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    1. She looked set to sleep late

    2. However, when you set a goal, you need to ask if that goal is realistic for you? Only you can really answer that question

    3. I want you to set yourself up to win

    4. If you set unrealistic goals for yourself in the short term then you're not going to achieve them and that’s not going to keep you motivated

    5. So when you set your goals, don't set them so far out that you aren’t motivated

    6. Set short-term, motivating,

    7. something in the microwave, you set the timer for a minute and you stand there waiting, watching the food go around, waiting for it to, ding! That's time

    8. Her side of the headboard was picked over, the light stuff was gone, a picture of a home in the inner canals remained, a feathered set of hair rings was gone

    9. Another two guys were drinking, too, and a third was manning the charcoal barbecue they had set up for the occasion

    10. Finally at five pm, during the Aoki set, he felt the phone vibrate, and headed for the nearest security guard that bore the Oodle logo, a rune in black and white

    1. Ruthie sips at her tea and sets it back on the table

    2. So in that case, decision is actually the only thing that sets us apart from other

    3. “There are two sets of stairs and an elevator leading down,” Vinnie said beside Johnny as he consulted a schematic of the building

    4. but I can't prove I went over to the coast and not down to Bridgwater? What if no-one remembers seeing me? Fighting down the panic this thought sets off, I try to find of something safer to think about

    5. This truth sets us free

    6. It’s a lovely deep wine-red colour which sets off her skin tones and hair beautifully

    7. He sets Khalid down on a sandy patch of ground, begins to bind his leg as Khalid drifts in and out of consciousness, moans

    8. She sets the scene and we all walk through the lines, then we have to do it properly … which, in this case, means Andy and I being in a clinch as the curtain goes up so that we can be surprised by other characters walking in on us

    9. The three of us have a good time together, yet Tandoulou sets me thinking sometimes: On one hand she is intelligent and knowledgeable about many subjects; on the other hand she is rather bossy and obsessed with religion; she is also a scrooge, counting every cent she is to pay

    10. "twin sets on opposing sides

    1. have really easily taught you the very basics of goal setting but I know that there are a lot of other elements that go into achieving your goals

    2. Blugar's Balloon was one of the newest lakerunners in service, one of the new semi-torpedo active-ballast twin hulls perfected by the Skater line that were setting rough-weather records on all the lakes

    3. But the weirdest thing is, I read an article today about Kurdish women setting themselves on fire

    4. This sect, all male, keeps its beards and sideburns uniformly trimmed at a #2 setting on their electric razors

    5. It was dim, there was a setting for how transparent each lens was to the outside world, as well as its optical magnification

    6. There is very little control on the setting up of NGOs

    7. The sun is setting and John still sits before the Buddha, looking up into his face

    8. As for the house not even the slowly setting August sun could bathe it in a

    9. She felt about the same as she had the day before, and she did remember setting her alarm for a backup last night

    10. except setting all hope upon God and His Word, then the inexplicable

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    exercise set set stage set readiness bent band circle lot seth curing hardening solidification solidifying arrange coif coiffe coiffure do dress fructify adjust correct fix gear up prepare ready set up lay out rig congeal jell place put determine define limit specify mark sic lay pose position countersink plant localise localize typeset go down go under hardened fixed rigid laid fit primed located placed situated determined dictated predetermined foreordained resolved firm stable solid settled customary usual stubborn unyielding immovable obstinate stiff relentless collection assemblage assortment kit pack outfit series organisation organization company clique class faction coterie sect inclination attitude direction disposition bearing aspect scenery decoration setting scene stage appoint establish value estimate price evaluate rate prize