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1. It was jargon to Mr.
2. A lot of pain (that’s hospital jargon).
3. Life and jargon do not mix at the level of survival.
4. Where possible written communications should avoid jargon.
5. I am pretty good with words, but legal jargon leaves me cold.
6. In Marxist jargon the term revisionism became synonymous with.
7. The goatherds did not understand this jargon about squires and.

8. That’s enough of that medical jargon, I said to my friend.
9. But I could have done better for you than all that newspaper jargon.
10. Using options jargon, trend-followers are long gamma—not long vega.
11. Welch insisted that they focus on the basics by eliminating jargon and.
12. One might make use of their jargon to put new soles on their old shoes.
13. The Financial Secretary answered it in predictable administrative jargon.
14. It was one of those blind alleys, which the special jargon terms branches.
15. One thing that will quickly hit home is the sheer volume of industry jargon.
16. Now you’re getting into that technical jargon you don’t want to hear.
17. He was happy to find a proper outlet for this newly acquired judicial jargon.
18. It is a rounded top similar to the rounded top in traditional technical jargon.
19. Unable to understand the legal jargon, he scanned the pages for a place to sign.
20. Wrapped in legal jargon, most would argue that this was an irrational, cruel and.
21. In jargon, this is a mean-preserving tradeoff between frequent small gains and rare blowup losses.
22. He was looking up a lot of the jargon and having it translated, even though it made the text longer.
23. Sets ever more complex rules in a convoluted world of grandiose fantasies with its own language (jargon).
24. The message although clumsily decorated with legal jargon and political niceties, came through loud and clear.
25. For a moment the officer spoke into his radio, a jargon foreign to Steven, and then mentioned a warrant check.
26. She remembered long hours agonizing over ciphers made difficult because they were based on Shanghai criminal jargon.
27. Either they could not understand Peter’s British legal jargon or they dug in their heels for the sheer sport of it.
28. There would be extreme emphasis on military jargon and weaponry or all the important people are safe, but no one else.
29. We have motive, we have opportunity, we have … many important facts, she said, unable to pull up more legal jargon.
30. The black spoke in a sea-coast dialect, and Conan replied; he had learned the jargon while a corsair on the coasts of Kush.
31. Sifting through the legal jargon, code numbers, case histories and local laws was tedious but at least it made sense to him.
32. You had better commit the unintelligible jargon to the flames, than by the agency of construction, neutralize wisdom by folly.
33. It is expressed again in legal jargon, that is to say, with a too obvious display of the aim, and with a very naive eagerness.
34. Roche wrote out the legal jargon necessary for the establishment of a codicil and then asked the seer about the personal items.
35. It is expressed again in legal jargon, that is to say, with a too obvious display of the aim, and with a very naïve eagerness.
36. Now to be able to survive on Twitter you need to know about all the jargon and here is a run through the most important words:.
37. He talks in little sketches and odd jargon; the modest theatrical boardinghouses in which he spends most nights are his digs.
38. This is not just a useful antidote to being baffled by pretentious jargon: it also helps establish whether one’s ideas are right.
39. There is a difficulty approaching all this from outside academe: it can seem as if the experts are using jargon to force a thousand.
40. What are the items on the export applications? It’s all written in technical jargon and government gobbledygook, Barry asked.
41. A buy-and-hold straddle is a bet on a large price move—not on high volatility; in options jargon, gamma risk rather than vega risk.
42. My hope is that I can pose as a technician, babble off some tech jargon, and get some stupid administrator to log me in to help fix it.
43. It really was for him a matter of the utmost importance, and to adopt the modern jargon, almost a question of struggling for existence.
44. Even if they gained access to a broadcast medium, who would ever believe what he had to say? Just some fantasist spouting techno jargon.
45. Mechanical screaming insane apes babbling their mechanical incomprehensible jargon in order to destroy human meaning, language and music.
46. Just for the record, Centralian is an example of a trade jargon, and in fact the Imperial Species are relative newcomers to the language.
47. Explaining in a technical jargon that no one understands he describes how he altered the microchip's and took control of the legion of robots.
48. The correlation between curve steepness (or, in jargon, the forward-implied yield change) and next quarter change in the 10-year yield is—0.
49. Haven’t you heard the jargon of the incometax wallahs, assets disproportionate to the known sources of income? Let them catch me if they can.
50. Amid the jargon of Indian dialects that he now plainly heard, it was easy to distinguish not only words, but sentences, in the patois of the Canadas.
51. It was a kennel of dogs, with each animal trying out-bark the others, all struggling to raise the cackle of their own jargon above the general cacophony.
52. The experts had maintained, in technical jargon, that exit pipes could be between one and two centimetres in diameter for every thirty centimetres of pipe.
53. The first financial run-through was simply a test of your accounting skills and your ability to follow the footnote trail and to understand accounting jargon.
54. I will not trouble the House with a recital of the technical jargon and tedious repetition of words, of course, which constitute the bulk of such instruments.
55. This is just to familiarize you with some more of the jargon that you will likely come across on your Forex journey, you don’t need to worry too much about these.
56. He insisted that it was only because he had injected so much merchant jargon into his language that no doubt his own mother would have a hard time understanding him.
57. The text was full of internal jargon and strange abbreviations and cryptic references, but that was not a problem for Salander since she was familiar with the subject.
58. When managers use corporate jargon, it may be that they are more interested in self-promotion than in clearly explaining to shareholders how the business is operating.
59. The gentleman observed, that the argument drawn from the distinction between ends and means was "incomprehensible;" and he went so far as to call it "nonsensical jargon.
60. He embroidered his diagnosis with medical jargon as if trying to create an impression on the Detective Super and concluded by repeating his initial comment Out of the question.
61. File upon file of medical jargon had been examined and discounted before they eventually breached the last of many protected files that laid the pathway to happiness for Rudolph and his team.
62. It was going to be settled, he repeated several times, degrading by a strange, anxious whine the sonority of the Spanish language, which he pattered rapidly, like some sort of cringing jargon.
63. If the term structure is downward sloping (backwardated in commodities jargon), roll return is positive as the second contract can be bought at a lower price than the first contract was sold.
64. At first he wouldn't have anything to do with Sebastian; spouted all the official jargon about the rebirth of his country, and his belonging to his country, and finding self-realization in the life of the race.
65. There would be a lot of acronyms and incomprehensible jargon, and he’d stand there with a little pointer, making a red dot of light zip about on the PowerPoint presentation prepared by his executive assistant.
66. How many times would we not have given ourselves a big kick in the backside? That which seems unpopular has become the current jargon! We could have taken the merit for it but we were afraid to talk outside the chorus.
67. Besides these Dervishes, were other three who had rushed into another sect, which mended matters with a jargon about "the Centre of Truth:" holding that Man had got out of the Centre of Truth--which did not need much.
68. He continued his unintelligible jargon while they were lowering the coffin into the grave, and those who happened to know the words of the office by heart were, with some difficulty, able to understand what he was saying:.
69. I can see I have lost you all a bit with all this medical jargon but I think you get the general idea, until now the only way to correct this has only been practiced on mice because it does have some very severe drawbacks.
70. Still, to be waylaid on the stairs, to have to listen to all her jargon, hear her demands, threats, and complaints, and have to make excuses and subterfuges in return—no, he preferred to steal down without attracting notice.
71. By this trick of hocus-pocus: Science has hidden itself away from human society and barricaded itself inside its arcane jargon and insanities of detached mentalities detaching themselves from what they study to the point of madness.
72. I am well aware that in the eighties the steamship Arizona, one of the "greyhounds of the ocean" in the jargon of that day, did run bows on against a very unmistakable iceberg, and managed to get into port on her collision bulkhead.
73. Then, having sent them a score of missionaries, who gabble an absurd clerical jargon, we quote the results of our attempt to convert the heathen as an indubitable proof that the truths of Christianity are not adaptable to everyday life.
74. Ask yourself, Do they use a lot of corporate jargon such as the word strategic or thought leadership?17 This may indicate that these managers do not truly understand their business and are more concerned with showing others how smart they are.
75. They do not recognize that people are even human, or that they have feeling or emotions except as interpreted through its jargon, which is designed to dehumanize all human feelings into some kind of formulated, obscene, abstract representation of emotion.
76. It is done more slowly, partly because while reciting in English they probably think in their own more familiar language, or in the jargon, and thus fail to get or convey the meaning of words quickly, and probably from lack of such mental training in their parents.
77. One day he explained to me in his half-Russian, half-Polish jargon, a system of astronomy of his own; I have been told that he had written a work upon the subject which the learned world had received with derision; I fancy his reasonings on some things had got twisted.
78. I’m not too hot on legal jargon, but it looks as though there is a clause permitting Mum to sign the whole caboodle over should she want to re-marry … the Trust would then cease and the whole lot become mine, but I’d need to talk to a solicitor about that, I think.
79. Mehra–Prescott (1985) used a standard neoclassical finance model (for those familiar with the jargon: an exchange economy, a serially uncorrelated consumption growth rate, and a representative agent with a utility function that exhibits constant relative risk aversion).
80. It was by one of these wretches, a Spanish straggler who spoke French, that the Marquis of Fervacques, deceived by his Picard jargon, and taking him for one of our own men, was traitorously slain and robbed on the battle-field itself, in the course of the night which followed the victory of Cerisoles.
81. Destroy all perception of the truth by commercial ads spewing meaningless jargon until the only culture left is the commercial culture of Jewish greed and meaningless consumer buying; make self-gratification the universal unspoken religion of dead souls who feel nothing, think nothing and do nothing but consume.
82. Every thing that these men discover by inward experience, and which they communicate to one another, concerning their knowledge of the law of their existence (of their functional activity, according to their own jargon), every thing that the grandest minds of mankind have accomplished in this direction, since the beginning of the world,—all this is nonsense, and has no weight whatever.
83. It seems to us that science is only then real science when a man in a laboratory pours liquids from one jar into another, or analyzes the spectrum, or cuts up frogs and porpoises, or weaves in a specialized, scientific jargon an obscure network of conventional phrases—theological, philosophical, historical, juridical, or politico-economical—semi-intelligible to the man himself, and intended to demonstrate that what now is, is what should be.
84. How then has it happened that Congress has taken upon itself the right to erect light-houses, under their general power to regulate commerce? I have heard and seen in the public prints a great deal of unintelligible jargon about the incidentality of a law to the power delegated and intended to be executed by it, and of its relation to the end which is to be accomplished by its exercise, which I acknowledge I do not clearly and distinctly comprehend, and must therefore be excused from answering.
85. She mounted him and took control of all of him for all of her, absorbed in herself, her eyes closed, gauging the situation in her absolute inner darkness, advancing here, retreating there, correcting her invisible route, trying another, more intense path, another means of proceeding without drowning in the slimy marsh that flowed from her womb, droning like a horsefly as she asked herself questions and answered in her native jargon; where was that something in the shadows that only she knew about and that she longed for just for herself, until she succumbed without waiting for anybody, she fell alone into her abyss with a jubilant explosion of total victory that made the world tremble.
86. Scarcely, therefore, had the reflective Franz walked a hundred steps beneath the interior porticoes of the ruin, than, abandoning Albert to the guides (who would by no means yield their prescriptive right of carrying their victims through the routine regularly laid down, and as regularly followed by them, but dragged the unconscious visitor to the various objects with a pertinacity that admitted of no appeal, beginning, as a matter of course, with the Lions' Den, and finishing with Caesar's "Podium,"), to escape a jargon and mechanical survey of the wonders by which he was surrounded, Franz ascended a half-dilapidated staircase, and, leaving them to follow their monotonous round, seated himself at the foot of a column, and immediately opposite a large aperture, which permitted him to enjoy a full and undisturbed view of the gigantic dimensions of the majestic ruin.
87. But the farther the disciples proceed in this study, the farther and farther does not only the possibility, but even the very idea, of the solution of the problems of life withdraw from them, and the more and more do they become accustomed, not so much to investigate, as to believe in the assertions of other investigators (to believe in cells, in protoplasm, in the fourth condition of bodies, and so forth); the more and more does the form veil the contents from them; the more and more do they lose the consciousness of good and evil, and the capacity of understanding those expressions and definitions of good and evil which have been elaborated through the whole foregoing life of mankind; and the more and more do they appropriate to themselves the special scientific jargon of conventional expressions, which possesses no universally human significance; and the deeper and deeper do they plunge into the débris of utterly unilluminated investigations; the more and more do they lose the power, not only of independent thought, but even of understanding the fresh human thought of others, which lies beyond the bounds of their Talmud.

Desafortunadamente no tenemos oraciones de ejemplo para esta palabra aún.

Desafortunadamente no tenemos oraciones de ejemplo para esta palabra aún.

1. Lots and Lots of Jargons.
2. Thus, it is best to avoid technical jargons in your resume as much as possible.
3. And the little cries, the pursuits through the grass, the waists embraced on the fly, those jargons which are melodies, those adorations which burst forth in the manner of pronouncing a syllable, those cherries torn from one mouth by another,—all this blazes forth and takes its place among the celestial glories.
4. The internal stratification of any single national language into social dialects, characteristic group behavior, professional jargons, generic languages, languages of generations and age groups, tendentious languages, languages of the authorities, of various circles and of passing fashions, languages that serve the specific sociopolitical purposes of the day, even of the hour (each day has its own slogan, its own vocabulary, its own emphases – this internal stratification present in every language at any given moment of its historical existence is the indispensable prerequisite for the novel as a genre.

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