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    1. He appeared to be methodical in the way that he moved and thought, but something else struck me about him

    2. He whistled once and one of the other guards, one of the men who took part in my methodical beating the previous evening, came and stood in the doorway, pointing his gun at me

    3. “They are slow, and methodical, but very thorough,” she emphasized smiling

    4. Twenty minutes of methodical assembly later, and the Livingsons were the exclusive owners of the first indoor toilet in Tahoe City

    5. He's careful, methodical, determined, and yes, a little domineering

    6. The great question is: “How can I modify the realities - past and present - of my life?” The answer is: “by working on it in an intelligent, methodical, and sustained way”

    7. They might continue in this manner, for a long time, merely to multiply the number of those maxims of prudence and morality, without even attempting to arrange them in any very distinct or methodical order, much less to connect them together by one or more general principles, from which they were all deducible, like effects from their natural causes

    8. The maxims of common life were arranged in some methodical order, and connected together by a few common principles, in the same manner as they had attempted to arrange and connect the phenomena of nature

    9. Manna moved forward, flailing his sword in clear and methodical fashion like a trained swordsman that he was

    10. Kay was impressed with Galeron’s methodical attention to detail

    11. Pretty methodical, pretty cold blooded

    12. The army was methodical in its approach, wearing down the defenders of the city, forcing them to occupy themselves with the spreading fires that threatened to engulf them in a firestorm that would burn the city of Pyr to the ground, along with most of its populace

    13. Methodical, the army

    14. So he took his time with the details, not only with these changes, but also with rushed changes he had made earlier, not stopping until his methodical and intelligent mind was entirely satisfied

    15. of focused methodical collection

    16. The next part of this story shows Jacob's family still separated out in a methodical manner

    17. very controlled and calm and methodical in carrying out

    18. The business side of my father was methodical and organized

    19. A Cornell student who spent some time interviewing my father and watching him work was awed and exasperated by his methodical, organized approach to everything

    20. his gestures methodical, deliberate

    21. began counting my strokes, slow methodical arcs with my arms,

    22. Each of his words were spoken slowly and methodical y

    23. Tress had backed up to the far end of the wall as the extended line of troops continued its slow and methodical advance towards her

    24. He was methodical

    25. The methodical practice

    26. 4 While Jesus was most methodical and systematic in everything he did, there was also in all his administrative rulings a refreshing elasticity of interpretation and an individuality of adaptation that greatly impressed all the children with the spirit of justice which actuated their father-brother

    27. His strongest characteristic was his methodical thoroughness; he was both mathematical and systematic

    28. 5 The strong point about Philip was his methodical reliability; the weak point in his make-up was his utter lack of imagination, the absence of the ability to put two and two together to obtain four

    29. Once back in Johannesburg, Rory opened the “Ubisi” Dairies Maputo file which had been compiled for him by one of his best operatives and was comprehensive to such an extent, that he had photographs of the whole premises and sharp clear shots of key personnel including the manager Umberto Goncalves, who according to the pre’cis was a competent, careful and methodical man – he was obviously the person to watch - a fact borne out by the copy of the telephone account print-out (obtained by a Rand notes bribe to one of the junior personnel at the local Telephone Exchange) which showed that many person-to-person calls to Umberto had been made and received from Mexico – this meant that the South African Cartel was highly regarded by Joaquin Guzman (known as “Chapo”) who would normally only have dealt with North Korea (Bureau 39) directly – it also gave an indication that the drug deliveries must be very large indeed – perhaps SA was the largest re-distribution point

    30. Perhaps you should be slower and more methodical about your finances now

    31. His concern for her was overpowering—if only he knew she was alive—and threatened to disrupt his ingrained methodical approach to a dangerous situation

    32. The only activity visible to Harry was the methodical pacing of the pickets

    33. there was always a methodical course of action for each event

    34. process of methodical planning that ensures I always have information to fall

    35. In the room of her sick mother, green and yellow under the powdery light from the windowpanes, she would listen to the methodical, stubborn, heartless scales and think that that music was in the world while she was being consumed as she wove funeral wreaths

    36. swirling about in a gigantic whirlwind that little by little was being reduced to its epicenter as the edges were systematically being cut off all around like an onion being peeled by the insatiable and methodical shears of the machine guns

    37. He stood up unhurriedly, as if he only intended to stretch, and with a perfectly regulated and methodical fury he grabbed the pots with the begonias one after the other, those with the ferns, the oregano, and one after the other he smashed them onto the floor

    38. It was such a rapid, methodical, and brutal action that it was like a military operation

    39. The two cloaked probes followed close to the king, gaining access to the inside of the palace and then splitting up, with one probe staying with King Stan and the other starting a methodical, floor-by-floor search for Nancy

    40. because he was so methodical and quite confident that he would not

    41. He slightly blushed while she barely nudged him, following it with a methodical smile

    42. The Mariners catcher abruptly jumped up, and sprinted to the mound for a brief methodical meeting with the pitcher

    43. It’s a methodical process, and the class went about it with some

    44. For some seconds he hesitated, and then proceeded with his methodical inquiry

    45. In methodical fashion, he cautiously searched the modest premises with a tiny flashlight held tightly to his side

    46. Briefly, the raging alter-ego that orchestrated the methodical plan dissolved, leaving him terrified of where he was, and ultimately what he was doing

    47. Jose instantly sensed his methodical motives, it was obvious

    48. " Slicky could feel his tense frame shake from Mitchell's methodical steps of revenge, before complying directly with his orders

    49. Mitchell started the car, and then secretly drove away at a slow, methodical pace

    50. Does that look like you've been in the hospital, or maybe been injected by a methodical fuck like me?" Travis paused, "What the fuck did you do?"

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    methodical correct regular formal systematic business-like