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    1. What is the A in the ABCs of Success? Action! They yell it when they do anything in Hollywood, action! Take action!

    2. Take the actions to have what you want in your life then you can have it

    3. Advertising can take place on or off the Internet using newsletters, e-mail automation techniques, or by following leads that are provided by your existing customers

    4. What action are you going to take and how

    5. Don't take it personally but that's the problem with all the Yingolian crystals

    6. Sometimes parents take this advice and start praising their child

    7. On the day that I die I’m going to take with me what's in my head

    8. When you check off the steps on your list, by taking the specific actions you need to take, that will continue to motivate you

    9. that they have not learned to trust God to take care of

    10. So anyway, what was the take up rate I hear you enquire? How would

    1. Jorma was somewhat taken aback to find that Venna and Herndon were former lovers

    2. commended her before Pharaoh: and the woman was taken

    3. He would try keeping quiet until she had at least taken him to a political event, he thought

    4. After the obligatory studio photographs they had to individually sit for on the way in, presumably for record keeping purposes, they were frisked and taken to seats at long heavily loaded tables

    5. "Was she taken after all; for the price of aluminum?"

    6. The rest of the evening was taken up watching the rest of the room become merry on vintage wines and brandy

    7. She probably would have been afraid of him on Earth, he could have thrown her to the mattress and taken her and there would have been little she could have done about it

    8. sons, and their daughters, were taken captives

    9. She had taken an air trip only once, to see Alan, back when she broke up with Tahlmute and Gordon's Lamp got back to Earth

    10. In case of hospitalisation, the expenses that are incurred will be taken care of by this policy subject to the limit of the cover

    1. Schulz takes a stone out of his pocket and places it on the stack

    2. Whatever it takes to keep these two fed and safe

    3. Micah takes a look at the body

    4. Psalms: 15:3: He that backbites not with his tongue or doeth evil to his neighbor, nor takes up a reproach against

    5. You already admitted your way of life takes too much fuel

    6. Just as she takes care of her body, she takes even better care of her long, flaxen hair, combing it every morning and every night

    7. Half throwing me away from himself, so that I stagger as he takes his hands off me, he turns and paces back to the door

    8. In the case of dealing with patients in the medical profession the counseling takes a much wider and long-term meaning between the doctor or counselor and the patient

    9. It takes a moment before Seamus peers over the upstairs balcony

    10. We should see that equitable distribution takes place between our children, as far as possible well before we leave this world

    1. "Let me run up and see what's taking her so long

    2. I want to congratulate you for taking action in your life

    3. By reading this book you are taking action

    4. you don’t ever spark the match can you create fire? Yes, I get it, you can rub sticks together, but you’re still taking action when you’re rubbing the sticks together

    5. "Nice," she said, but went up the path toward the house, taking her cup and toothbrush with her

    6. "Learning Kulai's business, taking over his math, and for the first time in my life, actually being an asset on the social scene

    7. When you check off the steps on your list, by taking the specific actions you need to take, that will continue to motivate you

    8. No use taking chances

    9. Changes in family and social environment are taking place at a fast rate within the lifetime of individuals

    10. Levels of digestive enzymes may be lowered as a result of taking various medication, poor eating habits or ageing

    1. "Did I ever tell you that theory Venna has," Jorma told her, "that Tdeshi's soul jumped to her embryo as the shonggot took her

    2. " She dropped to a walk and took his hand

    3. Gen: 5:24: “And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him

    4. Herndon took the toothbrush out and said

    5. They were out of the boat now, Herndon took a quick look at the lake sprite

    6. Jorma took the cook pot she'd mixed the batter in to the lake to wash out

    7. Vera and Theo took off the British flag and painted over the sign, but they kept everything else

    8. It took a long time, it took a lot of energy, it took money, it took commitment, it took integrity, it took focus, it took a lot of things that are a challenge, but I embraced those challenges

    9. In the end, my story took about 7000 words to relay, thanks for listening and would you shut the door behind you on your way out?

    10. I took over the empty body

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    take issue payoff proceeds return takings yield contract get remove take away withdraw acquire adopt assume take on learn read study submit choose pick out select consider deal look at claim exact film shoot aim direct take aim train consume have ingest take in get hold of drive strike take up conduct guide lead make bring convey charter engage hire lease rent subscribe subscribe to accept admit occupy use up fill ask call for demand involve necessitate need postulate require contain hold carry pack seize grasp catch capture obtain secure procure win embrace clasp grip receive pick elect subtract deduct transfer escort accompany