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Microbe en una oración (en ingles)

  2. Not a microbe or dust-mote or oxygen cell existed in the room without having an appointed and irrevocable station.
  3. Not even a single microbe was left to perhaps one day repopulate the planet with its kind and evolve into a new ecosystem.
  4. That only took five years and thirty million bucks to find out! First, they took all the gene code out of a microbe.
  5. What are the conditions that allow one microbe to survive rather than another? And what if fear is the true bond of everything? The true driving force of one behaviour or another?

  6. Unless you have stimulated (slaughtered it pronouncing the Name of Al'lah) it before death …: if you slaughter it and it releases its blood, it will be in a fit state to eat as the microbe existing in blood has come out.
  7. For example, I just read somewhere that tracer studies with radioactive carbon 14 have shown that this microbe will break down glycerin, burn some of it as energy and use its carbon to make proteins, nucleic acids, fats and carbohydrates.
  8. The bodies buried here, not poisoned by the embalming repellants rendering a flesh of plenty into a toxic, fetid mass undigestible to microbe, insect, and animal, are the Zombie Truffles those awakened to cannibalism are seeking to unearth and consume.
  9. So the meat which people stopped eating appeared to be similar to the meat over which the words, ‘God is Greater’ had not been said, and in which microbe reproduction had increased to the extent that the amount of toxins and enzymes secreted by germs was considerable.

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