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    1. But the playfulness soon got a little more serious, and as soon as his desire started to show, he led them back into deep water

    2. There was a playfulness in her character that was

    3. songs; joy on his face, playfulness in his heart and a trot in his

    4. playfulness, he hadn't been sure he would see this through

    5. The man who called himself Agrippa was wearing Amonas’ smile when he answered, a tone of playfulness in his voice:

    6. She let herself fall backwards with her arms stretched out in gaudy playfulness, only to find herself still standing as if she had turned all the way around

    7. She had been taken with his playfulness and apparent honesty, but that

    8. Another classic Francescana dish and one that holds a special place in my memory, not just for its playfulness and taste, but it was at the time of serving of this dish that I met Massimo Bottura

    9. Basically, though Ishvara must have charmed his food to come his way, Jiva must have besotted them with her playfulness and her baby face

    10. But Cleo’s being kittenish with me seemed so disarming that I went along with her playfulness

    11. Any sudden act on my part to stop the playfulness could have triggered the animal’s wild instinct with serious results

    12. Her eyes sparkled with playfulness

    13. Did you have a good sleep last night?" There was a hint of playfulness in his voice

    14. The spirit was young as most summons went, with all of the innocence and playfulness that came with that youth

    15. he then offered, his face serious and business like, the playfulness

    16. He knew her expression was one of playfulness and not one that

    17. Prince had been silently observing everything, both Arjun playfulness as well as his friendly relationship with his parents

    18. The crudeness of his words were lost in the infuriating playfulness of his smile

    19. His playfulness had helped her lose her nervousness a bit

    20. ‘Of course,’ she said, the playfulness back in her voice

    21. ” And there was nothing of Mitch’s usual playfulness in his tone

    22. Equally as much with their philosophy as their playfulness

    23. with you, I give my self freely to the playfulness that runs laughing naked in the garden

    24. ” they pawed the air in seeming playfulness

    25. Faith was the laughter, but felt no humor, no playfulness, only a sensation of successfully outwitting another mind

    26. “Laughter?” he shuffled quickly behind her, his feet suggesting the playfulness of a skip

    27. They were restless eyes, full of energy and playfulness, but as she and her colleagues walked into the lounge of the airport hotel they rested on one man, and her thoughts stayed firmly on him for the remainder of the evening

    28. Now listen to me--I will drop this playfulness, which I don't in the least feel, and be serious:--why do you want to come and, as you telegraph, talk things over? I don't want to talk things over; it is a fatal thing to do

    29. losing all of the clumsy playfulness of her childhood

    30. We could have done the journey in three but Corina's playfulness reduced our speed

    31. And on to the western desert at a snail's pace due to Corina's playfulness and good humor

    32. The need for approval, the need to conform and the fear of being laughed-at is what destroys playfulness

    33. Only if playfulness is nurtured, encouraged and developed throughout human society as a necessary part of doing anything, only if adults remain playful and teach playfulness as a living example of how to live playfully can the intrinsic human qualities-abilities of spontaneity and creativity be fully realized and sustained

    34. And that does not happen because by its very nature of using too many tools, by the dynamic of accumulation; civilization systematically destroys the sense of Pure Wonder and the sense of playfulness

    35. replaced their youthful playfulness of the past, and a few remained

    36. There was little roughness in the sport, and much playfulness

    37. with their smiling hedges, were recognized with the gladsome playfulness of

    38. Affecting that air of playfulness, therefore, which is delightful in a woman one loves, she opened the letter directly, and read its contents

    39. It lies in your own power to be Edgar's brother! No, no, Isabella, you shan't run off," she continued, arresting, with feigned playfulness, the confounded girl, who had risen indignantly

    40. When the light of the glimmering lantern had faded quite away, the minister discovered, by the faintness which came over him, that the last few moments had been a crisis of terrible anxiety; although his mind had made an involuntary effort to relieve itself by a kind of lurid playfulness

    41. Continually, indeed, as it stole onward, the streamlet kept up a babble, kind, quiet, soothing, but melancholy, like the voice of a young child that was spending its infancy without playfulness, and knew not how to be merry among sad acquaintance and events of sombre hue

    42. It might have been the playfulness in her tone or the fact that a long and wonderful weekend was finally coming to an end, but he didn’t respond

    43. ‘Well, there’s nothing for us now but to kiss and be friends,’ Vronsky said, with good-natured playfulness, holding out his hand

    44. "There is actually an aristocratic playfulness about it!" I thought admiringly,

    45. Miss Vincy was alone, and blushed so deeply when Lydgate came in that he felt a corresponding embarrassment, and instead of any playfulness, he began at once to speak of his reason for calling, and to beg her, almost formally, to deliver the message to her father

    46. But her temper was ragged from the heat and the experiment, and sometimes, there was an edge to his playfulness

    47. ‘Sire,’ he said, with respectful playfulness, ‘they are only afraid lest Your Majesty, in the goodness of your heart, should allow yourself to be persuaded to make peace

    48. It lies in your own power to be Edgar’s brother! No, no, Isabella, you sha’n’t run off,’ she continued, arresting, with feigned playfulness, the confounded girl, who had risen indignantly

    49. Later on, this disappears like the playfulness of the kitten, and all this grace ends, with the bourgeois, on two legs, and with the tomcat, on four paws


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