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Lease en una oración (en ingles)

  1. But, our lease and legal claim.
  2. This lease would be paid the Band.
  3. He’s taken on a new lease of life.
  4. It may have been in the Lease that only.
  5. But at lease the people here had one now.

  6. She has really given me a new lease on life.
  7. In fact, a perpetual lease on the bridge and.
  8. Using lease options is one of these techniques.
  9. A new lease of life hit Tadeo the following day.
  10. Merthin continued to hold a lease on the island.
  11. The lease issue is settled now, once and for all.
  12. This will not be a regular apartment with a lease.
  14. We only lease it, Archie explained, ingenuously.
  15. Records will show that the lease was renewed in 1804.

  16. I was negotiating the terms of Mike’s lease with Ms.
  17. Stratos often told me Lea gave him a new lease on life.
  18. It was in the Lease not to run--not to jump--not to yell.
  19. Every stroke of the ball, on his life, gave a new lease.
  20. Ammar had signed a lease for this house over a year ago.
  21. The Lease was a strange forbiddance, a ukase issued by.
  22. At its peak, it had 280 aircraft on lease to 83 airlines.
  23. We found a nice townhouse in Phillip and signed the lease.
  24. Eureka! I found it! A lease that was co-signed by my son!.
  25. I found a one year lease, pre-paid for an apartment in the.

  26. The final night, I went to bed at 2 AM with a signed lease.
  27. The next day the lease was released and the company informed.
  28. What they meant was that if the lease was written down the.
  29. I’m pretty certain it’s my name that’s on the lease.
  30. She moved out two years ago but her name still on the lease.
  31. During the eleven months in the coffeehouse our lease on the.
  32. A lease that contains the right to purchase a property for a.
  33. She filled the bag with her earnings and left the lease money.
  34. He was a born loner who had taken out a ninety-year lease on.
  35. We had a need for larger living quarters, and our lease would.
  36. The lease was worth almost 40,000 INR for extension of 10 years.
  37. It was in the Lease, too, that no peddler or agent, or suspicious.
  38. Oh, this’ll be great; we old were able to lease to me at my age.
  39. The other choice for an autoresponder is to purchase (or lease) a.
  40. Dear, dear, but this is a digression from the subject of the Lease.
  41. Our lease was running out; we were at the end of July (Janie’s.
  42. He asked her how they would stock it and pay lease money in advance.
  43. The lease on the apartment was up and Thomas and Cindy moved back in.
  44. Successfully doing this will practically give you a new lease on life.
  45. The lease on her apartment was up for renewal in two weeks’ time.
  46. I have arranged financing to lease a fleet of fourteen of the worlds.
  47. Each piece of property was to be evaluated and its lease value defined.
  48. Not commercial this time—a lease picking us up at a private airfield.
  49. I can just call them and reinstate the lease, I said, shellshocked.
  50. Lease not to sing in the halls, not to call from story to story, not to.
  51. And then, our enmity received a fresh lease of life a hundred years back.
  52. He taps it and says with a smile, This will release you from your lease.
  53. We have only just taken the place, and we have got it on 99 years' lease.
  54. There are a lot of little groups that may meet in someone's home or lease.
  55. Suppose the priory were to grant the parish guild a lease on the bridge.
  56. They might buy the lease back from you at a premium, but whatever happens.
  57. I think we ought to use it as a lever to get this lease put right for her.
  58. I offered to pay them for cancelling the lease; they demanded 6,000 francs.
  59. Bridget learned that an empty shop premises in the town was vacant to lease.
  60. It was a new lease of my life which eases my restless mind, heart and soul.
  61. Unfortunately, Rick doesn’t renew the lease on the office when it expires.
  62. There were FOR LEASE signs stuck up on the window and tables of DVDs.
  63. I have a lease on the whole property and they sublet the house back from me.
  64. They told me to go back to find out on what terms I could buy out the lease.
  65. The house in the Rue Plumet being held on a lease, still belonged to Cosette.
  66. I called to him to be aware of the swans and the put his spaniel on the lease.
  67. The legal feedback was that the lease was watertight and that the chances of.
  68. He took the same view that I did, that the lease was the kernel of the matter.
  69. We arrived in Warsaw where I found this apartment, signed a lease and we moved in.
  70. Whatever you think you own is either on loan to you or being purchased on lease.
  71. His contract had been for a year at two pence a day plus the lease on Leper Island.
  72. Whatever value is given to leaseholds must be amortized over the life of the lease.
  73. Months later she was released from the facility with a new lease on life as it were.
  74. He found an warehouse with a sign: For Lease, contact Dawley and Fletcher Properties.
  75. Some landlords, instead of raising the rent, take a fine for the renewal of the lease.
  76. Within twenty-four hours they found the space they needed, and signed a lease for it.
  77. Or they give cars and other valuables which are disguised as a lease or birthday gift.
  78. Looking at it from this point of view I was disturbed at the short tenure of the lease.
  79. I want you with me and the rest of your family How long does your lease have left?
  80. Rig counts in Texas and other oil states shot up, and lease deals were breaking records.
  81. Your application and all your paperwork connected with the deed and the lease and.
  82. He said he did not know where he would go, when his lease ended at the end of the month.
  83. A few small checks in the beginning, but only a fraction of what the lease called for.
  84. For example, many businesses rent buildings and equipment using long-term lease contracts.
  85. Why should I not? And yet I hate to think of this old scandal gaining a new lease of life.
  87. He saw it as his chance to make some real money, and he had a good lawyer prepare the lease.
  88. The best one could have expected, and highly unlikely, would have been a renewal of the lease.
  89. Twelve years ago I got a new lease on life when I started buying newspapers, he explains.
  90. He could sell, rent, lease, bequeath, or do anything else with his land that an owner could do.
  91. It had enough elemental power in it to run a moderate spell for a month without need of a lease.
  92. Even though they feed the cost of their lease or rent on to you, it is still a variable expense.
  93. Bill Flores has introduced the Lease Extension and Secure Energy Act which will extend offshore.
  94. Not bothering to keep his lease, his rented apartment was long gone, so he would stay at a hotel.
  95. We have a three year lease on a fleet of three Airbus freighters, which will make daily flights.
  96. When the lease went into effect the old tax value would be dropped in favor of the new lease amount.
  97. The lease required proof of a job and stuff so I weaselled my way round that with the help of a friend.
  98. And Scarlett wanted to lease convicts! Frank knew that if she did he could never hold up his head again.
  99. White about his newfound lease on life, and renewed congenial attitude towards all his fellow coworkers.
  100. Indeed, the success of The Hanging Shed has given a new lease of publishing life to my earlier two books.
  1. Leasing convicts was the very worst of all the wild.
  2. The firm’s leasing agreement for cars had a clause that.
  3. I had a job pending as a leasing consultant with a luxury apart-.
  4. My wife made a point of selling Rinea to Stenarch, instead of leasing her.
  5. In a telephone conversation with a man who was in the auto sales and leasing.
  6. Leasing a cozy space at the Connaught Place, he got an exotic touch to its interiors.
  7. GPA was an Ireland-based commercial aircraft sales and leasing company founded in 1975.
  8. An example of this can be found in the case of DPF, which had been a computer leasing company.
  9. When you need money for your business a leasing company might be a good alternative to a traditional loan.
  10. Just 3% of onshore federal oil and 13% of onshore federal gas are accessible under standard leasing terms.
  11. This new system of leasing convicts had come into being because of the poverty of the state after the war.
  12. Leasing companies will allow you to rent the assets you need as opposed to borrowing the money to rent them.
  13. It would have meant major money to me and Richard—either on a buyout or leasing machines that Richard’s.
  14. Getting to stay on her place is the biggest laugh, as actually I own the property which she is leasing from the bank.
  15. Over the years, Webster had dropped hints about leasing some of his land for mining, but we just didn’t believe him.
  16. Loans, mortgages, leasing or rental, consignment or period payment over a set time scale – usually 30, 60 or 90 days.
  17. Had he been more astute, he would have realized how terrified Samantha was of the process of leasing a used car for twelve months.
  18. Leasco was a small computer leasing company founded in 1961 and run by Saul Steinberg, who at that time had not yet reached age 30.
  19. Stenhammar was leasing from King Carl XVI Gustaf since 1965, and the crossbreeding began and was supervised by the Agricultural University in Uppsala.
  20. Management’s strategy, which included leasing space to Boston Markets rather than operating its own roasted chicken counters, made sense to investors.
  21. Previously approved leasing was halted on the Outer Continental Shelf, oil and gas leases were halted in Utah and lease sales of eight parcels were stopped in Wyoming.
  22. God proddings and storms of temper and cutting remarks, for alienating his friends and shaming him by operating the mills and building the saloon and leasing convicts.
  23. He shoveled into a trashbag all the food in his refrigerator and wiped down the inside with lemon juice and water—the first time he’d done so since leasing the apartment.
  24. He overturned each division’s autonomy, believing management should be centralized in Ithaca with specialists under his management experienced in sales, leasing, and operations.
  25. We discovered also that some former managers had given away our boards to property owners, although we couldn’t prove it because the leasing and inventory records were so inaccurate.
  26. But I knew nothing about the technicalities of how the boards got there in the first place: the aspects of leasing and zoning approvals, state licensing, construction, maintenance, production, etc.
  27. That included all barber shops, American Legion, VFW, and Jackson County’s largest property management (apartment leasing) company, which just coincidentally was run by a Navy civilian woman in Personnel.
  28. The Web site for Gasko Leasing over in Falls Church promised a wide selection of great used vehicles, convenient terms, paperwork that was virtually hassle-free, easy-to-buy insurance, complete customer satisfaction.
  29. The other, a young man I hired directly out of college and who served with me in leasing before sales, remained with the surviving company in Scranton but ended up joining us a number of years later after the Scranton operation was resold.
  30. Although the rental amount for the tenant should not be more than the 50% of their total income, the amount to be paid by the government is limited to ensuring that the leasing rate remains competitive to those within the area and to tenants who are not in the program.
  31. Just what trade connections an old sailor’s tavern might have once had, I don’t know, but Walter managed to build upon his mother’s position in the community by leasing an old, undamaged but rather featureless neighbourhood pub which they turned into a first class restaurant.
  32. The people we were leasing it from, a pair of retired college professors, had rather idiosyncratically decorated the place with antique farm equipment, including sickles, axes, and pitchforks, which were hanging precariously from the rafters and from pretty much every inch of wall space.
  33. In particular, Leasco thought that the acquisition of Reliance, with its huge resources and widespread sales force coupled with Leasco management, could provide the foundation for building a financial empire that might encompass not only leasing and insurance, but also areas such as mutual funds and commercial banking.
  34. It has eaten too much, drank too much, danced too much, flirted too much, smoked too much, gambled too much, run riot in frivolity, gone mad in greed, flaunted its pageantry of pride, coveted, lusted, blasphemed, forsaken God, despised religion, loved leasing, and hated honest toil, with its health-giving frugality and slow but solid gains.
  1. He had leased a plane for.
  2. They had also leased a coach.
  3. At leased that part you respected.
  4. It was that special; to me at leased.
  5. He leased a house in a residential area and.
  6. That she can trust at leased one of us, he said.
  7. The Hoskins Mound was leased from the Texas Company.
  8. All land was to be leased from the local Indian Bands.
  9. It was a private jet leased to his attorney in Chicago.
  10. It was leased by someone with a very familiar name: a Mr.
  11. Byron and Austin had leased eighty acres from The Company.
  12. So he came through for me, at leased one Gilbert had my back.
  13. Having been leased only days before, it was devoid of furniture.
  14. T-1s and other leased lines are used for many different purposes.
  15. This local link can take the form of a leased line, ISDN, or DSL.
  16. Her leased Ford had a GPS but she had not bothered to program it.
  17. With a leased line, you must pay whether it’s being used or not.
  18. After a moment he said, So you’ve leased an apartment?
  19. Children of the Thenardiers, leased out to Magnon, attributed to M.
  20. The only car in the car park was a brand new leased seven series BMW.
  21. The lodge had been leased and the current tenant was Eric Waterfield.
  22. Or bother to inform Nerissa that she was being leased out to the mine.
  23. Who then leased out the running of the depot and pocketed the profits.
  24. Leased lines can be analog or digital, but digital lines are more common.
  25. The owner leased the property to a family that moved from South Carolina.
  26. Our forefathers leased this island to a British family named Barnhart in.
  27. Figure 7-2 The CSU/DSU provides the interface between a LAN and a leased line.
  28. The agency occupied eight floors of the building and leased the other floors.
  29. In frame relay, the leased line is the most commonly used type of connection.
  30. I quickly put them on; glad that I could now reach Jesse’s height at leased.
  31. I was not used to such super-glitzy and glamorous things, but I at leased tried to.
  32. It has a relatively low investment in assets because most of its assets are leased.
  33. Camp Lemonnier, formerly a French base, had been leased by the US from the Djibouti.
  34. But at leased I knew she was alive and safe, an extent of comfort she didn’t have.
  35. I kissed her, happy that she was able to accept my dark past; a part of it at leased.
  36. Only it was over, for me at leased; if she ever came back she wouldn’t find me here.
  37. She wanted it to be leased out to someone who was prepared to build and operate the unit.
  38. Land given to the states could be leased by the states and generate income for them from that.
  39. Eight leased lines are far cheaper than 28, especially when they span relatively short distances.
  40. When we first came in contact with Lars Feddeck, he was growing on leased fields in Katrineholm.
  41. How about we settle this over lunch then? I offered and everyone one at leased agreed to that.
  42. He leased the house and property to a family of Swedish immigrants because he was often away on business.
  43. At leased we were now having a proper conversation, teasing instead of glaring and snapping at each other.
  44. Oil lands are leased on a standard basis for a royalty amounting usually to one-eighth of the production.
  45. No, she should join us, would you? Jared asked, ha! At leased someone around here wanted my company.
  46. The lands in America and the West Indies, indeed, are, in general, not tenanted nor leased out to farmers.
  47. In many cases, it is the leased line to the carrier’s nearest POP that is the factor limiting bandwidth.
  48. Even though they all called me Barbie now, I can’t complain much; at leased the hostility has subsidized.
  49. A leased line is a dedicated, permanent connection between two sites that runs through the telephone network.
  50. Frame-relay networks provide the high-speed transmission of leased lines with greater flexibility and lower costs.
  51. Frame relay uses a single leased line at each site to connect to a service provider’s network, called the cloud.
  52. Be aware, however, that the leased lines are the only elements of the WAN that are not flexible in their bandwidth.
  53. But the vast New Territories was leased from the People’s Republic and that lease expires in less than ten years.
  54. I tore my eyes away from Jesse and walked away with Chuck following behind, at leased with no bodyguards this time.
  55. Using a packet-switching service instead requires one leased line connecting each site to the service’s local POP.
  56. Yeah unfortunately, but it was awesome meeting you guys, I love your music I said, that at leased was not a lie.
  57. My quarters have been shared with permanent residents twice since I’ve owned them, one other time while I leased here.
  58. For this purpose we used the so-called Hollerith machines, leased out by the then Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company.
  59. Special Branch had leased one of the coastal sprinters, the costs being re-allocated back to the West Wales local government.
  60. With their flax crop stacked to dry, Tragus had leased the field slaves for a week to one of his old friends from the tavern.
  61. He leased an old hospital from the Government and spent millions making it into an ultra modern hospital and research facility.
  62. He had already determined that the rental car the Croatian had used had been leased out and was currently somewhere in Montana.
  63. The company had a rental obligation of 10 cents per ton, but not less than $189,000 annually, for mining coal from leased lands.
  64. He would never ask that of me but it was to be expected by everyone else, I did so I would at leased look like I was in his league.
  65. The assets you see like aircraft or ships are all leased thus transferring the risk from the operating company to the asset owners.
  66. When structures are built on leased property or alterations made or fixtures installed, they are designated as leasehold improvements.
  67. Some guaranteed income bonds of leased railroads have maintained a high investment standing, similar to that of guaranteed railroad stocks.
  68. Further investigation has revealed the equipment is being leased, and no material or identifiable person or company, is funding the project.
  69. But, whenever it started its franchise operation, McDonald’s owned the land beneath its restaurants and leased the land to the franchises.
  70. A typical WAN connection consists of two routers, one at each LAN site, connected using a long-distance link such as a leased telephone line.
  71. He musta either been following her from the new building she just leased for her Children's Center, or he had seen her car in the parking lot.
  72. After years of coveting the ultimate driving machine, he finally went out and leased a brand-new Beemer with all the performance options.
  73. Kress Preferred in 1932; for the latter company owned more than half of its store properties, while nearly all the Penney locations were leased.
  74. It was Zhansyn’s eyes’ turn to widen, and they darted back to the bearded man standing in the shadows of the warehouse space Mahkbyth leased.
  75. He bought the house off Tommy but he wasn’t interested in tending the farm so he leased off that part of the estate to the Duchy of Lancaster.
  76. We sat in peaceful silence for a while, enjoying nothing but each other’s presence, that at leased had a calming effect better than the whiskey.
  77. Each site would require only a single, relatively short-distance leased line to a local service provider, instead of a separate line to each site.
  78. On the WAN front, organizations with offices in several locations can use leased lines to build a private network for both voice and data traffic.
  79. ISDN was a digital service that provided a good deal more bandwidth than standard telephone service, but unlike a leased line, it was not permanent.
  80. A full mesh topology, consisting of individual links between the sites, assumes the use of dedicated, point-to-point WAN connections such as leased lines.
  81. ISPs also usually have a local point of presence, so the leased line does not have to span a tremendously long distance and is not too terribly expensive.
  82. They are issued against buildings erected on leased land and the ground rent operates in effect as a first lien or prior charge against the entire property.
  83. PR1 was aimed more at the business community, as an alternative to leased lines that provided the same bandwidth and signal quality with greater flexibility.
  84. They were a thin, unwholesome lot, Scarlett thought, peering sharply at them, and when she had leased them, so short a time before, they were an upstanding crew.
  85. Disoriented at first and unsure what to do, she had taken nearly a minute just to remember where she had put the emergency life suit leased to her with her cabin.
  86. The major portion of its future profits were expected to be derived from an investment of $3,000,000 to equip a new property leased from three large oil companies.
  87. The Coast Guard leased the Presque Isle Lighthouse to a Michigan historical society, and the Cana Island Lighthouse to the Door County (Wisconsin) Maritime Museum.
  88. For example, the full mesh topology, when used on a WAN, consists of a separate, dedicated link (such as a leased line) between each two sites in your organization.
  89. For bandwidth needs that fluctuated, an ISDN connection was often far more economical than a leased line because you pay only for the channels that are currently in use.
  90. The priory still owned and controlled the bridge, even though the land was leased to the parish guild and the construction was financed by loans from individual townspeople.
  91. On the other hand Class A, fully leased income-producing office buildings tend to be current assets, probably an area where price agreement can be reached via one phone call.
  92. Although commonly associated with modem connections, other physical layer technologies can also use SLIP and PPP, including leased lines, ISDN, frame relay, and ATM connections.
  93. Student housing or rooms leased with room mates create affordable living, on-campus facilities provide great solutions at reductions, and many companies provide student-only deals.
  94. There was a man who was a master of a household who planted a vineyard set a hedge about it dug a winepress in it built a tower leased it out to farmers and went into another country.
  95. For example, an organization with eight offices scattered around the country would need 28 leased lines to interconnect all of the sites, some of which may have to span long distances.
  96. The advantages of a leased line are that the connection delivers the specified bandwidth at all times and that the line is as inherently secure as any telephone line because it is private.
  97. While it’s possible to install a leased line using any of the service levels listed for your geographical location, you are not limited to the amounts of bandwidth provided by these services.
  98. After that, he returned quickly to headquarters and telephoned his commander to advise him that somebody had already leased the house, and he had seen for himself that people were living there.
  99. But in the meantime the strategic or trade value of the leased cable properties was rapidly diminishing, so that the value of the stock at the expiration of the lease was likely to be very small.
  100. Therefore, it may be possible to create a serviceable WAN by contracting for VCs that have T-l speeds between all eight offices and using T-l leased lines to connect all of the sites to the cloud.
  1. Property Retirement and Abandoned Leases.
  2. In return for signing relatively long leases the company was.
  3. A clause used in leases and mortgages that cancels a specified.
  4. Moreover, Winn-Dixie had long-term leases at below-market rents.
  5. Depletion of oil and gas reserves, based upon the cost of the leases.
  6. Onshore, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has evoked oi-and-gas leases.
  7. Remember the who, what, where, why, how & when writing press re-398 leases.
  8. His administration has killed leases in developmentally crucial areas of Alaska.
  9. On account of the mistake in the new leases, the tenants held possession for another year.
  10. A federal court in January 2013 refused an energy industry appeal to reinstate the leases.
  11. Mid-level buildings are revolving doors, short‐term leases, for rent on the lobby windows.
  12. Operating leases are popular off-balance sheet liabilities that have been used over the years.
  13. Similar bonuses are paid—in boom times usually—for long-term leases on urban real estate.
  14. The government has interfered with drilling for oil and has stopped previously approved leases.
  15. Leases are $6 million in 2009, which are a fixed cost because they are contractual obligations.
  16. This company spent large sums annually on new leases and wells to maintain its rate of production.
  17. They have agreed that the United States share in the proceeds of any sales or leases of real estate.
  18. Abandoned leases come under this general heading, and the loss thereon should be charged to earnings.
  19. Within three years oil companies had paid $900 million to the federal government for leases in the area.
  20. But the typical large oil producer normally spends substantial sums each year on new leases and new wells.
  21. These liabilities include operating leases, underfunded pension plans, or securitized accounts receivable.
  22. Oil producers, on the other hand, have additional charges for intangible drilling costs and for unproductive leases.
  23. The expensive vanity of the landlord made him willing to accept of this condition ; and hence the origin of long leases.
  24. Bill Flores has introduced the Lease Extension and Secure Energy Act which will extend offshore leases affected by the.
  25. Nigel leases the property to a private drug and alcohol rehab group that is comparable to the Betty Ford Clinic in the US.
  26. The law which secures the longest leases against successors of every kind, is, so far as I know, peculiar to Great Britain.
  27. This allowed charity shops on short leases to flourish along the High Street by recycling clothes from the rich to the poor.
  28. The debt load left little to spare for capital improvements or the construction of new locations even though we had the leases.
  29. But most leases don’t allow for this flexibility because they are drawn up by uncreative lawyers acting for uncreative landlords.
  30. In addition, many of the old land leases, which had not been properly negotiated or monitored, were expiring or coming up for renewal.
  31. It contained copies of all our leases and sales contracts, and we confiscated everything from the briefcase that belonged to the company.
  32. His garden is on fields that he leases and is situated on a slope so cleverly that the growth always turns its head towards the sun.
  33. That makes the business susceptible to economic swings in a way that office buildings with long-term leases to credit-worthy tenants aren't.
  34. But this increase of rent could be got only by granting leases to their tenants, who thereby became, in a great measure, independent of them.
  35. The $20,000,000 appreciation of the United Cigar Stores leases took place prior to May 1924, but it was treated as income in subsequent years.
  36. By this means, oil produced from high-cost leases is written off not at its actual cost but at the average cost of all the oil reserves owned.
  37. Capital leases, any lease to own contracts or any liability lasting over one year should be referred to under the heading long-term debt.
  38. Leases had to be broken, over 185 billboards around the country torn down, and hundreds of Duncan Hines shingles in front of establishments returned.
  39. Our outdoor division would have matched any offer, both to preserve the boards as well as eliminate the leases, but we were not given a chance to do so.
  40. Previously approved leasing was halted on the Outer Continental Shelf, oil and gas leases were halted in Utah and lease sales of eight parcels were stopped in Wyoming.
  41. They could, before the expiration of their term, be legally ousted of their leases by a new purchaser; in England, even, by the fictitious action of a common recovery.
  42. Others, without acquiring the property, obtained leases for terms of years, of the lands which they occupied under their lord, and thus became less dependent upon him.
  43. Wyatt Oil & Tool was owned by a Texan, Charlie Wyatt, and the company's assets included producing oil wells, a utility company and dozens of potentially profitable oil leases.
  44. Leases were therefore loaded substantially in favour of the house and many unsuspecting restaurateurs were blown out of the water before the ink on the leases had time to dry.
  45. There is equal confusion to be found in the FASB approach to accounting for derivatives, hedging, pensions, leases, and recognition of profits for carried interests, to name a few.
  46. If these lease obligations are classified as operating leases rather than capital leases, they are not required to be reported on the balance sheet and are instead placed in the footnotes.
  47. Some states, instead of the simple and obvious expedient of a register of leases, have had recourse to the laborious and expensive one of an actual survey and valuation of all the lands in the country.
  48. Its beneficial influence, however, has been much obstructed by entails ; the heirs of entail being generally restrained from letting leases for any long term of years, frequently for more than one year.
  49. It had taken until 1986 to purchase every building on the site and they had been developing some of the early purchases and reletting them on short term leases to gain valuable income into the Brotherhood.
  50. It’s amazing to me that after 25 years I’m still getting money in the mailbox from that, says Swann referring to the small percentage royalty landmen were sometimes given of the leases they secured.
  51. Yet so crushing were the liabilities under its long-term leases (and to carry properties acquired by subsidiaries), that in 1932 bankruptcy was resorted to and the preferred stock was menaced with extinction.
  52. The Institute for Energy Research, an industry-backed think tank said the areas with cancelled leases could hold up to 77 billion barrels of oil or more than three times the country‘s total proven reserves.
  53. The reason for this is that most fixed costs are more flexible than they appear because equipment can be sold, a labor force can be resized, leases can be renegotiated, or certain production lines can be shut down.
  54. What the Government has offered to the remaining white farmers who have been kicked off their land is a lease, and there have been hints recently that they might offer leases to some of the farmers who have been deposed.
  55. You can find operating leases in the notes to the financial statements, and you can either discount the future operating lease obligations using a discount rate or multiply one year’s rent by a multiplier rule of thumb, such as seven.
  56. If the United Cigar Stores investors were paying a high price for the shares because of earnings produced by these valuable leases, then they should deduct from earnings an allowance to write off this capital value by the time it disappears through the expiration of the leases.
  57. You will have to make several adjustments before calculating the investment base, such as removing excess cash, deciding whether to use gross or net assets, including or excluding goodwill, removing current liabilities, and including off-balance sheet assets and liabilities such as accounts receivable that have been securitized, pension liabilities, and capitalized operating leases.
  58. Then his wife busies herself, grows passionately fond of handling coin, gets her fingers covered with verdigris in the process, undertakes the education of half-share tenants and the training of farmers, convokes lawyers, presides over notaries, harangues scriveners, visits limbs of the law, follows lawsuits, draws up leases, dictates contracts, feels herself the sovereign, sells, buys, regulates, promises and compromises, binds fast and annuls, yields, concedes and retrocedes, arranges, disarranges, hoards, lavishes; she commits follies, a supreme and personal delight, and that consoles her.

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