea; even so can no man on Earth see my Son or those who are with him but in the day time

    10. Just as the creature of moving stone bares its teeth ready to sink them into his neck, something bright and glittering interposes itself between them

    11. She bares the children and endures the pain

    12. But bares none of its seeds

    13. Cross: The High Priestess bares this symbol at her heart, meaning that at the r very being she is intimat

    14. She basically steps up, bares her neck and demands

    15. " replies Kifele with what Grailem assumes is a smile as he bares his mouth of sharp teeth

    16. A cat that bares its teeth, ‘balloons’ its body and fully

    17. If a dog bares its teeth, growls, snarls, stays stiff

    18. The older woman bares a cigarette-stained smile

    19. Her brow furrows and she bares her clenched teeth

    20. 11th cycle to the Messiah of the 17th cycle, who bares the keys to ancient wisdom and the covenant

    21. Listen to the booming, angry, tigress, as she bares her teeth and cries

    22. Who bares this record of the Words of God which are the Testimony of the Light that I saw

    23. (He bares his arm and plunges it elbowdeep in Bloom's vulva) There's fine depth for you! What, boys? That give you a hardon? (He shoves his arm in a bidder's face) Here wet the deck and wipe it round!

    24. I straddled, I humoured my posture, and did my best in short to buckle to it; I took part of it in, but still things did not go to his thorough liking; changing them in a trice his system of battery, he leads me to the table and with a master-hand lays my head down on the edge of it, and, with the other canting up my petticoats and shift, bares my naked posteriors to his blind and furious guide; it forces its way between them, and I feeling pretty sensibly that it was not going by the right door, and knocking desperately at the wrong one, I told him of it:—"Pooh!" says he, "my dear, any port in a storm

    25. When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,

    1. He almost slams the phone down before looking at me and baring his teeth in a frustrated way

    2. the clearing were foot high standing stones baring

    3. (Was a secret baring the way

    4. He stroked her brow between her eyes and she nuzzled closer, baring her lips at him in a playful gesture as if to bite him

    5. All of these appeared as well to have suffered the wrath of a swordsman, two of the bodies even baring slashes to the neck

    6. “Yes …yes! ” Galmar’s approval bellowed forth in that gravelly voice, lips curling in a wild grin and baring gleaming teeth

    7. As a goblin came in baring

    8. and the Pope will get a kick out of that one,” he returned, baring his fangs for a moment

    9. The woman hissed at her like an angry cat, baring a mouthful of small, jagged teeth

    10. Then as suddenly as he had come, he growled, his teeth baring, and I closed my eyes, okay with this being my final moments on earth, content in the fact that my death would be at a werewolf’s hands

    11. As the wolf snarls once more, baring its teeth and crouching for the kill, he imagines he will die here

    12. Baring the eager marble of his face

    13. Baring nicotine-stained teeth in a smug leer he wandered off leaving me baffled

    14. Baring his teeth in what I hoped was a smile he tossed a towel at me, mimed wrapping it round my loins, then, satisfied I wasn’t going to offend either Allah or his boss, prodded me into the presence

    15. As he came within range I trusted to luck and smoothly baring my blade,

    16. Baring his teeth in a snarl, Olgerd lifted his hand—then paused

    17. This evidence of unnatural strength was no more terrifying than the momentary baring of the hellish fury that raged under her bland exterior

    18. Conan did not at once reply; wild and passionate and untamed he was, yet any but the most brutish of men must be touched with a certain awe or wonder at the baring of a woman's naked soul

    19. Baring that in mind I started moving ganja as an occupation in early 1998

    20. in front of her, baring his soul without any fear, unguarded and

    21. females, one after another without baring him a male

    22. He turned his head just enough to see Rachel's face next to his with a menacing grin baring her pointed canines

    23. This is hard to put into words, and if it seems a little jumbled, please forgive my feeble attempt at baring my soul

    24. baring their teeth in wide wolfish grins of relief, while feasting their eyes lustfully

    25. baring his teeth, backed away, turned, and squirreled away through the smoke and

    26. of her upper lip, baring the front teeth

    27. As we approached the conference centre we were met head on by an angry mob of banner waving protesters baring slogans

    28. The giant dog took that moment to express his disdain over the discovery of the man with the scar, by baring his nice white, shining teeth

    29. The six small creatures surrounded him, yipping and barking and baring their small sharp teeth

    30. Puffy-eyed Diane D enters the conference room holding a water bottle and walks towards the platform wearing a dark brown shirt with a short dark brown velvet jacket over it, a matching short dark brown velvet mini-skirt with dark brown stockings baring her muscular legs and thick black shoes as she looks at the crowd and waves her hand to them

    31. She tilted her head back, baring teeth

    32. While she landed herself in his ardent embrace, even as her sari went askance, exposing her legs and baring her blouse, her pulse increased anticipating an ambush

    33. ‘Won’t I be back in your arms before your love bites would lose their traces,’ he said baring his chest

    34. “I’ve come this far,” said Kain, baring his jagged teeth

    35. He drew the straps of her bra down and away, baring her breasts

    36. The camera callously and noisily pulled closer to them bringing them prematurely back to the scene in hand, on cue Byron unattached the actress’s white cotton robe at the shoulder clasps, baring the curve of her spine to the whirling lens

    37. “You’ll be sorry,” Pedro said, baring his fangs

    38. One of the monsters held Austin’s throat with his two hands while baring his teeth, apparently attempting to snuff life out of him, even as Austin’s two legs dangle in struggle as if he was kicking the air

    39. “Come on, Clifford! Let’s get out of here!” Therese ran, but the dog stayed planted, baring his teeth and growling viciously

    40. Smitty opened his mouth in a gaping smile, baring his black and rotting teeth, nodded and offered his hand in friendship, then shook Mitch’s hand vigorously

    41. Before Johnny could get his proper baring, Caesar appeared before him, punching him hard in the shoulder and slapping his face

    42. Silas squeezed his eyes shut, baring down on the trigger with all his might

    43. He snarled, baring teeth, and his mouth twisted into a gruesome smile

    44. He turns to her, telling Jane that it’s time for her to join him, he knows she wants to, and it’ll be so quick and so easy, and then he opens his mouth wide, baring big white fangs…

    45. But the liger turned around, baring his teeth ferociously at this intrusion, growling

    46. proud man baring his heart in what she thought was one of the most wooden attempts

    47. act of cannibalism by placing his arm in his mouth and baring his

    48. “You shouldn’t have tried escaping without me,” she said, baring her fangs

    49. The dog growled louder and then began baring its teeth

    50. She leans forward, baring her teeth at me

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    bare denudate denude strip air publicise publicize plain spare unembellished unornamented scanty au naturel naked nude stripped barren bleak desolate stark unfinished mere simple unsheathed marginal bald unadorned modest austere unclothed exposed open uncovered unsheltered scant meagre just sheer sole alone obvious blunt conspicuous evident glaring palpable unconcealed undisguised reveal show expose undress disrobe uncover lay open divulge publish disclose confess