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    1. There is general, raucous merriment in the audience

    2. merriment and for this city of revelry

    3. The music stopped and a gentle flow of soft pipes and violins filled the air as Fizzicist bowed to Miss Pringle and danced stiffly around the hall, much to the merriment of the youthful crowd

    4. Johnny, Eli and I were in stitches laughing and we had tears running down our faces and we had to hold our stomach just to stop them aching, such was the merriment we were enjoying

    5. and now, here he was on the phone and she sensed his merriment as soon as she picked up the receiver

    6. He pointed a warning finger at the ceiling, Mother! And they brought their merriment under control

    7. ” There was much merriment amongst us on hearing this and quite a few ribald comments which left George looking appalled

    8. Then, the proverbial John and Jane arrives from 600 miles away to attend the funeral and the family is in total ecstasy to see John and Jane again, so much so they forget the event is actually a funeral – where somebody died you know…! Its greetings, conversations, loud laughter and merriment, before they even made it into house where the grieving family is at

    9. Somebody else made the comment that perhaps it was time the problem was addressed, and this was met with laughter and merriment

    10. Not even the noise of my beloved land, the festival of lights - my favourite merriment, or the chirping of my people’s many mother tongues was enough to bring me out of, or save me from my consuming crushing grief

    11. ," and she smiled, and her eyes lit into instant lights and crinkled with merriment, “I am looking for a studio, but I was after an art studio not a music one

    12. "Babes!" Panchali's amplified voice was loud enough to break through hundreds of ears and express her merriment to her friend

    13. 17 And he said to them Declare to us your mind concerning the writings; Then began the first who had spoken of the strength of wine; 18 And he said so O you men how exceeding strong is wine! it causes all men to err who drink it: 19 It makes the mind of the king and of the fatherless child to be all one; of the bondman and of the freeman of the poor man and of the rich: 20 It turns also every thought into merriment and mirth so that a man remembers neither sorrow nor debt: 21 And it makes every heart rich so that a man remembers neither king nor governor; and it makes to speak all things by talents: 22 And when they are in their cups they forget their love both to friends and brothers and a little after draw out swords: 23 But when they are from the wine they remember not what they have done

    14. The Club paused in their ever intensifying merriment and watched Lochert shoulder his way to the bar and climb up

    15. “You’re such a clown! I never thought that you could be so hilarious and different from the guy that I got to know in Namaqualand,” she said while wiping tears of merriment from her eyes

    16. The Connors cracked up in merriment at my reply

    17. Frankie took so much note of this Charly sent her outside again, assuaging the child's disappointment by promising not to laugh any more—and they did, as a matter of fact, reduce their merriment to a few chuckles and snorts

    18. In the footsteps of merriment

    19. Soon the music started, the drink began to flow and merriment and jovial conversation ensued

    20. That afternoon the local pub frequented by some relatives, neighbours and old friends of Ellen’s was filled with local gossip, song and merriment

    21. Although Jesus did not participate in the merriment of the occasion, it was evident that he derived pleasure and experienced satisfaction as he beheld the lighthearted and joyous abandon of the young and the old

    22. You could have had a kid at any time you had made friends to share your merriment

    23. The hawk could not twist his beak into a grin, but his eyes were half-closed in merriment, and the beak was open to let out the silent laughter which shook the bird's head and chest

    24. After a few moments, Hatch looked up and there was moisture in his eyes, but not from merriment

    25. The animals of the barnyard were alive with mirth and merriment, a few just as ornery as the day they were born, clucking, oinking, and bellowing, all hungry like they had never been fed

    26. “Keep your eyes shut,” Clarene said with merriment in her tone

    27. The streets are awash with flower-girls and sewage, the inns with merriment and vice, all fuelled by cheap beer and negotiable affections

    28. Innocent of the tragedy that threatened it, the town poured into the main square in a noisy explosion of merriment

    29. In the heat of the merriment that broke out that evening, he had Petra Cotes dress up as queen, crowned her absolute and lifetime ruler of Madagascar, and handed out copies of the picture to his friends, she not only went along with the game, but she felt sorry for him inside, thinking that he must have been very frightened to have conceived of that extravagant means of reconciliation

    30. The bus driver had said something before we got off about having three hours to do what we had to and then it would be back on the bus for more merriment

    31. Fred, because he had never been invited to that sort of party, resented being asked to bring the pizza and stand outside on the porch with all the noises of merriment and mayhem wafting out from within

    32. His merriment turned into a frown, and then he seemingly changed the subject

    33. I got off the bus and left the merriment of the cheering football fans

    34. When Sylvie called out ‘le dos’, Jeff slapped her playfully on the back; at ‘le queue,’ he reached out to touch her buttocks, and, to everyone’s merriment, she rebuffed his hand with a resounding slap, and in mock terror, moved away from him when she called out ‘les jambes

    35. Foolish talking, and jesting, and joking, and excessive merriment, are only too common

    36. After a sumptuous lunch, that followed a lot of merriment, Sandhya closeted herself with Roopa, leaving Saroja to Raja Rao’s care

    37. In the merriment of the moment Helen did not notice how her shirt was sticking to her until Brian’s laughter abruptly stopped as his gaze paused well below Helen’s chin, before he could tear his eyes away and onto David’s presentation

    38. “When” may express past time if the context and the connection of speech signify this, as when God says: “Yet (it happened that) when they saw some merchandise or merriment they rushed to it, leaving you standing all alone

    39. While the seventy men were celebrating with unbridled merriment and the sound of their laughter filled the place, the voice of our officer rumbled above the hubbub saying, ‘Listen men… Listen!’ The clamour died away immediately and the men stood motionless on the spot, looking at him with awe and appreciation

    40. Let us not waste our years in easy, momentous time of merriment and destruction

    41. Anxiety was not done with its merriment, however

    42. While the seventy men were celebrating with unbridled merriment and the sound of their laughter filled the place, the voice of our officer rumbled above the hubbub saying,

    43. With a gurgle of laughter, Kathy wiped tears of merriment out of her eyes, and replied without thinking

    44. Only the Irish pub favoured by the Navy Seals gave signs of merriment

    45. By then, the guests and family members would surge forward to appreciate the bride, showering her with notes of money, clothes, jewelleries, and all manner of gifts; and the merriment continues till dawn

    46. The twins did not share many sentimental moments, preferring the merriment of bickering

    47. He adored her to such an extent that all Jena, not given overmuch to merriment, was distorted with mirth at the spectacle

    48. ” His eyes sparkled with merriment

    49. I resolved to push him away from my heart and soul, but that notion failed when the unknown voice stated in triumphant merriment,

    50. The older children wore smiles on their faces, but the merriment masked the horrible knowledge that they carried inside

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