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Lingo en una oración (en ingles)

1. Kaput? That's Fritz Wong's lingo.
2. Talk to your target in their lingo.
3. In common lingo, a wiring problem.
4. Pure exhibition became their lingo.
5. Damn it he knows the lingo after all.
6. Couldn’t you tell from the cop lingo?
7. And says Lenehan that knows a bit of the lingo:.

8. Seeking liberty, starting with lingo on the offering.
9. That is some of the lingo of the date processing world.
10. I really did ‘chill out’ as they say in the modern lingo.
11. I'm the worst of hosts and Coven Masters, to use the old lingo.
12. At ease, Sespian said, feeling silly as soon as the army lingo came out of his mouth.
13. It turned them over one seemed still alive and, would you believe it, he jabbered something in their lingo.
14. We’re not all doctors/lawyers/spies/policemen/athletes to know the lingo that goes with each job description.
15. Buss her, wap in rogues' rum lingo, for, O, my dimber wapping dell! A shefiend's whiteness under her rancid rags.
16. As they turned them over one seemed still alive and, would you believe it, he jabbered something in their lingo.
17. The more you know the language, or lingo, of fly fishing the more fun it will be as you fly fish with your friends and family.
18. Chuck, who was embracing as many new technologies as possible in a bid to hold on to his youth, had picked up the young lingo.
19. In computer lingo, the data file is restored from a backup, which was created after the last time the program was successfully run.
20. Then as for the other he had heard not so long before the same identical lingo as he told Stephen how he simply but effectually silenced the offender.
21. In options lingo, a pin is when large OI at a particular strike acts as a magnet to keep the stock price at that strike at expiry or to draw it to it.
22. While he always wore the translator, he kidded himself that he was picking up the lingo, a kind of trade-jargon that concisely cut through the bullshit of life.
23. It says, in your lingo, Hetephemebti, Queen of the third dynasty of ancient Egypt, wife of Djoser was blessed with a son called Nahep, born after her daughter Inetkaes.
24. Or if you decide to hire a professional money manager to invest in the futures markets for you, you’ll know the lingo and key concepts so you can ask the right questions.
25. But it warn't no use; he stormed right along, and said any man that pretended to be an Englishman and couldn't imitate the lingo no better than what he did was a fraud and a liar.
26. There are a fair number of artists that fall into the "nerdcore" realm, generally found in hip hop music but in other genres as well, and oftentimes they integrate math lingo into their rhymes, here are a few artists where you can find samples of.
27. This is a country when my children ''run barefoot not because they are impoverished, but because they are free'' (quote from Nikki Gemmell in her beautifully written book Why You are Australian) This is a country that doesn't have stupid airs and graces, and is populated by people who, endearingly, tell it like it is even if it takes a while for a Pommie like me to catch onto the lingo.
28. As he mounted the deck, Ahab abruptly accosted him, without at all heeding what he had in his hand; but in his broken lingo, the German soon evinced his complete ignorance of the White Whale; immediately turning the conversation to his lamp-feeder and oil can, with some remarks touching his having to turn into his hammock at night in profound darkness—his last drop of Bremen oil being gone, and not a single flying-fish yet captured to supply the deficiency; concluding by hinting that his ship was indeed what in the Fishery is technically called a CLEAN one (that is, an empty one), well deserving the name of Jungfrau or the Virgin.

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