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Bug en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The bug sat on the bun.
  2. The bug was on the rug.
  3. Bug had to laugh at that.
  4. A small lady bug was on.
  5. I was never a litter bug.

  6. The lady bug climbed on.
  7. Come look at this bug.
  8. Bug them to show you as.
  9. The bug had fun on the rug.
  10. This is called bug fixing.
  11. They let nothing bug them.
  12. Bug glanced from her to me.
  13. The bug had fun in the mug.
  14. Some type of bug, I think.
  15. The bug zapper zapped a bug.

  16. You may have to bug her home.
  17. Squashed like a bug under a.
  18. Friend to friend the bug, etc.
  19. Bug trackers and task lists:.
  20. When her eyes bug out and she.
  21. Everything we see is not a bug.
  22. The team set up the bug theater.
  23. It will make your eyes bug out.
  24. I found the first bug around 10 a.
  25. We found the bug you used on Donna.

  26. I tensed at the use of the word bug.
  27. He’s read every bug book there is.
  28. It's cold, smelly, bug infested and.
  29. With wings from the golden scarab bug.
  30. Modules of bug work in unmarked vans.
  31. Murdam wasn’t hired to bug the Lunts.
  32. He’d swatted Danny aside like a bug.
  33. It’s not a bug! Neith glowered.
  34. That was his signal to turn on the bug.
  35. They could squash us like a bug if the.
  36. It was a bug that glowed as if by magic.
  37. That’s a nasty bug by the look of it.
  38. This little bug might be more than a cold.
  39. There are much good bug ID books out there.
  40. June bug and then neither of us would get it.
  41. Can’t you bug the shower somewhere?
  42. It is a test conducted after a bug gets fixed.
  43. This is to make sure the same bug which was.
  44. Terry had been busy while the bug was talking.
  45. So what’s with the bug juice anyway?
  46. She wears bifocals that make her eyes bug out.
  47. All these things bug me and make me depressed.
  48. And as soon as the girls see us they’ll bug.
  49. That bug won't always be around to protect you.
  50. Figures of the May Bug (genus Melolontha), by J.
  51. The underperformance of DUG in 2008 is not a bug.
  52. If the bug is of high severity then the risk is.
  53. A big yellow bug with a pizza painted on its side.
  54. It’s bug repellent, courtesy of Mother Nature.
  55. All sorts of newsies and reporters would bug the.
  56. They used electronic bug sweeping and electronic.
  57. When the bug (New) is found it remains in new state.
  58. The bug of his buzz bit him! His task was to clean.
  59. That bug won’t always be around to protect you.
  60. He says that MI5 tried to bug his home when he was.
  61. I hope they didn’t bug the bedroom, she said.
  62. Oh, you still cry for mama if a bug lands on you.
  63. The bug could be deferred or rejected based on its.
  64. Okay now we tested an application and we found a bug.
  65. We were getting bored with the bug and plant thing.
  66. A brief attempt to brush aside the bug netting failed.
  67. Robbie’s idea of studying was poring over bug books.
  68. Bug saw me and waved, his eyes as brimmed full as mine.
  69. Amaranthe prodded her arm where the bug had bitten her.
  70. Speaking of puking, I dare you to eat this bug!.
  71. But although this bug was common, he was special to Hawk.
  72. That was before he went into the bug and butter business.
  73. And he couldn’t hurt a june bug with a sledgehammer.
  74. And then, slowly as if bit by a love bug, she hugged him.
  75. The death bug was sitting inside twitching the Rome scar.
  76. But then he got the bug to settle down and have a family.
  77. But in the case of non-reproducible bug it is quite hard.
  78. Unfortunately this printer malfunction is not the only bug.
  79. Wein tilted his head and rolled his eyes, towards the bug.
  80. The history of a bug should be described in the bug report.
  81. Because you don't listen to that's why, said the bug.
  82. A good bug tester can help test, replicate, and document.
  83. There aren’t any recipes for barbequed bug in my cookbook.
  84. A snake or a bug or something like that He rattled off.
  85. Sarah felt this was a bug in the system, but the software.
  86. The summary should be able to explain the nature of the bug.
  87. I could have sworn he held up an invisible can of bug spray.
  88. Jody, I’m not that sick, really! Maybe, it’s a bug or.
  89. The bug report should help the developers to understand the.
  90. Stallman spent the next three years listening to bug reports.
  91. You are advised to cooperate, the chief bug said finally.
  92. Here it goes! I said as I tossed the bug into the water.
  93. He strike a telegramboy paddock wire big bug Bass to the depot.
  94. Flivi perched on her shoulder and nibbled at a bug on her head.
  95. A major enemy of cabbage and its relatives is the harlequin bug.
  96. With the Glock snug as a bug in a rug, he watched the suited man.
  97. Snapshot: Attachment is also a good way of representing the bug.
  98. And some days you're the bug, and some days you're the windshield.
  99. Looking back now, I can't remember a time when Bug wasn't dancing.
  100. Using his laptop, Gary landed the bug on Wein’s right shoulder.
  1. No fucking way, I’m bugging out.
  2. It had been bugging her for a while.
  3. So what’s the point? Stop bugging me.
  4. Is the flight still bugging you?
  5. I ask a question that’s been bugging me.
  6. Someone in Men of Midas is bugging our guys.
  7. Is it really bugging you that bad? she asked.
  8. He’d do it; maybe then they’d quit bugging him.
  9. This was another thing that had been bugging him lately.
  10. Bradlee a question that had been bugging him for a while.
  11. Musical thoughts had been bugging him for weeks, as tunes.
  12. Blimey! barked Wyll, his eyes bugging out for emphasis.
  13. Yeah, what’s bugging you? Have I broken your heart, sweet thing?
  14. There was something that was bugging me but I couldn’t pin it down.
  15. Pay attention to your own self chat and what is bugging your own mind.
  16. I begin to ask him questions that have been bugging me for long time now.
  17. Paul, is there something bugging you? You haven't been yourself lately.
  18. I was going to leave it at that, but there was still one thing bugging me.
  19. He stood and tried a bush-charade, bugging out vacant eyes and masticating.
  20. Bugging the building was impossible; they had no phone line and no computer.
  21. Duncan’s eyes were bugging out of his head and his face was turning purple.
  22. My anxiety is still bugging me; it’s not as strong, but it’s still here.
  23. Smith looked at the calendar again; something about June 28 was bugging him.
  24. A manic-depressive self-righteous prick who’s been bugging me for a while.
  25. He had to ask the question which had been bugging him – why did you offer so much?
  26. Talking of him, I want to tell you something that I found out that has been bugging me.
  27. Now that’s what’s bugging me, replied Ethan, stabbing a pointing finger her way.
  28. Did you hear what Gordon said? it’s just there, always bugging me in the background.
  29. Mere possession of bugging equipment is not illegal, but any use could constitute an offence.
  30. At the end of this period, you will have tidied up two irritating jobs which have been bugging.
  31. His eyes verily bugging out of his head at the coins, Foolscap managed to gasp, Y-y-yessir!.
  32. Maybe it was still bugging him and was the reason he wasn’t prepared to commit to a relationship.
  33. Are you mad at me? If you are can you please tell me what I did? This silence is really bugging me.
  34. I can‘t go trick or treating with my kids, and here you are bugging me about money,‖ he screamed.
  35. Dad, are you happy? you never ask this question but it has been bugging you more and more recently.
  36. He got a thrill of visceral pleasure seeing their face swell, their eyes bugging out from not breathing.
  37. When they saw her, both of them started as if from electric shock, their eyes bugging out of their heads.
  38. But she had already made up her mind that she would not be bugging the place after all, unless Bill insisted.
  39. Whatever, it looked as if they'd have time this weekend, if something was bugging her, to get it out in the open.
  40. Lori had confided she was meeting later on that day with the two feds who’d been bugging her ever since she left.
  41. I’ll stop calling that organization bugging your family about you if you stay the hell away from Jonathan!.
  42. He looked so weird, with his eyes bugging out through the glasses, that we all took a step back on the front porch.
  43. But at least she didn’t have one of her cousins bugging her to marry him if the whole consort thing didn’t work out.
  44. In my world we are always on the lookout for bugging devices and it is not uncommon to find it in your office or telephone.
  45. We will look at industrial espionage a bit later on in which a lot of counter technical (bugging) measures and agent running takes place.
  46. I gently shoved Martha out of my spot and snuggled up to Joe’s back, wanting to wake him up so that I could tell him what was bugging me.
  47. Even when they claim to be consulting you out of mere curiosity, in truth there is some problem bugging them, or else they wouldn’t have come to you.
  48. This isn’t the best time for self-analysis, but the thought that this is my fault, that I’m the one making the wrong moves, won’t stop bugging me.
  49. At least where I was, he began to think after spending his first weekend in the new residence, you didn’t have others bugging you about giving them your meal.
  50. I read in the newspapers that during the recent far right treason trial the authorities apparently breached lawyers' confidentiality by bugging interview rooms.
  51. She would just about kill to go to town for something other than business, even just a movie would be nice, but that wasn't the only thing that had been bugging her.
  52. I think they usually close the pool at five, that’s an hour ago she said looking at the clock, a bit surprised, I think the idea of opening the pool til late was bugging her.
  53. Johnson did all of the same things, only more so, starting with the bugging of Goldwater"s campaign headquarters at San Francisco"s Cow Palace during the 1964 Republican convention.
  54. Sunday set that idea aside for the moment and set about bugging the office, putting a keystroke repeater between the cable connected to the desktop computer and the wall socket that fed the Internet.
  55. What was really bugging her was that he had mobile Internet all those weeks but he had never bothered to contact her, while she pined for him and waited days on end for a text or a short email from him.
  56. In the early morning hours five men in business suits had been arrested with bugging equipment and sophisticated photographic equipment in the Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate office building.
  57. David wiped his mouth on the napkin and said: Why do you keep bugging me with that monogamy-stuff? All I said - and I said it only once, I think - is that you would have a much richer life if you chose a partner and stuck to him, rather than fucking around.
  58. What if everything the whore said was totally true, he’d wondered, and the nigger really was moving barges full of coke? He’d been able to think of little else since he heard of it but, without Sylvia around bugging him every minute, he’d been able to formulate a plan.
  59. Yet how could he do this, and how could one small fear have such a bearing upon his daily life and reality?Well, do you remember earlier that Gordon spoke of an 8 track mind looping inner voice that he wasn’t even aware of until single point question 15 - Then why not let it go? Gordon replied, I don’t know why, it’s just there, always bugging me in the background.
  60. Yes, he said it was a different guy! When I called Diane D’s family’s organization today, Diane D herself came on the phone this time and I spoke to her on the telephone! She told me to stop calling the organization bugging her family about her! She said she’s tired of me and all the other women calling there with this nonsense and told me not to ever call there again! I told Diane D I’ll stop calling that organization bugging her family about her if she stays the hell away from Jonathan! Then she told me Jonathan’s just a friend! Then I told her well he’s my man, then you know what she told me?! She told me that Jonathan might be my man, but if she really wants to take him away from me, she can!.
  61. One thing that kept bugging me was why Listen to the Witnesses and later on,.
  62. So that was what was bugging you so bad before the game? You could have just said so,.
  1. But I was still bugged.
  2. They had her phone bugged.
  3. In case you bugged the house.
  4. As much as he bugged me and.
  5. But that loose panel bugged her.
  6. Father Michael's eyes bugged out.
  7. We have the meeting room bugged.
  8. Maybe his phone is just bugged.
  9. Everyone is already being bugged.
  10. Eversman’s eyes bugged out horribly.
  11. Johnny's eyes bugged this way and that.
  12. He knew how much shorthand bugged her.
  13. I think they’d bugged the hospital bed.
  14. The secret was out: Nixon Bugged Himself.
  15. Something about the professor bugged him.
  16. Kosmo has bugged me to understand history.
  17. Secondly, this room isnt bugged or wired.
  18. Your house has been bugged since last night.
  19. It was highly probable that my car was bugged.
  20. The car we bugged is back in the neighborhood.
  21. I knew that my place was bugged, and that they.
  22. In the beginning, something bugged me about being.
  23. Rodney only said that the phone was probably bugged.
  24. Something has bugged me about this guy from the start.
  25. You probably suspected that Emperor Bogey has bugged.
  26. He and his thug friend could have bugged our house for.
  27. Startled by the turn of events, Bingham’s eyes bugged out.
  28. Jim's eyes bugged out when he heard that; and I reckon mine.
  29. They’ve bugged the apartment, he whispered in her ear.
  30. Barnes twisted his head in a three-sixty, his eyes bugged angrily.
  31. I’m sure my phone is bugged and we’re probably being watched.
  32. Almost out of eyesight, she bugged her eyes out as much as possible.
  33. That said, by now, I was convinced that our home was bugged, so we.
  34. When Peter saw this contraption his eyes bugged out of their sockets.
  35. Watson was still bugged by many questions, particularly where Salvez.
  36. Sanjay peered over Paul’s shoulder as he keyed in, Bugged & Buggers.
  37. Joyce’s body shook as she considered her apartment might be bugged.
  38. He bugged someone in Oakneil, and now turned to bug someone else here.
  39. I saw it then and my eyes about bugged out of my head at the implications.
  40. It bugged her the way she kept jumping like a lunatic when people appeared.
  41. It bugged the shit out of me how she always spent all her time looking good.
  42. Never in six years had I bugged out on a case in the middle of the afternoon.
  43. A slight "whoosh" from the RV's water heater, though barely audible, bugged me.
  44. Aside from Ritter’s bugged belt, the Feds had no other means of tracking him.
  45. I bugged the lab and set it up to record only when you and Travertine were in it.
  46. He never complained, even about the trillion mosquitoes that bugged us all night.
  47. Millie quickly pulled off her shades, and Peter and his friends’ eyes bugged out.
  48. When she was close enough to hear me I said, Do you think my room is bugged?
  49. We’re being protected but, never the less it’s a prison and we’re being bugged.
  50. Everyone stood there, speechless, especially Glen, whose eyes bugged out of his head.
  51. Perhaps it was for the record—Hartle could only assume the place was bugged to the tits.
  52. Robbie’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head at the idea of her buzzing around in the air.
  53. Do not presume for one instance that you mails and conversations cannot be bugged in Africa.
  54. This creature was beautiful; his blue big bugged eyes glanced at Peter and everything around him.
  55. Typically we meet at neutral ground in a coffee shop which we know is not bugged and noisy enough.
  56. He used his wife’s phone to protect us as he said his own phone was bugged by the intelligence services.
  57. What he left unsaid was the fact that he didn’t want to use Kathy’s phone, in case it was being bugged.
  58. Brock’s eyes bugged out, Yeah, did you see the sinister look on his face? Blazin’ had interjected.
  59. We were in the process of rinsing out our cups before bed when I thought of something that had bugged me on and off.
  60. That can mean only one thing: we have more than one rat and they're bugged somehow, most likely without them even knowing.
  61. He thought the victims might have discovered the camera as Carla had, and assumed they had been bugged in other places as well.
  62. Dean said he thought the room might have been bugged and Nixon knew, thus accounting for his actions to move and speak so softly.
  63. The giant’s eyes bugged out of its head in a desperate plea for mercy almost too terrible to comprehend, but no mercy was given.
  64. Was it possible that Mulch had bugged Sampson’s place, too? Mulch had mentioned specifically that I was not to contact my partner.
  65. He just prayed that the thing was not bugged or booby-trapped in any way, as he carefully picked the lock – not even a combination.
  66. WHEN I PUSHED my carefully composed telegram across the desk to the man behind the barred window at the McComb depot, his eyes bugged.
  67. We knew for certain that we were being watched closely by the powers to be, and that any place we stayed would be bugged and video recorded.
  68. My tech guy went through the security system and computers at Marcel’s office and found the phones bugged, and the computer network breached.
  69. Both men jerked hard and began to convulse their eyes all bugged out as their teeth clamped shut on screams of agony that remained locked within them.
  70. And he’d bugged various rooms of Kathy’s house, when she’d gone on one of her supplies and material buying trips in Seattle ten months or so before.
  71. Eastern European governments censored all expressions of opinion, and even bugged the homes of prominent people to check up on what they were saying in private.
  72. Sharpie didn't care if he had all the rooms bugged, but if he was listening in while she was making love, that was disgusting not to mention an invasion of privacy.
  73. This command post and its surrounding trenches and dugouts actually became part of our frontline positions when Task Force Smith bugged out without warning on our right flank.
  74. Sure enough, on the road below an unmarked van was inching its way toward the bugged belt, which lay at the foot of a chain link fence running along the base of the freeway’s concrete skirt.
  75. It sort of bugged me that, while my fellow students probably ate as much pussy that week as I did, I did not ever see any other slave service Mistress Twig, and hers was the only cunt I was told to slurp.
  76. And he tried— I bugged my eyes and blew right in their faces, and when they continued to laugh, it was more than a little gratifying, like an oasis in the middle of everything that had gone on since I’d come to Africa.
  77. If she was the rat, she wouldn’t have leaked about that attack and jeopardized her brother, and if she was bugged, the Justicars would know that if they killed her brother their rat would stop functioning as she would be mourning him.
  78. If I choose to stick to what I know to go after the previous men who were bugged in the hope of finding any clues about our rat, it would most likely end up being a waste of time and resources, not to mention that I'm not sure that there's even a way to track them down now.
  79. I read considerable to Jim about kings and dukes and earls and such, and how gaudy they dressed, and how much style they put on, and called each other your majesty, and your grace, and your lordship, and so on, 'stead of mister; and Jim's eyes bugged out, and he was interested.
  80. If one is to believe all that has been published in the last few decades—and entire books have been published based on these supposed recordings—poor Marilyn was being bugged by everyone from the Teamsters, the FBI, the CIA, Howard Hughes, the Kennedys, and the Mafia to her own movie studio, 20th Century-Fox.
  81. When I joined the family I thought they were really lucky, my ex would take all of my money and I would have to beg him for money to buy household items and the worst thing for me at the time was that he didn’t work and that really bugged me, so when I shared all this with John he was very understanding and he said that if I didn’t feel comfortable than I didn’t have to and that reassured me and I trusted him with my money just like I’d trusted him with my heart and my children.
  1. All bugs are not a.
  2. This bugs them a lot.
  3. There were bugs on him.
  4. The bugs are my friends.
  5. I think it was bed bugs.
  6. Thats not what bugs me.
  7. The bugs are your friends.
  8. Bugs? He strained his eyes.
  9. Because some bugs are non-.
  10. It bugs the heck out of me.
  11. I just can't stand these bugs.
  12. Snakes not to mention bugs.
  13. He studies bugs and plants.
  14. And at the stages bugs and fleas.
  15. As a child I was fearful of bugs.
  16. I can hear bees, bugs and animals.
  17. You know I hate, I hate… bugs.
  18. Bugs should be documented properly.
  19. The worst part was the bugs, that.
  20. He had to endure the bugs and the.
  21. Bugs and snakes and a dirty house.
  22. When the dogs left, the bugs came next.
  23. Look at the bugs that are flying around.
  24. Because some bugs are non-reproducible.
  25. If it didn’t have bugs floating in it.
  26. Land trolls, big blue bugs, and now this.
  27. We call them Sun bugs, said Rathos.
  28. He directed one of the bugs toward Donna.
  29. We watched the bugs amassing for a moment.
  30. The bugs are the one which could cause a.
  31. Then where have we got these bugs on us?
  32. Okay, Bugs, convey your story to me please.
  33. As educationally stimulating as Bugs Bunny.
  34. The risk is based on the nature of the bugs.
  35. Bugs landed continually on the tinted glass.
  36. Beneath this picture the bugs appeared as:.
  37. The main hero is a frog who enjoys eating bugs.
  38. Nerissa had made it clear this scared the bugs.
  39. This group includes the various species of bugs.
  40. There are lots of bugs in that stuff, you know.
  41. Worst of all were the bugs—giant killing bugs.
  42. They now had another 124 more bugs to work with.
  43. I have come across with few non reproducible bugs.
  44. Bev said, I doubted if there were any bugs around.
  45. As I shared, swarms of bugs invaded the camp and.
  46. You can even imagine the queens saying in a bugs.
  47. Where the bugs are is probably where the fish are.
  48. But Bugs, I don’t have that kind of jurisdiction.
  49. This provides an opportunity for bugs to creep in.
  50. You may see bugs on the wall & teeth in your brain.
  51. It's fur was all matted and full of bugs and algae.
  52. Well, you said Doc’s going out collecting bugs.
  53. Carrion bugs, giant roaches with strange dead eyes.
  54. There were lantern bugs in that wood, she said.
  55. In most cases, there are fewer bugs in the Xbox 360.
  56. I was so careful, even the house bugs couldn't have.
  57. Here is the checklist created for reporting the bugs.
  58. On a dirty old mattress where the bed bugs did bite!.
  59. Also, they come to know if there are any bugs in the.
  60. Monsters and maniacs are one thing, Ingrid, but bugs.
  61. Dad thought I had bugs in my ears so he took me to the.
  62. I look at him like there are bugs coming out of his face.
  63. There were food scraps and bugs up here when I moved in.
  64. Clara blew green spit frogs and bugs all over the place.
  65. Let’s see if we can turn the tables on those ugly bugs.
  66. He gets bugs and stuff out of the ocean and sells them.
  67. It’s too risky while the bugs are still operational.
  68. What about bugs in her gut, and things like that?
  69. It’s set to detect frequencies of bugs and transmitters.
  70. Nah, isn’t that supposed to be bugs or something?
  71. There are no nasty little bugs floating around in the air.
  72. Investigating non reproducible bugs for web applications:.
  73. There appeared to be too many bugs and not enough warriors.
  74. Then I prayed that no Super Bugs had followed me to my cell.
  75. And beyond them, thousands and thousands of the black bugs.
  76. Also, try incorporating lacewings, bugs that prey on thrips.
  77. Close your mouth, Hal told him, before bugs fly in.
  78. For as long as she could remember, she had never liked bugs.
  79. The two bugs in ICU and the one on Sam were still functional.
  80. Okay, Bugs tell me her story from the beginning to the end.
  81. But the possibility of bugs crawling over her nixed that idea.
  82. The other boys skittered away like bugs from a kicked-over log.
  83. Terry looked down, but all he could see where the army of bugs.
  84. I suddenly wanted to tear my house apart, find the bugs and—.
  85. The bugs are out, you idiots! he called over his shoulder.
  86. The table was certainly free of bed bugs and other bed creatures.
  87. At least I won’t have to deal with these pesky bugs anymore.
  88. The blades shine in the night and the lightning bugs have begun.
  89. It became famed for crashes and bugs that would cause the system.
  90. Interviewer: What?! But these Super Bugs have reached epidemic.
  91. Small animals were jumping around and bugs were flying all around.
  92. Dmitri has probably placed close to seven bugs since we've boarded.
  93. The older trolls, wise in their ways, were leery of these big bugs.
  94. He had to clean more muck off the base of his shoe: banana and bugs.
  95. The bugs sparked and jerked as the water shorted out their circuitry.
  96. What about the bugs and transmitter in the ventilation tunnel?
  97. Remove the bugs here and drop them in a jar of kerosene-topped water.
  98. He had shucked his swim suit in the water to rid himself of the bugs.
  99. As you keep improving the software and removing the bugs you can keep.
  100. They looked like huge silver bugs with protruding ovals in their backs.

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