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Located en una oración (en ingles)

  1. One is located in 7th.
  2. I located a small office.
  3. The course is located on.
  4. I located his Aunt Lydia.
  5. Shelter located in Tel Aviv.

  6. Finally, he located the page.
  7. Located under the chamber 5.
  8. It is located at the base of.
  9. It was located near the roof.
  10. Located in Morgenster, on a.
  11. The site was located in the.
  12. This ended up being located.
  13. The five centers, located in.
  14. I know where it’s located.
  15. If you are not located in the.

  16. It was located beside a giant.
  17. He had located the perpetrator.
  18. All activities located on the.
  19. Located in the heart of Surfers.
  20. Where his … is located?
  21. It was located in the unheated.
  22. Hugh Maclean was located quickly.
  23. The brig was located on deck two.
  24. Thankfully, it was located just.
  25. It was located under the wreck-.

  26. She was in a disco located on St.
  27. URLs of each are located in the.
  28. For two reasons: I'm located in.
  29. Located on a promontory, of ers.
  30. It was located about a mile from.
  31. Half an hour later, he located Ash.
  32. Located on the entrance hall’s.
  33. Where was your father located.
  34. Jerry located a home in Southfield.
  35. Both are located within your mind.
  36. Its business office is located at.
  37. Note that mtDNA is located in the.
  38. Shenandoah was located at that time.
  39. Ive located the truck and package.
  40. And he is not located in Attic or.
  41. These centres are located practi-.
  42. Most are located in the middle of.
  43. They located their seat belts and.
  44. That’s how I located the holders.
  45. Once located, they will be blown up.
  46. Where is it located on Earth?
  47. Father suspected, cannot be located.
  48. She quickly located the Human, Joseph.
  49. Education facilities located in the.
  50. Officer Stacey, I’ve located her.
  51. It was located in the center of town.
  52. Honolulu is located in the State of.
  53. Located in the heart of the city and.
  54. Currently located at the Seelie Court.
  1. By locating ads or banners in an.
  2. Soon locating the limp form half-.
  3. They’re having trouble locating us.
  4. Locating the Source of Drug Allergies.
  5. Locating Trapped Emotions by Using, 210.
  6. Locating the criminal and arresting him.
  7. Locating the canteen proved to be a process of.
  8. That often leaves a precise locating of their.
  9. And? Have you had any luck in locating him?
  10. After locating her name on the bulletin I buzzed.
  11. Credit wandered the hallways without locating David.
  12. They had difficulty in locating the sister, Catherine.
  13. I am locating the house remotely for that eventuality.
  14. This definition is obtained by locating the Greek word.
  15. A good Realtor® can assist you with research, locating.
  16. Hundreds of agents were reassigned to locating the woman.
  17. Once they were inside, locating the youngster proved diffi.
  18. Unsuccessful in locating the vermin, Alicia was back on her.
  19. After locating a wireless drill and a small drill bit in the.
  20. Police are asking the public for assistance in locating this man.
  21. This time Terry had no trouble locating the bubble gum card, the.
  22. Locating food in the pine forest had become a never-ending struggle.
  23. This eventuality they named The Big Crunch even before locating the Big.
  24. A great amount of effort has gone into locating more caves, but nothing.
  25. As Novak continued his instructions on locating the truck, his phone rang.
  26. For example, locating a strong price pattern reversal seeks confirmation.
  27. These three were given the task of locating Colton, where ever he may be.
  28. Locating Tab’s suspect turned out to be more difficult than she expected.
  29. Perhaps the Council could take over the project of locating jobs for these.
  30. Then after locating positions of everyone, she came down and began the hunt.
  31. Brumvack locating the fish’s stomach, and hacking it open with his hatchet.
  32. They searched the area for some time, but had no luck in locating the children.
  33. The delay was in locating a specific pilot who had experience in the mountains.
  34. In terms of diets differing based on geographic locating, there is some evidence.
  35. This whole timing method depends on locating the key date correctly on the chart.
  36. I’m sure your mother used a spell to keep her from locating you all these years.
  37. We must continue with our original plan of infiltrating the farm and locating Bryony.
  38. She was having some difficulty in locating the exact position of Kilt's Cove Cottage.
  39. I hoped locating his body would mean Jacob could finally cross over to the Otherworld.
  40. For network marketers, this means you should have no trouble locating a great lineup of.
  41. Locating consciousness in the activity of the brain absolutely strangles the hope that we.
  42. Locating consciousness in the activity of the brain apparently strangles the hope that we.
  43. The man inside the car flipped through his brown billfold and had trouble locating his card.
  44. Locating Williams at his post, he immediately saw the hard rigor mortise in the Boston Cream.
  45. Assimilating into this slightly insane new era, or locating the source of the singing blood.
  46. Conklin is going to stay here and work on locating Avis and her boyfriend, I told Brady.
  47. Moving to a new country can be an exciting adventure and starts with locating suitable housing.
  48. Shapiro had not expected to have that much difficulty locating his new client, Aaron Hocksberg.
  49. Locating the horse that now seemed as though it were his, and deciding that leading him on foot.
  50. However, a great deal of time and consideration must be taken in locating the perfect Vintage piece.
  51. Even in the waning light, Hermann had little difficulty locating the house for which he was looking.
  52. Locating the canteen proved to be a process of elimination once they arrived at the Intrepid Star.
  53. Wiesse, in true organiser style, had been somewhat vague about the practical side of locating this man.
  54. I slipped out of bed and locating my clothes that were scattered around the floor, began to get dressed.
  55. A better, albeit more expensive, method for locating cable problems is to use a multifunction cable tester.
  56. He imagined – hoped it would like locating an artery amongst blood vessels, but there was no clear primary.
  57. Roy offered help in locating a nice place and promised to get me hooked up with the right people at the bank.
  58. A few clicks on bing’s multimap search engine on the PC and it was a straightforward way of locating the street.
  59. I reached up, locating my pulse at my neck, feeling the beat, watching as it was echoed in the glow of the crystal.
  60. Locating price relative to fair value is only the first step in the process of spotting a potential contrarian trade.
  61. The first thing that you have to do is that of locating the warmest water in the pond or lake where you are to go fishing.
  62. Michael replied We may have to do that but for now it is more important to concentrate on locating this man for questioning.
  63. AND HOW HAVE you been locating the members of this little ragtag collection of yours? Maya asked, taking a big swig of Yoo-hoo.
  64. However, when a consultant is used, the issue becomes one of locating someone who isn’t wedded to a particular vendor or approach.
  65. This chapter examines Lindsay’s approach to locating the origin of the 107-day interval, the date from which we count forward 107 days.
  66. A visitor who had signed in to see one Brian Walston had asked among the guards for help in locating the prisoner whose file Edgar held.
  67. Six aircraft were given the task of attacking the German battle-cruiser, surrounded by hills locating almost a thousand anti-aircraft guns.
  68. Preeti and Jags studied the plans for hours but still found no joy in locating this safe; it was definitely in one of the forty-five rooms.
  69. That witch Kennedy was undoubtedly devoting her organization’s entire capability to locating it but she was at a significant disadvantage.
  70. Elly had a hard time locating the exact street and had to call her Uncle to ask for directions but since we didn't have a map it wasn't much use.
  71. This does not mean that you should talk only to readily available sources, but it is a strong start in locating and contacting the best sources.
  72. Do you suppose you could punch his name into whatever computer system you folks have for locating missing arrestees? I’d greatly appreciate it.
  73. You are not going to have a tough time locating rankings, so inability to attain the information as to player performance cannot be used as an excuse.
  74. Instinctively, he knew the Soviet KGB man would arrive in Vancouver, but he hoped to get the best start on locating John-Paul before Komadze's arrival.
  75. Life-Saving Service (USLSS) units were stationed near lighthouses locating treacherous waters at points where ships came close to shore to enter harbors.
  76. Deep appreciation to David Killian, research librarian at the George Washington University, for locating the Vietnam bombing statistics cited in this book.
  77. The man I was looking for was some sort of curator, at least that’s what I had discovered, though I’d worried that locating him might be another matter.
  78. Not good news I’m afraid, there is something there, but it must be at the limit of its range; an aircraft would have a better chance of locating the bug.
  79. However, if you concentrate on the purpose of reading (locating main ideas and finding answers to your questions), your speed and comprehension should increase.
  80. This time Terry had no trouble locating the bubble gum card, the tee shirt and the video, and he snapped out of his vacant trance with a sense of welcome relief.
  81. As it turned out, Chip had driven more than 1,000 miles, eventually locating my house, using only a vague sense of direction and a shamelessly outgoing personality.
  82. Radar (Radio detection and ranging): the method of locating objects by radio waves which are transmitted, reflected, and received, illuminated by a cathode ray screen.
  83. But how? What did he have to work with? The more he considered it, the more firm the realisation that what it amounted to was locating the proverbial needle in a haystack.
  84. Version control, using software tools to track of versions of documents and other information, is key to locating the intermediate products of internally authored information.
  85. It is not likely that satisfactory opportunities of this kind will be continuously available or that the investor would have the means of locating all those that are at hand.
  86. Organizations with access to these professional databases can save time and money that would otherwise be wasted on duplicating the effort involved in locating the information.
  87. Indicator divergence is often a key to locating the best reversal trades and will often let us pinpoint with extreme accuracy the tops and bottoms of movements within the range.
  88. Truman had to ask various prisoners and guards before finally locating the man, sitting with a peasant woman who appeared older than the infant cradled in her arms might indicate.
  89. She was just about to ask his help in locating the old lady, when out of the corner of her eye, she saw her going through the bushes heading in the direction of the little white house.
  90. Now the authorities claim they are close to locating him in New Mexico, but the underground buzz says he is in hiding commanding a secret army that’s conducting these, so called, attacks.
  91. If iTunes did not automatically locate and list your music, assist it by opening the file system on your computer (Windows or File Explorer on Windows, or Finder on a Mac) and locating your music.
  92. Phillip initiated a computer search for his copy of the Woodstock video that featured Carl Thompson as a nude, carefree flower child and upon locating it, instructed Windows Media Player to play it.
  93. While they were preparing a report Michael decided to visit the Abraham Pharmaceutical Company offices in Sydney to get background information and any other details which might help in locating Mark.
  94. Feltus left his office in hopes of locating the preacher who occupied a quaint room that was coincidentally on the third floor of the south wing, the same area as both the Underwoods and the Ashburns.
  95. Baker suggested the propriety of locating the Academy at Harper's Ferry; and because, if the Academy must be removed, he thought Harper's Ferry preferable to Carlisle, he should vote against the motion.
  96. Locating first the table where Vincenzo Gambino was sitting, Bernard chose an empty table some distance and to the back of Gambino’s table, in order not to attract his attention while they watched him.
  97. This time it was Kahn whom he called up, and he had some difficulty locating him, for Kahn had two offices and was busily engaged in preparing a defence to the charges preferred against him for the jury fixing episode.
  98. After locating Cambridge near the bottom of the hill (held at gunpoint by the black man who had knocked him out on the stairs, that made three helpings of vengeance due), he went to the far side and there began his ascent.
  99. Locating nearly all of the security buildings that are situated around the city he had also located his next victim; a technician who worked in a computer assembly plant at an industrial estate on the other side of the city.
  100. Locating the horse that now seemed as though it were his, and deciding that leading him on foot was probably going to be the safest means of transport under the circumstances, he gave the order that all had been anxiously awaiting.
  1. She crouches and locates it with her fingers.
  2. In any case, the hagiographer locates it eastward.
  3. The value of j locates S moving from bottom to top.
  4. And he locates it in Eden as its geographical designation.
  5. Marie-Laure reaches beneath the bench and locates the knife.
  6. I whip out my notebook and wait while she locates the right page.
  7. The value of i locates S along the tree moving from left to right.
  8. The metal ‘bolt’ locates in the reinforced hole when the door is closed.
  9. If, some years later, one of the slime locates you, move again and enjoy the.
  10. He reaches out behind his back, locates Helen's hand and gives it a faint squeeze.
  11. How Cathy ever locates people like him, I’ll never know, but I’m very glad she does.
  12. A final evaluation of this theory locates an absurd post-tribulation principle that claims.
  13. At first she cannot find it much to her frustration until she locates it under her forefinger.
  14. Once she locates the flower, she removes the whole plant, ensuring that its return is prohibited.
  15. Taking a few steps back, he turns and locates her purse, which sits on the counter near the microwave.
  16. Locates a specified value in the leftmost column of a specified table, and returns the value in the same row from a specified.
  17. Some firms make aggressive interpretations of a rule, and others can be more conservative, causing a disparity with short locates.
  18. Grailem locates the science headquarters through the ship's computer network and instructs the navigator to land the starship at a nearby park.
  19. Take, for example, a particle of "Earth-Water", which locates on the side of the square between the corners of the "Earth" and "Water", and closer to "Water".
  20. As always, Berndt is practical and sensible – it is he who locates our bags and checks that they are as they should be and he who oversees the ggs being settled in the stable.
  21. He locates these stocks on the new lows list, which he looks at daily, and by using various screens to identify stocks that are cheap relative to cash in the bank, other tangible assets, or normalized earnings.

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1. I needed to locate them.
2. Where will you locate a.
3. We need to locate Neville.
4. It wasn’t hard to locate.
5. I need you locate their base.
6. Now he just had to locate Mr.
7. We can then have him locate a.
8. I’m trying to locate them.
9. Maryann was first to locate it.
10. The second way is to locate a.
11. You can't locate Him in a place.
12. He couldn’t locate the source.
13. But he couldn't locate the knob.
14. So I stop and try to locate him.
15. I will locate the nearest one.
16. She could locate him if she tried.
17. I could therefore not locate one.
18. In the new window, locate Remote.
19. She has asked us to help locate you.
20. Locate the IP address of the router.
21. You should take time to locate them.
22. Since they locate their experience.
23. If they locate us, we’re fucked.
24. He couldn’t locate his birthmother.
25. However, I was trying to locate the.
26. Keith had managed to locate us somehow.
27. Locate and tap the app you want to use.
28. I just hope she can help her locate Aya.
29. I used my sense of smell to locate food.
30. Locate the bench stop where you want it.
31. It learned how to locate and manipulate.
32. Worse case scenario we could locate the.
33. Where at all possible locate the leak by.
34. Ceder peeked an eye open to locate Astray.
35. The man said, Can you locate them?
36. My husband has gone to try to locate her.
37. I'm trying to locate one of their models.
38. Clients that locate at the Center receive.
39. If I can locate the other, there will be.
40. They had managed to locate a wooded area.
41. I was trying to locate a friend of mine.
42. He said, Our assignment was to locate Mr.
43. Locate the new sheets for this measurement.
44. You will locate a certain Unseelie for me.
45. I badged her, got her to locate a key pronto.
46. Onlar, inform Jurak that he needs to locate.
47. If he could only locate the ladder and fi nd.
48. Trying to locate the owner of the mill he saw.
49. Then locate the center of the washing machine.
50. Locate reliable resources and stick with them.
51. Follow him on your radars and locate his base.
52. I was given instructions where to locate you.
53. Lieutenant, we need to locate Officer Stacey.
54. We will have to locate a suitable landing area.
55. Some of these have been pretty easy to locate.
56. After mating, the female must locate an appro-.
57. The decision to locate the Western Intertribal.
58. I’m hoping you can help me locate Bes’s.
59. We should attempt to locate the Orb of Paryphax.
60. In the meantime I was trying to locate his accent.
61. The remaining four Plans locate between these two.
62. Locate the silence of the Supreme and attend to it.
63. Open the album needed to locate the photo you want.
64. If I could locate some, I intended to do just that.
65. I’m trying to locate a woman called Vicky Brannan.
66. You say that Ruth is not dead but you cannot locate.
67. On January 2, 2008, I tried to locate the goods again.
68. Cass stares to locate it, and then tells Unks, Sure.
69. They were still trying to locate the vehicle’s owner.
70. Final y once the heroes locate the Boss Enemy, they'l.
71. The Fritzies would love to locate us, if they could.
72. We desperately need to locate one of your professors.
73. He said, Computer, locate the nearest meteor cluster.
74. Clint, meanwhile, had done his best to locate Stephanie.
75. In that file, locate this line (about line number 21):.
76. He looked around for a ladder, but could not locate one.
77. Once I locate it, I see that I missed a call from Ashley.
78. You’re the only one, Alvin, who can locate the can-.
79. It will help them locate me and Finnegan, lost and found.
80. No, he wanted to locate the truck and then grab the wheel.
81. Don’t you think it would be prudent to locate him?
82. Because these units are stealth they can be hard to locate.
83. I know, but I can’t stand not being able to locate her.
84. I haven’t been able to locate my wife since I got back.
85. At some point, they stopped being able to locate her at all.
86. Kerala paused on the stairway to see if she could locate the.
87. Below are directions to locate the specifications and system.
88. Attempts to locate him have been hampered by torrential rain.
89. It was, however, imperative that he locate and speak with an.
90. How best to locate relevant newspaper cuttings, for instance.
91. Vera had been able to locate a forensic lab through her work.
92. His forces on the ground hadn't managed to locate Grobut yet.
93. Aaron looks around as if he is trying to locate something or.
94. Q: As I am here, looking at you, I cannot locate the event in.
95. We’re to locate Maya Cooper and then call in reinforcements.
96. It is on that computer, Beatrice, and only I can locate it.
97. Swinging my head and eyes about; I was trying locate my Ghosts.
98. Locate an old family friend and write him or her a letter (on.
99. Then the first group rode out to locate larger groups of cattle.
100. Could I please have a moment to locate a good book madam?

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